Mother Nature finally caught up to Lauren Hill. For years we envied Lauren’s timeless beauty and wondered when she would ever age. Well, yesterday Lauren was snapped at an event in New York, and she looked like a grandmother.

Lauren posed with singer Anthony Hamilton at the Tanzania Education Trust New York Gala hosted by President Jakaya Kikwete of the United Republic of Tanzania at Plaza Athenee. She looked healthy and off the pipe, which is welcome news to her hard core fans who hope for new music from the celebrated vocalist one day.

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Erykah Badu recently encountered a firestorm of criticism when she filmed a music video near the spot where JFK was murdered in Dallas, Texas in March of this year.

Lacking real imagination or creativity, Badu thought it would be a good idea to strip off all her clothes as she strolled along, eventually arriving at the Dealey Plaza where she exposed herself to frightened children and tourists.

After the video hit the nets and the media got wind of her publicity stunt, Badu attempted to explain her bad judgment and lack of common sense by claiming artistic license. She stated she was only making a point by showing that public nudity is still taboo in American society.

As most self centered people tend to be, Badu was totally oblivious to the rights of the people around her since only her omnipotence and her misguided “point” were of the utmost importance.

As a result of her prank, Badu was charged with public indecency and issued a citation to appear in court.

In this excerpt from her interview with Badu speaks of just giving birth to a baby prior to her publicity stunt. Hopefully, no one disrespects her baby by stripping in front of her when she grows up.

That would be poetic justice.

Honeymag: We think they think you look dope.
That’s the irony. I just had a baby. I am very insecure about my body just like everyone else. We all try to fit into criteria that we will never fit into. That walk I took was petrifying. I was scared to death. I was nude. I was exposed. I was out in the public. It wasn’t something I did because I thought I was sexy. I thought it was necessary for other people who also felt like I did — in some way to dip down to the barest. It was for all the people who don’t feel like they are beautiful. It was wonderful. But when I saw it I was sadly mistaken because it was beautiful. I hope everyone else sees that too. I didn’t think it was when I did it. I thought I was making a point. I thought I was showing something that was taboo, what beauty is supposed to be.

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Natural disasters and other acts of nature around the world have given new rise to talk about the coming Apocalypse (end of the world).

Giant earthquakes such as the one that killed over 250,000 Haitians this year, and the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile that knocked the earth off its axis and shortened our days, has given new life to theories about the end of our days.

Last week, an active volcano (pictured above) on the European island of Iceland near Greenland in the Atlantic ocean, erupted spewing tons of thick ash into the cirrus stratus where commercial airliners fly at cruising altitude of 30,000 feet.

For that reason, airports all over the world cancelled flights and grounded jets leaving thousands of people broke and stranded far away from home. For many travelers the earliest possible flight home could be May 12. But travelers say they are strapped for cash now and they are wondering how they will pay for hotel rooms and food. The cancellations have so far cost airlines $250 million.

Here’s a photo that should give you some perspective of how bad the ash problem is in Europe. That’s not snow the car is plowing through, that’s ash thick enough to choke a commercial airliner’s engines and send jets plunging out of the sky.

Many people think the end is near as a result of the onslaught of viruses (HIV, H1N1), deadly earthquakes, tsunami’s, volcano eruptions, and other acts of nature that has killed millions of people.

Others say the natural disasters and epidemics are a sign that Nature is attempting to bring the earth’s human population into balance before it’s too late — just as nature does with the animal and insect population.

They point to the fact that the recent deadly natural disasters mainly has affected densely populated areas, such as Haiti, where birth control isn’t practiced as diligently as it is here in the states.

If the earth becomes over populated, the earth’s resources such as food and water will be quickly used up, leading to widespread famine and starvation.

If it weren’t for natural disasters keeping the earth’s population within reasonable limits, the sheer numbers of humans occupying every inch of land would eventually lead to the extinction of the human race on earth.

It is said that a volcano eruption similar to the one on Iceland killed off the dinosaur population millions of years ago (they choked to death on the ash).

Others say the natural disasters all lead up to 2012, the year that marks the end of the Mayan calendar, the first known calendar dating back to the 6th century BC (before Christ). Supposedly the calendar predicts a catastrophic destruction of earth because it records no more dates after 2012.

But they said the same thing about the year 2000 (Y2K).

Apparently Que needs a quick boost to his failing career, so he or someone intentionally leaked nekkid pics of himself online. I am officially grossed out (Lawd, why did I click that link???) :barf:

Please do not click the link below if you have just finished eating breakfast or you don’t have a strong stomach.

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To remove Photoshopped photo of Drake because BMI’s Catherine Brewton sicced her attorneys on me for Photoshopping Drake’s photo to illustrate my post as if there is some kind of law against Photoshopping somebody else’s photo. If you don’t want your picture published on blogs, how about you don’t let photographers from one of the largest photo services take your picture and post it online?]

Yesterday, Twitter was all abuzz with rumors that rapper Drake would not be showing up for his much-publicized party that he was booked to host at the Gold Room in Atlanta last night.

The false rumor was started by @MissHoneyB, one of the alluring hosts of local radio, who tweeted (and I’m paraphrasing), “I Just got off the phone with Drake, and he’s not coming to the Gold Room tonight.”

Her misinformed tweets set off a whirlwind of controversy in Atlanta that pulled in power hitters like Jermaine Dupri, Cortez (Lil Wayne and Drake’s manager), Mike Johnson (who owns BeeHive radio) and Catherine Brewton, who runs BMI’s Atlanta office.

And to complicate matters further, word is that Ms. Brewton, who has past beef with local promoter Alex Gidewon (and anyone who is successful), allegedly put intense pressure on Drake not to show up to the Gold Room last night because she previously booked him for her party tonight at the Havana Club.

Phones were ringing off the hook all day yesterday as Alex Gidewon, Drake, Ms. Brewton, JD and all the power players fielded calls from other promoters, radio people and even the public.

Ms. Brewton, who reportedly paid Drake $100,000 for his appearance tonight at the BMI party at Havana Club, put the most pressure on Drake and his management not to do the party at the Gold Room.

[Note to aspiring party promoters: when you book an artist for your event, make sure to insert a non-compete clause into your contract to prevent him from doing other parties in your area.]

Anyway, Brewton’s endless phone calls to Drake and his management yesterday even had a befuddled and bewildered Jermaine Dupri calling around town asking what was really going on.

Finally, BeeHive radio and Groundrush owner Mike Johnson ordered MissHoneyB to delete the tweets that started the mess in the first place. Then Drake, being the stand up guy that he is, dismissed Ms. Brewton’s demands and showed up at the Gold Room anyway last night.

Drake didn’t get his (substantial) fee for his appearance until he showed up at the Gold Room, which means he didn’t have to come. That makes Drake alright in my book. I’ll post the pics in a minute to prove that he was there!

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Guru, real name Keith Elam, who founded the rap duo Gang Starr, died yesterday (April 19) after a yearlong battle with cancer at age 43.

The rapper slipped into a coma on February 28 after suffering a heart attack. Shortly after his death, Guru’s extremely dubious business partner Solar produced a letter that he said Guru dictated to him from his death bed.

The letter gave Solar full control of his money, assets and “all elements of his character after death.” The letter also specified that the rap duo’s DJ Premier not be allowed to use the name Gang Starr for future profit or fame.

Premier spoke on the breakup in a 2006 interview with XXL magazine, saying “If I confirm it, then it’s official. If I don’t confirm it, then we still together.”

Guru is survived by a son, KC.

Maybe you’ve seen them in your neighborhood or at the hair salon, cute little babies and toddlers who seem healthy and normal — until they smile or open their mouths to reveal tiny silver caps covering their front teeth.

Baby bottle tooth decay, or baby dental caries, is a result of mothers putting babies to bed with a bottle (or no-spill cup) full of sugary milk, juices or sodas. The prolonged contact of milk or juice leaves a sticky film on the baby’s teeth all night long.

Bacteria, which is always present in the baby’s mouth, eats the sugar in the film and converts it to acid which then eats away at the enamel on baby’s teeth. The damage progresses through 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 – signs go unnoticed as bacteria decays teeth from inside out
  • Stage 2 – discoloration begins at the gum line and works down the tooth
  • Stage 3 – teeth begins to visibly corrode, fracture and fall out

Again, Stage 1 goes undetected. So by the time the bottle rot has progressed to stage 2, it may be too late to save the teeth. And if your child’s permanent teeth have already grown in (or the baby teeth never fall out, such as in producer Jermaine Dupri’s case) the Dental bills can be very expensive. Some dentists charge $3,000 and up to save your child’s teeth.

Treatment includes painful root canals, extractions and/or the placement of porcelain caps (expensive) or silver caps (cheaper) over the baby’s teeth to save them. Extensive dental treatments could require hospitalization.

Dentists advise mothers with children of teeth bearing age to avoid putting your toddler to bed with a bottle or a no-spill cup filled with anything other than water. If your child fusses and cries, she will eventually the no milk or juice at night rule and you will get a good night’s sleep.

Also, teaching your toddler to brush her teeth after meals is not a bad idea. And give her healthy food to eat such as apples and carrots in place of candy.

You should also cut back on bottled water and give your baby tap water instead since healthy teeth need fluoride to keep them hard and prevent decay.

Take your baby to the dentist as early as age 1 to give your dentist the best chance to diagnose problems early.

More info on the Web

Bottle Rot Syndrome – ePinions

Bottle Rot FAQS – Children’s hospital

Dental Tips for Children

DISCLAIMER: As always, any medical information published on this blog is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with your personal physician or a health care provider.

Old man Jay Z looked a little rough following his set at Coachella Valley Music Arts Festival over the weekend. Jay Z and his wife Beyonce were among the celebrities performing during day 2 of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. A few British bands were forced to cancel their appearance due to the volcanic ash which has grounded many flights out of Heathrow airport in London over the weekend.

Julius isn’t so sexy now that we know he’s a mouth breather.

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As I told you last month, Tiny and her wedding planners have been going over the details (such as colors for her bridesmaids gowns) for a couple of years now while T.I. made up his mind when he was going to pop the question. Now that he has proposed, the wedding plans have taken on more urgency.

Invites still have not gone out, but the wedding will be soon. As you know, Tiny is very much into numerology so the wedding date is subject to change a few times.

Tiny’s BFF monica appeared on The Wendy Williams show last week and gave a bit more details about the wedding.

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What real man reacts to a woman throwing her panties at him by throwing it down and backing away in horror? And listen to what he says after he throws the panties — “I don’t know who you been f*cking or where you been!”

Come on now, ladies. Be serious. How much more evidence do you need?

Imagine late R&B legend Teddy Pendergrass doing that when ladies threw their panties at him. Maybe straight rappers Ludacris and Young Jeezy should hold a class to teach these gay rappers (and Trey Songz) the finer points on how to act manly when you’re in the closet?

Loyal reader Zuley writes:

Sandra after looking at this video I think you are right about Drake being the gay rapper. I’ve been to Maxwell’s concerts and even he doesn’t act that girly when a woman throws their panties at him. And Drake’s dancing looking like he does the bedrock with a man. I’m sorry, as a woman I do not find that sexy. It was super suspect to me. Him dangling his wrist and flinging the underwear and then remembering he has to play straight to sell records so he smells his fingers. Naw, I’m not buying it. I wish some of these rappers would just be content with themselves and come out the closet.

Tongues are wagging about the bizarre onstage antics of rapper Drake and teen singer Justin Bieber at the JUNO Awards in Newfoundland over the weekend. Witnesses say Drake would not keep his hands off the young boy who just turned 16. They say that Drake surprised the kid by suddenly appearing onstage during Bieb’s performance of his hit “Baby.”

Bieb skated around the stage trying to keep out of arm’s reach of the Canadian-born rapper, but Drake pursued him while ignoring the other artists onstage. Maybe Drake is an adoring fan of the Bieb…? It was a bizarre performance to say the least.

Drake will make an appearance at the exclusive Key Club party at the Gold Room here in Atlanta tonight. Hopefully, Drake made it out of Newfoundland just in time before the arrival of a volcanic ash cloud that would have left him stranded on the island for weeks.

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When I was a kid in Sunday school, there was a church Deacon who always asked the little girls for kisses. The parents of the children would grin from ear to ear like it was their proudest moment to see the Deacon practically molesting their daughters.

Those memories came flooding back to me yesterday when I watched this video of a children’s game show host molesting children in front of a national audience. It is so obvious that the host is a pedophile, but watch how the mothers of the children blindly ignore his perverted behavior because no one is complaining.

I feel that if one parent had complained about the church Deacon when I was a kid, it would have opened the other parents’ eyes to his abuse. This is what goes on in your churches and in your schools on a daily basis. Open your eyes and be aware!


According to online reports, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal used his son to deliver death threats to his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

The skeptics among us might call this Shaunie O’Neal’s attempt to boost ratings for her new reality show, Basketball Wives, which debuted at #2 in the urban reality show ratings race.

    What Chilli Wants: 1.631 milliion

    Basketball Wives: 1.581 million

    Brandy & Ray J – A Family Business: 1.417 million

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Shaq allegedly ordered his youngest son to tell Shaunie’s new man that daddy is going to kill him. Sounds like he was joking to me, but then again, I wasn’t there.

In a document obtained by TMZ, Shaunie O’Neal claims her ex-husband told their six-year-old son to deliver death threats to her new boyfriend.

Shaunie’s lawyers sent a letter to Shaq’s legal team claiming the NBA legend told his son Shaqir to tell mom’s boyfriend that dad was going to kill him.

“Say it now! My daddy is going to kill you!,” he told the scared child, according to the letter.

The documents also claim that the basketball star “interrogated” the couple’s children about mom’s new man.

Shaunie’s legal team is demanding that her ex-husband no longer undertake “inappropriate discussions” with their brood.

On Wednesday, Shaq’s lawyers sent a latter to VH1 demanding that the network no longer air “Basketball Wives” episodes that make reference to him.

His ex-wife, who is an executive producer on the show, reportedly signed a confidentially agreement barring her from discussing their relationship on the show.

The O’Neals were married in December 2002 and have four children together. Read More…