As I told you on Monday, rapper Da Brat was out of prison on a weekend pass. And this is what she looks like now, um, the same as she did when she went in: bandana on her head, cap tilted to the side, and full of attitude.

Unlike rappers T.I. and Gucci Mane, Da Brat wasn't welcomed home with fanfare and private dinner parties.

As you know, Da Brat was sent up the river for assaulting a cocktail waitress with a liquor bottle at JD's now defunct nightclub in Decatur two years ago. Brat is finishing up a 3-year prison sentence.

While out on pass, Brat spent time on the set of her play-play sister LisaRaye's new movie, currently lensing in Atlanta. She also found the time to kick it with her boss JD, who couldn't find the time to visit her while she was in prison.

Thanks to loyal reader Joyketa for the video link!

  • The Originial MsG

    DaBrat......grown thug ladymen are so 1993.

  • yvonne79


  • trapmuzik

    Why did you call her LisaRaye's play play sister? I thought they had the same father?

  • Daisy

    I beat that bish with a bottle :lolol:

  • FloridaChick813


    SIIIIKKKKKEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

  • FloridaChick813

    The Originial MsG says:

    DaBrat……grown thug ladymen are so 1993.

    :rofl: Hi-lar-i-ous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Val

    hey its da brat, whaddaya expect- she been a young man for years and aint nobody trippin-

    :homoswitch: glad to se her out- hopefully she'll give bow wow some manly tips

  • TruGemini

    Forgive me for not being fine tuned in prisonology...but I didn't know you could get a weekend pass from PRISON, to come home, go to a studio and take pictures with your homeboys like you ain't done sh't...just didn't know that was an option.

    I guess they'll give her an official "Welcome Home From Prison" party when she gets out for good...cause throwing weekend pass parties will send a nicca to the poor house quick

  • eastpointvet

    looks exactly the same but when did she go in?

  • mzvirgo78


  • crzasallgetout

    "I beat that bish with a bottle"

    That used to be my girls song!! lol

  • ELove

    Is THAT A Cruel Joke or Some IRONY playing itself out ???
    She BUST a Bottle over a Female's Head-n-Face then SHE gets to make Windows (I'm ASSuming Glass-Windows...) WHILE in the joint serving time :shrug:

  • chase

    Wow... interesting!

  • attorneymom

    I always thought she was corny. Grown azz gansta tomboy image will not compete with the Ninja Turtle Barbie craze. Damn, even MC Lyte abandoned the tomboy image. Rethink your image or stay out the game.

  • OutsidetheBox

    Welcome home @Da Brat. You know you wont get no love here. Well Sandra knows; thats why she posts it. :coffee:

  • Cinderella

    She's been looking the same since Funkdafied came out. Even during that brief stint as a "lady." Who else remembers Brat in that white catsuit and hair straightened at the Soul Train Awards?

  • missy

    Why did I think it was going to be "DA Brat is Out of the closet"..not that she was ever in the closet..

    I almost forgot she hit a bish with a bottle over the head...hopefully she doesn't come in contact with any more alcohol(more or less the bottle) because she doesn't know how to act....

    Oh and glad your out.... :coffee:

  • pointhimout

    i liked her best on the last episode of celebrity fit club. brat was sexy as hell, AS A LADY. this tomb boy bs is for pubescent girls coming into their own, not 30+ y/o women making car payments and paying other bills.

    such a pretty chick. daddy must be proud of these two.

  • ggouch

    So BRAT... "back in the house"? can you really say that before prison?????

  • OutsidetheBox

    Cinderella I do. And I 'memba all the men being upset and personally offended cause she like women. :lolol:

  • Raven

    Bad news for Nick Cannon and Kanye West.

  • pinksghetti

    She annoys me because she's so damn mean. She's one of those people who will make you laugh but is really mean spirited underneath of it. I still haven't figured out why she hit the chick over the head with a bottle other than that she is a bish.

  • mrsgarcia703

    I knew someone would get hit with the bottle one day. Do ya'll remember when she was on the Surreal Life and Chyna's boyfriend came to visit acting a fool and Da Brat was just standing on the side watching him clapping two glass bottles together? Lol, she is a trip...

  • Val

    @ Cinderella... I remember .. that was the shit.. wiat a minute.. what as that song she did?? O yeah :whistle: she was cool then

  • speaknoevil

    I am so in love with Da Brat. OMG...Just seeing her sent chills up my spine! Whew...!

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    "I am so in love with Da Brat. OMG…Just seeing her sent chills up my spine! Whew…!"

    You two would make a lovely couple.

  • omina-homina

    whooptie. one of the baddest, likely the baddest, rapperettes in the game. Use to be my fav, but she's a jerk for bashin' that chick in the head for no reason.

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    You know, now that I think about it... what better way to "punish" Da Brat than to let her enjoy herself locked up with other "lady loving" women and then kick her azz out????

    She will be the first person in history that tries to break INTO prison.


  • Choco

    She's a fool but damn I guess it's true what they say you loose track of time while doing time a so hating both of them

  • speaknoevil

    @Man, I just don't care...I think so! lol. But she had mood swings that I am just not with..lmao! I don't think I could beat her!

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    "I think so! lol. But she had mood swings that I am just not with..lmao! I don’t think I could beat her!"

    Yeah, but them "moody" and "emotional" women are the BEST to :hump: .... well, in your case :lick:

  • Silhouette

    Please tell me she was let out for a funeral or something, b/c I have never heard of a weekend pass for an inmate. That bish ain't in the military. Getting out on the weekend for what,
    didn't she have enough :lick: in the pen?

  • AprilRain

    I like her style!! Welcome Home! Keep doin u,,,,but stay outta trouble!

  • speaknoevil

    @Man, I just don't care..OMg...LMAO!!!! Thats cute! haaaaaaaaaa...I'm cryin over here.

  • OutsidetheBox

    Stop playing...its Work Release...under the guise of weekend passes... Y'all aint heard of work release?!?!?!?

  • AprilRain

    Lol, Ellen just came out dancing to "Swing Ya Rag" by T.I. and Swizz... She is too funny!

  • AprilRain

    OTB, Oh that case,,, welcome home to work release !!! :lolol:

  • Silhouette

    @OTB so she is like in a halfway house or something? Like what T.I. did?

  • Choco

    Love Ellen she is sooo funny to me and yet I can never watch her oh well...

  • Sandra Rose

    AprilRain says:

    Lol, Ellen just came out dancing to “Swing Ya Rag” by T.I. and Swizz… She is too funny!


    I love her! She is so sexy. :D

  • AprilRain

    Lol, she gave Collin Ferrel a mint so they can kiss! I love her :heart:

  • OutsidetheBox

    Sort of @Sill. But I think Brat did State time not federal....Tip was Fed.

  • Man, I just don’t care™


    Is that you in the avatar? Lookin all delectable and chit!

  • kdillon

    Prison's give weekend passes? I guess thats why the crime rates are still high, smh

  • AprilRain

    @Man- Yes and Thanks :).....I thought it was called a Gravatar??

  • Man, I just don’t care™


    Your welcome babe. And it is called a "gravatar" but that's a play on the official word "avatar."

    But fine as you is we can call it what ever you like! :thumbsup:

  • attorneymom

    @Sandra, you see my tweets. I want you to be a guest on my Blogtalk Radio show. ATLien granted me an interview. I have been a supporter from the beginning. So I would appreciate it if you would allow me to interview you.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ attorneymom:
    Actually, I am just now seeing your tweets. Thank you for the invite, but I don't do interviews.

  • Sandra Rose

    kdillon says:

    Prison’s give weekend passes? I guess thats why the crime rates are still high, smh


    Her 3 year term is almost up, so why not? By the way, you need to upload a gravatar. After next week, all accounts without an avatar will be disabled.

  • Sandra Rose

    Man, I just don’t care™ says:


    Is that you in the avatar? Lookin all delectable and chit!


    That's her "dressed up for a night out with the girls and leave the hubby at home with the kids" look. :D

  • mosnique

    awww I love the da brat! welcome back..

  • scorpio

    She looks like she's had no growth from this experience. What has she learned? As for JD he's so childish, how in the world did Janet stay with him for 7 years?

  • Nthabi


    A whole lotta 'gays" in here I see.

    Oh well, you do you. I'm bi myself.


  • AprilRain

    LoL @Sandi,,I wish..his azz wouldn't let me...

  • dmgeorge

    It seems to me that of I was in prison doing time handling some So So Def business as Kat Williams said it all over the internet and JD or Mariah didnt take the time to see me.....then why in da hell would I be hanging out with them? You didnt learn the lesson and thats the saddest part. She will be on Q100's Celebrity incarceration draft when she gets out :chickenhead: :rofl:

  • MzDetermined

    Da Brat really needs to get a new image because the old one been played out a long long time ago...I guess she is going to be a thug for lyfe please yall pray 4 her!

  • Yadda Yadda

    Ya know what.... the video was not cool, at all. She looks like a got damn fool. How old is she? She needs a stylist ASAP. You can be "thug" and still be a lady. Look at Tiny, okay maybe Tiny's not the greatest example since her outfits are ... ummmm well tiny, but I'm sure it's been done before. Oh oh I know Look Missy Elliot.

  • pointhimout

    janet, count cho blessings. that was one long ass joke--7 years. to jermaine's credit, i like his new crib and the one right before this one. he has an eye for real estate. maybe if i spent the weekend or something with him, i'd get to know him and another side to him. most times i see him, i'm completely turned off by his demeanor and whatnot.

    but other times i read interviews and i feel bad for him, but then it all goes away when I hear him talk. maybe his attitude stems from the "lack of respect" from his peers and clients he has worked with????

  • LadyDumplin

    I uploaded a gravatar, but don not see it. Can anyone help?

  • allwrightyden

    :coffee: NEXT!!

  • AprilRain

    Lol @ Yadda

    @Lady* I see You!!!

  • UrbanBeauty

    Gravi test :pray:

  • scandalous1

    I hope she stays out of Dillard's stealing those $19.99 pumps.