NBA star Carmelo Anthony took multimedia personality La La Vazquez as his wife in a civil ceremony at Cipriani's in NYC today (July 10). Congrats to the happy couple.

Ciara, who claims she spends an absurd $11,000 a month on shoes, chose these Versace platform heels to go with her one shoulder mini dress. If you ask me, she is dressed totally inappropriately for a wedding. But Ciara doesn't have common sense anyway.

Ludacris' fiancee Eudoxie took notes at La La and Carmelo's wedding. Her wedding to Luda is sure to be talked about for years to come.

King James and his court, including baby mama, Savannah Brinson, and NBA star Chris Paul, right, arriving at Cipriani's. I'm concerned that Savannah never looks happy in any of her pics. I'm sure King James gives her the world, so what's the problem?

Kim Kardashian tried her best to steal La La's thunder with this curvy Herve Leger bandage dress and CL heels.

Tennis uber star Serena Williams arrived at the party looking more manly than the groom.

Photos: Splash News

  • Daisy

    Congrats to the couple! Not a big fan of LaLas dress (she looks pretty though). I need to see Carrie Underwoods dress as well.

    The guest look nice esp my Kimmie :cheer:

    I have seen Savannah smile in pics on the red carpet before. I dont go around smiling and ppl always think im mad or mean muggin when thats not the case at all.

  • Daisy

    I like how Luda and his girl are matching

    Sandra at least you threw shade at both CiCi and Kim but other female guest could have had on longer dresses if you gonna call folks out :coffee:

  • CorporateHoodB-tch

    Lala & Carmelo are not looking that impressive from this viewpoint.

    Serena's hair is gorgeous...her arms are little too buff...but I'd rather have buff arms than flabby ones anyday.

    Kim K dress and shoe are the business...werk it bish!!!

    Savannah...saggy tittays are not cute...wear a bra...but the shoes are killing the game.

    Luda shuts it down..his girl is aiight.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    LaLa looks beautiful...... I :heart: her

    Luda's chick IMO never smiles. But they looked nice.

    Kims shoes are thee shyt! She looked good as well!!!!

    Ciara's dress :nono:

    I hope LaLa and Melo and last......they have been together this long so im rooting for them!!!

    :cosign: @ Daisy.......people think im mad too if I aint cheesing all the dayum time.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Oops meant I hope Lala and Melo last.

  • Ebony

    Damn these pics got out quick :blink: it's so much going on with this wedding. I just don't get it :shrug:

  • Shauny

    Dang now yall know I love Melo but I'm not feeling him or his brides attire. Maybe I need to see more pics. LaLa has on a stapless gown with no necklace, no braclet, her hair should've been up IMO. She has looked better leading up to the wedding than in her actual wedding attire IMO.
    Her bouquet was like mine...only I think mine looked better :shrug:

    @Ebony - I looked at the second pic and only thought of you. DAMN YOU for putting that in my

    Sandra I completely agree that Ciara is not dressed for a wedding but IMO neither is Kim. She absolutely tried to steal some shine from LaLa. Who wears a skin tight dress to a wedding. Lppks like you can see her coochie print which means you need to go up a size. Her plastic surgury has her looking like her moma...and that's not a compliment.

    Luda girls dress looks like it came straight out of Rainbow :nono:

    LeBron's girl hasn't look too happy in the last few pics I've seen of her. I hope everything is fine there. I don't see much of her.

    CP3 is looking like he's straight outta Corky Romano or something. Where is his baby mama?

    Serena - I need a better sht of her, her dress looks a litter roomier than Kim's but I need another look

  • M_promp2

    I love CiCi's shoes. Breast feeding 2 boys will do that. Maybe when she's done having kids she may fix them. I'm sure she wants a lil girl. no shade, just sayin'. I noticed them too.

  • Shauny

    oh Kim and Savannah's shoes are FIYAH!!

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    :dead: @ Shauny :rofl:

  • Ebony

    Melo looks like he's going to prom. Lala looks how she does everyday. Kim K has that dress in every color. Cici dress looks like it came from citi trends, and I don't understand why there shooting the reality show at her wedding. I thought celebrities like to keep private moments private :shrug:

  • CivilEngineer

    Some serious "side-eyes of death" getting thrown around in these pics.

    Congrats to the happy couple!!

    Ciara looks odd and just as buff as Serena....

  • Ebony

    @ shauny are you talking about big booty Judy melo :coffee:

  • CivilEngineer

    Oh and that's the ugliest effin tux known to man!

    And Kim looks really nice but something's different :think:

  • Shauny

    Sorry for the typos, I'm typing in the dark.

    Why Luda's girlie giving him a mean side eye? She probably like Imma be the plainest dresses bish up in here Luda. I didn't know these bishes was coming like this

  • Daisy

    CP3 = Chris Paul??

    I don't have a prob with Kims dress thats her style :shrug: I think Kim is still pretty although she had some work done or did something to her face. My beauty issue with Kim is ALL that darn HAIR she needs to take out the pieces or cut them some its very lioness to me.

  • CorporateHoodB-tch

    Breasts aren't going to stay perky forever. That's why a good push-up bra is bank.

  • Shauny

    Yes Ebony, he has a Phil Jackson high ass :rofl: I still wub him tho

  • Daisy

    @ebony thats the motto for som celebs. Lala is doing a reality show so she isnt private. Just like in real life or even on this blog some ppl are more private than others :coffee: :wink:

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    @ Civil >>>>here<<<< regarding the side eyes. I thought I was the only one who peeped that.

  • Daisy

    @CHB idk if she could have worn a bra with that dress made some chicken cutlets :shrug:

  • Shauny

    Luda girl shyt ain't even hemmed right, what was she thinking. o.k let me stop scrolling back up and looking at the pics. It's too much going on.

  • Ebony

    @ daisy :rofl: at your ;)

  • Daisy

    typo *maybe

    @Shauny I keep scrolling up as well :rofl:

    I am ready to see more pics of other guest and the bridesmaid dresses

    we must see Trina to see if her head was looking any better than it was on the boat ride fri night

  • Ebony

    I've seen hoodrats on bridezillas with better dresses than Lala. I expected so much more. She was engaged for half a decade for goodness sake :coffee:

  • CorporateHoodB-tch

    @Civil---:rofl: co-sign on that whack azz tux

    @Ebony---- :dead: *big booty Judy*

    @Daisy--- cutlets, tape, don't get me started...really a dress for any big event should be tailored to fit the body perfectly. Why not?

    Hell, if can pay $14 to have my clothes altered to fit my breast, waist and rear end properly. Why can't this folks with money do it?


  • chase

    Lol...I feel u too civil on the side eye mess..

    Everyone looks cool except cc, her dress is a nono...

  • CorporateHoodB-tch

    Poor Ciara...bless her heart.

  • Ebony

    Why didn't Lala call security on Ciara :shrug:

  • CorporateHoodB-tch


  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Ebony >>> :kona:

  • Daisy

    I just saw some pics of Kelly and Rocsi. Kelly has on an old lady dress on but she looked cute to me. No comment on Rocsi.

  • Shauny

    Where are those pics Daisy?

  • Anna

    Congrats to the new married couple. Why do CC's shoes look like they got a last inspection in a wood working class room? (Industrial Arts).

  • Daisy

    @shauny check my timeline on twitter I re tweeted them

  • Anna

    That first pic of them looks like they should be on top of their own wedding cake. Beautiful.

  • Cinderella

    Congratulations to Carmelo and Lala for makings official. But I don't like their attire. My cousin's $600 David's Bridal dress looks better than Lala's $10,000 Vera Wang dress.

  • Cinderella

    Ciara looks like she's going to the club not a wedding.
    Kim has worn that dress in 50 different colors, give it a rest.
    Luda and his girl look alright, glad she's not wearing black.
    LeBron, Savannah, Serena and Chris Paul all look nice.

  • heartbreaker

    Well thank god it's there wedding and they paid for it they can do what they please. :wink: I think everyone looked great!! I doubt the invitations were sent with a dress code!

  • Cinderella

    @37 *making things official*

  • KrayZKat

    Congrats to Lala and Melo!!! I'm so happy for them. La was a beautiful bride, and except for Melo's tux, they look fab. I wish them a long, loving, strong, and healthy marriage. And people said it would never happen. Huh!

    Everyone looks good, except for Melo's tux and Ciara's dress. Can't wait to see more pics.

  • bigtyme

    that does not look like savannah to me...i am sure it is her (b/c he is holding hands w/ her), but i never see her w/ make up on or dressed up, so she looks kim k, but she needs to back up from the plastic surgeons table. i just looked at khloe's "when i was 17" and if the pics on there isn't evidence of her plastic surgery, i don't know what is...

  • Anna

    Cinderella says:

    Congratulations to Carmelo and Lala for makings official. But I don’t like their attire. My cousin’s $600 David’s Bridal dress looks better than Lala’s $10,000 Vera Wang dress.
    LMBO. David's Bridal has dresses year round for $99. Why my child could not pick one out for her wedding is beyond me. I have already spent $150 on my daughers dress and $350 for the DJ. I am not the father of the bride. LOL. I do think La La and Mello look great.

  • attorneymom

    Congrats to the newlyweds!!!

    Remember marriage should be treated as verb, not as a noun. That is, you both must work on having a good marriage.

  • shay1

    Good Morning All......LaLa hair - hmmmmmm! Its looked better on other days. Congrats to the couple!

  • LaTechGrad02

    These people are attending a wedding? This looks like the red carpet at the Source Awards. Carmelo must be channeling his inner Chris Brown with that bowtie. It's sad when the security guards are dressed better than the wedding guests. Fail.

  • Anna

    LaTechGrad02 says:

    These people are attending a wedding? This looks like the red carpet at the Source Awards. Carmelo must be channeling his inner Chris Brown with that bowtie. It’s sad when the security guards are dressed better than the wedding guests. Fail.
    Some attending may not look "Wedding" ready, but all grooms wear a bow tie, it comes w/the tux. I have never been to a wedding and the groom or grooms men were wearing long ties. LOL. I think La La looks glowingly beautiful. I wish them the best. I love her bouquet.
    :offtopic: I watched "Bethany Getting Married, or whatever it is called.. Why did her wedding planner have her pee in a bucket? She is/was a pregnant woman getting married, was there not a bathroom near? It's ok for a bride to be late for her own wedding, especially if she was late due to a potty break. I have never been to a wedding that started on time but my own. Well I didn't have a wedding but got married when I arrived. :rofl:

  • kwall

    up drinking my :coffee: waiting on my slowwwwww kids to get ready for sandra you gonna make me say some cuss words on da Lord's day behind this post! bad enough i done ALREADY said them in my head.

    i will just leave this at: this wedding looks like some niggatry at it's finest. cosign on lala has committed a major fashion mistake of no jewelry with a strapless gown.

    whatdawhurl she got melo wearing... :shrug:

    kim k. done found out about monica's shoes...

    cici woulda been escorted the heck AWAY from my shindig in that micro mini she got on...

    and savannah woulda been escorted not only out of my shindig but directed to the nearest victoria's secret AS to the AP for a bra buying experience....

    the end.

  • Anna

    GM Kwall. They are married, that's all that counts. LOL. How long will it take Savannah living in Miami to get her breast induced? Cali and Miami have the most looking plastic ppl per capita. I guess La La decided against neck jewels, being she has tats. I still don't like CC's "wooden shoes".

  • whatdoesitmatter

    Savannah's boobies are killin me. He makes too much money for those things to be facing the ground. And lastly, that is a very tacky choppy color looking weave. Lose it and go with something more natural.

  • mizzdallas

    Celebs are a trip first they want the world all up in they private business but when something goes wrong they want us to give them privacy! #endofmyrant

    Back on topic: lala and big booty melo look like two ghetto flop birds!
    and I like luda and his girlfriend dixie attire, and the rest of the people are straight hot azz mess!

    and oh yeah sandra, I guess lala thinking if she married her lesbian tendcies would stop! :coffee:

  • lovezoe

    Savannah may not be happy because they have been dating since HS, which is 8 plus years, two babies and they not even engaged and she going to someone else wedding. Or maybe its that pesky rumor about him not even discussing with her his move to Miami. Could be they touched down early Friday morning in MIA and less than 24 hrs later hopping on a plan to fly to NY to go to a wedding. Savannah is beautiful minus that gigantic tat on her leg.

  • ohpretty1

    All that I can say is this is a bad dressed couple for their wedding day.

  • lovezoe

    Ok, after finding more pics, Trina's dress was a hot mess. Wrecski dress was okay, who was that man, hopefully not someone husband. Kelly looked decent, but that weave looks synthetic.

  • iciaantica

    I'm so happy for these two I love them both but I'm a little disappointed in Lala's dress choice!

  • Ms. Everything

    Might be in the minority but I like Lala's dress at least in these pics. Hate Melo's tux though

    After the last wedding I went to a friend and I were talking about the fact that people nowadays just don't know how to dress for occasions such as weddings anymore. Makes me think that if and when I ever get remarried I'm going to have to send out a dress code and the sad thing is that these people have stylists who should know better. Ciara looks a hot mess and I agree with Ebony, I would've had her and Kim K. escorted out. Something is off to me about Luda's girl and I've noticed Sandra that you're the only one calling her his fiance. She's pretty but looks like she has major attitude almost like she's the celeb not him and that's a vicious side eye but I love how it looks like he's paying her no mind :rofl:

    Chris Paul is so sexy to me and Savannah is a very pretty woman but she looks sad here so I'm wondering if something is going on (not relationship problems but maybe a sick family member, miscarriage, something like that). I like her dress too and its actually appropriate so I am gonna give her the benefit of the doubt and assume her posture is throwing the dress off and making it look ill fitting. That happens to me sometimes in even the most perfectly fitting dresses and tops.

    And finally although its too dark for a summer wedding I like Serena's dress too.

  • starr

    I like melo...luv himi since he was in school...but that no @ the tux. Lala's dress is not the business either.

    I'm always skeptical when folks wedding becomes a show for media.

    I like Kim's dress...just not for the wedding. Cierror would of been asked to politely leave if it was my wedding smh

  • pointhimout

    so ciara and kelly rowland agreed to show up looking the fool. i dont know where ciara was going in that get up, but she should've known better that that. serena is so muscular. manlier than the groom. haha. only sandra.

    lebron chick never smiles. is she concerned that plastic sandra and the other miami chicks comin for her spot with a vengeance? why that short armed guy next to lebron have on a suit but no watch?

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Savannah betta fix her attitude, she ain't even pretty enough for that. Lebron just showed he ain't loyal...

    Eudoxie prolly goin thru menopause. Is she bloated or somethin cause her belly looks bigger.

  • LaTechGrad02

    @Anna, that bowtie just looks way off with that jacket. I can't put my finger on it. It's almost as if Carmelo flipped that jacket inside out and decided to rock the lining. Fashion fail. Best of luck to them but no to the outfits :)

  • aqtpie

    Awwhh Congrats to the couple! Marriage can be BEAUTIFUL!!! Aside from a *raised eyebrow* at the questionable attire of a couple of peeps, everyone looks nice. I see you Serena, looking good!!!

    :rofl: @man talking about Luda's fiancee!

  • winenroses

    It's sad that younger people have no clue how to dress for an occasion.

    Ciara needs a fashion consultant QUICKLY!

  • MandaPanda0408

    LaLa's dress looks like Vera Wang just stitched up some Charmin and bedazzled some of it and Carmelo looks like one of the silly bears in the commercial SMH. Savannah breast look fine to me, her dress on point, Ciara should be slapped for wearing that fit anywhere but especially to some nuptials, LeBron I'm from Cleveland so I can't/won't comment on you until I have had a chance to process everything that has happened, the rest :shrugs:

  • Jerrie

    ’ve seen hoodrats on bridezillas with better dresses than Lala. I expected so much more. She was engaged for half a decade for goodness sake

    :dead: :rofl:

  • MissJasmineShanae

    I'm not sure if this question has already been asked but why were none of LaLa's so called celeb bff's in her wedding ie: Kim K . , Ciara r even Solange ?!

  • ELove

    C-Error LQQKS just like a Skank-AZZ Hooker !!!!! :blink:

    Kim-K is PLASTIC Looking as usual (But MORE SO lately...)

    And LeBron's WOMAN is the FINEST-n-Gorgeous FEMALE at the Wedding :wink:

  • SnootyPooty1

    Hey Daisy....
    COngrats to the couple.. I wish the nothing but happiness...

    Everyone could of dressed better than what they did..

    Not feeling Lebron Baby mamas weave at all I like her dress and shoes though...

  • SnootyPooty1

    Pardon my typo.... them

  • jazi65

    Beautiful couple

    Ciara - you wore THAT to the wedding?

    Serena - lovely!

    King James - sexy! now why is your woman always looking constipated?

    Kim K - umm sweety you wore that before...isn't that a faux pas in celebrity world?

    Luda - sexy..but why is your woman giving you the side eye?

  • Sheena215

    This is the best i have ever seen Serena! Ciara looks a cheap mess even with the Versace platform heels. I like Kims dress and your right Sandra what does that bish Savannah have to be sad/mad about YOU WANNA TRADE PLACES WITH ME? UHHHHH THOUGHT NOT PUT A SMILE ON YA FACE

  • Sheena215


  • Sheena215


  • imarie aka lalie

    I'm a little dissapointed. They took all that time to prepare a wedding and this is it. I don't really care for Lala's dress. I know its Vera Wang but that doesn't mean its cute. And she should have worn her hair up. She looks like she does any other time, not a special occasion like her wedding day. But if they like it I love it.

  • Danielle84

    Congrats to LaLa & Melo!!

  • Thetruth32

    Good Morning FAM!!!!

    How many time will kim wear those shoes???
    Everyone look nice

  • Nika405

    Morning! did anyone know Matin Lawrence got married this weekend too?

  • pinksghetti

    They finally did it, congratulations! Everyone looks nice in these pics.

  • Ms. Thickness


  • OutsidetheBox

    Hmmm looks like Savannah is wearing a bit of weave. :coffee:

    Love CiCi's dress!

    Kim look just like Heidi from The Hills... :/

    I like Serena's dress..

  • OutsidetheBox

    Shout out to Kim for wearing those CLs she has been photo'd in before! Huge! Bish might be human after all :think:

  • cheeks8683

    More and more I see that folks are treating going to a wedding like they are headed to the 40/40. What happened to looking classy? Tiddys and booties all hanging out!

  • OutsidetheBox

    Savannah betta fix her attitude, she ain’t even pretty enough for that. Lebron just showed he ain’t loyal…


    Didnt we talk about this chit? I know exactly what you mean LOL

  • OutsidetheBox

    I like CiCi's dress for the wedding...she tall as chit but its summer time, AND a daytime wedding in a haute city... :shrug: :yes: