According to CNN, There have been "credible sightings" recently of a California woman who vanished nearly a year ago after being released from a sheriff's station, authorities said Wednesday.

Las Vegas police say Mitrice Richardson, who would be 25 now, might be alive and working in Las Vegas as a call girl. They plan to hold a news conference today to ask the public's help in locating her.

"There's been some credible sightings," Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office, told CNN. "We want to let her know if she is listening that she is not in trouble and will not be subject to arrest. We just want her to know that it is ok to contact authorities and family, and to let us know that she is alive."

An acquaintance told police he observed Richardson at a casino, and he approached her after observing her for 3 hours. He said she looked at him as if she didn't recognize him and then ran off with some woman.

Latice Sutton, Richardson's mother, told CNN she doesn't consider the sighting credible. "I don't discount that he (the acquaintance) may have seen someone who he believed was Mitrice," Sutton said, "but I don't believe he is absolutely certain it was Mitrice."

Richardson had been arrested the previous evening at an upscale restaurant in Malibu after the restaurant manager called police to say she refused to pay her bill.

Patrons and staff in the restaurant said Mitrice acted strangely like she was under the influence of drugs. At one point Mitrice sat at a table uninvited and chatted with the dinner party.

Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office, told CNN in September that the decision to release Richardson was made because "she was not intoxicated, she didn't exhibit any mental issues, so when we were done running her fingerprints and criminal history, then we are obligated by law to release her from custody."

He also has said that a female jailer "offered to her to stay the night. She could have stayed, but she wanted to leave."

But Mitrice's mother, Latice Sutton, said her daughter had mental problems and she was under the impression that the sheriff's office would hold Mitrice until morning when a family member could arrive to pick her up.

Last month, Sutton sued the county of Los Angeles and the sheriff's office for wrongful death and negligence in her daughter's disappearance. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Source: CNN

  • Sandra Rose

    I don't believe Mitrice is alive. I am suspicious of an "acquaintance" who observed a missing woman for 3 whole hours but didn't call police.

  • nia

    If she had a history of mental problems (multiple personalities, schizophrenia), it is possible that she has blocked out her real life and has now presumed another life.

    I have a feeling it is her.

  • aqtpie

    I pray that one way or another they find some type of closure. The not knowing in some cases can be worse than knowing.

  • LadyJustice

    what was this “acquaintance” doing for those 3 hours? did he snap pictures of the girl?

  • lakercrazy

    so he watch her for 3hrs??? and after all that time why not take pic and if she does have mental problems i agree she might be taking a whole diferent personality and identity hopefully she is alive

  • iciaantica

    I find it hard to believe that someone would observe someone for three hours instead of alerting authorities immediately, even if the observer was not sure. I personally don't believe that she is alive. Since they have brought up her having a mental disorder I do believe it is possible though.

  • iciaantica

    I hope her family finds closure!

  • Nika405

    I'm with you Sandra. If this fool observed her for three hours and knew she was supposed to be missing he should have called the police 1st. Ol girl ran off thinking he was crazy and stalking her. And Booooo to the police for believing this fool.

  • Mamacita

    "Last month, Sutton sued the county of Los Angeles and the sheriff’s office for wrongful death and negligence in her daughter’s disappearance. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages."

    Can you sue for wrongful death if there is no evidence that the person is dead? :think:

    I agree with the sheriff's office...if you don't have anything to charge the person with you HAVE to let them go. If she had so many mental issues why was she alone? Why did no one know she was in police custody? Who was at the restaurant with her? Who was she eating with before she was arrested?

  • trapmuzik

    Why do people keep assuming the acquaintance had a camera to take a pic? I know everybody is expected to have a camera phone in 2010 but damn. Maybe that man cant afford a cell phone. And if she really has mental issues she might have just flipped all the way out and is not living in Las Vegas. If she not taking meds who knows where her mind is after a year.

  • renegadesince1985

    Wow...well I hope it's her...because that would mean she's alive. And I'm with you Sandra...why would this person observe her for 3 hours and not alert the authorities?? That's a red flag to me.

  • kearalove

    I think that he did see her. After all, he is in Vegas so he was probably busy gambling, happened to glance over and see Mitrice and said to himself "Dam.n, she remind me of one of my homegirls, Mitrice" and probably shrugged it off. But after several glances, he may have remembered that she was just considered missing and not dead and the hours pass quickly in Vegas. After collecting his winnnings, he decided to approach her and realized that it was actually her, she escaped, and he called the cops.

  • Acemaster

    you mean to tell me he sat there for three hours? and didnt contact anyone, take a video or a pic. Im highly upset at this so called "credible source"

    It is possible it was her but dang he shouldve acted better




    What about a story in the missing ex- NBA star ?


    on the missing ex- NBA star ?

  • Anna

    trapmuzik says:

    Why do people keep assuming the acquaintance had a camera to take a pic? I know everybody is expected to have a camera phone in 2010 but damn. Maybe that man cant afford a cell phone. And if she really has mental issues she might have just flipped all the way out and is not living in Las Vegas. If she not taking meds who knows where her mind is after a year.

    Is this a "What Happens In Vegas" mentally? LOL. Everyone does not have a camera, just as everyone does not have a cell phone. I do hope it is her and I am sure the officers who held her in custody the night they so called let her go want it to be her also.

  • Sandra Rose

    If he was in Vegas gambling then he can afford a cell phone and he could have used it to call the police. If he was an acquaintance of hers then he knew she was missing. She was a high profile case. She was all over the news for months. I knew she was missing and I live in Georgia.

  • Ace

    "Can you sue for wrongful death if there is no evidence that the person is dead?"

    I'm on it :pc:

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Slow news day huh?

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    If someone is missing for a certain period of time, they can be "presumed" or "declared" legally dead. Not sure what that length of time is. I thought it was for a year or more. :shrugs:

  • Ms. Thickness

    HALLE'S MUM says:

    on the missing ex- NBA star ?



    Don't the casino's have cameras?

  • Man, I just don’t care™


    Lorenzen Wright was found dead yesterday. How he died wasn't released or it hasn't been deteremined. The police suspect foul play. Apparently a large amount of money was missing that he was supposed to have on him. There was a "911" call from his phone on Monday but nothing was said on the call.

    He also was having "financial difficulty" with two homes being foreclosed on...

  • Ebony

    Hope she's okay


    Only a mother knows their child, so I say pull the tapes from the casino (which has wall to wall cameras from the time you step foot on their property) and let mom take a look at them and see if the lead is even worth following.


    I thought they said he had multiple gunshots???

  • Ace

    Man, I just don't care™ says:

    If someone is missing for a certain period of time, they can be “presumed” or “declared” legally dead. Not sure what that length of time is. I thought it was for a year or more.

    :cosign: it matches what i goggled up...but the suing part comes in

    if the State declares the person legally dead. i'm assuming the family is sueing the entity responsible for releasing her...which from what it appear they had legal reason to due(they couldnt detain her with out knowing about the mental disorder)...if the jail KNEW about the disorder then i believe the family has grounds to sue...

    now if the family and NOT the state "presumed" this missing as dead from what i found

    "When a petition for a declaration of presumption of death is filed, the court can respond by first ordering a search for the absent person or for reasonable evidence the individual is still alive. The search is conducted at the expense of the missing person’s estate. The burden of proving the likelihood of an individual’s death lies with the petitioner—that is, the person asserting someone’s unexplained absence warrants an official presumption the person has died. "

    then the family will have no foundation for a wrongful death they were the ones they presumed her dead.

  • Mamacita

    Thanks @Ace but in the link it said that after her being missing for 3 months they ruled it a homicide. Why when they don't have any evidence though?

    I just listened to the phone recordings on the older posts and the mother mentioned Mitrice being depressed but this was after she had already been released. And if Mitrice was an adult, even if her mom wanted them to hold her, they can't because they have no grounds to do so. This is a sad story and I hope she is still alive.

    As far as the "credible source" is concerned, just because he can afford a cell phone doesn't mean he has one. That might not be a priority to that person. And he may not have thought it was her at first. I know i've done that plenty of times...saw someone I THOUGHT I knew, waved at the or spoke to them, then realize that they were not the person I thought they were. I'm sure we've all done it at some point. The person probably didn't realize it was her until they went up to her and she took off. You never know...

  • mirsmommy

    I hope for Mitrice and her mother's sake that she is still alive, but I really don't think that she is.

    I just don't understand why the aquaintance would wait 3 hours to do anything.

  • Ace


    I thought they said he had multiple gunshots???

    thats what i heard radio station said he was found shot 10-14 times and had a large amount of cash on him...also his Ex wife/gf as being questioned as his last phone call was to her.

  • aqtpie

    They did Brown. That is so sad!!


    Thanks man

  • Choco

    I think's it very possible she is alive and he saw her I think she is Sybil and perhaps changed her appearance her behaviour is not stable maybe this mother don't want her to be seen due to the lawsuit cuz my reaction would've been I hope he did see her...

  • Platinum68

    That was such a dumb move to watch someone for that long and not let no one know that's not normal at all, I'm with Sandra i'm here in Atlanta and I know about it if I saw her I would have told someone or at least played it off and not said a word and called the police or something...I really feel with this woman about her child not knowing and now someone could be playing with her wow i'm going to keep her in prayer.. And the basketball player I had a strong feeling that he was dead but not because someone did it he did it himself from all his money problems and losing 2 homes.. I think he couldn't face no one for being a failure, and little he know everyone is going through some kind of difficulties you just have to stay prayed up and believe things will turn around... May God Bless his family...that's deep and only my opinion.. :coffee: :coffee:

  • speakinmymind

    i live in atlanta and don't remember this story at all. heck, there's so many missing person(s) stories these days, they're all starting to run together. anyhoo, if the family knows she has a history of mental instability, why didn't someone go to the station to pick her up that night instead of relying on the police department to hold her until the following morning, which they lawfully could not do without probable cause.

    and as far as the guy watching her for three hours, i doubt he sat in one spot staring at her the entire time...probably more like what Mamacita said in that he probably spotted her a few times, thought it could be her but continued with his gambling, and then upon leaving spotted her again and went up to her and questioned her; at which point, she took off.

    the family needs to review the casino videotapes and make a determination from there. unfortunately, suing the police department won't bring them any closure, but finding out if she's dead or alive will.

  • shannon04

    @Choco... I watched that movie and could not believe how well sally field played that part.

  • Choco

    the Movie Sybil when was it on recently

  • shannon04

    @Choco...I actually bought it at movie gallery. They were going out of business and I bought that and several others. She played that well.

  • Choco

    I might have to get that off of ebay : ) thanks for the info...

  • starr

    I really do hope she's alive.

    My undestanding is that she was acting erractically and thats part of the reason she was arrested. I heard she acting all sorts at the station. Why they would release someone who looks unstable is beyond me...but they do it all tha times...just walk around some neighborhoods....

    Its sad though...I'm sorry but if he was acquaintance....and he noticed her, then he'd know ppl are looking for her.

  • free

    i tend to believe him. in terms of observation, it doesn't necessarily mean that he just sat there and stared at her all night. my first thing would be to watch closely because she probably looks a little different and i guess he wasn't positively sure enough to walk up or call police on the woman. so he's keeping his eye on this chick in the casino checking out her mannerisms and everything. finally he goes up to her and her reaction is a little weird to me. the police are calling it credible so they also see something in his statement. as someone else says, the casino will review the tapes as well. possibly a few casinos in the area.

    i think they would have found a body by now unless this was some serious, serious, serial killer type ish where they make sure the woman is never found. usually, they just throw you in the woods or on the side of the road.

  • ricanlbc

    I have to admit, every so often I google her name wondering of any update, The story just BOTHERED ME SO MUCH! How could this all go so wrong? She was Attractive, Educated, and obviously troubled. I am leaning towards it was her. She is mentally disturbed so she may be in denial that she is Mitrice. How about that Elizabeth Smart girl that was kidnapped? She had been brainwashed and had been thru alot of mental abuse associated with the Sexual Trama. I say all that to say....she denied when the Police asked her multiple times WHO ARE YOU? Since noone confronted MITRICE,...guess we will never know.


    *In great gmom voice* Something in the milk ain't clean. There are too many holes in this case from the beginning and now.

  • Ms. Everything

    This is one of the saddest stories and the lawsuit is because the Sheriffs dept messed up by releasing her when she was clearly unstable and then they took awhile to properly search for her. The story barely made a blurb on our local news out here in the beginning when they could've had the chance to find her and in the beginning the sheriffs were saying there were no signs to them she was under the influence of drugs or mentally unstable which was a contradiction to what other observers said who saw her that night. And I know someone who was picked up by the sheriffs on a public intoxication charge and she was forced to stay the night and was released in the morning. Why would you release someone who is clearly on drugs, drunk or exhibiting signs that they are not all there to just walk down the street in that condition? Anything could happen as seen in this case and that's the reason for the lawsuit

  • Buddafly

    Hello SR family, I went to the website the family put up for her and it seems her father spotted her out in Vegas first but the police ignored him. This this "friend" who took her to the junior prom became a credible witness.

  • KaraZ

    Its entirely possible that Mitrice is alive & working as a call girl. Sex trafficking has increased exponentially in recent years & as attractive as Mitrice is, its possible she was kidnapped & was/is being held against her will & is now working in the sex industry.

    I pray her family finds out what happened or finds her.