Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan received lots of goodies at the California jail where she is incarcerated yesterday. The candy man delivered gobs of snacks such as Hersey’s chocolate bars, Skittles, M&M’s, Fritos, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Coke and Pepsi, directly to Lindsay’s cell at the Lynnwood Jail in Los Angeles, CA.

I didn’t know that a single inmate could order all that junk at one time?

Family members of other inmates at the jail have complained bitterly about all the special treatment LiLo is receiving while she serves two weeks of a 3 month sentence. One woman whose daughter is locked up in the same facility says every time LiLo moves the entire prison is placed on lock down.

This kind of flies in the face of the warden’s promise that Lindsay isn’t receiving special treatment while she’s incarcerated.

Lindsay also received a special delivery of a different kind yesterday. Several packages and boxes from were delivered directly to Lindsay at the Lynnwood Jail. What amazes me is the fact that the delivery guy showed Lindsay’s personal mail to the mob of paparazzi gathered outside the prison. Isn’t that illegal? I hope the poor guy doesn’t get fired.

According to CNN, There have been “credible sightings” recently of a California woman who vanished nearly a year ago after being released from a sheriff’s station, authorities said Wednesday.

Las Vegas police say Mitrice Richardson, who would be 25 now, might be alive and working in Las Vegas as a call girl. They plan to hold a news conference today to ask the public’s help in locating her.

“There’s been some credible sightings,” Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, told CNN. “We want to let her know if she is listening that she is not in trouble and will not be subject to arrest. We just want her to know that it is ok to contact authorities and family, and to let us know that she is alive.”

An acquaintance told police he observed Richardson at a casino, and he approached her after observing her for 3 hours. He said she looked at him as if she didn’t recognize him and then ran off with some woman.

Latice Sutton, Richardson’s mother, told CNN she doesn’t consider the sighting credible. “I don’t discount that he (the acquaintance) may have seen someone who he believed was Mitrice,” Sutton said, “but I don’t believe he is absolutely certain it was Mitrice.”

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Sean “Puffy” Combs has taken over VIBE as editor for the day. Actually, Sean “Puffy” Combs is handling the day-to-day operations for online — not the magazine.

Sean got a little testy when editor Jermaine Hall asked him about his interview on Nightline with Martin Bashir.

What happened during the Martin Bashir interview on Nightline?
There were times in the interview when I had to give him an ultimatum. The questions weren’t being handled the right way. In hindsight, when I saw him I shouldn’t had done the interview because I know the style of interview that he does . . . The whole thing about giving a Maybach to my son, that’s really like a racist question. You don’t ask White people what they buy their kids. And they buy ‘em Porsches and convertible Bentleys and it ain’t no question. It’s really a racist question and put things back in perspective with money and the way that people still look at you. And I’m not saying that consciously he’s a racist. But he probably don’t even realize that he would not ask Steve Jobs that. He would be like Steve Jobs has that money and that’s the gift his kid is supposed to get.

Why is Cassie on the cover?

3 of the biggest narcissists on Twitter: Oprah, Ashton Kutcher and Puff Daddy, are moving over to make room for one more.

Yes, Kanye West has joined the social networking microblogging site Here is his first tweet.

Maybe it’s because I was bored, but I finally watched one of the videos taken at Facebook headquarters yesterday where troubled music producer Kanye West spit lyrics to 4 of his tracks off his upcoming album.

Like a typical narcissist, Kanye jumped on top of a table in a conference room surrounded by rosy cheeked 20-something techies, who probably hoped he would fall and really give them something to talk about.

Imagine you’re at your job in the Silicone Valley counting the zeros in your paycheck. When all of a sudden this black guy who you’ve never heard of before, jumps up on a table and starts hollering,

“My chain heavy,
yeah, yeah, my chain heavy
My chain heavy
my chain too heavy
my chain heavy
my chain too heavy.

Well, you get the picture. :yawn:

You can watch the video below, but there’s really nothing to see here.

How can I start this? Let me see. I got it! Here it goes. Last week on the Star & Buc Wild show, Star interviewed Natalie Nunn of the “Bad Girls Club” and comedian, Young Jack Thriller. During the interview Natalie Nunn brings up the topic of comedian Lil Duval. Young Jack Thriller blurts out that he used to write for Lil Duval while Natalie Nunn suggests that Lil Duval is getting it in with T.I.!!!!! You heard right! Natalie Nunn suggests that Lil Duval is getting it in with T.I. Read more…

You know I can’t post anything on my blog without people getting extra sensitive. So let me say For the record that I don’t believe a word of this. But loyal readers are hitting me up asking about the rumors. So I repeat: I don’t believe a word of it!

R&B crooner Usher and convicted woman beater chris brown bonded while in Jamaica over the weekend. They say brown was so happy to get attention from a celebrity since most celebs have been avoiding him — unless there’s a camera present, of course.

According to Reggae Sumfest organiser Johnny Gourzong, Usher and brown partied until dawn after the concert. The two even awoke the next morning and laid down a track together at a studio in Montego Bay on Saturday and Sunday.

“You know, there are some international acts who are just so difficult to host. They want to leave the island as soon as the show ends; well …not Usher. He stayed on and he has had a great time in Jamaica. He likes ox-tail and jerk chicken and he was just enjoying the island.”

According to Gourzong, Usher and headline act for International Night I, US singer Chris Brown, recorded a song together at a studio in Montego Bay last Saturday and on Sunday, Usher and his friends partied the night away at Pier One in the second city.

“He said he wanted to go somewhere local and we took him to Pier One where he danced up a storm,” Gourzong said, sounding delighted. Read More…

Ever since pop icon Michael Jackson died of heart and respiratory failure last year, a number of opportunists, con artists and just plain weirdos have piled out of the woodwork laying a claim to his fortune.

According to TMZ, the latest nut job to surface is a woman named Mocienne Petit Jackson, who claims she was conceived by Michael while he was still a minor. Normally I wouldn’t waste any computer pixels on this type of nonsense, but her claims were at least partially legitimized by a California judge who gave the go ahead for a DNA test to confirm the paternity!

I can see why the judge would order a DNA test: < SARCASM>doesn’t Mocienne bare a striking resemblance to Michael?< /SARCASM>

U.S. president Barack Obama’s already abysmal approval numbers have hit a new low.

According to Rasmussen Reports:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 25% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-five percent (45%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -20 (see trends).

The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m.

Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. Fifty-six percent (56%) disapprove.

In a desperate bid to win back some of his lost Kool aid drinkers, Obama will begin running for reelection now rather than wait until later. As of this week, Obama is now back on the campaign trail. One of his first stops will be the set of ‘The View’ on Thursday where he is in friendly territory.

Expect a lot of kissing up and glad-handing from the mostly partisan co-hosts. There will also be pitchers of free flowing Kool Aid for the audience. Okay, I made up that last part.

I hear the Boy Scouts of America aren’t happy that Obama basically dissed them in favor of the ladies on ‘The View’. Obama is the honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America. But he plans to skip the historic Boy Scout Jamboree marking the Scouts’ 100th anniversary tomorrow in DC.

Both of my brothers were proud members of the Boy Scouts — and I’m sure that many of Obama’s supporters are former Boy Scouts too. But narcissists like Obama usually don’t care about such things as honor and integrity or cute photo ops with the scouts.

Even so, ‘The View’ guarantees Obama will reach a larger audience than the Boy Scouts Jamboree. And right now, a larger audience is what he needs more than ever.