In this video, U.S. president Barack Obama begs his former Kool aid drinkers to come back into the fold.

For months now Obama has pretty much ignored his dismal approval ratings, which tanked to 29% today.

He will need every single one of you kool aid drinkers to go to the polls in November if he has any hopes of maintaining a strong Democratic foothold in Congress. Obama finally woke up and smelled the coffee. He now knows that the upcoming November elections is crucial to his socialist agenda.

Actor/philanthropist Brad Pitt was spotted earlier today taking his sons Maddox, John (formerly Shiloh) and Pax (not pictured) and daughter Zahara out for a spin on a river taxi in Venice, Italy. Brad, his baby mama Angelina Jolie and their brood are in Venice where Angie, who is reportedly 3 months pregnant with her fourth child, is filming a movie.

Reality TV personality Kimora Lee was spotted with her baby Kenzo taking a flight out of JFK yesterday. One would think that Kenzo was the only child she had. Remember how Kimora was never spotted out without her two props daughters before Kenzo was born? Nice miroir Louis.

Rapper/ actor/ director Ice Cube and his long suffering wife Kimberly Woodruff pose on the red carpet at the LA premiere of his new flick "Straight Outta LA" at the TriBeCa Film Festival in NYC yesterday. Kim is one of those wives who knows her man isn't faithful, but she stays with him anyway out of love and a strong sense of commitment to family. Bless her heart.

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Local party promoter Slimm (who is dating actress Vivica A. Fox) took note of all your hateful comments regarding his Rastafarian dreadlocks.

Not that he cares what anyone thinks about his personal style, Slimm decided to get a new hair style for the Summer to keep his long hair out of his face.

Slimm knows that among the haters he has a few admirers. So for them, Slimm sent along this photo and asks the question "How ya like me now?"

As I've told you bloggers in the past, receiving a Cease & Desist/take down order via email is not legal unless a physical copy is also sent via certified mail.

Most celebrities and their high powered legal mouth pieces think you don't know that. So they'll try you in the hope that the email by itself will be sufficient enough to scare you into taking the post down fast.

Celebrities with substantial personal wealth at their disposal arrogantly believe that most bloggers are broke and we don't know our rights. Celebrities think money is power when, in reality, it is not. Knowledge is power, and without it you are defenseless.

Burlesque dancer Beyonce looks like the creature from the black lagoon in these pics taken yesterday afternoon not far from Barack Obama's bungalow in Hawaii. It must be boring have oodles of money if you have to break the monotony by vacationing every other week.

Jay Z, Solange and her son Jules buried Beyonce up to her neck in the sand. Jigga was overheard asking his wife, "are you having fun yet?" :yawn:

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Bad boy T.I., CEO of Grand Hustle Records and his own film production company, was spotted in NYC yesterday looking fresh in Louis Vuitton from head to toe.

Remember I told you about Tip's LV backpack a couple of days ago? Well, I heard from an insider at the Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills) store who told me that the monogram Christopher backpack T.I. was wearing in that picture did not come from the original LV 2005 line. T.I. actually owned a similar Christopher backpack but he lost it two years ago.

My source said T.I. loved that bag so much -- and he was so despondent over losing it that he asked his staff to order him a new one. That's easier said than done because Louis Vuitton makes their bags by hand. It took a full two years for the new bag to finally arrive (last month).

T.I. has proudly worn his new favorite backpack everywhere he goes. He has his security watch it like a hawk and he rarely puts it down. Can you blame him? My LV source said the exclusive, custom ordered monogram Christopher backpack set T.I. back a staggering $9,000! Almost 3 times what he paid for his first Christopher backpack in 2005.


Loyal reader Mechelle Townsend wants to know who makes this hawt bag Tiny is wearing. Does anyone know?

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In this edition of WTF Is She Wearing?, singer Alicia Keys was spotted wearing some type of two piece pleather rolled up shorts over leggings outfit at a Tribeca Film Festival event at the Greenwich Hotel in NYC yesterday. We used to call those kind of shorts "hot pants." She complimented her all-black ensemble with spiked 6 inch platform open toe heels. I don't even know what to call this get up. The urban Goth look?

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Pseudo singer Ciara looks like a post-op tranny in these pictures. Let me take that back because I've seen post-op trannies who look way better than her. Who styles this chick anyway? Ciara showed up at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue celebration held at Drai's Hollywood at the W Hollywood yesterday. getty

Ciara's BFF LaLa Vazquez also attended the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue celebration in Hollywood yesterday.

Who is this basic looking chick? I didn't recognize her either. It's one-hit wonder Kelis who visited the studios of SIRIUS XM radio in NYC yesterday looking surprisingly normal.

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The Diva LisaRaye was spotted on the red carpet at the "The Losers" Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Tuesday. She was wearing one of her signature white Louis Stewart bags from his ladies line. Wherever I go I get compliments on my grey suede backpack. Everybody thinks it's fiya!

LisaRaye and her beautiful daughter Kai, who stars with her in the highly rated TV-One reality show "The Real McCoy" which airs Thursdays at 9pm.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Catherine Brewton, left, poses with rapper Diamond at the BMI Unsigned Talent Showcase at Havana Club

EDITED, April 23, 7:30 am:
Edited to correct the name of the law firm.

I guess Catherine Brewton, who runs BMI's Atlanta office, was feeling some kind of way about this post that I wrote two days ago. Yesterday, she sent the full weight of the Greenberg Traurig law firm after me.

Yesterday morning, an attorney named Mark Trigg called me (I don't know how he got my number). Out of courtesy, I informed Mr. Trigg that our call was being recorded, which I didn't have to do since Georgia law requires only one person to know the call is being recorded, and that would be me.

Mr. Trigg started off nice enough, but then the call quickly went South when he started yapping about shutting my blog down by the end of the day (yesterday) if I didn't remove my post and a Photoshopped picture that was used to illustrate the post.

I told Mr. Trigg that I was surprised to hear that there was a law against Photoshopping pictures (there is none that I know of) and that all the major media outlets engage in photo manipulation of public figures every day. If Photoshopping public figures was against the law, then the courtrooms would be clogged with lawsuits against every magazine and newspaper in the country.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I removed the photo (even though I didn't have to). But not one single word in my original post has been altered or deleted. I don't feel the need to remove a post if I have full confidence in my sources.

Besides, celebrities with pockets deeper than Catherine Brewton's, including Kimora Lee Simmons and others, have all unleashed their attorneys against me at one time or another. But after the dust clears, remains standing and not one of those posts has been removed.

Until Barack Obama overturns the Constitution, this is still America and the Constitution fiercely protects my right to say my piece.

The bottom line is, this all boils down to the fact that Brewton may have panicked after reading my post because she wasn't supposed to pay Drake for his appearance at her BMI unsigned talent showcase. I don't know if she paid him or not. But my credible sources tell me that Drake "absolutely" received an appearance fee to perform at the BMI showcase on Tuesday (April 20). Again, I stand by my sources.

There is no shortage of stories from industry people who have had run-ins with the ice queen, Catherine Brewton. Click the link below to view an email I received from a reader who asked to remain anonymous. I laughed out loud when I read his email because that's Catherine Brewton to a T!

Catherine Brewton is that special breed of narcissist who can totally devalue, degrade, disrespect and dismiss you all within the first few minutes of meeting her.

If you don't benefit Catherine Brewton in some way, you simply don't exist:

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