Yesterday the NAACP posted the full video of former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod's statements at a NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet on March 27, 2010.

The NAACP said in a statement Tuesday that it was "snookered by Fox News" and conservative website publisher Andrew Breitbart, who edited the video to portray Sherrod in the worst possible light. The NAACP had previously criticized Sherrod's statements as "shameful."

Yesterday, the blog aggregate Global Grind floated a petition on the microblogging website asking users to help send a message to Obama and the White House to reinstate Sherrod.

In the video, Sherrod recounted working with a white farmer to help him save his rural Georgia farm in 1986.

Sherrod described how racism influenced her decisions. In describing candidly (and honestly) how racism affected her personally, Sherrod explained how she reacted to the farmer's strong sense of pride by withholding the full resources available to the farmer.

On Tuesday, Sherrod told CNN that her remarks were taken out of context and that the 1986 incident, which occurred before she started work for the USDA, helped her learn to move beyond race. She said she only tells the story to audiences to make that point.

Sherrod told CNN that immediately after Fox News aired the edited version of the March 27 video on Tuesday, she was "harassed" by the White House and forced to resign. The last call "asked me to pull to the side of the road and [resign]," she said.

This case is typical of the way U.S. president Barack Obama treats black people whom he considers inconsequential and disposable if they are not radical activists or Muslims.

In a similar case, former White House green jobs Czar Van Jones, made inflammatory racist statements about white people. He referred to 9/11 as an "inside job" and even called for the government to be overthrown in rap recordings he had made.

Yet Obama vigorously defended Jones and protected him until the media exerted pressure on the White House to force Jones to resign. Notice the disparity in the way Obama and the White House handled both cases?

While running for president, Obama never campaigned in black communities and he excluded blacks from his campaign commercials. That should have sent up a red flag to all of us.

  • lakercrazy

    good morning sr fam

  • Ebony


  • attorneymom

    President Obama should invite her to the White House for tea on the front lawn.

    This story has inspired me to post my tapes on how white employees talked to me on my last job. I think I will.

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    I'm tired of this story already...

  • Tommykimon

    The last I heard the White house was calling for her to get her job back.

  • ceeburg

    They did her wrong over some Chopped and Screwed viral video... that is awful.

  • Mamacita

    "While running for president, Obama never campaigned in black communities and he excluded blacks from his campaign commercials."

    This is a lie Sandra! He came to JSU, an HBCU, to campaign in Jackson MS which is predominantly black so stop the lies. And black people only make up 12% of the population and he has to campaign to EVERYONE and NOT JUST African Americans. Why do people think just because he's Black he can ONLY help Black people? I don't get it...

  • borderlineamazing

    I haven't really listened much to this story but caught a glimpse of it on the news and this is some ol bullsh!t. Leave that lady alone, she is not a racist.

  • Daisy

    I hope she gets her job back

    Faux news played them all SMH

  • MissGauzzz

    @man... i'm sick of it too! give this woman her gat damm job back!!

  • MissGauzzz

    @daisy...Faux news played them all SMH

    Yep!!! Got played like a.. :violin:

  • kearalove

    Last I've heard, Ms. Sherrod doesn't really want to go back because she feels will be looked at differently by her co-workers (which she probably will). I can't say I blame her one bit. :shrug: I do hope that she sues the draws off of Faux News and biggov' :yes:

  • chase

    I would not go back either but if there is cause for her to sue she should jump on it I know I would..

  • iyonah

    @ceesburg - They did her wrong over some Chopped and Screwed viral video… that is awful. ---> You are 100% correct. however even if she accpets the job back, I am sure there would be animosity and additional conflict. FAUX news is the worst, no integrity. Its sad that it came to that.

  • ohpretty1

    Yes, the WH was played by FOX News. Those employees should know better than that (research). Also, the farmer that she speaks of in the story has come to her defense. He never felt the woman was racist. She simply said she didn't use ALL of her resources to help him. Sigh.

  • florida_girl

    I wonder do she plan to sue...

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. When will Americans realize that black folks can't be racist. Racism is an institution, a power, from which this great nation was built upon. We can be prejudiced, bigoted, haters but not racists. I'm just telling it like it 'tis.

    As for this story, perhaps our first black president will now feel an urgent need to create a Senate Race Relations Committee, like the present Senate Foreign Relations Comm. After all, race is STILL the touchiest subject in America. Ask Shirly Sherrod! Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • ohpretty1

    When will Americans realize that black folks can’t be racist.

    When people step their dictionary game up. :coffee:

  • KrayZKat

    @PA - so true, so true.

    It's funny because I've never heard anyone say that president Obama was supposed to be the president of just "black America." Everyone wanted, and still wants something from him, but they don't apologize for it. They wanted to make sure he was on their team regarding whatever special interest they represented

    I have noticed that some black people believe we don't have a right to ask him for anything. Just because we ask and want him to address OUR issues and concerns, doesn't mean we want him solely for ourselves.