While parts of the East coast shivered under an arctic blast of freezing temps and snow, Halle Berry, 44, and her adorable daughter, Nahla Aubry, 2, enjoyed the balmy weather on a beach in Malibu, California yesterday. Halle, who has a history of failed relationships with emotionally unavailable men, once said: “I want love, and I will find it, hopefully.” You would think that a gorgeous woman like Halle would have no trouble finding and keeping a man (or woman). But, unfortunately for Halle, her beauty is also her curse.

Actor Tyrese Gibson, 31, and his adorable 3-year-old daughter Shayla Iylana Gibson, were spotted shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, Nov. 11. Shayla’s grandmother (not pictured) also went along for the fun.

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Cameras positioned inside the massive Minneapolis Metrodome stadium captured the amazing scene at the moment the inflatable roof collapsed under the weight of tons of snow yesterday morning.

The gigantic scoreboard crashed to the stadium floor as the inflatable roof tore open dumping Mother Nature’s payload of snow all over the field.

If the video is terrifying to you at home or work, imagine how the guy racing away from the cataclysm in that little golf cart (at the 0:11 second mark) must have felt.

Sunday’s Vikings-Giants game was moved to Monday night in Detroit.

You might think Jada Pinkett-Smith, Whitney Houston and Brandy Norwood are the last people on earth who should be offering parenting advice to anyone. But they don’t feel that way.

Jada, Brandy and Whitney were recently asked their best piece of parenting advice. Their answers gives some insight into the environment that their over-indulged, spoiled brats are being raised in. Don’t be surprised when these children act out and begin to abuse drugs and alcohol at a young age.

Here’s what the ladies had to say.

Jada Pinkett-Smith allows her kids to raise themselves:

“Staying out of kids’ space can teach them to be responsible for their own decisions and mistakes. Is it their room, or are they borrowing the space while they’re living in your house? If it’s theirs, then they should be able to do whatever they want with it. If it’s their clothes, they have the right to do whatever they want with those clothes. We have to give them some freedom to be who they are.”

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Singer Rihanna was spotted arriving at the Wembley Studio’s in London this morning for her duet on the ‘X-Factor’ final. RiRi showed off her new custom pink Louis Stewart backpack!

Even though she wore a ball cap, we can see that she got rid of that horrid red lacefront wig that she wore for months to promote her album, LOUD. Her hair (or at least her bangs) is now black. We can’t wait to see RiRi’s new hairstyle!

By the way, if you follow Rihanna on Twitter.com, then you know that her BFF Melissa is back in her life! RiRi Twitpic’d a cell picture of her “hoes” – which included Melissa – chilling on a private jet on their way to London last night.

That’s Melissa down in front, and Rihanna is 2nd from left.

As you know, Melissa was missing in action for a great many months while Rihanna wasted her time dating baseball star — and serial cheater — Matt Kemp.

An insider whispered in my ear that Kemp and Melissa didn’t get along with each other, which explains her disappearance from Rihanna’s side. But now that he’s gone, Melissa is back where she belongs!

Photos: Splash News Online and Twitter.com

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INFPhoto.com says this LSLH chick with chris brown on Miami Beach is his girlfriend, Jasmine Sanders. Can any of you chris brown Stans confirm this? Where did she come from? Jasmine’s a brave one if she is indeed his girlfriend. Hopefully she knows how to defend herself when he snaps.


According to chris breezy’s fans, the unidentified girl in these pics with brown is not Jasmine Sanders.

Last night, DJs Holiday and Infamous celebrated their respective birthdays at the Gold Room in Atlanta. A bunch of local celebs (as well as a few from out of town) showed up to help celebrate with the mixtape kings, including rappers Camron and Wale, comedian Kevin Hart, socialite Tameka Foster (Usher’s ex-wife); and DJ Khaled, among others.

Check out the pics by celebrity photographer Prince Williams of ATLPics.net!

Wait a minute, male socialite Kenny Burns is no giant. So how tall is Kevin Hart?

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster denies being escorted out of the arena at her baby daddy’s ‘OMG’ concert at Philips last week. She said a concertgoer Twitpic’d a cell phone pic of her being escorted to the VIP area backstage. But he mistakenly tweeted that she was being ushered out of the arena. I can see how he might have made that mistake. It was hard to tell whether she was coming or going in that pic.

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When I saw this pic of 30-year-old singer Beyonce walking beside her husband Jay Z in Australia, my eye was immediately drawn to the faint spider vein on the back of her right leg (behind her knee). It appears that Beyonce is in the early stages of developing varicose veins.

Right away, I saw a teaching opportunity to inform my young readers who may not know that varicose veins can affect women as early as age 30.

The following is from The Mayo Clinic website:

Varicose veins are gnarled, enlarged veins. Any vein may become varicose, but the veins most commonly affected are those in your legs and feet. That’s because standing and walking upright increases the pressure in the veins of your lower body.

For many people, varicose veins and spider veins — a common, mild variation of varicose veins — are simply a cosmetic concern. For other people, varicose veins can cause aching pain and discomfort. Sometimes varicose veins lead to more-serious problems. Varicose veins may also signal a higher risk of other circulatory problems. Treatment may involve self-care measures or procedures by your doctor to close or remove veins.

Signs and symptoms

  • Veins that are dark purple or blue in color
  • Can form anywhere on your leg from your groin to your ankle
  • Veins that appear twisted and bulging; often like cords on your legs
  • An achy or heavy feeling in your legs
  • Burning, throbbing, muscle cramping and swelling in your lower legs
  • Worsened pain after sitting or standing for a long time
  • Itching around one or more of your veins


Self-care — such as exercising, losing weight, not wearing tight clothes, elevating your legs, and avoiding long periods of standing or sitting — can ease pain and prevent varicose veins from getting worse. Compression stockings also may help.

Wearing compression stockings is often the first approach to try before moving on to other treatments. Compression stockings are worn all day. They steadily squeeze your legs, helping veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently. The amount of compression varies by type and brand.

Any medical information published on this blog is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with your personal physician or a health care provider.

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Did you hear the news that Usher’s ‘OMG’ single is MTV News’ #1 Song Of 2010? Out of all the songs they could have picked, they chose that nauseatingly overplayed single?

According to MTV, Usher’s “OMG” is the song that “perfectly sums up the past 12 months of popular music — and makes you wanna move until you can’t move no more.” Really? Whenever that song comes on, I never feel the urge to move anything other than my finger to change the station in my car.

Troubled singer chris brown was spotted playing with his new bulldog puppy on the beach in Miami today. More proof that brown is a man-child who has no intentions of growing up any time soon.

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Rapper Nicki Minaj celebrated her 35th birthday with her celebrity friends, Lil Wayne, Baby, Cassie and Amber Rose, among others gathered at TAO Nightclub at the Venetian in Las Vegas last night.

There was some confusion as to Nicki’s actual age. The confusion was compounded by the fact that there were no candles on her Barbie-themed birthday cakes to count.

But industry insiders have been whispering for months that Nicki, who claims to be in her mid 20s, is actually 35. I don’t care how old she is, I just hope she won’t be around next year because I’m tired of looking at her.

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