Candian rapper Drake nearly broke a chart record this week for the biggest 2nd week drop of a #1 album.

According to record industry insiders, the average percentage drop for a CD is 50%, and anything higher than that is "not a good look." Last week, Drake's debut disc, Thank Me Later, pushed 156,694 units, according to Soundscan.

In the week following the album's release on June 15, 'Thank Me' sold 447,307 copies for a grand total of *604,001. *This total includes about 1,000 CDs that were sold before the CD officially dropped.

The news wasn't all bad for Drake this week. Yesterday, Virgin airlines unveiled a new jet dubbed "Air Drake" to celebrate Virgin America's first international flight to Toronto, Canada.

Meanwhile, my nephew Trent across the pond at TGJ reports that Drake went into the studio with He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken (HWNSNBS) to record a track. Considering that both Drake and HWNSNBS were dumped by Rihanna, this record should be interesting to hear. I wonder if they will both be whining like b*tches on the track?

  • Anna

    I thought that plane had a pic of Obama. :lol:

  • dcwife1622

    Well you mentioned his name several times in the past couple of days. He should thank you for the Publicity.

  • LadyJustice *\o/*

    i bet the song will be dope

  • Choco

    Sandra wth is in your coffee?

    Both be whining like bishes on a track :lol:

  • Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams

    I wonder if they will both be whining like b*tches on the track?


    :dead: , u a mess sandra , i love it !!!!!

  • Al-Ameera

    I wonder if they will both be whining like b*tches on the track?

  • Ebony

    Is Chris Brown name banned from the blog :coffee:

  • MzDimplez1123

    LMAO @ I wonder if they will both be whining like b*tches on the track?

    I honestly just see them making anything Hott together.

  • MzDimplez1123


  • LadyLew

    I don't know about the record sales but that's a good look having his face on the side of a jet.

  • Destinee

    Sandra is on a roll today! I can't stop laughing :rofl:


    Well they both stay relevant despite sells...they make your blog everyday ;)!!!

  • Cariblife

    I didn't know Drake was connected like that to have his name on the side of a plane.

  • Cariblife

    *much less his face.

  • shannon04

    Shar-pei boy

  • His_Mommy623

    I really dont want Drakes face blown up that big..

    his face is so ewww

  • His_Mommy623

    :rofl: @ Shannon04

  • CivilEngineer

    Maybe they'll talk about how crazy Rihanna is....

  • mzvirgo78

    "Whining like b*tches on the track". :rofl: Sandra you Awful! :rofl: I luv it!

  • LuvMySailor

    I wonder if they will both be whining like b*tches on the track?

    No, just make a song about how the only way Rhi Rhi can perform is half her labia hanging out :rolleyes:

  • Redeemed777

    Listen to an old school RandB (only) station for a whole day or perhaps a week, and then tune back in to the regular nonsense being played today.....

    trey songz overrated
    drake overrated overrated overrated

  • luvly1957

    He don't want u to speak his name anyway cuz u have gave him enuf shine this week thank you very much.

    U so negative Sandra, glad I just browse u every now and then cuz u are so depressing.

    GO CHRIS BROWN AND FUKK rihash she has no talent other than be a runway model thank GOD she has a stylist.

  • Daisy

    @civil :nono: u are just trying to get on my shyt list 1st a TI jab now this! I won't stand for it :lol:

  • shannon04

    @His_Mommy623....look up Shar-pei on the internet and then look back at his pictures........ This boy looks just like a Shar-pei

  • Mamacita

    *waves* Hey errrbody

    Rihanna just had to cancel another tour date so she's not doing too well either i assume :coffee:

    And for you to not like Drake or HWNSNBS they sure are on YOUR blog a lot...what's up with that?

  • CivilEngineer

    :rofl: you know she's crazy :yes:

  • KeyshKeysh

    DAMN Sandra when are you gonna let it CB the only one that be whooping chics ass...he made a MISTAKE just like RIHANNA...we ALL know Rihanna was NOT innocent...its amazing the celebs you WORSHIP and the ones you keep putting down...

  • KeyshKeysh

    I normally just lurk but I had to get that out LOL...If it wasnt for yall comments I would never visit this blog cause Sandra posts are TOO bias and depressing...

  • Kat

    I bet the song is going to be HOT! Chris is getting his career back. Yay! :cheer: Sandra needs to stop the hate. A friend of mine knows C. Breezy's aunt and she said Rihanna used to slap that boy all the time. And said she would call his phone numerous times on some stalker isht...where u at? what u doin? So PLEASE let it go and move on like everybody else has! Everybody makes mistakes in life.

  • Ace

    Gold in 2 weeks...give him a few months and he'll be a platinum artist..

    I burned both Drake and Eminems CDs..

    Eminem's was good enough for me to go get a real copy.(#2,8,9,12 go HARD)

    Drake - sorry fellow "lite brite" but i cant support what you but out...maybe next album...

  • Tink Tink

    Eminem’s was good enough for me to go get a real copy.(#2,8,9,12 go HARD)

    Drake – sorry fellow “lite brite” but i cant support what you but out…maybe next album…
    :cosign: ....except the part about getting a real copy. Drake's album was okay, but his mixtapes were MUCH better.

  • qtipthecat

    He looks more like Ross Gellar from Friends more than ever in that picture.

  • Shauny

    Drake thanks you for all the free publicity.

    He still sold in 1 week what some folks cant do in 2 now. Grow up

  • speakinmymind

    LuvMySailor says:
    No, just make a song about how the only way Rhi Rhi can perform is half her labia hanging out
    so true!

  • Ms. Everything

    I can't do this today.. I really really can't I have a migraine out this world and my ear is on fire but I just want to say that considering that TML leaked weeks before the release date yet still went on to sell the numbers that it did shows that it's nowhere near a flop. I'll admit the mixtapes were better but it's not bad and I lent my support and purchased the tracks that I did like on Itunes. I don't believe in burning cd's, that's a huge part of the reason the industry is like it is now so I refuse to waste my money on garbage (95% of what's put out nowadays) and spend my money on talent and Drake does have talent.

    Oh yeah, and just because of all the negative nonsense I've consumed on here the last couple days I will be purchasing whatever CB & he put out cause I'm sure it will be great and it'll make you evil folks oh so happy :)

  • buttercup24

    Neither one of them are thinking about Rihanna.

    I'm not a huge Drake fan, but this will probably be good for Chris Brown because so many other people are.

  • Cinderella

    @Mamacita, Her concert in here in Atlanta, has yet to sell out. I don't know the ticket prices but Rihanna and Kesha aren't worth more than $30.

  • mizzdallas

    Sandra, I just spoke to CB and he told me to tell you thank you for being his #1 FAN, and how he appreciate you for giving him FREE publicity!

    Now carry on! :coffee:

  • spongebobfan

    Ok, i know why you hate chris brown, but what did Drake do to you...

  • katgirl33

    ITA Buttercup....we are about to see more of HWN, whatever Auntie calls him....LMAO But DANG! about Drake....his album is that bad??? I like "Find Your Love" though, that cut is nice.....I can't stand how he keeps his lyrics in his phone.....damn dude, pen & paper don't work for you??? Stay in school kids!

    I guess that's what happens when you blow up before your album drops....LOL

    Almost Team CB :)

    And....Auntie den got me to stop drinkin the Kool Aid on Trey Song....I see why Auntie Sandra dropped the Z.....I recorded the BET awards, and watched it a couple more times, then it came on again last night.....

    Trey Song cannot sing, and Prince was lookin like he wanted to beat that azz for Trey jacking up Purple Rain like that....

    The newbies they had on there between commericals singing better than Trey Song...OMG I didn't know it was like that....

    thatisall :)

  • SugarPieHoneybunn


    Yall leave Wheelchair Jimmy alone ret na!!!!

    At least he aint no fake azz phony azz dude like most of these cats out here are.

  • Mother Jefferson

    spongebobfan says:

    Ok, i know why you hate chris brown, but what did Drake do to you…
    Nothing. All light skinned folks get hate from Sandra!

    That being said, those are really good numbers for a debut. A fall off in sales like that usually indicates that the label bought up some of the CDs themselves to push up the count. Lil Wayne & Cash Money are notorious for that. Jayz buys his own albums too. :coffee:

  • MzDimplez1123

    Agrees with SugarPie. I think that's the biggest thing I like about him.

  • BeautifulBliss

    smh @ that airplane.

  • Lovely One

    I like both artists...they make HITS!!!!!!!!

  • Musiqal1

    Do y'all think this venture will be long term? I don't know...why would Richard put that boy's face on one of his planes? LOL I am guessing they are doing this to appeal to a different demographic. Really? Who here flies on virgin airlines?

  • Lady_L

    Well you mentioned his name a couple of post ago, so i am sure he thanks you for the love and publicity!