Long after her career is over, pseudo-singer Ciara will be remembered for elevating the status of Tranny chic. Ciara looked fierce on the red carpet at the Grand Opening of Lavo's nightclub in NYC last night. And as the kids would say: her face was beat!

Rapper T.I. turned out to support R&B singer Trey Songz at a groupie-filled listening party for Trey's album Passion Pain & Pleasure Ventanas Rooftop in Atlanta last night.

T.I. and DJ Don Cannon (who used to break former stripper Brook Lynn Carter's back) at the listening party for Trey Songz's Passion Pain & Pleasure at Ventanas Rooftop in Atlanta.


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R&B singer-turned-socialite Brandy is pictured without any makeup arriving at rehearsal for 'Dancing With The Stars' yesterday in Los Angeles.

Is she pregnant or did she just have lunch? I don't want to start any pregnancy rumors like the chick who runs the Your Beyonce Forever blog. Anyway, why are Brandy's eyes so puffy like she hasn't slept in days?

Singer Debra Cox, left, socialite Solange Knowles and her wild afro wig attended the Luca Luca Spring 2011 fashion show today at Lincoln Center in NYC.

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So 'Precious' star Gabourey Sibide made the October cover of ELLE magazine, but instead of celebrating that remarkable achievement, critics choose to complain that the cover was Photoshopped to make Gabby light skinned.

So what? Doesn't Beyonce Photoshop her skin to look lighter all the time and she's not even dark skinned?

...there’s something off in Sidibe’s cover photo. Sidibe’s skin is noticeably lighter than usual. Elle clearly couldn’t handle Sidibe’s real skin color, and traded away her actual color for something dramatically lighter.

It’s a common, tired practice, and the routine is well-practiced: beauty companies and fashion magazines regularly lighten women’s skin (and darken the faces of black men), pissed off consumers shout back, and sometimes an apology is issued. But come the next fall collection or election season, photo retouchers are inevitably back to trying to make women of color more attractive by lightening them, and darkening the skin of men of color to make them seem more dangerous and suspect. Color, still, is everything.

The writer also disparages ELLE magazine for "cropping Sidibe's cover photo so close" in order to hide her full-figured body, which the writer called a "travesty."

I guess it doesn't matter that ELLE bucked a longstanding fashion industry tradition of treating dark skinned heavy set women like they didn't exist.

I choose to celebrate the fact that Gabby -- a dark skinned, full-figured woman -- made the cover of ELLE. Especially after shock jock Howard Stern famously announced that Gabourey Sidibe would never work again because she was "the most enormous fat black chick" he'd ever seen.

Good for Gabby! :cheer:

According to X17online, a company called Pipedream has fulfilled every clueless man's wet dream by manufacturing a blow-up doll in the likeness of Socialite and reality TV personality Kim Kardashian.

The doll is called "Kinky Kim Filthy Love Doll" -- but before you think that Kim K would actually co-sign a more plastic version of herself: the model on the box is not Kim.

But she does bear a striking resemblance to the botoxed beauty eating a burger with sauce dripping down her chin. The cover pic is reminiscent of Kim Kardashian eating a sexy salad in her infamous 2009 Carl Jr. commercial.

Therein lies the problem: Carl Jr. didn't give Pipedream permission to use their commercial concept -- or their salad -- on the box. The company is considered its legal options.

Meanwhile, if you think the front of the box is scandalous, here's what's on the back of the box.

"Meet Kinky Kim, the busty bubble-butt bimbo who’s had more dark meat in her than a bucket of fried chicken! No one really knows what she’s famous for—except cellulite and her insatiable appetite for filthy sex! This dirty lil’ diva wants you to stick it in her face and get it all over the place.”


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A man who torched a Qur'an while off-duty was fired from his job as a New Jersey transit worker, according to the NY Daily News.

Derek Fenton, 39, tore pages out of a Qur'an and lit the Muslim Holy book on fire in front of the planned NY mosque near ground zero on the anniversary of Sept. 11.

Fenton told reporters that he was protesting the planned construction of the controversial mosque.

After burning the Qur'an, Fenton was escorted to jail by police. "He said, 'This is America,' and he wanted to stand up for it, in a Tea Party kind of way," a police source said.

But police say Fenton looked like he was having second thoughts about his actions after being released from jail.

"He looked nervous, like he was starting to think it wasn't such a good idea," the police source said.

On Monday Fenton learned he was terminated from his job after 11 years at NJ Transit.

NJ Transit said Fenton was fired but wouldn't give specifics. "Mr. Fenton's public actions violated New Jersey Transit's code of ethics," an agency statement said.

"NJ Transit concluded that Mr. Fenton violated his trust as a state employee and therefore [he] was dismissed." [read more]

According to the Daily News, neighbors in Fenton's town described him as a "family man" who "loves his kids and he loves trains."

"Good for him for burning the Koran," neighbor Jacqui Marquez, 40, said.

"Everybody's entitled to their opinion," she added. "By firing him, they're sending a message that there's no freedom of speech. They're completely wrong for doing this."

Pseudo-singer Ciara showed up to the Betsey Johnson fashion show in this hooker outfit yesterday complete with thigh high hooker boots. At least if Ciara falls off she has other options to make a living.

As you can see, the tranny look is very much in these days

Troubled musician Kanye West attended the Rodarte Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Dia: Chelsea today. Kanye is wearing the same black suit that he wore to the Phillip Lim men’s fashion show last week. And last night he wore the same red suit to the Jay Z concert. Where they do that at?

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Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles attended the Grey Goose presents Rising Icons event in NYC last night. I was just on the phone with a friend who is very impressed with Solange's new style. I have to agree. Solange should be a model. She has a bland face, and a thin frame with long, graceful legs that are suited for the runway. What do you kids think?

NBA star Dwyane Wade's concubine, Gabrielle Union was spotted out & about in New York City wearing a 1930s-style flapper style dress. Union is attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion week shows. There's a rumor that she's starting her own clothing line for full figured women.

This is how singer Lady Gaga dressed to walk through JFK airport yesterday. Gaga shocked travelers with this ridiculous getup, which included a chain and a pair of handcuffs dangling from a belt around her waist.

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