Here are more pics from the wedding of La La and Carmelo Anthony held at Cipriani's -- a former bank -- in NYC yesterday. The entire production -- oops, I mean, wedding, was televised for a reality TV series set to air in September.

The bride, La La Vazquez, arrived at her wedding in style

La La's $10,000 Vera Wang wedding dress had its own limo driver

An unidentified woman carried the couple's son, Kiyan, now 3, into Cipriani's to attend his parents' civil wedding. I'm concerned about the deep circles around Kiyan's eyes. I hope he doesn't suffer from abandoned child syndrome, which often occurs when over-achieving, wealthy parents with busy lives rely on child care workers (such as nannies) to raise their children. The abandonment is not intentional, but the child doesn't know that. These children often suffer from depression and sleep disorders. I'm not saying this is the case with Kiyan. But money and gifts are not a proper substitute for a loving mother and father.

Interestingly enough, Kiyan Martin and his former flame, Trina attended the wedding

Rapper Fabolous hurried inside with his date

Serena Williams

Kelly Rowland arrived solo

BET 106 & Park co-host Rocsi arrived with an unidentified date

While her co-host Terrence J, center, arrived with his significant other

The Murder Mamis represented with CD in hand

Photos: Splash News Online, Wireimage/Getty and INF Photo

  • Daisy

    I think thats Terrance Js brother

    Trinas dress is sorta cute to me. I still have to get use to her new hair.

    Not feeling Kellys attire but she looks cute stil love her best with short hair

    Kiyan is such a cutie pie

  • Daisy

    Let me add I wouldnt wear Trinas dress to a wedding lol

  • Ebony

    Whose husband did Rosci show up with :coffee:

  • iciaantica

    Kiyan is such a cutie pie!
    Serena looks better than usual.
    Kenyon Martin looks dirty, not feeling the cover up tattoo.
    Trina's dress doesn't fit the occassion!

  • iciaantica

    I wish Serena would dye her darker!

  • KrayZKat

    Melo look so good in that first pic. Lala's daddy looks so proud. Kiyan is adorable! I just adore that lil boy. Serena looks fab!

    Hmmm! Where is Solange?

  • shay1

    Daisy - I like Trina's dress too!

  • Ms. Everything

    Kiyan is a cutie and Serena looks pretty. Rocsi's was one the few female guests who were wedding attire appropriate. No comment on the rest

    Oh yeah that tat on Kenyon's neck went from looking stupid to looking like multi colored fungus. Not a good look at all

  • cutiechica

    That's a good question KrayKat about Solange! I was wondering if her hanging out with Kim, CiCi, and Trina has a lot to do with their friendship.
    Trina's hair pulled back makes her looks old in the face. I like her dress though, Kelly looks very simple. I kinda like what Rosci is wearing. Serena looks nice, I like toned arms but her is just way too much. Bless her heart because she can't help how her arms are:-(

  • Zephyr1979

    I dont think LaLa is all that pretty, she's kind of funny lookin to me, like her head is too big for her body or something. Their son is a cutie though.

    Trina needs to go back home and try again, she is not the business.

    Kenyon Martin's tat looks like a burger or something, idk. That is the most ill-fitted suit I've ever seen. Who picked that out for him? He could've done better, c'mon son!

    Serena = HAWT!!

    Kelly = HAWT!!

    Rocsi = ???

  • Al-Ameera

    So is Trina going to stop lying about them still being together now? geez

  • mizzdallas

    this whole damn wedding a hot damn ghetto azz mess!

  • TruGemini

    Sandra, has that pic of Terence J and his "significant other" been a victim of your infamous, almost flawless photoshopping? :think: I'm juss looks a little off to me.

    :offtopic: Watching 'The Color Purple' on BET..."Mister" is a dayum fool. Love this movie...QUESTION: Who'd you rather- Mister or Ike Turner?? :lolol:

  • securityone

    The person that Rocsi is with is JAY WILLIAMS. He was a college basketball star at Duke and he was drafted to the Chicago Bulls. He ruined his career by almost dying in a motorcycle accident his first year in the NBA. He is now a sportscaster for ESPN.

  • pointhimout

    kelly rowland, seriously? r we sure she showed up for the wedding, or was she just tryna get to the building next door. all look nice, except kelly. trina decided to air out her bevy of lacefronts? kenyon martin looks dirty to me. must be the tats. i'm a str8 dude invited to a wedding so i bring my homeboy??? dont know bout that one.

    im thnking the women will be looking at 2 dudes arriving together (who aren't in the wedding party) kinda sideways and stuff. im sure this wedding was over the top and everything folks could envy.

  • pointhimout

    :dead: at #14--"he ruined his career by almost dying...." i guess that'll do it, huh.

  • Al-Ameera

    Who/what are Murder Mamis?

  • Al-Ameera

    :offtopic: Did anyone know Martin Lawrence got married yesterday as well. I just read it on a few other sites

  • Lizzyb

    Kim K(I saw on another blog) looked like she was going to the club literally wearing the first Herve bandage dress ever made but her shoes were amazing still she looks like walking wax..Congrats to Lala and Melo. Gosh Sandy interesting comment about Kiyan. I had no idea you were close to Lala, because that would be the only way to assume any of that of course.
    Rocsi's date is a hawt adult black man...grrrr Rocsi...and Lawd is that a bad shot of Fab's

  • Lizzyb

    had to look it up myself...Murda mamis
    The largest collective of women in urban entertainment. Founded by 1st Lady EL and DJ Lazy K. Members include Remy Ma, Shawna, LALA (MTV), Rah Digga, Truth, Brandi Garcia, DJ Lady Tribe, DJ Chela, Storm, DJ Diamond Kutz, DJ K-Swift, DJ Mamichula, Nina Chantele, Kim Osorio, Rosci (BET)and many more. They have been noted in songs from Jadakiss to Method Man and are well respected in the entertainment industry.
    "With the MURDA MAMIS down in BELIZE" - Jadakiss

  • Daisy

    Solo sure was missing but they call each other sister on twitter so I guess they r still cool.

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    That looks like "Team Diabetes" handing out sugar packets in that last photo. That is a disgrace.

    Lol at Terrance.

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Why do you have pics of Tyler Perry in a tux Sandra in the first pic?.... What? ... That's Carmello Anthony?????

    I see La La had on her "Michael Jackson Custom Loafers" before the wedding.

  • Daisy

    :rofl: at sandras photoshop of Terrance J

  • TSRBenz

    didnt sandra say tiny was supposed to get married before lala wheres tinys wedding pictures

  • intensemocha


  • inCredible02

    :rofl: @Man - Tyler Perry....

  • inCredible02

    @Intense - When is the big day? It will be four years for me August 25th
    :cheers: :love:

  • intensemocha

    August 14-august is a popular month

  • inCredible02

    @Intense - awwwh! Congratulations!

  • kwall

    k-mart's neck looks a gatdayum MESS. shew.

    yes that IS jay williams with wacksi. real name jayson williams. who before almost dying on a motorcycle like a DUMB azz... (his contract said no motorcycles...what does he do? rides one) will always be remembered by diehard unc fans as the punk arse bish who was :crying: like a baby when duke lost in the first round of the ncaa tourney his senior year. i mean THIS dude curled up in a ball and was :crying: in the middle of the court! coach k (aka rat face) had to scoop his azz up like a sack of potatoes...

    *leaves before daisy see's me tambout the former blue devil player. cursed they are when they get to the nba. :rofl:

  • fabulous city

    that Terrence J pic is sooooo photoshopped. :rofl: Sandra will go to great lengths to insinuate people are gay, what is up with that?

  • fabulous city

    Poor Kelly, she just doesn't seem to ever get it right. it's either a bad weave, or bad make up that will accentuate her manly facial features, or shoes that don't go with the dress... or all the above.
    Rocsi looks cute for a change, Bravo girlie!!

  • kwall

    the funniest part about the terrence j. photoshop is that the dude she paired him with looks just like him! DEAD.

    i could say more about those murda mami's but i ain't. I'LL PASS!

  • Man, I just don’t care™


    Please tell me your opinion on those two cows in the last pic!

  • kwall

    @35....that their names should be changed to the meaty mami's. which fits right along with your cow description....


    *goes back to browsing the site for all the other hood madness i couldn't catch before church today....

  • Jerrie

    The picture of Terrance is photo shopped but that's his brother Fred( I think that's his name). They look just alike to me.

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Roflmao @"madcow"

  • Daisy

    @Kwall :nono: U betta back up off my Dukies :lol:

  • Al-Ameera

    intensemocha says:

    August 14-august is a popular month
    8/14 is the anniversary of when me and my hubby started dating. I love that date!

  • Al-Ameera

    @ Lizzyb, thanks for the info on the MM's

  • aqtpie

    Congrats Intense!!

  • Cinderella

    That's Terrance's brother not his man.
    I like Trina's dress but not for a wedding.
    Kenyon Martin and Kelly Rowland look a mess.
    Kiyan is such a cutie pie.
    Fabolous' date looks like she's ready for the club.

  • Ms. Everything

    Congrats Intense, August is a great monthh

  • Ebony

    Congrats Intense :cheer:

  • Daisy

    Thats Fabs baby mama I do belive. NB tweeted a good pic of them at the wedding.

    Congrats Intense Aug is my b day month :cheer:

  • borderlineamazing

    This wedding looked ghetto. I'm sorry but maybe it was just the colors? Carmelo could have looked better then that!

    Ciara is totallly slutty! It's a wedding boo! Have some class
    Trina looks...odd.
    Kenyon looks stupid he should have left the tat alone or better yet THINK before doing stupid things. You aint 19 years old anymore.
    Serena looks much better now since she is trying to tone down or whatever she said. Her arms look better.
    Kelly looks cute and I think she looks appropriate for a wedding.

    On to Kiyan did anyone think that maybe he just inherited that from his mom? LaLas eyes always look odd.

  • Sandra Rose

    Daisy says:

    at sandras photoshop of Terrance J


    Um, that is not Photoshop. Why would I Photoshop a pic of Terrence J? :shrug:

  • Sandra Rose

    TSRBenz says:

    didnt sandra say tiny was supposed to get married before lala


    That's next week. Congrats to recording exec & Trey Songz's manager, Kevin Liles for marrying that gold digger on Saturday! :clap:

  • Sandra Rose

    Cinderella says:

    That’s Terrance’s brother not his man.


    That is not Terrence's brother. That's his manager. They tell people they are brothers, so what does that tell you? :gay:

  • Jerrie

    Why do you have pics of Tyler Perry in a tux Sandra in the first pic?…. What? … That’s Carmello Anthony?????
    :dead: :rofl: That negro do look just like Tyler Perry!!! That's too funny.

  • ELove

    ALOT of individuals JUST Don't know how to dress for appropriate occasions and it's TRULY SAD... :shrug:

    And I HATE to see Serena try to dress up (Or Rather Doll-Up...) because she ALWAYZ end up LQQKING like a Muscular TRANNY and I MEAN the kind that EVEN Eddie Murphy wouldn't be caught Dead With (Just Being Real...)

  • SnootyPooty1

    Kiyan is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
    I think Rocsi's dress was wedding appropriate.
    With all the hype behind the wedding i thought it would be extravagant.....
    However they missed it by a few dresses and weaves

  • SnootyPooty1

    Trina dress is cute but for a after five party not a wedding...
    Keyon Martin looks dirty and ashy!!!!!!!!! He should just pay to get the tat removed I guess the sex spell has worn off....

  • SnootyPooty1

    The ladies in the last pics feet and shoes are screaming no more no more please.... AM I the only one who matches my purse and shoes Kelly thats not it back to the drawing board please....


    Snooty it's one of my many pet peeeves to match my purse and shoes.


  • SnootyPooty1

    Morning Brown... I mean at least let it blend...

  • Danielle84

    Congrats to Melo and LaLa!! #Thatsall

  • lakercrazy

    good morning sr fam

  • mirsmommy

    Good morning folks.

    I like Trina's dress, too. SMH @ Kelly's attire.

  • mirsmommy

    SnootyPooty1 says:

    The ladies in the last pics feet and shoes are screaming no more no more please…. AM I the only one who matches my purse and shoes Kelly thats not it back to the drawing board please….

    I do that, too. :yes:

  • eastpointvet

    how did kenyon martin picture end up being named kiyan, there childs name lol

  • Nika405

    @Sandra, do you have pics from Martin Lawrence's wedding yet?

  • dldempsey

    @sandra Kiyan is pictured with Lala's mother....

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Fabolous came in a threesome, him, his girl and her azz. Cot-dayum. How did I miss that before? We need a front pic. I've never seen her before.


    Short Stack! I forgot just that fast Martin got married this weekend too!

  • ReadTheBlog

    I can't believe she only spent 10K on her dress. Seems liek she would have went all out and spent more.

    I'm happy for them - I'm glad they stuck it out and made it official. I hope their marriage endures.

    On a side note, those Murder Mamis are some big b*tches!

  • Ms. Thickness


  • Thetruth32

    The guy with Rocsi look like Jason William aka Jay who played at Duke. He use to be in NBA until he had that Motorcycle accident that mess up his career.


    Ms Thickness did you learn anything, like how to climb up to the top flip upside down then slide down doin the splits?"

  • Ms. Thickness


  • pinksghetti

    Kyian is cute. Serena lost some muscle, she looks nice. I like Trina's hair.


    I thought that was the Weather Girls tryin to make a comeback

  • Choco

    Congrats to the Hollywood Couple (rollseyes)

  • pinksghetti

    Kelly is pretty but she is meant to have short or curly hair because that long straight style doesn't do her any justice. LOL, at Man's comment that Lala's shoes looks like Michael Jackson's (they sure do).

  • pinksghetti


    I thought that was the Weather Girls tryin to make a comeback


    LOL!!! It was raining men.

  • OutsidetheBox

    Boyyyy it look like Trina got me grade of hair... :/ #Po'thang She look cute though... LOL

    Kelly's hair is fraying...but her 'fit is cute. :yes:

    Murder mami's support garments are murdering her back view...

  • SnootyPooty1

    @mirsmommy.... cool its good to know there are still people out there with some fashion sense and style


    OutsidetheBox says:

    Murder mami’s support garments are murdering her back view…

    What suppoort garments?????

  • OutsidetheBox

    BROWN the one who tooting it to the camera is def. wearing a shaper or something..

  • Ms. Thickness


  • free

    umm, did she put the veil over her face?

    serena, lord have mercy.

  • vetta

    "And I HATE to see Serena try to dress up (Or Rather Doll-Up…) because she ALWAYZ end up LQQKING like a Muscular TRANNY"

    --I agree with elove, I was watching some clips from a recent tennis match and she looked so much cuter with no makeup and her hair in a ponytail--not manly looking at all.

  • ohpretty1

    Trina, I see why you keep a wig. Sorry. Did anyone see that school picture of her on the EBT awards? :dead:
    Serena, stop wearing spandex or anything similar off the court. No matter how you twerk it, it ain't working for you. Kelly, no ma'am.

  • SouthernPrincess

    i love trinas dress not for a wedding though