Earlier today, pseudo-socialite Amber Rose strolled the runway during the BodyAmr Fashion Show at the Freemasons Hall during London’s Fashion Week.

Then she was seen leaving the The Henry Holland fashion show. Is she really wearing Air Jordans with this hideous outfit?

Tennis superstar Venus was spotted leaving a restaurant in Miami Beach today after lunching with a friend. Venus, who was eliminated in the semifinals of the US Open, is featured along with other athletes in ESPN The Magazine‘s ‘Body Issue’.

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R&B Diva Monica and rapper Jay-Z posed for a picture backstage at The Beacon Theatre in NYC last night. Monica was performing there with Trey Songz, who is set to go on tour with Usher when this current tour ends. When Jigga arrived, Monica tweeted, “Jay Z is in the building tonight. My favorite rapper of ALL time. So beautiful to see he is still so humble. He watched & saluted me like a G.” She also mentioned that he made one of her dancers tuck his shirt in. This, from a man who wears his jeans sagging around his knees like a 5-year-old.

Monica, who is the co-headliner along with Trey, puts her all into every performance so her fans leave the venue feeling like they got their money’s worth.

When you have limited talent, you just stand there and grab your gonads like Trey songz. Thank God real singers like James Brown, Otis Redding and Harry Belafonte relied on their talent and never had to resort to disrespectful gestures to get an audience hyped.

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Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan took to her Twitter page last night to admit failing recent drug tests. She also admitted to being a substance abuser and she swore she is going to do better.

But past history (and the fact that she initially denied failing her drug tests) tells us that we can’t believe her.

The star-struck UCLA drug rehab doctors who “treated” Lindsay for substance abuse incorrectly recommended an early rehearse for her because she told them what they wanted to hear.

Though the docs failed in their duty to protect Lindsay from herself (and the public from her), they did get one thing right: they diagnosed Lindsay with a personality disorder.

Because of her diagnosis — complicated by her non-compliance and drug abuse — we can’t believe one word Lindsay says, or Tweets.

Like I wrote yesterday, this story will end when Lindsay Lohan kills herself or someone else.

According to TMZ.com, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan failed multiple drug tests — including testing positive for cocaine — in the days since she was released from a UCLA drug treatment center.

This means the doctors at UCLA were wrong when they recommended early release for Lohan.

Lohan was originally sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in a drug treatment center for violating probation on a DUI charge. She ended up serving only 13 days behind bars due to the overcrowded jails.

Following her release from jail, Lohan checked into the rehab facility at UCLA, where star-struck doctors determined she was not a chronic substance abuser, and recommended an early release from rehab.

Of course that was a mistake. But there is something odd about people on the west coast who continue to coddle and pamper spoiled, rich celebrities like Lohan.

This story won’t end until Lohan kills herself or someone else. I’m glad I don’t live in LA.

On the 2nd season of Fantasia For Real, Fanty is confronted by her mom and Aunt Bunny about her cheating ways. Typical of women with personality disorders, Fantasia blames her past history and makes excuses to explain her unacceptable behavior.

After her mom tells her it’s “not a good look” to cheat openly with a married man, Fantasia lies her azz off, saying, “I met a man.. a man that was separated… he’s not my boyfriend…”

She then dissolves into tears on cue.

Fantasia For Real Season 2 premieres this Sunday, Sept. 19, on VH1. Check your local cable listings for times.

According to online reports, rapper T.I. was summoned to court to answer to probation violations filed by his probation officer.

“We are very disappointed in Mr. Harris’ recent conduct,” U.S. Attorney Sally Yates said in a statement released Friday. “We will make our sentencing recommendation at the revocation hearing.”

A court date has not been set yet.

T.I., real name Clifford Harris, Jr., was busted during a traffic stop on Sept. 1st in West Hollywood after making an illegal u-turn in his Maybach. A search of the vehicle turned up just 3 ecstasy pills.

According to TMZ, T.I. tested positive for opiates (which can be found in a ton of drugs).

The police report doesn’t mention any other drug found in T.I.’s possession.

The probation violations includes possession of a controlled substance (ecstasy), testing positive for opiates and association with a known felon, Cortez Thomas, stage name C-Rod (pictured above with T.I. at the 2008 VMAs).

As I told you earlier, T.I.’s best friend, former P$C member C-Rod and his girlfriend Vanity, were taken into custody along with T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle during the Sept. 1 traffic stop.

Coincidentally, C-Rod was among those arrested, along with T.I. and Tiny, in a Walgreens parking lot on October 13, 2007, the day the BET Hip Hop Awards was taped in Atlanta.

That arrest resulted in a 12 month-and-one-day sentence for T.I. in federal prison (he was released to an Atlanta halfway house in Dec. 2009 after serving 9 mos.). But charges were dropped against C-Rod, even though it was alleged in ATF documents that Harris gave Thomas $7000 to give to a bodyguard for the purchase of firearms and silencers.


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Singer Brandy attended the Glamorama presented by Macy’s Passport at the Orpheum Theatre in LA yesterday.

All I can say is wow. She looks hawt!

Troubled rapper Kanye West and singer Gwen Stefani attended the L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 fashion show after party during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Private Location in NYC last night.

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Those of you who listen to Flo-Rida’s music probably know what video he was shooting in Miami yesterday. I’m just shaking my head at the low budget video vixens. What’s up with the proliferation of tats and hoe stamps in our community? I can understand the dumb rappers marking their bodies up, but the chicks are doing it too?

Do these young ladies realize they look like their little siblings scribbled all over them with magic markers? Do they know they look low class and trashy, or do they just not care?