The blogs are all saying this dude is singer Kelly Rowland’s new man just because he was seen walking in her general vicinity on a beach in Miami on Sunday.

If that’s her man, then who is this guy — who was also seen in Kelly’s general vicinity on that same beach during Memorial Day weekend?

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Over the weekend I found out what socialite Teyana Taylor does for a living: she’s a singer. Who knew? I never hear anything of hers on the radio. Anyway, on Friday night, lifestyle blogger Tami hit me up (waking me from a good sleep) to tell me that blogger Necole Bitchie’s ex Teyana, Lisa Wu (RHOA) and Tey’s gawjus mama, Nikki, were all partying with the lesbuns at the “Girls in the Night” weekly Friday night party at Compound.

Girls in the Night actually paid Teyana to perform. Can you believe it? I don’t know if Lisa Wu was paid to host the party or if she’s just a regular at the lesbun parties. Are the rumors true about Lisa Wu and her hubby Ed…

Here’s how the night went down in Tami’s own words from her blog:

Later, Teyana hit the stage and performed two of her songs, Google Me and Drop it Lo. She shut it down and danced so hard her boobie popped out lol. It wasn’t bad but she just kept on dancing like nothing ever happened lol. Ofcourse the room being filled with alot of women, they loved it and went wild! She apologized to the crowd and kept it moving. A lil later a guy approached the stage and was not suppose to and got a lil roughed up by the bouncers, it was so funny because his plate of food went flying up in the air! I was dying laughing while I was filming and taking pics of Teyana performing.

*NSFW picture and video after the break! (pictures and video by

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NBA baller Carmelo Anthony celebrated his 26th birthday with family and friends at Phillippe Restaurant in LA on Sunday (May 30).

LaLa ordered up a custom birthday cake for her fiance who has been on his best behavior since he put that ring on her finger last year. The lavish wedding is next month and it will be televised by VH1. Coincidentally, T.I. and Tiny are set to say their ‘I do’s’ this month at an unknown location (not in Atlanta).

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Actress LisaRaye, right, and her daughter Kai partied in Puerto Rico during LR’s 1st Annual B2B (Back 2 Business) Memorial Day weekend event. LR’s bestie Lil Kim also joined her and LR’s Twitter followers in Puerto Rico.

A surly looking John Legend and his beard Christine Teiger enjoyed the surf in St. Bart’s this weekend.

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Fame is a funny thing. For some, fame can be as fleeting and elusive as a Spring shower. Take Fabolous’ brother Ruggs, for instance. Though he’s well-known within music industry circles as Loso’s brother, Ruggs always flew under the radar for the rest of us — until last week when, in a moment of anger, he (allegedly) slapped the taste out of a groupie’s mouth, and it was all caught on video.

Now Ruggs is a celebrity of sorts. And he no longer flies under the radar. So we chose him for our style segment this morning since this is the type of thug that women flock to these days. You have to admire a thug who is color-coordinated and even neatly folds his socks and underwear.

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Last week, in closed door meetings with BP executives, Barack Obama and key members of his administration were assured that BP was on top of the oil leak disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and that their latest effort to stop the leak was almost a sure bet.

So with BP’s assurances tucked under his belt, Obama went before network cameras on Friday to do what he does best: claim a victory before it has even happened.

After weeks of playing golf and largely ignoring the oil leak, Obama declared, “the buck stops with me.” Obama took responsibility for the BP disaster, and he said his White House was “in charge” of the efforts to plug the leak in the crippled oil well that has already spewed 18 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf.

The BP oil leak, which is entering its 43rd day, has overtaken 1989’s Exxon Valdez disaster as the biggest oil spill in U.S. history.

Just before jetting off to Chicago with his family to begin his Memorial Day weekend, Obama assured residents of Louisiana that he was calling all the shots and he forcefully pledged to “shut this down”.

That was on Friday (May 28) when Obama thought for sure that the leak would be plugged, and he would once again get credit for something he didn’t do.

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