Dejected music producer Kanye West watched the LA Lakers lose to the blazing Miami Heat yesterday at the Staples center in Los Angeles. Kanye had two reasons to be depressed: the Lakers lost to Miami, and he just heard that rap newcomer Nicki Minaj's debut album Pink Friday will outsell his critically acclaimed CD by another 100,000 copies. That's got to be hard on a narcissist.

Dwyane Wade's fashionable concubine, Gabrielle Union, was spotted entering the arena with a friend. Gabby looked fly coming and going.

R&B Diva Monica tweeted this pic of herself and Kanye during the game yesterday. Monica's children, Melo and Rod (formerly, Lil Rocko), spent Christmas Eve with their dad, Rocko Da Don, taking pictures with Santa Clause at Lenox Mall in Atlanta before the kids flew to LA with Mo to spend Christmas day with their stepdad, Shannon Brown. I hear that Rocko is spending a lot more time with his kids lately. He's a great dad.

I LOVE Monica's short haircut! I've noticed more and more sistas discarding the horse weave for cute, short haircuts. This short hair trend is inspiring.

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Mo also tweeted this pic of her "baby" Shannon who was first in line to eat Christmas dinner after the game.

Actors Angela Bassett, 52, and Courtney B. Vance took their 4-year-old twins, Bronwyn Golden (in blue) and Slater Josiah to the Miami Heat vs LA Lakers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles yesterday. As you know, LeBron, Bosh and Wade tuned the heat up on the hapless Lakers, 96-80.

Comedians Kevin Hart, center, and Marlon Wayans attended the Heat vs Lakers game yesterday. We know what Kevin's wife jump off got for Christmas. She's wearing the popular Burberry Prorsum shearling boots with a Louis Vuitton bag. Nice.

Rap producer Dr. Dre and his family attended the game together.

It's doubtful that comedienne Neicy Nash ('Reno 911') and her boyfriend were still laughing when they left the arena. I like to see smart women making sensible choices in men, instead of settling for thug losers who only want them for their money.

Kris Jenner joined her daughter Khloe Kardashian (not pictured) to cheer on Khloe's husband Lamar Odom who plays for the hapless Lakers.

Photos: Splash News Online

  • Daisy

    Is that Kevins wife? He just tweeted him and his wife have been separted for a yr now.

    Monica looks cute

    Kanye is far from dejected

    Nicey and her boo look happy

    I met Angela Bassett before she was very friendly and has GORG skin #teamtwins

    So glad the Heat won :yahoo: :cheer:

  • cutiechica

    Happy Holiday's Aunite! Thanks for updates on a Sunday. Anyway that is not Kevin Hart's wife, Skipper Hart. Would you get the tea on that for us? I follow her on twitter and I noticed a couple of weeks she started talking alot about God, and I went hmmm something must be wrong with her. I didn't think it would be with her husband. They made a beautiful couple to me, so IDK what this picture is all about. Strange!

  • Daisy

    @cutie see my post re: Kevin Hart being separated

  • cutiechica

    @Daisy I read it after my post submitted. LOL, thanks for the update!

  • Sandra Rose

    Thanks for the updates Daisy and cutiechica. I didn't know who he was until last week, lol. What's his estranged wife's Twitter page so I can go and be nosy? :yes:

  • Sandra Rose

    I should have known Keven Hart would not be spending that kind of cash on his wife, lol. :lol:

  • Eb

    Kevin hart looks like a child with that woman. *side eye* to him & his wife being separated for a year. He always spoke about his wife.

  • whatnow

    Big ups to Angela and Courtney for letting their little boy carry his doll with him.

  • Eb

    Infact I remember seeing pics of Kevin and his family dressed up as the incredibles for Halloween & his wife deleted her twitter page this morning :coffee:

  • whatnow

    Surely Angela could have thought out her outfit a little more. Nothing is working. It looks like she JUST found out they were going to the game and she got ready as fast as she could. I still love her though.

  • robin

    Probably the most anticipated game of the season. I'm sure tickets must have been impossable to find.

    off-topic, Has anyone tried Dr. Dre's headphones they keep advertising. Didn't realize they were $300.00. Caught me off guard.

  • militaryspouse1

    How old is that EBAY commercial that Hart and his wife did? Doesnt seem like it was over a year ago.

  • Daisy

    The commerical could have been a business deal they couldnt get out of Halloween could have been them being co parents for the kids or he could be a cheater but according to him he is separated and clearly has moved on. Now as we all know there are 3 sides to every story :popcorn:

  • Bird

    Even though I have completely turned against Lebron, its always nice to see Kobe get stomped. Gabby looked nice. I was hoping to see a shot of Miss Monica at the game. I'm beyond happy to hear they have stopped calling that precious baby Lil Rocko. I never embraced that mess. I wondered if Monica cooked that meal.

    Loving Angela's shoes although I thought it was strange that her and the kids are very matchy matchy, wearing the same color practically head to toe.

    Kevin's wife probably had to delete her Twitter page after the story about Kevin taking a date to the game came out. I imagine she got lots of tweets about it. I know that would get on my nerves if I wasn't even with the dude anymore and possibly still had feelings for him.

    That's a terrible pic of Dr. Dre with the wife and kids he has chosen to take care of. I love his music, but I lost a little respect for him when I learned some of his kids have grown up poor when he has been rich their whole lives.

    Niecy's new guy is really good looking. Yay for her!

  • cutiechica

    Auntie, it's She has not deleted it. Sorry they have split b/c I thought that they made a cute couple with adorable children...

  • cutiechica

    In other news, I am feeling Kandi's new CD. I'm not a mom, but she have some touching songs for women with children. I thought I would like Jamie's CD, but I'm only feeling two songs. Glad I listen to his CD on Rhapsody before I brought it.

  • Atypical

    Angela’s Basset looks fab! I just hope when I’m in my 50’s I Iook half as good as her…

  • Bird


    I got Jamie's CD for Christmas and I was sooooo disappointed. It sounds like it was thrown together quickly. Jamie is a better producer/writer than that. And all that autotune garbage really got on my lat nerve. He's a singer. Why is he doing that?

  • leat

    WOWWW!!! Kevin Hart and his wife seperated....he always spoke highly of his fanily,wife and kids! WOW!!! thanks guys for the album review on Jamie I really wanted it, but i wont pay for it! I luv Chrisette and Jazmine's albums! how about K.Cole anyone? G. Union is a BAD one!!!

  • buddapecan

    Auntie...Kevin left a message for you on his Twitter page!! ;)

    "Public Service announcement: listen people i've been separated from my wife for a year now...okay that is all"

    "My last tweet was in response to the negative media...don't worry no harm no foul guys, now can you please mind your business SMH"

  • cutiechica

    @Bird I'm not sure why he needs all that autotune crap, LOL

  • Jerrica

    Why does something have to be wrong now that she's talking about God? She just wrote a tweet, when did she delete it?

  • MissGauzzz

    Eb says..."Kevin hart looks like a child with that woman."

    :blink: Yep!!! *sigh* wow... they look very very mismatched! i guess his pockets are long and that's all it takes for some chicks.

  • Jerrica

    She didn't delete her twitter, she's still tweeting.

  • attorneymom

    Sandra, "I’ve noticed more and more sistas discarding the horse weave for cute, short haircuts."


    Yeah, I ditched the horse hair last year and haven't looked backed. Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty that I am free at last. :lol:

  • Secret



  • Brownsugar1908


    I just saw it on CNN. I just talking about her a few weeks ago. I loved her songs especially Lovergirl and Fire and Desire with Rick James. Wow.

  • spongebobfan

    RIP teena marie

    Monica been short since "just one of those days"

    re kevin hart: separated for a year? whats holding up the divorce?

  • TheRealAshland

    Is it me or does Dre, look like a pit bull ?

  • Jusathought

    :waiting: Can somebody tell me what Kevin Hart wife twitter page is....I want to be nosy too shucks! lol

  • Daisy

    @sponge some states require u to be separated a year before u can file and proceed w/the divorce and Kevin has money so those divorces always seem to take longer

    RIP Teena Marie

  • Sandra Rose

    @ cutiechica: Thanks!

  • Jerrica

    Does that state include California? @ Daisy

  • lovezoe

    I don't think California even requires six months.

  • lakercrazy



    MORNIN FAM!!!!!!!!!
    I was listenin to "Dear Lover" when I heard Teena had passed.

  • Ace

    Morning Fam!

    How was You Christmas? Mine was WHITE...we expected a "dusting" and got quite a few inches...snowing me in... :mad:

    Doesn't mother nature know I just bought a benz and i want to be out drivin and chit... :rules:


  • jazzyiest

    MORNING FAM!!! :waves:

    I hate that I'm back at work so soon. Especially when I have a lot of it to do. :crying:

  • lakercrazy

    @jazzi hey girl loving the new gravi cuuutee :)

  • jazzyiest

    @ Ace

    What kind of Benz? Can you come and pick me up???? LOL

  • jazzyiest

    @ laker

    Thanks honey!! It's kind of far away but I'm trying to show off this 22" weave that I have down to my rump. Hahaha!

  • lakercrazy

    @jazzi **flips hair** do it wiht me :lol:

  • jazzyiest

    @ laker

    *whips hair back and forth while sipping on Starbucks Breakfast Blend* :coffee: Hahahahaha!

  • Ace

    jazzyiest says:

    @ Ace

    What kind of Benz? Can you come and pick me up???? LOL


    2007 C230

    And Dimpz would castrate me if she caught another woman in my our car...sorry hun...

  • Ace

    But i will say you looking very Jazzi in your new gravi...

  • Ace

    Hey Lakers!

    You need a shoulder to cry on...for you boys...cause they got WHOOPED on Christmas...just remember regular season means nothing its the playoffs that count...

  • lakercrazy

    @ace im still recovering from the lost u know im a sh!t talker and wen my champs lost my wiggle heart broke into pieces :wail: **leans on ace sholder to cry it out looking out for dimpz** DON'T GET IT TWISTED THO WE STILL THE BEST :champ: <<<true fans ride and die :grin:



  • lakercrazy


  • Trendsetter

    I think I might be the only person who does like Kevin Hart..he's not that funny to me...

    Monica looks cute as usual.

    SN: Short hair trend? I've been rocking short hair for about 12 years now

  • Trendsetter


  • Jay Bee

    I’ve noticed more and more sistas discarding the horse weave for cute, short haircuts. This short hair trend is inspiring.
    Lets us pray! lol

    And Kanye that lil foot work u got going on seems a lil sugarish...

  • Jay Bee

    oh yeah TeamKobe, TeamMiami uknooooooo

  • SouthernPrincess

    Monica is on point as usual
    Niecy seems so happy....Love is a beautiful thing

  • YSoSerious

    The Teena news made me sad but the Laker news made me happy. :grin:

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Angela Bassett is my girl but why the clod-hopper shoes for such an elegant, older lady in her 50s? SMH.

  • Choco

    Gabby is striving hard for that basketball wife title coffee:

  • AprilRain

    I :heart: Angel Bassett but them boots are a :nono: ...Has anyone besides me ever noticed that Kris K. walks like a dinosaur in heels? How Embarrasing. Dre, tell me why your mad..

  • Jerrica

    Thanks Lovezoe

  • West Coast Chick

    Is there a reason why kanye is sitting all pigeon toed and ish? >>>kanye :shrug: <<<>>

  • West Coast Chick

    OOOH- swoons- Dr Dre's chest and shoulders are looking sexy as hell

    ahhhhhh babeeeeeeee :hump: