Lloyd aka. "Mr. Long Hair Don't Care," surprised his fans today via twitter (@lloyd_yg) when he revealed that he cut off his trademark braids for a worthy cause. The R&B star, who began growing his hair over 10 years ago, felt like it was time for a change, and time to give back, "I've been growing my hair since 9th grade. It's time for a new me." said Lloyd. He went on to say, "The fact that my hair will go to someone that needs it more than me, makes me feel great about my decision."

Lloyd has always been an avid supporter of non-profit charity work, especially when his efforts go toward benefiting children in need. Non-profit organization Locks of Love will use Lloyd¹s donated hair to provide a hair piece for a financially disadvantaged child (under age 21) suffering from long-term medical hair loss. The organization was happy to work with Lloyd, and both parties hope that their partnership will inspire others to donate.

Mahogany Wright, Lloyd's long time hair braider gave the artist one final braid, then did the honors of cutting off the 12 inch lock of hair. Moments before, Lloyd had this to say, "I'm doing this for me. I feel like it's time for a change and now is the perfect time." Lloyd's childhood barber, known simply as "Parker The Barber", who was the last person to cut his hair when he was just 14, finished the job, giving the artist a fresh new look.

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  • renegadesince1985

    :shocked: I loved his hair! Long hair don't care....

  • pinksghetti

    He had really pretty hair. He's cute either way though.

  • Shauny

    I need to see a front profile. He looks good from the side though. Good for him donating all that pretty hair.

  • buddapecan

    I :heart: Lloyd! I'm glad he made a change to a more mature look.

  • eastpointvet

    He looks just like my brother now lol

  • lakercrazy

    he had that nice hair woow he cut it off looks diferent but still handsome

  • Zephyr1979

    Cut or uncut, it suits him.

  • Ms. Thickness


  • Man, I just don’t care™

    He must of have had a "Waiting to Exhale" type situation with his boyfriend. Yall know a nigga hate for they bytch to cut that hair off. :nono:

  • TruGemini


  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    This makes Lloyd even sexier.

  • yvonne79

    :shocked: Let us all please have a moment of silence....

  • MissHarlem

    :claps: can never knock a dude for doing anything for charity damn good cause! The front profile looks nice too its on the website.

  • Khunfuzion

    I'm all for charity, I work at a nonprofit, however, I'm gonna need Lloyd to go see his grandma to get those nasty blackheads out his ear! Ewww.

  • LilMissRed

    awwwww how sweet!! **giggles**

  • sparklesayz

    Awww I LOVED his hair. It was so beautiful. I'm glad he did it for a good cause. I really like Lloyd. He is good people.

  • Destinee

    :cheer1: It is about time. He is too old to have those braids in his hair.

  • Dawn

    I love this post Sandra! Charity work, volunteering makes the world go round!

  • FloridaChick813

    Can we get a front view please???

  • FloridaChick813

    @Thickness, My BD has dreds down his back. I've been tellin him for YEARS to cut them. I think he looks much more handsome with the pretty boy waves!

  • avidreader

    Yes love this post and Lloyd! Rather read about this than read about crackhead Tiny and TI and their doulbe dating! SMH

  • pointhimout

    he and his brothers all had that long hair at one point. i remember them from way back in the day when they'd come to the barber shop. good cause.

  • MzTee

    Big ups to Lloyd for donating his hair to a worthy cause. This is definitely a good look for Lloyd.

  • kwall

    I LOVE LLOYD!!! SHEW....that is my cougar crush right there.

    I'll take him still...*scrolls back up* :yes:

    Look at him...being all charitable and whatnot...

  • T.Y’z Cha Cha

    :clap: thats a good look

  • Mother Jefferson

    He is so cute!

    @ Khunfuzion, those look like moles to me.

  • Krysi J

    It looks really good on him :yes: :thumbsup:


    Noooooooo! *faints*

  • ggouch

    He still looks dingy to me... :coffee:

  • Anna

    Speaking of Lloyd, the dude who plays for Pittsburg insured his hair for 1 million dollars w/ Lloyds of London. He also has a endorsement w/Head & Shoulders". I don't know the Lloyd in this post.

  • Jay3088

    I like the short look it make him look Manly, How U Doin. :hump:

  • tintin1979

    It's about damn time. once you hit 22, you should no longer have long hair. this is a boy now becoming a man.

  • Anna

    tintin1979 says:

    It’s about damn time. once you hit 22, you should no longer have long hair. this is a boy now becoming a man.
    I agree. I don't know who he is but he did a great deed. Some women will always like/be attracted to a man with long hair/braids. Not me. As Daisy always says. Diff strokes for diff folks. I have a nephew w/hair as long(it may even be longer)as mine. He keeps it braided and it is beautiful, but "me no likey".

  • fancyfacefree

    Excuse my ignorance but personally I don’t think Lloyd is American. I think his whole image is manufactured to sell records. Doesn’t he look like he could be from and Arabic country? Just saying.

    At post 14 I was thinking the same have all those people around you and you still have blackheads in your ear...does anyone have a bobby-pin HOLLA!!