Former Outkast member Big Boi was seen getting off a bus outside a hotel in London town today. Isn't he a little too old to be dressing like this? What is he now, 40? Big Boi was in town promoting his album, the title of which is rather long and I can't remember it.

Actress Halle Berry was out shopping at Aahs! Gift Store in Hollywood last week when she stopped to pose for pictures with a lucky fan.

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According to LA Fox News affiliate, Fox 11 News, the fake Rick Ross is ready to settle with the former crack dealer whose name and image he hijacked for his own financial gain.

"Freeway" Ricky Ross says the former corrections officer, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts, has made millions exploiting his name and image.

In an interview two years ago, after he finally came clean about his former life as a prison guard, Roberts denied ever knowing who Ricky Ross was when he assumed the name of the former crack dealer.

Now that the real Ross has filed a $10 million lawsuit against him, Roberts quickly changed his name to "Ricky Rozay" and he's anxious to ante up some cash to settle the suit.

But Ross wants the lawsuit to proceed through the courts. He told Fox 11 that the fake Ross has made millions using his name and it's "too late in the game" to settle now. He also wants 50% of Robert's royalties.

Once again my loyal readers have been derelict in their duties to inform me about gossip concerning Trey Songz and Lauren London supposedly dating.

I had no idea.

Thanks to V-103 producer Marsha A. Hallagar -- a longtime supporter of my blog -- for sending this audio link of Trey calling into the wildly popular Ryan Cameron Show today to deny the rumors.

According to (via, secret documents leaked to Boy Genius Report blog confirms that Apple knows its new iPhone 4 has a critical design flaw.

The documents describe the "strong company line" that AppleCare representatives are being trained to tell consumers who complain about the new phone's reception problems:

Employees are told to say that the device's reception performance "is the best we have ever shipped" and that its critical antenna flaws are "a fact of life in the wireless world." They are told not to perform service on iPhones with these problems and instead to give customers a PR-driven recitative instead.

In a nutshell, Apple knows the phone has problems but will insist that users are simply "holding it wrong."

These statements are dead ringers for CEO Steve Jobs' own assertions that the iPhone 4 antenna and reception issues do not, in fact, exist. "There is no reception issue," he told one user. But the very fact that this document exists suggests that Apple execs know there is indeed a widespread hardware flaw, even if they're unwilling to address it publicly at this time.

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Candian rapper Drake nearly broke a chart record this week for the biggest 2nd week drop of a #1 album.

According to record industry insiders, the average percentage drop for a CD is 50%, and anything higher than that is "not a good look." Last week, Drake's debut disc, Thank Me Later, pushed 156,694 units, according to Soundscan.

In the week following the album's release on June 15, 'Thank Me' sold 447,307 copies for a grand total of *604,001. *This total includes about 1,000 CDs that were sold before the CD officially dropped.

The news wasn't all bad for Drake this week. Yesterday, Virgin airlines unveiled a new jet dubbed "Air Drake" to celebrate Virgin America's first international flight to Toronto, Canada.

Meanwhile, my nephew Trent across the pond at TGJ reports that Drake went into the studio with He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken (HWNSNBS) to record a track. Considering that both Drake and HWNSNBS were dumped by Rihanna, this record should be interesting to hear. I wonder if they will both be whining like b*tches on the track?

The 2-year-old son of former Philadelphia football quarterback Randall Cunningham has died in a hot tub accident, according to online reports.

The 2-year-old son of former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham died after he was found floating in a backyard hot tub Tuesday afternoon, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Christian Cunningham would have been 3 in December, according to friends of the family. Randall Cunningham, pastor of Remnant Ministries who played for the Eagles, Vikings, Ravens and Cowboys, performs baptisms in the hot tub at his home, which is near the church.

A woman at Cunningham's house was with several children when she found the boy at about 4:30 p.m., Las Vegas police Lt. Dennis Flynn said. She removed the boy from the hot tub and began performing CPR. Paramedics took the child to St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Siena campus, where he died, Flynn said. Read More...

According to the NY Post's Page Six, the taxman once again cometh for music producer Swizz Beatz. Why is he having trouble paying his taxes? Is this the reason why he knocked up Alicia Keys so she could pay his taxes for him?

Swizz Beatz has again been hit by the tax man. According to public records, the fiancé of Alicia Keys -- who's pregnant with Beatz's child -- was slapped with an IRS lien of $652,727 on June 3 for unpaid 2008 income tax. The music producer, real name Kasseem Dean, has had a string of liens filed against him and his former wife, Mashonda, in New York, Georgia and California. Their debts stand at about $2.2 million. A lawyer for Beatz said, "We have been discussing the issue with the government for years and are currently negotiating an amicable resolution of the dispute." (Source)

As you know, Chris Brown received a ton of positive press following his tear soaked performance during the 2010 BET Awards on Sunday.

While many in the audience were moved, I wasn't because I knew his crocodile tears were not genuine.

Yesterday, I fielded calls from quite a few industry insiders who all believed in their hearts that Chris Brown's tears were genuine and that he was suddenly overcome with grief and emotion because he was given the chance to perform the MJ tribute on BET.

Isn't it funny how blind our people can be sometimes?

I guess you have to be a celebrity blogger to recognize bullsh*t when it's being played out right in front of you. Everyone who praised Brown's tearful antics on the show should be insulted now that they know the entire scene was staged.

In a post-awards interview with RapUp TV, singer Lloyd said that prior to Brown's performance, he met with Brown backstage and encouraged him to cry on cue in order to garner sympathy from the masses who were tuned in to watch the MJ tribute on BET.

"I told him, man, you gotta go up there, you gotta cry. You gotta really, um, show your heart to the world, and, um, they'll understand. I think time heals all wounds."

That's when Brown took to the stage and turned on the waterworks, complete with arms flailing and chest thumping. It was quite the performance, and the audience ate it up.

The fact that Brown's tears were disingenuous and contrived is more evidence that Brown is a major manipulator -- just like I told all those industry insiders who called me yesterday.

Rapper Jay Z returned with a friend industry exec Steve Stout to the trendy upscale Nello restaurant to have lunch today. He showed off his new iPhone 4 which he doesn't seem too thrilled with.

After playing with his toy at the table, Jay Z enjoyed his lunch at the Upper East Side eatery where the rich and famous go to canoodle over $65 asparagus shoots and $75 lobster salad.

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New pictures of former super model Naomi Campbell's hair loss emerged on the Internet today. According to the Daily Mail, the pics were taken at a fashion photo shoot in New York.

Naomi often wears lacefront wigs to cover her bald spots caused by breakage due to years of wearing glue-in and sew-in hair extensions.

I've also seen this type of temporary hair loss caused by mental/nervous disorders (Alopecia nervosa).


What is alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata is a hair-loss condition which usually affects the scalp. It can, however, sometimes affect other areas of the body. Hair loss tends to be rather rapid and often involves one side of the head more than the other.

Alopecia areata affects both males and females. This type of hair loss is different than male-pattern baldness, an inherited condition.

What causes alopecia areata?

Current evidence suggests that alopecia areata is caused by an abnormality in the immune system. This particular abnormality leads to autoimmunity. As a result, the immune system attacks particular tissues of the body. In alopecia areata, for unknown reasons, the body's own immune system attacks the hair follicles and disrupts normal hair formation. Biopsies of affected skin show immune cells inside of the hair follicles where they are not normally present. What causes this is unknown. Alopecia areata is sometimes associated with other autoimmune conditions such as allergic disorders, thyroid disease, vitiligo, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and ulcerative colitis. Sometimes, alopecia areata occurs within family members, suggesting a role of genes and heredity.

More Info On the Web

Alopecia Areata Causes, Treatments, Symptoms -- WebMD

Alopecia -- UMM

Is Beyonce on drugs? She hasn't been looking like herself lately -- which may or may not be a good thing. Yesterday, while dining with her husband Jay Z at Nello restaurant, Beyonce's face looked haggard and drawn. I might also add that she has that wild, crazed look in her eyes, like she's slowly coming down off of something, which isn't entirely unusual for her. It doesn't help that she continues to wear that awful, ratty, Nicki Minaj-inspired lacefront wig.

More BET Awards photos from Sunday night. These pics went online two days late for some odd reason. Here T.I., his fiancee Tiny, and Sean Combs pose with Dawn Richard, left, and Kaleenna, right, from Sean's group Dirty Money.

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What can be more humiliating to a man, than to lose his woman to another chick? The rumors about former America's Next Top Model alumni Eva Pigford being a lesbian were finally confirmed on Sunday night when Eva escorted her gorgeous girlfriend to a BET Awards after-party. Eva must really hate her former boyfriend, actor Lance Gross, to disgrace him by insinuating that she dumped him because he failed to perform sexually. No wonder he tried to redeem himself by approaching LisaRaye, who, in turn, rejected his advances. But what did Eva expect? She knew he was a gay fish when she picked him up.

Puffy's baby mama, Sarah Chapman, center, abandoned her dreams of becoming a top fashion blogger after Puff dropped the hammer. She was seen partying with him and friends at Mr. Chow's in LA on Sunday night.

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Yesterday, R&B Diva, Monica, lashed out at actress Vivica A. Fox's "nasty" critique of her BET Awards attire. Mo wrote a "tweet" calling Vivica an "old lady" and ridiculing her fashion sense. Mo apologized for her outburst in a series of tweets on her Twitter page today.

3 days ago, Monica took to her Twitter page to scold others for basically doing the same thing she did: she wrote "If it's illegal, mean, disrespectful or just plain stupid. Don't post. Grown talk."

Public forums, such as Twitter and Facebook, gives the public unprecedented access to their idols. At the same time, celebrities can bypass their publicists and handlers to instantly post their thoughts and opinions.

There was a time when celebrities posted to public forums anonymously to protect their image. But not anymore.

Twitter proves time and time again that celebrities -- most of whom are narcissists with poor impulse control, such as Chris Brown -- have a difficult time adhering to their own lofty standards, and (sometimes unrealistic) expectations of others.

Twitter removes that barrier of protection between a celebrity's fragile ego and the public. It opens celebrities up to harsh public criticism, which is something that narcissists simply can't tolerate.

So the question is: should celebrities delete their Twitter pages?

Mo posted these tweets earlier today:

A late-night potty training session proved fatal for a 20-month-old Chicago boy, who was beaten to death by his mom's boyfriend.

According to CBN, Darnell Thomas, 21, of Chicago, is being held without bond in the death of Jamar Harris. Police say Jamar was beaten so severely that his lungs were bruised.

Thomas was also charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery for beating Jamar's 3-year-old brother.

Jamar's mother, Kemelle Howell, 22, told police she left her two boys in Thomas' care on Friday while she worked an evening shift at her job. Sometime after midnight, while riding home on the train, Howell received a call from Thomas who told her Jamar fell down some stairs. Thomas told her he had "whipped" Jamar after he had wet himself.

Thomas told the boys' mother he was going to call an ambulance. Howell briefly lost phone reception, but when she spoke to Thomas by phone again, he told her that he spanked Jamar with a backscratcher and punched the boy, Conklin said.

Paramedics arrived and took both Jamar, whose heart had stopped by the time they arrived, and the 3-year-old boy to Comer Children's Hospital. At the hospital, doctors found that the older boy had a blackened right eye, numerous bruises and scratches on his body and a recent break in his left arm. The boy told them Thomas "did it to me," Conklin said.

Jamar was pronounced dead at the hospital just after 2 a.m. Saturday. He suffered bruises to his chest, abdomen and left arm, and an autopsy showed he suffered massive internal injuries, including bruised lungs, authorities said.

Thomas was arrested at the hospital and charged with first-degree murder. He told police in a videotaped statement that he was potty-training Jamar when he hit the boy "seven or eight times." Thomas told police he was not the boys' father, though he felt like their father because they called him "Daddy."

Moral of the story: ladies, stop leaving your children with men who aren't their fathers.

Source: CBN

Earlier today, BET aired footage of actress Vivica A. Fox critiquing the fashions displayed by celebrities on the red carpet at the 2010 BET Awards last night.

Vivica wasn't very flattering when it came to her assessment of Monica's avant garde gown. Mo responded to the perceived insult by taking to her Twitter page this evening, and ever so politely, slammed Vivica's age and fashion sense.

I reached out to Vivica for her response to Mo's diss, but she is on a flight to Atlanta at this moment. Vivica will be landing at Hartsfield airport shortly. As soon as she lands, I hope to bring you her response to Monica's diss exclusively!

According to my boy, comedian Alex Thomas, rapper T.I. has joined the Louis Stewart movement! T.I. took delivery of a Money Green backpack and duffle bag set with gold handles while in L.A. for the BET Awards. The custom set is fit for a King!

You can custom order your Louis Stewart soft sided luggage at

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Pop singer John Legend felt some kinda way about his hairline trending on Twitter following his appearance on the BET Awards last night.

As Legend points out in a series of tweets on his Twitter page today: his hairline has always been crooked. Really? I never noticed :yawn: :

No one in the industry attracts more hate for being human than former Xscape member Tameka "Tiny" Cottle. Tiny can't even change the color of her hair without people getting in her business. Never mind that her hair is growing out of her scalp and not from the back of a horse like most of her haters hair. It isn't easy being a superstar, but Tameka (as her close friends and family call her) handles the negativity very well.

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At least somebody liked Brandy's shoes.

I was going to do an entire post on fashion at the 2010 BET Awards last night, but then I saw the red carpet pics and I changed my mind. I've been trying all year to honor my commitment to be less negative in 2010 -- and so far, I think I've done a commendable job, given the circumstances.

How could LaLa Vazquez love her man and still let him leave the house looking like her 60-year-old uncle?

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I was so happy to read on my Twitter timeline that legendary female emcee Queen Latifah finally came stumbling out of the closet in her own inimitable way! Too bad I missed that epic milestone moment in her life. And how precious was it that she referred to her longtime companion, Jeanette Jenkins, as "fine"?

Everyone and their grandmother complained about Nicki Minaj lip syncing during both of her performances last night. But those same people had nothing but good things to say about Chris Brown, who did the same thing!

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Once again, I slept through the BET Awards -- or as my loyal readers call it: the EBT Awards.

I swear I had every intention of watching this year's show, especially since the good folks at BET always take such care to send me a credential request form every year, even though I never request one. One year they even filled out the form for me and sent me the credentials with a little note saying "your credential request has been approved," lol.

The BET Awards is the singular urban spectacle of the year that manages to bring together such diverse artists as Nicki Minaj (who has zero talent), El DeBarge, Kirk Franklin and Tyrese, and make it all work.

Judging from the tweets in my timeline from last night, the 2010 BET Awards was the best in years. Since I didn't get a chance to watch the show, the only Ugly moment for me was Chris Brown's fake tears. So I'm posting some of the highlights of the #BETAwards tweets from instead:

The BAD: I searched but I couldn't find a single tweet on my timeline about pseudo-singer Ciara's awful black and gold Balmain frock paired with ankle booties. Why did she even show up when BET dissed her azz by banning her "Ride" video?


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This morning, I awoke to find all the urban blogs raving about convicted woman beater, Chris Brown's Michael Jackson tribute last night. Black folk are an oddly forgiving bunch when it comes to our criminals.

A grown man can urinate on a 13-year-old girl -- or use a young woman's face as a punching bag. But if he can sing or dance, he's redeemed in our eyes! It's a good thing black folks don't control the criminal justice system or our celebrities would never be charged with any crimes!

Chris Brown's performance was at once the most horrendous tribute I have ever seen on live television! Did he even practice his routine at all? He came out lip syncing to Michael Jackson's vocals. Didn't he have the time to re-record the lyrics?

And although Brown's choreography was noteworthy, the fact is, any Michael Jackson impersonator from the youngest to the oldest would have put Brown's dance routine to shame last night. I was not impressed.

Then, in what can only be described as one of the most shameless, calculated publicity stunts ever in BET's history, Brown begins to perform Jackson's classic, "Man in the Mirror," only to break down in tears as if on cue!

Only the #teambreezy d*ckriders fell for his crocodile tears. Though, to be honest, I've never seen a man that despondent over the loss of his career and livelihood (that's what he was really crying about). His Oscar winning performance begs the question: why didn't he do this last year? Maybe he canceled last year's MJ tribute because he couldn't cry on cue?

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Ever since R&B Diva broke up with her baby daddy Rocko, her fans have been wondering who she's kicking it with now. Monica might say she's way too busy with her children and her career to find the time for a relationship. But Mo loves the idea of being in love. A little birdie told us that the new thug in her life is rapper Maino!

Mo's rumored new beau is cast as her love interest in the music video for "Love All Over Me." Mo tweeted this pic from the set today.

In an exclusive interview with Zap2It blog, actress Vivica A. Fox said when she saw the dramatic weight loss photos of her former lover 50 cent, she thought to herself, " 'Ooh, he looks like a crackhead.' [He did a] good job sacrificing."

Vivica said she knew that Fiddy wasn't sick or depressed -- he was losing weight for a role in a movie in which he plays a football star who's diagnosed with cancer, and she respects him for it. She said he told her about it after he cast her as his leading lady in his music video for "Do You Think About Me?"

"I was proud of him," she says. "Because when we were filming the video he told me he was about to go into two, three films he had written and was going to be heavily involved with. I was glad to see him making that transition."

Vivica was also relieved because being in Fiddy's video meant that all the rumors about the two hating each other would be laid to rest.

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The people in this line in NYC aren't waiting to donate blood. Nor are they waiting in line for hours to volunteer to help others. They are waiting in the hot sun to purchase a cell phone.

Every person in this line knows that the phone they seek will be able very shortly in huge quantities. But, no, they have to have it right now.

The people in this line are typical of our impulsive, over-indulged, narcissistic society: they lack the patience or the maturity to simply wait until the supply of these phones meets the demand.

Patience versus instant gratification is a quality that many of us lack because we give in to our impulses to keep up with the Joneses.

When you react to life in this way, you allow circumstances to control you. If you choose to allow pressures to drive your decisions, then you do not act from your heart. You deny your true self, and sabotage your success. There are other ways to feel alive, other ways to feel good about life and satisfy the emptiness with true fulfillment. Self-sabotage is not the answer. Stop living under the control of your impulses, and determine to respond to life with strength and character. [link]

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Celebrity photographer Drexina Nelson writes:


I recently had the opportunity to photograph Kat Stacks and while I was unfamiliar with her when I first accepted the job... I had the opportunity to research about her prior to actually shooting, and I tried to go into the shoot nonjudgemental and unbiased. I am glad that I did that because once I met her and heard her story, I saw that she was just a young girl that has gone through a lot in her life. I sympathized with her because I truly believe that she is not thinking about the ramifications of what this could actually do to her life.

She is thinking of the fame. While people know her name, they don't know the timid and quiet young girl that I had the opportunity to shoot. She was very respectful throughout the shoot, and was also very professional. Thanks for your time.

Attached are some of the images from the shoot.

View more of my work at or
makeup: Stephanie Dawn
hair: Deedee Wales
Stylist: Patrick Cooper

Loyal reader Nikke writes:

When you gonna question Ocho Cinco's sexuality? I want him to stop twitpic'in shoes and handbags. Such as (kinda cute but not always)

I agree with Nikke: there is something odd about a dude posting pics of ladies handbags and shoes online. The last time I checked, Chad Ochocinco was not a shoe or handbag salesman. So why is he posting pictures of ladies handbags and shoes on his Twitter page all day long?

Is Chad that bored with his life?

I'm not saying he's gay -- I have no way of knowing that. I'm just saying that he has definite homo tendencies that leads us to the conclusion that he might enjoy a good back rub by one of his boys after a long day on the football field.

Below are some of the pics of ladies handbags and shoes that Chad posted today and yesterday on his Twitter page.

*The captions are his, not mine*

Before you rush to defend Chad; ask yourself if you would question your boyfriend or husband's sexuality if he spent all day posting pictures of ladies shoes and handbags on his Twitter page. Especially if the shoes and handbags belonged to him.

You can ignore his homosexual tendencies if you want. But how long will you continue to ignore his growing collection of shoes and handbags in your closet?

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It looks like He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken went out and got himself a botched tattoo job that disfigured his neck. I don't follow this punk closely enough to document all of his tattoos. But as recently as March, he didn't appear to have that tattoo on his neck.

The paparazi snapped shots of the painful looking area on his neck early Monday morning as he was leaving Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood.

Earlier this month, HWNSNBS was denied a visa to enter Britain following his conviction last year for attacking then-girlfriend Rihanna. Good for the Brits!


Loyal reader SC writes:

It's supposed to be for a movie role. He recently added a new pic of the whole neck. I have included it.

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