Last night I posted information on a social networking site pertaining to what I thought was a genuine photo of rapper T.I. stripped down to his bare essentials, exposing all his impressive assets.

After conferring by phone with the loyal reader who sent in the photo -- and after careful examination of the photo in Photoshop -- I came to the conclusion that the photo is not authentic. Instead, it appears to be the result of an overeager fan with decent Photoshop skills.

The image fooled me until I enlarged it in Photoshop and looked closely at the pixels. At 300% magnification, I could see the telltale signs of pixel manipulation.

I even had a credible source reach out to two women (strippers) who have intimate knowledge of T.I.'s bare essentials to verify that he was, shall we say, uncut. But neither woman picked up the phone.

But since I know some of you lost sleep last night from heated anticipation, I've decided to post a portion of the photo after the break so that if you come across it on the Internet you will immediately know it is a fake.

Think of this as a PSA Morning Wood.

In other T.I. news, I now know the wedding date of Tiny and T.I., and it's a lot sooner than I originally thought. In fact, it's almost right around the corner. I also know that the wedding will not take place in Atlanta, and I am not invited to the nuptials. But that's no surprise there. I'm just happy that the big day is almost here and Tiny is very happy.

Tiny has stepped up preparations with her wedding coordinator and the bridesmaids dresses are almost complete. This wedding will be planned in record time considering it takes a year to plan most big weddings.

I'm sure there will be a bunch of Twitpics posted on the Internet from inside the wedding, so we won't feel left out!

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Former Blaque member Natina Reed, 29, was arrested in DeKalb County on April 13 and charged with violating the open container laws and disorderly conduct. She was released the next day (April 14) on a $420 bond which she paid in cash.

But there is a bigger story here: it's a story about how low gossip blogs are willing to sink to drive traffic to their pages.

A gossip blog, which shall remain nameless, decided to use this former celebrity's unfortunate situation to gain a few hits by doctoring the original arrest report to show that Reed had been arrested for drug possession and prostitution.

Those charges are patently false.

When Reed's former band member Brandy Harris was reached for a comment, she expressed surprise at the fake charges.

Harris said she was "shocked" to hear that a blog Photoshopped Reed's police report to include charges that were not on the original arrest report. She said her thoughts and Prayers go out to Natina because "now [the false charges are] out there on the Internet."

Is this how low blogs are willing to sink for a few blog hits?

There's another gossip blog that notoriously and routinely twists the facts to mislead their readers. But I doubt even that blog would stoop this low.

Obviously Reed has deep, personal issues that stems from her substance abuse in the past. But to say she was arrested for cocaine possession and prostitution when clearly she wasn't, is appalling -- even for a gossip blog.

Reed, who has a son with rapper Kurupt, is also the cousin of former TLC member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

The group Blaque when they were at their peak. That's Natina Reed in the center, Shamari Fears on the right and Brandy Harris on the far left.

In my humble opinion, the Post meant to do this. In no way was this simply an honest mistake. Too many eyes saw this before it went live on the website.

Here's left wing blog HuffPo's equally ludicrous caption, which doesn't make the WashPo's colossal mixup any better:

Violent black radical Barack Hussein Obama X is learning about wind energy in Iowa, The Washington Post reports in a most unfortunate photo caption error.

It appears Obama and Malcolm X were actually slated for separate stories. The error has since been repaired.

Boy, the national media are having a field day now that they no longer feel the stinging shame of white guilt.

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Singer Seal and his sons, Henry and Johan, were spotted having a good time at the LA Lakers game yesterday. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder by the final score of 111-87 in game 5 of the West playoffs at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Reality TV personality Ray J was spotted filming his and sister Brandy's VH1 reality show "Family Business" at a sushi restaurant in Calabasas yesterday.

MORE pics after the break!

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That was quick.

Last week I introduced you to botoxed beauty Maliah Michel who accompanied rapper Drake to Atlanta's Gold Room on Monday. Not one to let a golden opportunity such as this slip away, video vixen Maliah Michel is already lining up magazine and radio interviews about her supposed relationship with rapper Drake.



In this audio clip, Maliah describes Drake as "extremely inspirational" and refers to him as an "amazing young man."

Nowhere in her voice do I hear the slight tremors of wanton desire or audible sighs that would indicate she's a woman in love. I don't even hear passion in her voice when she says his name. What I hear is a chick using a clueless rapper to get a leg up in society.

According to my spy in Houston, Texas where Maliah plies her trade as the one of the region's top exotic dancers, she is still in a relationship with an older man who owns one of Houston's premiere strip clubs. Maliah is also the top draw at that same club and her name gets top billing on the club flyers.

Just two nights ago, Maliah was spotted pulling up to the strip club behind the wheel of her old man's Benz. In fact, rumor has it that her old man "loaned" Maliah to the hapless rapper in exchange for Drake's assistance in advancing Maliah's career.

Here's what Miss Info had to say about Maliah's interview with San Franciso’s Wild 94.9 about Drake:

Well this is certainly moving fast….within weeks of going down to Jamaica to star in Drake’s “Find Your Love” video, and then making a public appearance with Drake at Atlanta’s Gold Room….Maliah Michele is doing press on her feelings about her boo Drake. The very Rubenesque softcore model told San Fran radio hosts that Drake is very “inspirational” and they are very close. Clearly ; )

Photos by Prince Williams/

A birdie just whispered in my ear and told me that actress LisaRaye is about to spill the tea about her new man on Wendy's Show.

She's live now on Wendy so make sure you watch. Also, peep LisaRaye's ring finger for her new rock! She'll be flashing her rock just for readers. You know she loves you!

LisaRaye's reality show The Real McCoy airs on Thursdays at 9pm on TV-One.

I'm not a big fan of today's dance music (think Britney Spears), but the club kids (read: gay boys) will LOVE this new Kelly Rowland track just as much as they love Rihanna's "Rude Boy", which is heating up dance floors in gay clubs everywhere.

"Commander" was written by Usher's former protege/artist, Rico Love, and produced by David Guetta ("When Love Takes Over"). If this single hits the top of the dance charts in Britain (which I think it will) and in the US, expect Beyonce to come out of semi-retirement to drop her own club heater real soon. The narcissist in Bey can't tolerate being one-upped by her underlings.

Source: TGJ

Of course I'm kidding about Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock adopting Kimora's baby Kenzo. But she did adopt this adorable little boy from New Orleans earlier this year.

Sandra Bullock and her now estranged husband Jesse James brought little Louis Bardo Bullock home in January and kept him a secret from the world until People mag got the exclusive this month.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to adopt a white baby in the US -- and being a rich celebrity doesn't speed up the process any. Even though Sandra's adopted baby is black, it still took four years for the adoption paperwork to be finalized.

The adoption agency probably hadn't heard the rumors about Sandra's lying, cheating husband, Jesse James, being a Nazi-loving racist.

It kinda makes you wonder if Jesse and Sandra's marriage cracked under the strain of having a black baby in the house? Little Louis is already starting out in life at a disadvantage: he's being raised by a single mother with no black father figure around to show him how to be a real man.

And he's already wearing beads and costume jewelry.

A couple of sharp eyed readers hit me up to ask what is the name of the bracelets that rappers Drake and T.I. have been wearing lately. I have no clue, but I will ask Fashionista Sarah Chapman, who is busy preparing for her upcoming fashion blog's launch date.


According to loyal reader Daneee, the bracelets might be from the Loren Jewelry line of diamond ball bracelets, which you can view here.

The bracelet Drake and T.I. are wearing might be the 10 diamond pavé ball bracelet, which is pure silver with 10 ct. diamonds and black string. The bracelets will set you back anywhere from $2,000 up to $13,000. Or you can find knock offs that are sure to spring up now that Drake, T.I., Kim Kardashian, LeBron James and others are now rocking them.

Update II, 1:53 pm ET:

Hi Sandra.

This is Chantel Watkins. I've met you several times around Atlanta at events. I work for Jermaine Dupri at So So Def.

I was on your site and noticed that you were asking about Drake and T.I.'s bracelets. I am not sure who the designer is of the Drake's bracelets, but T.I.'s bracelets are by HONESTY Jewelry. Myself and Nicole Jones (MLB wife Nicole Jones-Chicago White Sox and ex Atlanta Braves Andruw Jones wife) are owners of HONESTY Jewelry. We launched the line a year ago. We have 2 lines; an affordable line and we recently launched our diamond collection. T.I. is wearing 2 bracelets from our diamond line.

T.I. purchased the HONESTY bracelets from us personally about 3 weeks ago. Please check out of our site when you get a chance. We have pictures of Tiny, Nelly and other celebrities wearing our pieces.

Update III, 1:58 pm:

And this from celebrity photographer Thaddaeus, who is Young Jeezy's personal photographer:

Those bracelets are called Shockra designed by my man Sako the same guy who makes all them designer zshock watches you see everybody wearing.

Hip Hop's royal couple, T.I. and Tiny, were spotted arriving at Guys and Dolls in Beverly Hills last night.

Music producer Timbaland, left, was spotted on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills yesterday. Someone told me the ladies are really loving these big men and they are shying away from the thug life. I guess big men have become the new thugs?

I edited this post to add this pic of Sean Combs and Nicki Minaj partying with T.I., Tiny and Amber Rose at Guys & Dolls in Beverly Hills. I had no clue that was Nicki. She looks regular now huh? This new look is probably a result of Sean switching up her image now that she's under his management. She looked like an azz clown before he took over her career. I'm sure Sean knows that in order for her to be taken seriously, she had to come with a new look and leave that Barbie crap alone.

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