Good morning! How was your Thanksgiving? I realize most of my readers are out scavenger hunting for Black Friday specials. But look what I found.

Some of you may have seen this pic of rapper Nelly already. I'm told it's a wall poster that comes packaged with select copies of Nelly's new CD, Nelly 5.0. So while you're about shopping, make sure you pick up his album.

You might recall that Nelly was the only celebrity to visit rapper T.I. when he was incarcerated last year. Nelly took his tour bus to Arkansas to visit his friend. That kind of loyalty is rare in this business.

Now there's a rumor floating around the industry that a considerable amount of Nelly's 5.0 promotional budget was allocated to label mate and newcomer Nicki Minaj to push her CD, Pink Friday instead.

That hardly seems fair since everybody says Nelly's 5.0 album is tight. Dude is no slouch with 21 million albums sold in the United States alone.

Nelly has consistently been one of the best-selling male artists in the industry. Last year he was ranked as the 3rd Top Overall Artist of the 2000-2009 decade by Billboard Magazine.

But I guess all of those accomplishments means nothing when industry politics and butt injections are involved.

I tried reaching out to Nelly's people for a comment, but they declined to discuss the rumors.

According to HitsDailyDouble, Nicki's Pink Friday is projected to sell between 375-425 units in the first week -- a major feat for a new artist. But when you look at Nelly's CD sales and lack of marketing, you know why.

Click here to order Nelly 5.0.

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  • Daisy

    *swoons and fans self* I so :heart: Nelly!! Such a cutie pie!!

    Morning all :waves: Got up to eat now going right back to bed.

    :hug: to all those working today I am truly sorry :-)

  • waterlily_76

    WOW...THAT'S ARTWORK :cheer:

  • Kat

    I'm at work....Urgh!!! >:( But OWWWWWWWW @ Nelly!! :hump:

  • Virtuous

    Nelly has so fell of...His album could not even sell 80k first week. I hope he find another source of income soon. Rappers need to stop making rapping a career...One minute your hot the next your not.

  • TheRealAshland

    I see miss rose is getting a check to promote


    :waves: Hey yall Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :hump: all day with a food break and right back :hump: .

    Fans me self and throws a bucket of ICE cold water on myself.

  • MsSoloDiva

    Morning All!!

    Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!!!

    Thanks for this morning wood @ Sandra!!! :waves:


  • Nhere

    Hum... He may become my next Gravatar crush


    Virtuous says:

    Nelly has so fell of…His album could not even sell 80k first week. I hope he find another source of income soon. Rappers need to stop making rapping a career…One minute your hot the next your not.
    According to Myra Panache, Nelly is already rich thru investments and other ventures. It well known that he loves stocks and bonds. He is down with Cedric the Entertainer. Google it.

  • Choco

    I guess Nelly used to do it for me now not so much :coffee:

  • Daisy

    @charbee :preach: Nelly has always had business ventures including being part owner of the sorry Bobcats

  • Fated4Greatness

    He has come a long way from that band aid under the eye mess

  • Fated4Greatness


  • sexywitwhatigot

    i also read that nelly has some money invested in nascar. too bad i heard that morning 'WOOD' is real, real shawt (short). :whistle:


    So he straight even if he never makes another cd.....

  • Kat


  • Daisy

    I have a gfriend that swears by short men :coffee:

  • pointhimout

    i've yet to see any wood, wood prints or anything else on nelly. im starting to get pissed. nobody that fine should be printless.

  • YSoSerious

    Nelly looking kind of yummy. That is all.

  • lnp03

    Nelly is some kind of sexy! Wooooohhh!!!

  • IsaiahsMom

    Sandra? Have I told you how much I love you... :love:

    Whoa Nelly! Love a man from the midwest! :hump:

  • LadyLew

    Dont like the first pic he look like the old, lame Nelly. The REST!!!!!!!!!! :bow:

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    NEELLLYYYY!!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! :yes:

  • allwrightyden

    DAYUM he fine! :blink: