The inevitable video spoofs of Bishop Eddie Long's unconventional preaching style continues with this offering from Hot 107.9's The Durrty Boyz.

As legend would have it, The Durrty Boyz snuck into Long's New Birth Missionary Church one day and filmed these high spirited scenes of Long ministering to the youth in his church (mostly boys and young men).

Once again: if you are a current member of New Birth, you might not want to watch this video. It may contain scenes of an offensive nature.

A cereal company is recalling limited edition boxes of Chad Ochocinco Toasted Oats cereal after charitable donors who thought they were calling a charity got connected to a sex line instead.

The number on the box is supposed to connect callers to an organization called Feed the Children.

But instead of being connected to the charity organization, the callers hear a steamy seductress offering services that are far from charitable.

Feed the Children receives a certain percentage of the proceeds from sales of the cereal.

Ochocinco told a local station that the number printed on the boxes was clearly a mistake.

But I don't know about that. Chad has been known to pull other attention grabbing stunts in the past.

Cincinnati-based Kroger Co. said Thursday it was pulling all Ochocinco cereal boxes from its grocery shelves because of the error. Some local stores had them on special display after the launch about a month ago.

Tara Sands of Reading, Ohio, told WCPO-TV and the Cincinnati Enquirer that her family called the number on the box hoping to learn more about the charity.

"We don't need anything to give our Bengals a bad name, especially Chad," Sand told WCPO. "He's obviously trying to do something great by doing this [for] 'Feed The Children.' "

It's hard to believe that no one checked the number before the boxes were sent to stores.


Another Bishop Eddie Long accuser has spoken out about the alleged sexual abuse at the hands of the embattled pastor.

"This is a hard time for the world and you know I have no hate for anyone, because God doesn't produce hate," Spencer LeGrande told ABC affiliate WSB-TV. "I pray for everyone, especially Bishop, 'cause he knows the truth, he knows the truth."

LeGrande, 22, is one of four men who claim to have been abused by the bishop. Supposedly, they endured this abuse even while they enjoyed being lavished with gifts, cars and free trips by their alleged abuser.

It's funny that they are making their claims now, instead of during the time when the alleged abuse was alleged to have occurred.

It's also a coincidence that the lawsuits were filed just weeks after one of the men was arrested for breaking into the pastor's private office at the church.

I see this case being tossed to the wind by a judge -- not because the abuse didn't occur (I don't know whether it did or did not) -- but because all of these opportunists were over the age of consent when they willingly participated in the sexual encounters in exchange for cash and goods for their services.

If Eddie Long abused his power in the church, or breached his fiduciary duty to coerce these grown men into having sex with him, then he's wrong for that.

But their willingness to participate in the sexual activity was a personal choice that each of those young men made at the time. Now they want to sue Eddie Bishop for being morally bankrupt?

Photos: Starcasm

How embarrassing is this: you're the president of the United States. But a former president, who was impeached by Congress, is more popular than you are.

Here's a fun fact from the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: Bill Clinton is the most popular political figure in the country. The former president, who never won an outright majority of the popular vote and was impeached by Congress, enjoys a 55–23 favorable/unfavorable rating. Clinton left office with an approval rating of 68 percent according to the CBS poll at the time, so his continuing popularity is not surprising. Source

Why is this happening at a time when we should still be celebrating the first biracial man ever elected president?

The answer is clear: American voters have lost touch with the Machiavellian, socialist president they put in office.

At some point Obama must have been clued in by his advisors that his narcissistic ways were causing him to lose his liberal base. But like most narcissists, Obama refused to listen. It took former president George Bush six years to lose the support of his base. Obama has managed to accomplish this feat in only two short years.

The same enthusiastic supporters (blacks and whites) who carried Obama to that historic win in 2008, are now abandoning him in droves. Likewise, Obama's top advisors are systematically abandoning ship.

Obama tried to fire up his dwindling Democratic base at a rally at the University of Wisconsin on Tuesday (Sept. 28).

“They’re betting on your apathy,” Obama said to the crowd of mostly high school and college students. “Madison, you’ve got to prove them wrong.”

Troubled producer Kanye West continues his quest to return to relevancy status in the eyes of music consumers.

After joining Twitter in typical grandstanding fashion, Kanye announced that he would start giving away his wack music for free in a concept called "G.O.O.D. Fridays". But we knew that was just a publicity stunt that wouldn't last (who gives away free music?)

This morning - after leaking an unfinished copy of his own track "Lost in the World", Kanye announced -- in typical grandstanding fashion -- that he would end his "G.O.O.D. Fridays" giveaways just 3 weeks after its inception. Kanye is so predictable.

Anyway, after leaking his own track, Kanye took to his Twitter page to blame a "hacker" for the leak:

Due to blogs leaking unfinished songs from my actual album I've decided to pass on Good Fridays this week.

It's messed up that one hacker can mess everything up for everyone... I love to take a year to finish my songs and deliver them to you guys in their most completed form. It would have seemed like since I give free music every week even the lowest form of human being would respect that enough not to leak unfinished songs from my real album. [link]

If Kanye's album sounds like "Lost In The World", he might as well cancel the whole album because it will flop.

Thanks to loyal reader LaShonda Matlock for the tip!

Rapper Soulja Boi and singer Keri Hilson were the talent performing at the unveiling of Dr. Dre's Beats By Dr. Dre & Monster's new product line at the Best Buy theater in NYC yesterday. Keri did her best Ciara impressions. She tries so hard. Bless her heart. More pics from the concert after the break!

Now Natalie Cole, you know you are too old for this! The daughter of the legendary crooner Nat King Cole was seen strolling on the Upper East Side in NYC yesterday.

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty. SB and KH photo compilation: Wireimage/Getty

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Pop star Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in NYC headed to JFK to catch a flight today. The very stylish Diva was wearing a grey cardigan with black leather sleeves over black leggings with Christian Louboutin lace up flats.

She was also rocking the LV Monogram Cheche Gypsy PM duffel bag from Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

The Monogram Cheche duffel bag retails for $3,850 and it is hawt! Only a fabulous style Diva like RiRi can pull this look off and make it work!

By the way, blogger JustJared reviews Rihanna's LOUD album here.

Photos: INF Photo

I had no intentions of posting Ciara's latest last-ditch effort to remain relevant in an industry that has long forgotten her.

But I decided to post her dry "Speechless" music video after reading Toya's review. My favorite line in her review is, "Watching this video was the equivalent to watching paint dry." I couldn't have said it better!

Watching this video was the equivalent to watching paint dry. It was boring. No dancing. No concept. No nothing. Many of us are not use to seeing Ciara solely relying on her “vocals” (or lack of) to carry a whole music video. Even with her slower cuts, she always manages to incorporate some form of choreography (see ‘Promise’).

We also posted three photos from this very video shoot over the weekend. The photographer blatantly DENIED that they were from the clip. It turns out that they were. All three of them! Anyway, I’m over this already. Bring on ‘Gimmie Dat’! Read more

A Rutgers student committed suicide last week after his roommate uploaded a sex tape of him making out with another male.

According to WPIX, the freshman jumped off the George Washington bridge on Thursday, Sept. 23, after his roommate uploaded the sex tape to the Internet.

Fellow freshmen students Dharun Ravi, 18, of Plainsboro and Molly Wei, 18, of Princeton have been charged with invasion of privacy for allegedly placing a camera in 18-year-old Tyler Clementi's room.

Ravi and Wei were charged with two counts each of invasion of privacy for using a camera to view and transmit a live image of the teen during the sexual encounter on Sept. 19.

Ravi was additionally charged with two more counts of invasion of privacy for trying to use the hidden camera to view the same student during another sexual encounter just three days later on Sept. 21.

Days before the suicide, Ravi tweeted: "Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into Molly's room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay."

Ravi was released on $25,000 bail. He has since deleted his Twitter page. If convicted, both students face up to 5 years in prison.

According to Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan, it is a fourth-degree crime to collect or view images depicting nudity or sexual content of an individual without that person's consent. The crime becomes a third-degree offense if the images are transmitted or distributed. [link]

"The university takes these matters seriously and has policies to deal with student behavior," said spokeswoman Sandra Lanman. "Under federal law, the university cannot comment on specifics." [link]

Here's the cast of the next chapter in VH1's seminal reality TV series featuring current, future or former wives, and/ or baby mamas of professional athletes (mostly the black and gullible athletes). The series is titled Football Wives.

:yawn: I'm already bored just looking at these chicks. Is one of them a tranny?

Here's what ICE over at Icedotcom had to say about the new cast:

Now if your an avid IDC reader then you know that I love women, love sports and loved Vh1’s Basketball Wives (hey Evelyn). So it is without further ado I bring to you the cast of VH1’s Football Wives starring my baby Pilar Sanders. Now generally I wouldn’t give a rats ass bout this show but like my crush on Evelyn turned me into a yenta on Sunday nights and an eventual fan of Basketball Wives, my longstanding crush on the M!LF that is Pilar Sanders, wife of legendary two-sport athlete Deion Sanders and star of her & Deion’s Prime Time Love reality show will most likely have Football Wives on my list of guilty pleasure television courtesy of VH1. The only other notable NFL spouse joining Pilar will be Melani Ismail, wife of former Panthers/Raiders/Cowboys & Notre Dame legend Rocket Ismail. Everybody else is either married or gettin dug out with no ring by a guard or punter on the Cowboys or some UFL player meaning a n!gga could care less. VH1’s Basketball Wives airs Oct. 12th at 10:30PM EST. - ICE


Scroll down for update...

If the pictures of a bloated Mariah Carey falling onstage in Singapore didn't give us a reason to worry for her health, maybe these pictures will. Mariah is shown in a wheelchair being transported out of her hotel to a waiting car in Singapore.

As I told you earlier this week, industry insiders are whispering about the extent of singer Mariah Carey's mystery illness. Some say Mariah's medical problem could threaten her career. We know she isn't pregnant, so we can only speculate as to what her medical problem could be.


According to US magazine, Mariah's rep Cindi Berger claims Mariah twisted her ankle when she slipped and fell about 2 feet to the stage in Singapore. How did she twist her ankle so severely in that little bitty fall that she required a wheelchair?

Anyway, here's what Cindi said:

"Mariah twisted her ankle in Singapore and should have packed more sensible shoes, but she doesn't have any," her rep, Cindi Berger, tells "I'm sending her a pair of flats today."

Thanks to loyal readers Shelly and KeMora for the tips!

Rapper Young Jeezy celebrated his 33rd birthday at Butter in NYC last night, and the Hip Hop glitteratti turned out in force. Jeezy's mixtape The Last Laugh officially dropped today. So far it's getting mixed reviews. But the project that everyone is anticipating -- Jeezy's 4th studio album, TM 103, still has no official release date.

You know Jay Z isn't going to miss an opportunity to get his picture taken -- the attention whore that he is.

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More pics from the Drake after party in NYC last night. Notice how Rihanna is leaning away from Drake in almost all their pics. She doesn't want you guys starting any rumors. She's got a man.

Have you ever seen Young Jeezy smile? He's so sexy!

This boy Trey Songz really thinks he is all that.

J. Cole and Trey songz bond at the party.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

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The fourth (and oldest) Bishop Eddie Long accuser has broken his silence about the alleged sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of "predator" Bishop Eddie Long.

Fox 5's Dale Russell flew to Colorado to speak with Jamal Parris. He met up with the former LongFellows Academy student outside a grocery store.

"You look at our eyes," Jamal Parris said. "You hear the pain in our voice. We have no reason to lie to this man."

"I loved him," Parris said. "I'm always going to have love for the things that he taught me. But how he left us hurt worse than anything I ever felt in my life."

"You finally have a father that you've always wanted for and always dreamed of," Parris said. "He would just walk away from you if you don't give him what he wants. So you end up turning into something you never thought you would be, which is now a slave to a man that you love." Source

Jamal Parris -- who is 23 -- was 20-years-old when he alleges that the bishop lavished him with gifts, cash, trips and cars in return for sex. He goes on to say the bishop used him and then dumped him. Really? That's called LIFE. People get dumped every day. You're a grown man. Deal with it!

I hope B.J. Bernstein can come up with a better "victim" than these four. I am getting tired of these weak men who made conscious decisions to sleep with a middle aged man.

it's become painfully clear that Benstein has no evidence other than the stories of those men -- none of whom are credible. I can't believe Fox 5 wasted plane fare on this story.

Shouts to Angela Watts (AWMedia Group), Donna Newman and Elle German for the links!

Pop star Rihanna (and her red wig) was seen leaving popular NY eatery Da Silvanos yesterday. RiRi seems to be miserable without her bestie Melissa Ford around. We also haven't seem much of her boyfriend Matt. But that's probably because it's baseball season.

Afterward, Rihanna and Melody Thornton attended Drake's after party at Greenhouse in NYC. Melody is telling friends she and Kanye are "just friends." Can you blame her for wanting to set the record straight?

Rapper Drake performed a live concert at Radio City Music Hall in NYC last night.

Rappers Fabolous and J. Cole also attended Drake's after party last night (though not together).

Photos: Splash News

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Loyal reader Michael writes:

Big block party in West Orange, NJ, the same block where Jay Z's mom lives. Jay Z and Beyonce went to visit his mom when the DJ start playing music, Beyonce came out to dance with the neighbors.

Watch Bey get down to 'The Wobble'

Update I, 8:55 am ET:

Now they're saying that's not even Beyonce dancing in the video.

Loyal reader Claire writes::

Hey Sandra I wanted to leave a comment but couldn't cause I am not registered.

Anyway I watched the clip on your blog and I realized from the other comments that I am the only one thinking this is not beyonce at ALL. This lookalike is clearly trying to hide her face from the camera and the others around just don't seem excited enough. Is it just me?

Please have a look at the clip again. And would she really go to visit her mom on law with her hair looking like that? I just wonder

Update II, 9:20 pm ET:

According to loyal reader MUNCHOSGIRL -- who is quite diligent about disputing rumors concerning Beyonce -- Jay Z's nephew @RelCarter confirms that it is indeed his auntie Beyonce tossing her wig in the above video.

Rihanna's LOUD red hair has tongues wagging everywhere. That neon red lacefront wig perched on top of her head has RiRi's fans all atwitter. People either love it or hate it. We hate it! But we also realize Rihanna has an album to promote. And what better way to promote an album titled LOUD? reached out to Rihanna's stylist Ursula Stephens to explain why she's ruining RiRi's iconic status with that awful red wig.

HL: How was the decision to go red made? Was it yours or Rihanna’s?
Ursula Stephen: It was actually a mutual decision we made together. We had just wanted to do it at different times, but, as it happened in the end, the timing was perfect and we decided to go for it!

HL: Are these extensions? If so, are they real or synthetic?
Ursula Stephen: We’re using real human hair extensions, which are colored. The process to install them is simple: they’re bonded onto her actual hair.

HL: How does she like them. Does she love the new look?
Ursula Stephen: She loves the whole new look, especially the color! It’s her new favorite thing.

HL: Will she have to have relaxers in the meantime? What products will you use to maintain her look?
Ursula Stephen: Rihanna will definitely get relaxers in the meantime. I use Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System to keep it sleek, shiny, and conditioned.

HL: What would you suggest to women who would like to copy her look? Any advice they can take to their stylist?
Ursula Stephen: My advice when copying someone’s look is always to make it your own! Work with your stylist to create a look that suits you and your personality. If you think this is a look that will suit you and your personality, then work with your stylist to create it!

Great info! But I wish HL had asked Ursula if Rihanna realizes she looks like a clown?

If you have lost a loved one to Alzheimer's disease, you can win a chance to attend a private luncheon this weekend given by T.I. and Tiny for their Alzheimer's foundation.

Just email me with your story at sandra @ (remove the spaces).

Two winners will be selected on Friday (Oct. 1). Winners may bring one guest each. Please do not enter this contest if you do not live in the Atlanta area and are unable to attend.

LeBron James' former teammate Delonte West has once agin denied a rumor that he slept with LeBron's mom Gloria Jones.

How many times does he have to deny this stupid rumor before people will believe it? Why do some people stubbornly cling to this rumor when there is not an iota of evidence to support it?

Even Delonte's denial is being questioned by a few of my readers, even though the man clearly said "Not at all."

Finally, LeBron's former teammate has been asked directly about the gossip. According to the Boston Globe, a reporter asked West if he slept with Gloria James.

"Not at all," West replied. "I come from an era where you don't say nothing bad about someone's parent, so not at all." West, now with the Celtics, is looking forward to playing with his new team. "There's a lot of excitement here," he said.

The reason Delonte said he comes "from an era where you don't say nothing bad about someone's parent," is because the rumor itself is shockingly disrespectful to Ms. James and LeBron.


Thanks to loyal reader Deirdre for the tip.

Yesterday I posted pics of Halle Berry out and about with her daughter Nahla and her "assistant" who we believe is carrying on a steamy love affair with the Oscar winner.

No sooner did those pics hit the wire services then Halle was spotted rushing through LAX airport en route to Paris, France. It appears that Halle left her daughter with her "assistant" in order to rush to France to comply with a contractual agreement that calls for Halle to perpetuate a fraudulent romance with her co-star Olivier Martinez.

I see no sparks flying between the two of them. In addition to that, he's not her type: Martinez is neither handsome nor gay. And I sincerely doubt that Martinez is in Paris -- alone -- pining away for Halle while she's in LA with her "assistant."

This Morning Glory post is for my readers who are fans of actress Dania Ramirez. If you're not a Dania Ramirez fan, I totally understand that this post is not for you. So please resist the urge to spam this post with comments such as "NEXT!" or "NEW POST PLEASE!" There will be a new post up shortly.

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Is Christina a chubby chaser? It seems singer Christina Milian has dumped Atlantic Records music executive Shawn "Pecas" Costner for a man who is twice his size. It's a well known fact that petite females prefer big men to be their providers and to make them feel safe. That occurs frequently with women who came from single parent homes where the mom was the only parent.

C Mili and her new man were spotted out and about with her baby girl Violet on Monday. So much for The Dream's hopes that his baby mama would reconsider and get back together with him.

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This Dancing With the Stars gig is not working out for Brandy. It's embarrassing how she pimps herself for attention. Her dance partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, is as gay as the day is long. Instead of chasing the spotlight, why doesn't Brandy get back in the studio and do what she does best: making music? Does she have any friends to advise her on how dumb she looks?

A loyal reader writes:

Salon Se Swa is a chain of salons that have been around for a few years in NC (Raleigh/Durham) area. They are always closing locations and moving because of Katrise's inability to pay salon rent, stylist and vendors. Katrise's meal ticket 'Gee' got locked up so she is hurting for cash. Do some research you will see.

Sorry for the short email. I'm heading to a mtg and can't go into a much detail as I would like. I will try to email u later.

SN: what's up with MTO stealing ur stories?

Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

I didn't know anything about this. Maybe another reader has more juicy details?

A friend of the fourth man to file a sex abuse lawsuit against embattled mega-church preacher Eddie Long, sat down for an exclusive interview with Fox 5's Dale Russell.

Antonio Makins (right), an army veteran, says he believes his friend Jamal Parris, whom he refers to as a brother.

Makins, who grew up with Parris, says Jamal told him about the alleged sexual misconduct two years ago. Parris, who is 23, would have been 21 at the time of the alleged relationship with the bishop.

"He doesn't know what to do. He's just lost right now," said Makins. He said he saw Bishop Long lavish jewelry, gifts, cars and money on Jamal and Jamal's mother. "He's like so brainwashed 'til he don't know who to trust," said Makins.

Makins said he was in Afghanistan two years ago when Jamal called him crying, telling him for the first time his story about his sexual relationship with the bishop. He believes Jamal would be too embarrassed to admit to such a relationship if it weren't true.

But look at Jamal's photos closely ( pictured left). It's obvious that he's gay -- as are at least two of Long's other accusers. It's clear that, if there was a relationship between Long and his accusers, he singled them out because of their gay tendencies.

Makins said Jamal eventually left Atlanta and "went into hiding" before writing a letter about his alleged relationship with Long on his Facebook page in April.

Though he didn't name the bishop, Jamal wrote: " joy and peace, my innocence, you murdered that genuine person that was inside of me. the person that god made me. you took away hope and you almost caused me to take my own soul."

He also referred to taking his own life -- "the life you gave." So was Parris referring to his own father and not the bishop?

Of the pictures the bishop was alleged to have sent to the men, Makins said, "you're sending pictures of yourself flexing and posing in spandex for grown men. It doesn't make any sense."

And that's the crux of the story: all four of the bishop's accusers are grown men. In order to win the lawsuit, the plantiffs must prove damages as a result of the pastor's breach of fiduciary duty.

That will be hard to do since most of the accusers are gay, and at least one of them broke into the pastor's office to steal the cell phone that the muscle shirt pictures were taken from.

None of these guys are innocent little boys.


Miami Heat superstar LeBron James and his common law wife, Savannah Brinson, have settled for a 'modest' Coconut Grove mansion, not the gargantuan $50 million spread that a certain blogger lied about.

According to a Coconut Grove real estate agent, LeBron and Savannah have decided to purchase a $7 million, 4 bedroom, 5 bath mansion in quiet, secluded Devon Court, a private enclave of 15 homes just south of Miami.

The home boasts a soaring 3-story foyer, an elevator, and his and hers showers in the master bathroom.

In the massive hands of basketball phenom and Miami Heat frosh LeBron James: a contract to plunk down some cash on a villa in Coconut Grove, Fla. Despite the fact that it had been off the market, James first showed interest in the 10,000-square-foot-property in Devon Court, a private enclave of 15 homes, in August. It's not exactly what one would expect form someone who just scored $110M contract, but it's comfy enough: four bedrooms, five baths, a gourmet kitchen, exotic wood and stone finishes, an elevator, and high-tech touch-screen gadgetry that adjusts lights, TVs, and radios from afar. What James will pay is unknown at this point; however, the house has previously sold for $7.65M. Stay tuned for updates: “It’s not officially done (the deed transfer) just yet, but he has a definite interest in it,” according to Miami Realtor Peggy Brin.


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Just a couple of weeks after staging a fake romance with her co-star, Olivier Martinez, actress Halle Berry is back home with her um, assistant, in LA. The couple, I mean, Halle and her "assistant" took Halle's daughter shopping yesterday. The assistant refused paparazzi requests to have her photo taken. But that's her in the pic below and on the left in most of the pics after the break.

If you're lost, and you're not sure where I'm going with this, click here.

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Rapper Ludacris and his beautiful fiancee Eudoxie were seen departing Reagan National Airport in Washington DC yesterday. Isn't it cool that Luda and E. were carrying their own Louis Vuitton bags? By the way, I'm told that Eudoxie has put her medical studies on hold temporarily per Luda's request. The African born, French speaking Eudoxie was a pre-med student at the University of Miami. She took her studies very seriously, but as Bishop Eddie Long said, a woman must be submissive to her man. Its not that Luda doesn't trust her around those dope boys and ball players in Miami. But he isn't crazy either. Luda still wants Eudoxie to be a doctor some day -- just not right now because he misses her so. Awww. isn't true love beautiful?

Pop star Rihanna continued shooting her music video "What's My Name" in NYC yesterday.

Photos: Splash News Online

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I don't like pre-teen wunderkind Willow Smith as a club singer because I think she's too young (9) for that kind of pressure. But no one can deny the kid has style! Does anyone else think that Willow, Angelina and Brads son Shiloh/John and Cher's son Chazz have anything in common?

Jada Pinkett-Smith and her daughter Willow attended the Versace fashion show during Milan Fashion Week over the weekend. Willow is scheduled to shoot the music video for her annoying single "Whip My Hair" in a few days.

Does anyone else get a strong teh ghey vibe when you look at this picture? I want to make sure it isn't just me.

Common and Q-Tip had lunch at Bar Pitti in the West Village on Friday (Sept. 24). As far back as 2007 the duo had hinted about forming a super group dubbed 'The Standard', it was just announced they are back on track to get in the studio. Yay.

Photos: Splash News Online and INF Photo

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It's been a while since I served up some piping hawt Wood along with your morning coffee.

LA Galaxy superstar David Beckham removed his Galaxy soccer jersey and tossed it to a fan in the stands after his team lost 2-0 to the New York Red Bulls at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA on Friday.

Then as he left the field, a fan taunted Beckham about his alleged romp in the sack with a $10,000-a-night call girl named Irma Nici, who appears on the cover of In Touch magazine.

"Stop with the prostitutes!" shouted the heckler. Beckham turned and yelled "Do you want to say that to my face?"

The cowardly fan quickly backed down, denying he said anything. But David wasn't finished. He noticed the heckler had his team jersey on, which enraged him even further. "You got a Galaxy shirt on?," David asked incredulously.

Beckham's team of lawyers are scouring the earth for the Bosnian born call girl so they can serve her with a subpoena to appear in court. Beckham and his wife Victoria plan to make an example out of Nici by hitting her with a $25 million lawsuit!

Beckham wants the world to know that not all men cheat on their wives.


Photos: Splash News Online