Lap dancer Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z narrowly missed being seriously injured in a car accident in London yesterday.

According to witnesses, Beyonce had just gotten out of a limo on her way into Harrods dept. store before joining her hubby Jay Z for a late lunch. When suddenly a taxi came careening around the corner and tore the Mercedes’s door off!

If that cab had been just a few seconds earlier, Beyonce’s lacefront wig would have went flying!

A source told The Sun newspaper: “It was terrifying to watch. It all happened so quickly, the taxi came out of nowhere.

“She seemed very shaken and was lucky to be alive. A couple of seconds difference and God knows what could have happened.”

Beyonce, 28, and Jay-Z, 40, were on their way to a romantic meal at Japanese eatery Zuma when the singer decided to make her impromptu stop.

After the accident, the couple were forced to dump the damaged car – and were sent a replacement to take them to the restaurant.

She was later seen looking happy and relaxed after leaving Zuma with Jay-Z. Read More…