Facing the threat of a class action lawsuit, Apple now admits its new iPhone 4 has reception problems and are promising a fix soon. But there's a catch: Apple continues to deny the problem is with the phone's hardware.

Rather than admit they rushed a defective product to market, Apple released a press statement today attributing the problem to the way the signal bars are being displayed.

"Users observing a drop of several bars when they grip their iPhone in a certain way are most likely in an area with very weak signal strength, but they don't know it because we are erroneously displaying 4 or 5 bars. Their big drop in bars is because their high bars were never real in the first place."

Clearly, Apple doesn't think very highly of their customers' IQs. But then again, Apple's customers do line up like brainless sheeple to buy their products.

Apple's evasive attitude is consistent with CEO Steve Jobs repeated denials that a problem exists with the phone's reception. A law firm is in the process of building a class action lawsuit against Apple.

From CNN.com:

After initially dismissing the reports about the iPhone 4 antenna reception issue, Apple has officially admitted it exists, promising a software fix in a couple of weeks. There's a catch, though.

Apple's promised fix may not be good news for users experiencing the problem. Apple claims it has erroneously calculated the formula which displays signal bars on the iPhone, and therefore the iPhone has been showing too many bars in areas with weak signal strength.

Unfortunately, this seems like Apple is only acknowledging one part of the problem. Anandtech's in-depth analysis showed that the signal drop when you grip the iPhone 4 by its lower-right side is very real.

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    :koolaid: i wish they'd hurry up and fix it so i can go and get it! because i am definitely an apple zombie and i know they have their ish... but once the kinks are out the phones are good.. still got my 3G and waiting for all the bugs to get out of this new one tho! one thing i DO and WILL say about apple is NEVER get the first... nope nope.. i'm surprised the iPads havent been malfunctioning so much even though its just a big azz iTouch which is.. pointless IMO :shrugs:

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    Never was an Apple fan, probably never will be. Nokia has always been my phone of choice, durable and dependable :)

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    I :heart: my iPhone4 :cheer:

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    Where's @east to clear this up??

    I have the 3G and it's been nothing but a GREAT phone...couldn't imagine having anything else.

    Maybe they screwed up the new one, because this software upgrade sucks too

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    and a #teamiphone for good measure @ebony

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    I'm glad I didn't get on that bandwagon.
    #teamAndroid here. :)

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    :yawn: these stories aren't helping the time pass today. I hope they let us go early today because I can't take it!

    #teamBlackBerry...no issues here :coffee:

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    Its funny. Even if the phone is defective its still the best phone. Ever. Love my Apple products....

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    thinkin about the android for my bday in the fall...yea i gotta wait that long...college student budget lol

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    I concur wit @Mamacita!!!!


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    The apps on the Droid allow hackers to access all your personal info through key-stroke memory, so be careful...#teamiPhone

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    So not a techy

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    Im content w/my lil HTC for now :yes:

    Hubby on the otehr hand.. hes #team iphone and awaiting the kinks to be fixed b4 he upgrades to the 4

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    #team Iphone... I love it

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    I don't have AT&T, therefore I don't have an iPhone so :coffee: but if I did I would have it

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    lol@ the fools that just had to go out and get one.