My regular readers will remember Jai Jai, who gained instant notoriety when rapper Shawty Lo leaked graphic cell phone pics of her to a gossip blog last year.

Shawty Lo hooked up with Jai Jai when she was a streetwise 16-year-old. Despite the fact that he was already in a committed relationship, the two dated on and off for years.

Jai Jai gave an exclusive interview shortly after the pics were leaked. Since then she has moved on and up. Click here to read that interview.

We know pseudo-rapper Nicki Minaj is a lie, so watch Jai Jai's promo video above and let me know if you think Jai Jai is the truth.

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Yesterday I confirmed that legendary pop singer Janet Jackson's hair was thinning (most likely due to menopause or premenopausal symptoms).

But some readers begged to differ that Janet was losing her hair (although the photo evidence is stunningly clear).

Loyal reader Kyra T. sent this close up pic of Janet's short hair. But the pic only proves my point that Janet's hair is thinning in some places. That's scalp that you see between the threads of hair still clinging to the sides of her head.

For the majority of women of a certain age, hair loss at the onset of menopause is normal. Usually hormone replacement therapy (HRT) will restore your lustrous locks. That's if you don't have a family history of cancer. In which case, most doctors won't prescribe HRT for you. But there are many natural alternatives to HRT available.

Check back for my Medical Minute post on hair thinning and other symptoms of menopause that will affect most of you as you reach the twilight of your life.

Kyra T. writes:

Good morn'n Sandra,
Here are some better pic's of Janet with short hair and she is not thinning, can you please open your enrollment.

Kind regards,

Kyra T.
HR Representative

The reign of one of Hollywood's biggest box office attractions is apparently over. Today's big gossip news is actress Megan Fox being booted from the cast of Transformers 3.

Her infraction: bad mouthing Transformers director Michael Bay, who plucked her out of obscurity and launched her career,

In an interview last year, Fox told Wonderland Magazine:

"He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he's a nightmare to work for but when you get him away from set, and he's not in director mode, I kind of really enjoy his personality because he's so awkward, so hopelessly awkward."

Bay reportedly forgave Fox for her snide remarks. But that was back when Megan was on top of the world. One movie flop later (Jennifer's Body) and Megan's star quickly fizzled.

It wouldn't surprise me if Bay pretended to be cool with Fox while waiting in the cut until he could publicly humiliate her in a huge way. If so, it worked.

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A loyal reader writes:

Hey Sandra!

Stopped by your site as I always do & I kinda giggled when I saw the pic of Rosa Acosta & her long flowing hair. In April, she spoke with Bossip about how she shaved her hair because of some medical condition & how she's still a sexy, super blah blah blah woman without it. So to see her with 6 packs of Remy #1 is hilarious to me. Even more hilarious...actually sad, is she has a medical condition that causes her hair to fall out yet she continues to get butt shots which I'm sure doesn't help her health in a positive way.

The things people do for fame SMH

A few years ago I discovered that a long lost friend was the tour director for singer Beyonce.

Knowing that she checks in regularly, I'm posting this tutorial hoping that she will see it and pass it on to Beyonce, who seems to have trouble finding good stylists who are proficient at applying wig glue.

Beyonce's hairlines are always a tragic mess, and even I feel sorry for her when I see her struggling with her lacefront wigs.

Again, I am in no way hating on Beyonce. But we should never see hairlines looking a nappy mess like Beyonce's in this day and age with so much technology (and such quality wig glue) available to us.

Source: eHow

According to online reports, actor Terrence Howard got hitched back in January of this year. Howard, who is set to play Nelson Mandela in the biopic Winnie, married Michelle Ghent, 33, a film production worker.

"Terrence is so in love with her and she's a great, down-to-earth girl who really understands and loves him for him," an insider tells "He feels so lucky."

Howard, who has a long history of jungle fever, let the news slip to CNN's Anderson Cooper during an interview at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday.

"To come here and be with my wife, it's the best feeling in the world," he said of promoting his movie, (which co-stars Jennifer Hudson) in the South of France.

Howard split from his wife of 13 years, Lori McComma, in 2005. They have three children together: Aubrey, Heaven and Hunter.

Source: US

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When and if troubled actress Lindsay Lohan finally makes it back home to LA, you can expect to see the largest mob of paparazzi ever assembled at LAX airport.

That is because every paparazzi in town will be vying for that money shot: the one that shows Lohan shackled and being led to a waiting squad car.

In case you haven't been following Lohan's latest misadventures, she was supposed to be in a LA courtroom today for a mandatory progress report on her probation. But Lindsay's reps claim she's stuck in the South of France after someone stole her passport in Cannes where she was attending the film festival this past weekend.

The judge isn't buying Lohan's excuses, and she ordered LiLo to appear today -- or a bench warrant will be issued for her arrest. It probably didn't help LiLo's case that she's been photographed partying hard every night in Cannes since losing her passport (see above pic).

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About 4 years ago, convicted woman beater Chris Brown was interviewed during a live remote by a local radio station. The popular radio jock, who is himself brown skinned, surveyed the room as he and Chris spoke, and then declared live on air, "there sure are a lot of pretty light skin chicks in this room" (I'm paraphrasing). A giggling Chris Brown quickly responded, "YEAH!"

Every Chris Brown fan knows that he has color issues and that he prefers to date only light skinned women. They say that when one impulsively lashes out in anger, they open a window into their true character.

Yesterday, Chris Brown threw open that window giving us a wider insight into his self hatred in a series of tweets attacking the part of me that he despises the most -- my skin color.

Laugh if you want to, but you should know that this is how Chris Brown feels about an entire group of people with brown skin -- not just one.

If you have beautiful brown skin, you should be offended by his "spook by the door" insults and the message he sends to his young fans that it is OK to disparage and ridicule people with darker skin hue than his.


Chris Brown deleted his offensive tweets about dark skinned people. He then offered up a lame excuse to explain why it's OK for him to make disparaging remarks about skin color in the first place:

...because he made a song about brown skinned girls. Can you believe it? What an idiot.

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Janet Jackson was spotted in London recently wearing her real hair. As you know, for years Janet has worn hair extensions, weaves and lacefronts. It was rare that we ever saw her real hair. And now we see why. It appears that Janet's hair is thinning, and not just her hairline but all over her head! I love short hair on women, but Janet's hairline is killing me. She needs to go back to wearing lacefronts pronto.

Source: TGJ