Like an albatross hanging around his neck, the BP oil disaster will be Barack Obama's 'Katrina'.

While George Bush took only a few days to mobilize a federal response to the flooding in New Orleans after the hurricane hit in 2005, Obama's administration has gone over a month with no real response to BP's crippled oil rig leaking thousands of barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico.

Back in March, Obama held a press conference to announce he was climbing further into bed with the big oil companies by expanding offshore drilling into the eastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico and opening up areas off of the east coast that were, up to now, protected from offshore drilling.

Obama explained his decision would mean decreased dependency on imported oil from other countries. Major oil companies, such as BP, were naturally ecstatic -- and ready to open their wallets to snap up multi-million dollar offshore leases.

But Obama's new drilling policy angered environmentalists and residents who live near the coasts of Florida, Georgia, SC, NC and Maryland where offshore drilling would occur for the first time.

Obama arrogantly ignored angry protests from the governors and senators of those states by downplaying the risks to the environment, while sucking up to the big oil companies.

He said drilling wouldn't begin right away -- even though the first lease sale off the coast of Virginia would take place next year!

Obama said oil drilling would be put on hold until his Interior Department finished conducting geologic and environmental studies in the newly opened areas.

Now, in the wake of the BP oil disaster, Obama and his Interior Department have shown no leadership in response to the damage caused to the coastlines, fisheries and tourist attractions in the Gulf.

Instead, Obama's narcissistic response to the disaster is to let BP -- a privately held oil company -- handle it themselves.

  • Lexus

    Only you would post this pic of the dead bird. :rofl:

  • Al-Ameera

    This is going to be a long day I see

  • dcwife1622

    Blame those f@cking republican @ssholes.... :coffee:

  • CivilEngineer

    It probably will be his Katrina but human life is not being lost.

    Obviously this is a very odd situation...BP can't figure out how to plug the leak. All the blockades and protection efforts have failed because FOUR MILLION GALLONS OF OIL are pumping into the Gulf everyday. What can you do if they can't turn the faucet off?? :shrugs:

  • attorneymom

    I am flabbergasted at the "non-response" from the federal government.

    If President Obama had not thrown Van Jones, Esq. (the Green Czar) under the bus, perhaps he could have organized a federal response last month.

    Where has the Army Core of Engineers been for the last month? Blank stare.

    We see who is actually running this country. BP. Selah.

  • M3z

    Yikes...damned if he does damned if he don't...This is a nightmare...Gotta get a handle on the faucet...too bad BP and other oil companies are the only ones that have the techno and equipment to handle this disaster...

  • missy

    I hope that mess doesn't come my way.... But I think it may trickle down here...

    But the pic. of the bird..Sandra you know that ish is wrong....

  • katgirl33

    Hey Family,

    One big difference to your comparison Auntie.....

    Katrina was a natural disaster, that the government totally dropped the ball on.....BP's Oil Spill was man made...that BP dropped the ball on...

    Did y'all see that contraption they called an oil rig, before it fell? What they think was gon happen?? You cannot blame this on the President....but people are doing it...go figure...the stock market crash was his fault too, huh?

    This was BP's fault, they should be cleaning the shyt up.....I say make them mfs PAY US for this....Their gas should be 99 cents from now to the end of 2011

  • Carmez79

    ok he did nto want this country in bed and soley dependent on foreign oil. which is understandable. he didnt cause this leak personally. this is somthing that just happened. just like oil spills from ships that just happen overseas. damned if he does and damned if he dont.

    this isnt his katrina. bush new that hurricain was coming. did obama know this was going to happen??? he can tell the future??

  • renegadesince1985

    :rolleyes: How can you compare this to GWB response to Katrina????

    Are you serious? A few days to respond to hundreds of dead bodies in the streets and thousands of people stranded and displaced from their homes does not equal this Oil situation here.

    Make up your minds, first big government is too involved with business and it's socialist. Now they're not involved enough. You all don't want to depend on foreign oil now you blame Obama for offshore drilling. Didn't your BFF Sarah "IcanseeRussiafrommyhouse" Palin say "Drill baby drill??? WTF??? At least pick a position and stick to it.

  • goat76

    Like Obama really know how to stop the oil from leaking....Ya'll teabaggers really are clueless....

  • lacountrygirl

    Saying this is his Katrina is like comparing the human lives lost in the NO to animals. Yes, they should be saved and so should the environment. Yes, there will be an effect on human lives. Yes, I had a cat and she was like my child. This does not compare.

  • bbreezy

    I am not understanding what can be done to appease people. He has assigned 2 people to head a commitee to work on this. Understand that this is uncharted territory for all involved. They are trying many different methods to control it and nothing is working so you try the next thing on the list. Hell suggest something instead of critcizing...GEESH!

  • SangriaSugar

    BP is at fact any oil company is at fault for any spill!! They ignore the precautions needed to be taken should a spill like this occur...they cut corners out of ignorance to save a few bucks. Everyone saw what that rickshack looked are we really surprised.

    I'm tired of hearing the far right complain about the president not doing enough. They've spent the last three decades removing government oversight under the pretext that government interfering with private business makes things worse for everybody. That's what the law is today: the government is not allowed to take over -- it is the responsibility of the company that made the mess.

    Congratulations, G.O.P. you got what you wished for.

  • FloridaChick813

    After reading this, and several other articles on this mishap, I dont think Sandra is saying its Obama's "fault" -- however the lack of response is whats f*cked up about it. Do we expect Obama to fix this problem?? No we dont!!! But Atleast address the situation at hand, instead of acting like it doesnt exist. I hope this doesnt effect the seafood that I love OOHH SOO DEARLY!!!! Or ruin our beaches. :rolleyes:

  • FloridaChick813

    Their gas should be 99 cents from now to the end of 2011


  • iciaantica

    The government should have been stepped in and ordered BP to handle the situation and pay-up for cleanup...This is ridiculous I attend school in Mobile and hell when the break is over I want to return and be able to go the beaches again without worrying about this preventable oil spill....This country is going down hill all to rapidly!

  • H-Townmama

    Ummm Sandra I know you like to find a reason to point out Pres Obama's flaws, but to compare this to Katrina is wrong on so mane levels. Im sure if my sweetie could remember his log in info he would have told you something seeing as how he is from NO. The few days it took GWB to respond to Katrina many ppl's lives were forever changed and as we all know quite a few died...
    Im here in Houston and if you want to report the news and blame someone then you need to report how BP has had many violations in the past 5-10 years and how Houston and surrounding areas have had two major explosions at BP plants. Hell they just settled with the families of 11 workers killed recently...This was BP's doing and it is their job to rectify the situation.

  • H-Townmama


  • goat76

    How should Obama respond?.....I'm sure that all the experts in off-shore drilling have been contacted and trying to work on the problem by now....Yeah more press conferences will really solve this problem...Like Obama is holding out on using that magic switch to turn off the oil well...WTF ya'll want.....

  • dblaq

    Hurricane Katrina was known to happen long before it did probably years! However, nobody cared to do anything about it, they knew what needed including Lousiana's government but they didn't want to spend the money.

    BP was an accident and yes something needs to be done, but when nobody every had anything happened like this ever, how would you know what to do. In addition, it is the REPUBLICANS that want to keep "drilling" and they can't even ensure the safety.

    You can keep blaming Obama but let's be clear, majority of our today's issue were created by the Bush Administration and the Republicans and handed down for Obama to clean up. Also we need to stop running our mouths all the time without doing research and find out what really good. Just a few points I want to make

    the Republican cry about Obama being Big Government but yet everytime you turn around the republicans want new laws to do this and that, example the Arizona Law which I think is totally crazy because you can sit here and think that it will do anything about illegal immigration, all it will do is create a new platform for racial profiling and racism just made legal like in the 60's, you will give street cops that are basically thugs themselves more power like this incident happened a few days ago

    Big corporations which are mainly ran by the republicans blame illegal immigrants for the job market to be poor but first of all 11 million to what 300 - 400 million people in the country equals what 3%? And how can they get public anything without ID? They create programs that cost billions of dollars hunting these people that really don't want no problems so that is where our resources go.

    What about these big corporations that send all of our good paying jobs that make $40K per year overseas such as customer service, IT, technical, manufacturing, etc ... they go to other countries build plants employ thousands of people for the fraction they suppose to pay us here. Hell the last few weeks alone I dealt with Indian people overseas for American companies such as Comcast, SunTrust, Bank of America, Advanced Auto parts, they are all doing jobs that we could be doing! At least illegals have put money back in our economy by buying food, rent, clothes, utilities, sales tax, etc ... however, when these big corporations send that money overseas NONE of the money comes back to us period. They only get the profits but do we see any savings because now they don't have to pay American salaries, hell no they just raise the prices and keep all the profits stashed and find ways to avoid paying taxes.

    So yeah, Obama is trying to level the playing field and the big bully doesn't like it. The republican are just big ass hypocrits and liars at least Democrats are more regular people and can relate to some of the problem average people deal with on a daily. Republicans Don't!

  • kdillon

    As Americans we should want a visual of our President involved instead of having strippers in the white house performing every night. Honestly, if this were Bush black people would be outraged talking about he is not doing anything but Obama gets a pass as usual. No he didnt cause the spillage and its not the same as Katrina but this should be top priority... visuals are everything and he is not showing how involved he is.

  • luvly1957

    How about blaming your boy former Vice-Prez Dick (I shot my friend in da azz) Cheney and Haliburton. Don't hear them doin shish to help BP or President Obama think of a solution to stop the oil? Dick talk shish bout President Obama any other time now his sorry azz is quiet.

  • goat76

    So you want visuals or do you want the oil leak capped and the oil cleaned-up.......yeah the visuals will get it done.......

  • othelo

    Auntie Sandra, such comparison is so odd...I will not repeat what already been said but dblaq made an interesting point.

  • MizzT

    All I have to say is friends of mine were on their homes for a full week with Hurricane Katrina...thanks to the last kool aid drinkers
    Seems like our leaders are just slow when it comes to anything..

  • Sandra Rose

    I never figured dblaq for a kool aid drinker.

  • dblaq

    @Sandra I don't care for politics as it is all bullshit. However, this being my country and seeing it go down the drain from starting 2000 on up. I have my opinion. Obama is not a savior nor is anybody else that is or will run for the presidency but one thing I will say is that I do despise REPUBLICANs because they are full of sh!t, and it shows it over and over

    How are you going to cry about Big Government but yet you want all kinds of laws and law enforcement. That sh!t sound like Big Government to me. Correct me if I am wrong. How is it that it is ok for these corporations to send our jobs over seas? but we are on a witch hunt after those that pluck chickens, mown the lawn. etc ..., how is it that the same companies that rape US Citizens like the banks and their greed put them to their knees gets billions of bail outs, but the citizen gets nada? How is that Education gets cut because there is no money but yet they can implement new law enforcement programs that cost billions.

    I call it like I see it. the country is just corporation, the government could careless about us period. We are just like employees, if they don't need us they can toss us. They just need us to pay taxes, why is it that only millionaires are the big power players in D.C. ?

    If that makes me a kool aid drinker then pass me two cups! Matter of fact could please elaborate on what a kool aid drinker really is? Last time I checkedf a lotta black folks grew up drinking kool aid, especially tropical punch

  • dblaq

    Just an FYI, I used to stay in an upscale all republican neighborhood and that sh!t I had to go through with them for 3 years put it on all in perspective for me. All because they couldn't figure out how the hell I am able to live in an half million dollar crib in their territory. They sent code enforcement on me because they told them I run a business out of my house because they seen cars in my drive way, they sent the police over my house on a constant to the point where the cops told me that they are discriminating against me and the only reason why they responded is because they had to since it was called in. And even worse is that I had one neighbor that told me all about their agendas, their doings, and so on. So I have justified reason to feel the way I do!