“He speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. His feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave. This is an owner employee relationship — between business partners — and LeBron honored his contract.”

~ The reverend Jesse Jackson, in a press release from his Chicago-based civil rights group, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

  • Ms. Thickness


  • LadyLew

    Here we go wit this shyt!!

  • M3z

    LOL...Good ol' Jesse...of course the owner acted like he "owned" Lebron James.

  • cheeks8683

    Ohhhhh shoot....And it all starts now lol! Where is Al Sharpton to chime in? I agree with his statement tho, that letter was straight out of order. LeBron was like "I gots my freedom papers massa, I'm gon' up norf" (in this case he went south tho but y'all get my point)

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  • RedRobyn

    My sentiments exactly!

  • shannon04

    I could agree with Jesse on this one. I understand that the people were hurt and economically they probably will suffer since he has left, but don't we all know the saying "nothing good lasts forever"? He did honor his contract so what more could they've asked for?


    I think the owner did alot for Lebron and just felt he could have told him ahead of time. I heard he had a practice facility built closer to Lebron to more or less try to accomodate Lebron. I think he's upset because he had to find out when everyone did along with the fact of all the money they're gonna lose. I think he could have handled it in a different way but I don't know if race has anything to do with it imo

  • kearalove

    Jesse needs to sit his fish-eyed azz down somewhere and wherever Slickback Sharpton is, he can sit down, too. Always turning something into a race issue... :rolleyes:

    Morning SR Fam!

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    Well Lebron would be PRIME "slave" trade. HE tall, atheltic, muscular...yeap could work in the fields all day long.

    The owner of the Cavs was wrong....Jesse do what you do...Lebron live your life. You are as disposable as the next best thing. So I say you only have loyalty to yourself.


    he did come across as the stalker gf that got dumped

  • starr

    Was the letter out of order? yes... But is it that serious? imo no. There are more important things affecting blk folks.... ugh

  • LadyLew

    @ Brown :cosign:

    I don't think he should have found out with everyone else. It shouldn't be a race issue though cause I think if Labron was white he would have felt the same hurt.

  • aqtpie

    I agree with Brown, even though the letter was definitely out of order!!

  • inCredible02

    A runaway slave, though??? Really? :no:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SIetxPjTBs CorporateHoodB-tch

    Until the disparity of blacks owning team comes close to the number of blacks winning for the teams then YT needs to watch his mouth.

    :co-sgin: with Jesse

  • starr

    I just read this morning that Jason Williams said he feels like a high end prostitute. I thought the letter was funny and knew he'd get serious heat for it...but I don't think its that serious. If lebron was a white dude, and did the same thing, considering, he didn't tell anyone of his teammates, no one in cavs mgt., embarass em on national tv, and have the same ecnoomic impact...I think he would of still wrote the same letter. The letter reeked of someone who was just mad as hell, and was not think....at all lol

  • Tyzgurl

    Jesse needs to sit his arse down somewhere!

    He is always trying to stay relevant on some bull...where is he when 10-20 people get shot over one weekend here in Chicago?

    Where is he when a young father beats and kills his 3 month old baby?

    Talk about that chit Jesse! Fake arse!!! >:(

  • Val

    Im confused! Didnt Lebron's teammate :hump: lebrons mom? Why would the owner think he'd want to stay after that?!?!
    Why does everything on TV play out like a reality show?!?!

  • shannon04

    @Tyzgurl .....such sad news. I hate to hear that. What is really going on in Chicago?

  • waterlily_76

    Does Jesse have a day job? :shrug:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SIetxPjTBs CorporateHoodB-tch

    Sure, Lebron embarassed Dan Gilbert and yes perhaps if Lebron were white Gilbert would have still showed his azz....acting like a little bish.

    However, people in positions of power are supposed to act accordingly; a little decorum, please and THANK YOU.

    Who really cares how hurt he is show some leadership skills.



  • LadyJ

    Why Jesse always gotta start shyt? SMH

  • Shauny

    checks in to :cosign: Brown and LadyLew and :preach: Tyzgirl. That ninja is MIA in the Chi on what's going on everyday. People are getting shot in MULTIPLES on a daily basis and he wants to comment on this shyt as if enough people isn't already.

    If LeBron was white I don't think his letter would've been any different. Dude is just heated he lost. He got fvcked and no phone call the next day. PERIOD Race doesn't have anything to do with that.

    #satdown famemongerfisheyes

  • Tyzgurl


    Everything horrible that you can imagine.....

    Young girls fighting...the mother gives her daughter a knife....the other gets stabbed in the neck.

    Women setting fire to their apartment to cover up the death/murder? of their boyfriend.

    Chit is kwa-zee out here! Don't get me wrong...I love my city and I'm sure it happens everywhere at some point in time.

    But, dang! This whole summer, no one has heard Jesse speak on anything that has happened. But, he crawl his snake arse from under a rock...trying to make this a race issue.

  • SPK318

    This time I'd have to agree with the Rev. reading that letter made me feel the same way. The day prior to the "ESPN SPECIAL" I told my BF no matter where he chose to go the other cities were going to lynch him. Well his home town did as well and NY and others. When will these people learn...they love you until you disobey them or their pets!!!!

  • Shauny

    oh and #teamBulls :cheer: Would we have liked to have him...yes

    Are we losing any sleep without him...no ma'am, See ya in the playoffs!!

  • shannon04

    Such a shame.....

  • ReadTheBlog

    Jesse's ole opportunist ass weiging in to stay relevant. This nigga must wanna be his spiritual advisor.

    Why ar epeople tripping? How many people do you know that change jobs troughout their career? So why are people having this discussion?

    I'm just glad he's not trynna be another wack ass rapper

  • ReadTheBlog

    There was a guy on Rickey Smiley that reminded us that he did do the team a justice, and the least people can do is say thanks for the years.

  • http://www.747DesignGroup.com ATL_Reese

    I mean, when people paying you large amounts of $$$$$$, or you are making them a large amount, they feel like they own you, control you, etc... Its happens in all areas of entertainment, business, relationships, etc.... Jesse just preaching to the choir, we all know what modern day slavery is...

  • kearalove

    ReadTheBlog says:

    I’m just glad he’s not trynna be another wack ass rapper
    :cosign: this or trying to get a clothing line or liquor brand

    Just stick to doing what you do well...IMO

  • jazi65

    LeBron gave them 7yrs! In that 7yrs did the owner bring anybody to the team to help Lebron? HELL NO! I think he & the ppl of Cleveland and being extremely selfish. It's not LeBron's job to keep their economy afloat.

    LeBron did what was best for him, his career & his family.

  • ELove

    Well I Live in The CHI and I don't see anything that Jesse Jackson's input would do to improve this All-Out CRIME SPREE we're experiencing now... BUT OI NEVER put Messy Jesse on that kind of Pedestal to begin with, He's never been that kind of Important OR Significant to me :shrug:

    Ahhhh THAT Cavaliers owner is An Overt-RACIST (Plain-n-Simple) and that LETTER would've been a whole lot different IF NOT even been created if Said NBA Free Agent player was YT ... But Hey I'm A BLACK MAN :wink:

  • Candi Apple

    Well ummm... The contract did come to an end. LeBron did not sign his life away to one team and had the right to change his mind. The owner did act in an ownership manner and not a business manner. Using the run away slave analogy was a great tactic. No one owns Lebron and Lebron owe's no one.

  • ardentphotog

    Who gave Jesse the mic, anyways?

    :offtopic: Does ESPN only show sports?

    Just kidding :lol:

  • http://twitter.com/dckim74 dcwife1622

    I agree with ELove...

    I can't stand Jesse and I think he's a attention whore..but..that owner is a racist and I told my husband I bet Lebron was all kinds of N*****s behind closed doors.

  • lakercrazy


  • Princess Smarty-Pants

    As a sports fan I understand the business end of things but as a person I think the whole thing was handled wrong and had he used a real public relations firm they would have told him such. There was no need to continue the farce of letting teams pitch to him when he knew months ago where he was going. If you were mnarried for a while and were leaving for your trophy side piece would you put it in the church bulletin or handle it quietly at home?

    I just think he did irreparable damage to his image and brand name. Couple that with him being a cry baby and sore loser plus a hater (think dunk footage) and they maybe should have found adifferent way to take care of this. It was gonna be amessy divorce either way you served it...but nobody ever accused the boy of being classy.

  • Cinderella

    I was just on a sports site and read this story. While I am no fan of Jesse Jackson, I do agree with him. Even though LeBron could've left in a better way, he had to what's best for him and family. The Cavs thought they could win a title playing 1 against 5. LeBron needed a strong supporting cast and they didn't provide that.

  • http://twitter.com/dckim74 dcwife1622

    To all my Chi-Town folks...I swear Jody Weiss is the devil...LOL

    I live in the South Loop and whenever I go to visit my family I am saddened and paranoid. I mean we have to do better and I don't see Jesse/Meeks and all the black voices of the city marching in these neighborhoods.

  • Krysi J

    Wow, :blink: ....really??

  • iyonah

    Jesse ummm yeah that’s nice you have an accurate opinion on this, but I rather you and your organization being national media attention to other issues plaguing our communities. Thank you and let Lebron be GREAT. As much as I like how he plays, I am getting tired of all this coverage, we have other ish going on.

    I :cosign: BrownSuga .. Dan is heartbroken as if he was talking it up the arse himself by Lebron. I get the $ aspect of it and even him not telling him ahead of time, but grow and let it go.

  • Candi Apple

    Maybe Jesse is a die hard Basketball fan... I stopped looking for him to save the community decades ago. I stopped looking for anyone person to save the community. The only way to save a community is for the community to save itself. One man cannot fight an army alone.

  • Daisy

    Jesses took the words out my mouth in this case :coffee:

    Rev Al is busy trying to help get Justice for Oscar Grant/troy davis and others folks can knock him all they want but at least he tries to get stuff done when it comes to the police and ourselves at time killing each other.

    What are u doing to make a difference besides pointing the finger w/three coming back at you? #justasking

  • Daisy

    I forgot to add this was all discussed in the book 40 million dollar slaves

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    "... It’s not LeBron’s job to keep their economy afloat..."


    I support and agree with Jesse Jackson. This clown azz fool Gilbert think he "entitled" to some sort of respect BEYOND THE CONTRACT LEBRON SIGNED.


    That nigga ain't owe him chit. Gilbert made his millions selling "sub-prime" mortgages primarily to minorities so you know how he feels about us.

  • Val


  • artistman999

    I like Jesse sometimes he speaks when he should, however since all the nonsense being happening in the CHI, I have not heard one word from him or anybody from NAACP, however they can run to other cities and organize,plan,march, etc.... But the CAVS owner calls Lebron a coward cuz he was in his feelings and Jesse is all over this... WOW... Jesse must have bet someone some huge $$$$$$$ that Lebron was either staying in Cleveland or coming to Chicago and now he has a debt to pay..

  • aqtpie

    Paging Usher!!!

  • Princess Smarty-Pants

    @man, did you see Keisah Dior's photo spread and (suits up in the kevlar) as much as I understand that Kimmy used to be bad I can't co sign any more. Did you see the pics of her on the boat in NY this weekend? She starting to look like a reptilian version of her mama and that ain't a good thing.

  • CivilEngineer

    Last time I checked, slaves weren't paid royally for their services but I see where Jesse is coming from. There was no need for the owner to say anything. Lebron made a career move. He wants to win championships and that wasn't gonna happen in Cleveland. :shrug: I don't see how Lebron was wrong

  • Princess Smarty-Pants

    @civil... It won't happen in Miami either.

  • ELove

    Jody Weiss is a COMPLETE and UTTER JOKE and He's BEEN showing why the VAST Majority of the Rank-n-File Police Administration was against his hiring ALONG WITH the knowledgeable Public who closely follow the Political Landscape here in The CHI (MF-ing Real...)

    YEAH Danny-BOY is a Joke-n-LOSER and a Red-Neck Opportunist !!!!!

    YOU said you understand business YET you use Marriage-to-Divorce as an example... I DON'T get the correlation :shrug:

    LeBron announced to the NBA Community that he was interested in 6 teams as his desired Free-Agent destination and SQUASHED the ridiculous plans of perspective teams with THEIR Dog-n-Pony Show(s) that we're PURSUING Him... He met with ALL OF THEM in the Ultimate Business-Like manner possible considering the time constraints that he was dealing with REGARDING the NBA Free Agent signing period...

    And I BLAME BSPN for the way that telecast was handled (NOT LeBron...)

  • Candi Apple

    Maybe slave wages :rofl:

  • Ashley

    Go away Jesse! what a joke.

  • Princess Smarty-Pants

    @eLOVE Yeah he took less contract money but the exposure, endorsements and hoped for rings will even that out. Their being billed as the Holy trinity and with that will come a whole other set of endorsements.

    S/N I am of the belief that even a marriage bulit of love and understanding is a binding contract so to me they can be used to gether.

    Maybe it is a bad example but I really do believe he owed them (cleveland only, not CHI or NY) something more than being strung along and then dumped in fron tof god and everybody to see. If he did what he truly thought was best for his family and himself what was the press conference and build up for? That was a self serving and dare I say narcissistic move that was unlike anything we've ever seen. It was self serving and a real slap in the face.

    Again, I'm not saying he shouldn't have left I just wanted him to handle it better.

    (No shade just saying)

  • Princess Smarty-Pants

    sorry forget to ask why do you blame ESPN?

    S/N I'm mad they vilify everyone for everything but one of their own sportscasters is being brought up on kiddie porn charges..#runtelldat

  • free

    starr says: The letter reeked of someone who was just mad as hell, and was not think….at all lol


    basically, and if you told every athlete in the NBA (or any other sport) that if they felt like they were slaves, they could walk away from their contracts immediately and find other jobs, not one would leave soooo....

  • ELove

    ALL THAT build-up before his actual announcement WASN'T his ideal and definitely wasn't part of HIS Agenda in getting his announcement out on his decision... THAT'S WHY he looked so uncomfortable because as soon as he walked in the building BSPN was suppose to talk with him

    But Noooooooo THEY had to drag it out and let him sit there DOING NOTHING while they continue so SHOW Commercials-n-Advertisement and BLOW HOT GAS-BAG AIR !!!!! :lol:

  • brucebaner1

    Not really a slave but a highly paid indentured servant..lol...Jesse maybe right on this one. These owners have never been in a position when a black guy (minus Jordan) had this much power over their organization. Lebron in one decision destroyed Gilberts empire. Lebron owed this fool nothing!

  • brucebaner1

    @ Man, I just don't care™ - he also owns Quicken Loans........makes you think how much he really cares about minorities......have you seen the interest on these loans?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SIetxPjTBs CorporateHoodB-tch

    42 dcwife1622 says:

    To all my Chi-Town folks…I swear Jody Weiss is the devil…LOL

    I live in the South Loop and whenever I go to visit my family I am saddened and paranoid. I mean we have to do better and I don’t see Jesse/Meeks and all the black voices of the city marching in these neighborhoods.
    He's getting paid $310,000 a year to do absolutely nothing. :mad:

  • free

    ELove says: ALL THAT build-up before his actual announcement WASN’T his ideal and definitely wasn’t part of HIS Agenda in getting his announcement out on his decision… THAT’S WHY he looked so uncomfortable because as soon as he walked in the building BSPN was suppose to talk with him


    now elove you know doggone well lebron could have done it any way he wanted to. he either got paid more or he just wanted to showboat.

  • MandaPanda0408

    Jesse Jackson please go sit you illegitimate baby, attention seeking, stupid a$$ down, please and thanks hun!!

  • pointhimout

    you know Jesse and Al never miss a shake down opportunity. can someone ask jesse how's that illegitimate daughter of his is doing...also, has the monthly support been upped from $10g's?

    I guess there haven't been any "racial" stories he or Al can attach themselves to, so they each have to take what they can get. Al is caught in the LisaRaye ness, now Jesse's on the mission to complete this shakedown.

  • pointhimout

    funny, 66. im thinking the same thing.