In this edition of WTF Is She Wearing?, singer Alicia Keys was spotted wearing some type of two piece pleather rolled up shorts over leggings outfit at a Tribeca Film Festival event at the Greenwich Hotel in NYC yesterday. We used to call those kind of shorts "hot pants." She complimented her all-black ensemble with spiked 6 inch platform open toe heels. I don't even know what to call this get up. The urban Goth look?

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Pseudo singer Ciara looks like a post-op tranny in these pictures. Let me take that back because I've seen post-op trannies who look way better than her. Who styles this chick anyway? Ciara showed up at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue celebration held at Drai's Hollywood at the W Hollywood yesterday. getty

Ciara's BFF LaLa Vazquez also attended the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue celebration in Hollywood yesterday.

Who is this basic looking chick? I didn't recognize her either. It's one-hit wonder Kelis who visited the studios of SIRIUS XM radio in NYC yesterday looking surprisingly normal.

MORE pics after the break!

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The Diva LisaRaye was spotted on the red carpet at the "The Losers" Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Tuesday. She was wearing one of her signature white Louis Stewart bags from his ladies line. Wherever I go I get compliments on my grey suede backpack. Everybody thinks it's fiya!

LisaRaye and her beautiful daughter Kai, who stars with her in the highly rated TV-One reality show "The Real McCoy" which airs Thursdays at 9pm.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Catherine Brewton, left, poses with rapper Diamond at the BMI Unsigned Talent Showcase at Havana Club

EDITED, April 23, 7:30 am:
Edited to correct the name of the law firm.

I guess Catherine Brewton, who runs BMI's Atlanta office, was feeling some kind of way about this post that I wrote two days ago. Yesterday, she sent the full weight of the Greenberg Traurig law firm after me.

Yesterday morning, an attorney named Mark Trigg called me (I don't know how he got my number). Out of courtesy, I informed Mr. Trigg that our call was being recorded, which I didn't have to do since Georgia law requires only one person to know the call is being recorded, and that would be me.

Mr. Trigg started off nice enough, but then the call quickly went South when he started yapping about shutting my blog down by the end of the day (yesterday) if I didn't remove my post and a Photoshopped picture that was used to illustrate the post.

I told Mr. Trigg that I was surprised to hear that there was a law against Photoshopping pictures (there is none that I know of) and that all the major media outlets engage in photo manipulation of public figures every day. If Photoshopping public figures was against the law, then the courtrooms would be clogged with lawsuits against every magazine and newspaper in the country.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I removed the photo (even though I didn't have to). But not one single word in my original post has been altered or deleted. I don't feel the need to remove a post if I have full confidence in my sources.

Besides, celebrities with pockets deeper than Catherine Brewton's, including Kimora Lee Simmons and others, have all unleashed their attorneys against me at one time or another. But after the dust clears, remains standing and not one of those posts has been removed.

Until Barack Obama overturns the Constitution, this is still America and the Constitution fiercely protects my right to say my piece.

The bottom line is, this all boils down to the fact that Brewton may have panicked after reading my post because she wasn't supposed to pay Drake for his appearance at her BMI unsigned talent showcase. I don't know if she paid him or not. But my credible sources tell me that Drake "absolutely" received an appearance fee to perform at the BMI showcase on Tuesday (April 20). Again, I stand by my sources.

There is no shortage of stories from industry people who have had run-ins with the ice queen, Catherine Brewton. Click the link below to view an email I received from a reader who asked to remain anonymous. I laughed out loud when I read his email because that's Catherine Brewton to a T!

Catherine Brewton is that special breed of narcissist who can totally devalue, degrade, disrespect and dismiss you all within the first few minutes of meeting her.

If you don't benefit Catherine Brewton in some way, you simply don't exist:

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A white bank robber wearing a mask depicting a black man was able to elude capture because Ohio cops thought they were looking for a black male. The brazen thief robbed four banks before being spotted by an alert police officer.

Conrad Zdzierak, 30, has been charged with multiple counts of aggravated robbery after robbing four banks and a CVS pharmacy on April 9, reports ABC News affiliate WFTS in Tampa.

Detectives say Zdzierak was initially able to elude the cops because of his disguise, an expensive silicon mask called “The Player” valued at around $650.

"The suspect seen in the surveillance photographs and that we were looking for, we believed to be an African-American male. The suspect was actually a male, white, who was wearing an elaborate disguise," Springdale, Ohio, Police Lt. Michael Mathis told WFTS.

Investigators believe Zdzierak likely removed the mask between the robberies in order to confuse the cops who believed they were looking a black man.

The authorities caught a break when they spotted a Volvo with its interior splattered with red dye from a dye pack slipped into a bag used to hold the stolen money.

Police found Zdzierak hiding in a motel bathroom.

"He wore what I’m calling a ‘Hollywood quality’ mask," Mathis said. "These things cost $600-$700." Read More...

Thanks to loyal reader Kimberly for the link!

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Loyal reader Roxanne wants to know:

Hey Sandra,

Love your site! Absolutely adore it! You keep it 100 at all times. I was browsing your site a couple of minutes ago and came across the photos for the Annual Luda Foundation Fundraiser hosted by RL. Just checking to see if you can get the name of the designer who makes those banging shoes on the chick in the now "infamous" yellow dress! LOL! You can just click reply if you want to send it to me direct or, I'm sure folks have already asked, so, I'll check your site to see if you have an update on them. Hope to hear from you soon!

Oh, and one more thing...GIRL, I get mad as hot coals when "they" mess with you. You say what others want to, but can't, because of fear, intimidation and the almighty DOLLA! Continue exercising your right to free speech, keeping it real and laughing at them haters!

Now let me get my tail back to work! LOL!!!


Hey Roxanne, I have no idea. But I'll ask my friends over at UpscaleHype blog (Sarah Chapman is out of town).


According to loyal readers Carl Ayers, Editor-in-chief of Obvious magazine and Sarah (not Sarah Chapman), the sandals are from the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009 collection. But I also received an email from someone claiming to be the lady in the yellow bandage dress herself (she didn't give her name). She said she bought the shoes at BeBe in Phipps plaza last year. But does BeBe sell Louis Vuitton shoes?

Ludacris (center), Andrew (far right) and his friend (far left)

Hey Sandra,

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you. Thank you for presenting your readers with the opportunity of a life time. It was a very special moment just being able to converse with they many people I did. The items I purchased were nice. It feels great being able to having something I never thought I would own. The limited edition polo tie its self has its own meaning that I cannot express in words. I love the tie. I would like to Thank Chaka Zulu (Ceo of DTP), Ludacris (Ludacris Foundation), Gabrielle Union, Jamal Coleman, and . I will continue to do well in school and perform exceptionally well academically, in athletics, and in my community.

Thank you,

Photo by Prince Williams/

Last night, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges held his annual Ludacris Foundation fundraiser at the high end Ralph Lauren Purple label boutique inside Lenox Square mall in Atlanta.

Celebrities included Gabrielle Union, who co-hosted with Luda; actresses Keshia Knight Pulliam and Mari Morrow, singer Bobby Valentino, football great Warrick Dunn, Kim Zolciak's ex Lee "Big Poppa" Najjar, my winner of the $500 shopping spree Andrew Palmer and more!

Ralph Lauren's top executives flew in from New York for the event. Everyone who attended the event donated to the foundation through purchases from the boutique. Everyone bought something, even if it was a decorative candle. 15% of the purchases went to the Ludacris Foundation.

My lucky winner Andrew Palmer, a student at University of South Georgia, was able to meet Ludacris and Gabrielle Union and take pictures with them. Then Andrew, whose username is "Acemaster" on my blog, went shopping for clothes with his winnings! Thanks again to Ludacris, The Ludacris Foundation, Jamal Coleman of J Coleman Presents and Chaka Zulu for making that happen for him!

Ludacris and his fiancee Eudoxie

My winner Andrew Palmer greets actress Gabrielle Union

MORE pics after the break!

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Remember when U.S. president Barack Obama promised he would not raise taxes on middle class families who earned below $250,000? Well, as usual, he lied.

Get ready for the VAT tax. It's the same tax system that Europeans are under. If you think your local state tax is bad, wait until the VAT tax takes effect.

President Barack Obama suggested Wednesday that a new value-added tax on Americans is still on the table, seeming to show more openness to the idea than his aides have expressed in recent days.

After Obama adviser Paul Volcker recently raised the prospect of a value-added tax, or VAT, the Senate voted 85-13 last week for a nonbinding "sense of the Senate" resolution that calls such a tax "a massive tax increase that will cripple families on fixed income and only further push back America's economic recovery."

Many European countries impose a VAT, which taxes the value that is added at each stage of production of certain commodities. It could apply, for instance, to raw products delivered to a mill, the mill's production work and so on up the line to the retailer. Read more...

What this means is, instead of assessing a tax on the final product (such as coffee beans for instance) we will now be assessed a tax on growing the beans, the manufacturing of the coffee beans, the shipping of the coffee beans, in addition to the local tax when we buy the beans in the store.

That's more taxes than any of us have ever paid in our entire lives. It won't do anything to revive the economy if most of us are on the unemployment line. But isn't that what you wanted when you elected a Socialist president to the White House?

By the way, the article I linked in this post has over 6,800 comments left by angry Americans who finally get it. Welcome to Socialist America.

ABC Nightline asks the question 'why can't successful black women find a man?' I changed the title to 'husband' because most successful black women don't have trouble finding a man. There are plenty of black men in our community who don't mind being kept lavishly while spending her money. I can think of a handful of them right off the top of my head.

The problem is that these successful women can't land a husband because doing so takes a lot more work and effort than they are willing to put out. That's because most successful black women believe they are above black men. It's sad but true. Society has devalued black men to the point where our women don't even respect them any more.

Haven't you wondered why there is such a proliferation of lesbians in our community within the past two decades?

Last week, ABC gathered together the cream of the crop within the black Entertainment industry to try and tackle the troubling question from the inside.