A federal judge today struck down U.S. President Barack Obama's controversial ObamaCare law, declaring parts of the health care bill unconstitutional. More specifically, the judge sided with 20 states - including Georgia - in ruling that Obama can't force Americans to buy health insurance if they don't want it.

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson agreed with the states that the new law violates people's rights by forcing them to buy health insurance by 2014 or face penalties. He went a step further than a previous ruling against the law, declaring the entire thing unconstitutional if the insurance requirement does not hold up.

Attorneys for the administration had argued that the states did not have standing to challenge the law and that the case should be dismissed.

Justice Department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler said Monday the department strongly disagrees with Vinson's ruling and intends to appeal.

"There is clear and well-established legal precedent that Congress acted within its constitutional authority in passing this law and we are confident that we will ultimately prevail on appeal," she said in a statement.

Actress Dania Ramirez, 31, was spotted arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport with her mystery man in tow in Los Angeles yesterday. I have nothing else to add except what does she see in him?

Reality TV personality Kim Zolciak ('Real Housewives of Atlanta') showed off her baby bump, and the man who caused it (Atlanta Falcons star Kroy Biermann), outside the NY studio where the Wendy Williams Show is taped yesterday. Biermann, 25, is obviously a confident young man who doesn't mind carrying his woman's Louis Vuitton handbag.

Zolciak, 42, went on the Wendy Williams show to promote the season finale of the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta,' which aired last night. As you know, Zolciak was beneficial in helping to bankrupt local land developer Lee "Big Poppa" Najjar, who lost one of the jewels in his crown -- a large shopping center -- to bankruptcy court recently. Once the other lenders heard that he was having cash flow problems, they all cut off his cash pipeline. The only reason we know about him is because he shamelessly squired Kim around town even though he's married with children.

They say Najjar took Zolciak shopping in the trendy Buckhead area of Atlanta and splurged on diamonds and other trinkets to the tune of half a million dollars. That bling Aximum watch ($50,000) and the huge ($100,000) diamond rock she's wearing came from him. Now Kim has moved on to her next target (the young, unsuspecting Biermann). All of this leads me to believe that Kim has good game. It certainly couldn't be her charming personality (or lack thereof).


Loyal reader KC writes:

Hey Sandra,

Nicki's boyfriend is named Safaree Lloyd Samuels, not Jamai/Jamal Willis... her lyrics reveal their co-dependent relationship.

I like how you mentioned Nicki keeping her BF close for fear of being exposed. Her terrible album actually revealed a bit about their relationship in the few of her lyrics that actually hold deeper meaning:

From "Here I Am":

    "So do you take me to be who I am?
    To have and to hold, 'til death do us part?
    Cause if not, it's just best we both part,
    Cause how am I supposed to finish what you start?
    *You got me thinkin' twice to just breathe,
    Then you say I won't survive if I leave,
    But I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve*;
    I no longer need your attention - at ease."

They go back and forth between wearing rings and not, hence the marriage part.

"How am I supposed to finish what you start"—Safaree has been her hypeman for 10 years, he probably argues that he is the one "behind" Nicki Minaj. I'm sure he writes her lyrics too, friends have long claimed that Safaree is actually a better rapper than Onika.

How long 'till she leaves him and pulls out the tricks up her sleeve?

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Okay, Mary J Blige is not exactly a grandmother, but at age 40 she's getting there. The music legend performed live at the Raggamuffin Music Festival at Parramatta Park in Sydney, Australia over the weekend.

Ciara and Keri Hilson can only hope to possess the kind of energy and gifted presence that Miss Mary brings to the stage every night!

Fading singer Beyonce, 29, and struggling professional beard, Amber Rose, 27, were spotted over the weekend bundled up against the brutal arctic temperatures in New York City and Baltimore respectively. Beyonce wore bright red lip gloss and looked startled as the flash bulbs popped around her. Amber wore a large Yukon trapper fur hat and an oversized Chanel quilted bag.

Amber is having trouble finding a rapid replacement for Kanye West, who unwittingly fell for her charms and bright lights 2 years ago. Those lights have faded for Amber now, and even the most jaded attention whore celeb (read: Amar'e Stoudemire) doesn't want to be associated with a known bisexual stripper-turned-beard.

On the other hand, it's been awhile since the paparazzi even cared about Bey, who got lost in the shuffle when Nicki Minaj, 28, and Rihanna, 22, rocketed to the top of the pack late last year with the release of their platinum albums. Even in polar beer weather, both Bey and Amber still know how to get attention. Will Beyonce ever regain her throne?

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Trinidadian Hip hop and R&B star, Nicki Minaj, 28, was spotted strolling through LAX this morning looking like a low maintenance bag lady. The "Monster" singer was wearing dark stunnas, the finest jet black Yaki and all black everything with bright pink lipstick and a Louis Vuitton tote as she arrived from NYC with long time boyfriend, Jamai Willis.

My guess is Nicki doesn't have any real friends other than her attention whore boyfriend, who takes every opportunity to hog her spotlight. If Nicki had any real friends they would advise her to let her man play the background and to stop wearing more jewelry than she does. The fact that they spend every breathing minute together is also indicative of the fact that they are psychologically dependent on each other -- and I don't mean that in a good way. Industry insiders believe Nicki keeps Jamal so close because he's got the goods on her. They're telling me to expect a tell-all book from him if they break up. To that I respond: who cares?

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By now everyone knows (or should know) that season 3 of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was a complete sham!

Most of the fraudulent details are already known to you: that Greg and NeNe Leakes were (allegedly) told by the show's producers to fake their marriage problems; that season 3 newcomer Phaedra Parks, a local celebrity attorney (in good standing until now), was forced to admit that her "character" was fake to save her law practice; that the supper club that known con artist Peter Thomas allegedly ran was ALREADY SHUT DOWN even before season 3 started filming, and that the club was reopened just to shoot several key scenes leading up to Cynthia and Peter's wedding (which was all paid for by the show's producers); that season 2 cast member Lisa Wu walked away from the show (with her dignity intact) rather than comply with the producers' request to pretend her marriage to Ed was in shambles (good for her!); and that cast member Kandi Burruss (who is in REAL GOOD with one of the show's producers) agreed to wear that ratty raccoon wig on her head all season just for laughs -- that never exactly materialized.

All in all, the third season of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was an undignified mess -- a train wreck that left the track even before the season premiered. It will be difficult for the show's producers to top the lack of entertainment, the lack of drama or the boring scripts from this season. Will be there a fourth season? It's highly doubtful, but a key element is the fact that Kim Zolciak is pregnant. No doubt if the show tanks, there will likely be a spin-off featuring Kim and her bastard spawn.

Here's the AJC's Rodney Ho's recap of last night's 90-minute finale, in case you missed it:

Cynthia is talking to her sister about her dire financial situation. They can’t pay the $3,000 guarantee for the bar at the Fernbank Museum, the site of the wedding. She doesn’t have the cash because it all went into the Uptown Restaurant & Lounge Peter had just closed. Her dad can’t give her the money but her mom eventually bails her out.

It’s the morning of Cynthia’s wedding and she looks like she’s ready to go to her funeral. With just nine hours before her weddings, Cytnahis takes a walk by herself to clear her head.

(As a commercial break approaches, the camera guy points to a STOP sign. Subtle!)

Cynthia’ s mom Barbara finds her and expresses doubts. “I don’t like the way he handles his business,” she says. “I did it and see where it got me.” She said she feels Peter is abusing her financially. Cynthia keeps making excuses. “It breaks my heart,” Barbara says. “He needs to take care of you and Noelle.”

But it’s clear Cynthia wants to keep going.

Troubled R&B singer chris brown, 21, appeared in court today (Jan. 28) with his attorney Mark Geragos for a probation progress report hearing in Los Angeles. According to Radaronline.com, Geragos asked the judge to remove the restraining order that was imposed on him after he pled guilty to assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

“It makes it difficult at award shows and such,” said Geragos. brown has three Grammy nominations but he is not scheduled to attend the award show next month.

The judge will consider whether Rihanna and her attorney will approve modifying the order from a “stay away” order to a “do not annoy.” brown was given a sentence of five years probation and ordered to complete 180 days of community labor and a year of domestic violence counseling.

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Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland caused a near-riot when she stepped out of the Westbury hotel in London on her way to attend the MTV Staying Alive Fundraising event last night. As you know, 28-year-old Kelly is a bigger Superstar in London than her former band mate Beyonce Knowles. Every move Kelly makes is faithfully documented by adoring paparazzi and fans who are tired of Bey's diva antics. Good for K-Row!

Rev Run's daughter Angela Simmons, right, also attended the event. But no one recognized her without a bikini on. j/k. I'm still patiently waiting for Allen over at UpscaleHype.com to identify the maker of Kelly Rowland's hawt trench coat. I need that coat in my life.

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Actress Vivica A. Fox and her fiance, local club promoter Slimm, partied with 'The Game' star Meagan Good and her lover at Gold Room last night in Atlanta. The Gold Room is always poppin' on Thursday nights. It's where the industry elite mingle and network groupie free.

Vivica, 46, is always stylish and trendy when she steps out with her man. Last night she teetered on 6-inch Christian Louboutin glittery Pigalle pumps, which retail for $1,020, while her man wore Prada. Only a real woman can rock 6-inch pumps without stumbling. Don't try this at home, kids.

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According to Hip Hop historian, Elliott Wilson, the gay rapper Wiz Khalifa's next big hit is "Roll Up" off his upcoming album, Rolling Papers. This kid is such a great role model for your kids. Let's see, he's only 23 and he's been arrested 50-11 times on drug-related charges. Not to mention that all of his lyrics muse whimsically about his favorite herb, including the nauseatingly annoying dope boy theme song, "Black and Yellow". And he's supposedly dating professional beard Amber Rose. Lyrically, Wiz Khalifa's skills are elementary. Still, "Roll Up" is a major improvement over that BS "Black and Yellow".


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Music producer/rapper Kanye West and singer Alicia Keys were among the many sports fans sitting court side at the much-hyped Miami Heat vs NY Knicks game in NYC last night. Other celebs in attendance included talk show kingpin Howard Stern, NBA legend Magic Johnson, billionaire Donald Trump, comedian Tracy Morgan, CNN host Piers Morgan, actress Carrie Underwood and more. As you know, the NY Knicks defeated the struggling Miami Heat by a score of 93-88. The Heat have lost 5 of their last 6 games without center Chris Bosh, who is on injured reserve with an ankle sprain.

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Noted author Terry McMillan stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy yesterday on her Twitter page when she referred to the children of Will and Jada Smith as "arrogant."

Bloggers such as myself applauded Ms. McMillan for being brave enough to voice her opinion on the way Will and Jada push their children into the public eye.

I'm personally disappointed that McMillan caved in to the pressure from her industry friends and retracted her statements.

A certain Superstar asked me for my opinion on this issue this morning. I told her that the mother of Will's oldest child, Trey, obviously instilled values in him and taught him to have high self-esteem. Unlike Jada Pinkett-Smith, who treats her kids like they are her friends.

Here's what Ms. McMillan tweeted today:

I apologize for using the word pimp and exploit in referring to the Smith children. It was insensitive of me and wrong. Twitter is not the best forum to express some things. I didn’t know folks would take my opinion so personally. It is amazing, though, how fast an unflattering comment gets retweeted versus one that’s flattering. I’m done with this issue. My opinion isn’t going to change anything.

There are a lot more important things going on in the world right now. My Mama used to say: “They’ll talk about you if you do. And talk about you if you don’t. Let ‘em talk.” Some folks look for a reason to criticize you. They’re getting off on it and are saying much worse things than I did. I’ve got work to do. I hope everybody who has something important to do today besides worry about the Smith children, does it.

And for those of you who were so offended by what I said or thought I was being disrespectful, unfollow me.

A vindictive NY woman is facing attempted murder charges for poisoning her husband's mistress in hopes of causing the woman to spontaneously abort the fetus.

Kisha Jones was also pregnant when she tricked Monique Hunter, 26, into taking an abortion-inducing medication in October 2009.

However, her lawyer, Barry Turner, blamed Jones' actions on raging hormones. He told the New York Post: "My client was in the last trimester of her pregnancy and was acting irrationally. I guess her hormones were out of whack."

Here's more from London's Daily Mail:

Mr Turner accused 26-year-old Hunter of taunting his client, leaving phone messages with details of her three-year affair and claiming her husband would soon leave her.

Jones, 40, from Brooklyn, had no criminal history, a life-long record of helping disabled children, and deserved leniency, Mr Turner said.

She was under mounting pressure expecting her fourth child and 'she acted in a manner that wasn't consistent with her personality', he added.

Jones admitted using a forged prescription and a disguised telephone number to trick Hunter into taking cytotec, causing her to go into early labour.

Charges of trying to kill the premature newborn in the maternity ward and impersonating a hospital executive to try to get the baby taken off a ventilator were dropped.

Some women aspire to be the "other woman," -- that sexy, yet brainy, high maintenance jump off who breaks up a powerful man's home and supplants herself in his wife's place. Many notable jump offs -- Kim Porter comes to mind -- never make it as far as the alter.

The former Marjorie Bridges, who married Steve Harvey, 54, in 2007, claims she is not that "other woman" as alleged by Steve's 2nd wife, Mary Shackelford. Marjorie says the scandalous allegations have left her both "shocked and dismayed" -- and she's fighting back by launching a lawsuit to save her carefully cultivated public image as a respected Atlanta socialite.

Marjorie's defense will probably be the same well-worn excuse that all jump offs use when confronted with evidence of their gold digging ways: Steve's marriage was already heading for divorce court.

But not according to Mary Shackelford. Since their 2005 divorce, Shackelford claims she now has nothing, as Harvey also has full custody of their 14-year-old son, Wynton, who was born a year after the couple wed in 1996.

Photo by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net and Twitter

Mary Harvey became the talk of the blogosphere earlier this week after videos hit the Internet revealing her utter disdain for her ex-husband, comedian and noted author Steve Harvey, who dumped her for his mistress.

As you know, Harvey, 54, eventually married his much younger mistress, the former Marjorie Bridges, who has kept herself busy transforming her image from a home wrecker into a somewhat respectable Atlanta socialite.

What Marjorie should know is how she met Steve will be how she loses him. In the video, the former Mary Shackelford, rambles on about how she met Steve in 1986 when he walked into her place of business and introduced himself.

She goes into great detail about their first meeting as if to convince herself (and you) that it was a storybook romance that was meant to be.

But in reality, you can see from the above pictures what attracted Harvey to Mary in the first place. You don't even have to know Steve Harvey personally to see that he's a very superficial man who focuses on visual imagery, such as big breasted women. Men like Harvey (narcissists) require the constant approval of their peers (other superficial men).

Therefore, such a man loves a woman based on the compliments, praise and other positive feedback he gets from his environment.

Once those compliments and praises end, the man turns to a much younger, prettier version of his wife, which in this case is Marjorie.

But I don't feel sorry for Mary. Any woman who uses her artificial body parts to snag a superficial man is no better than he is. Just know that if you get breast implants to please a man, the bond between you and him will be tenuous at best, and the bond is bound to snap as soon as you get old and that next big breasted woman comes along.

You will eventually end up like Mary Harvey -- lonely, insecure and reminiscing on YouTube about love long lost.

Actress Taraji P. Henson strips off for this new PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] ad. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star, 40, appears in the latest advert in the animal rights' group's 'Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked' campaign. She said: "I don't think a living being should suffer for the sake of fashion, period. End of story.

"You don't have to kill an animal just because you want to be hot and fly. And I really stand by that." ~ Splash News Online

Thanks to loyal reader Harlem Knight TV for piecing together this video which provides irrefutable proof that Nicki Minaj is the Stud from that infamous video who claimed to have an intimate relationship with rapper Remy Ma.

We now know that the butch stud named "Nicki" in the video was probably one of the 28-year-old MC's earlier "alter egos" that she calls on to quiet the voices in her head.

You're going to learn to listen to your auntie when I tell you kids something!

A celebrity journalist apologized yesterday for alleging that Hawaii's new governor told him he couldn't find U.S. President Barack Obama's birth certificate on file.

Mike Evans told FoxNews.com on Wednesday he was remorseful and embarrassed that he appeared to have given the impression that he had discussed the search for Obama’s birth certificate with Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

Evans, who says he has been a close friend of Abercrombie since the 1980s, appeared on Minnesota’s KQRS radio last week and said he’d been told by the governor himself that Obama’s birth certificate was nowhere to be found. Evans told KQRS on Jan. 20:

Although I don't believe this story at all, it does illustrate the lengths that attention whores will go to keep their names in the news. We already know that rapper 50 Cent and comedienne Chelsea Handler's "relationship" was a publicity stunt, since Chelsea is a closet racist.

The only reason this is in the blogs is because Chelsea is supposedly dating wealthy real estate developer Andre Balazs.

According to Popeater.com:

UsMagazine.com reports that a source said Handler, 35, dumped 50 Cent just before the holidays, leaving the 35-year-old rapper "heartbroken."

The source said 50 Cent was determined to win her back and, "spent Christmas sending her gifts, but she sent them back. She put a note on one that said, 'I can buy my own gifts.'"

A supermarket in the heart of the Bible belt has censored the current issue of US Weekly magazine which features Elton John, 63, and his husband, David Furnish, on the cover holding their adopted baby.

John and Furnish entered into a civil partnership 5 years ago. Their son Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born on Christmas day to a surrogate mom.

John's untraditional family unit doesn't sit well with the Bible belt folk who still preach family values, even though the Bible belt states leads the nation in divorce and teen pregnancy rates.

A Harps supermarket in Mountain View, Ark., censored an Us Weekly cover featuring Elton John, husband David Furnish and their new baby, Zachary. Deemed inappropriate for "young Harps shoppers," the store placed a "family shield" in front of the magazine.

Twitter user @jennhudd saw the censored cover and began tweeting a photo to celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris, asking them to "bring attention" to the store's decision.

The Mountain View Harps responded to a call from PopEater on Wednesday afternoon with a curt "no comment" before hanging up. A call to the corporate office had us placed on hold, redirected and sent to a voice mail when asked for official comment.

Finally, someone with some common sense (other than myself) has commented on the Smith children and their immature, fame whore parents who force them onto the public.

Noted author Terry McMillian wrote a series of tweets about the "arrogant" Smith children on her Twitter page today.

There is nothing cute about a 10-year-old baby saying she doesn't care about school and doesn't know her times tables. Willow Smith may not need to know her times tables to count her daddy Will Smith's millions, but your kids do need to know how to count. And Willow Smith is the kid that your children are looking up to.

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According to online reports, tennis superstar Serena Williams' reps are working overtime to keep rumors about Serena's badly infected foot under wraps.

According to Williams, she injured her foot stepping on broken glass at a restaurant last July. But sources say there's more to the story than that.

Reportedly, Williams has a serious bone infection (osteomyelitis) in her right foot that is not responding well to intravenous antibiotics such as Vancomycin, considered among the last-line of antibiotics that doctors use when all else fails.

As a result, Williams is losing weight and her weakened state has caused mobility problems. Earlier this week, the sickly 29-year-old tweeted: "My throat feels raw. every time I take a sip of sumthin it feels like i just swallowed 20,000 mini knives. its 5:10am..."

In addition to dizziness, muscle weakness and low blood pressure, IV Vancomycin's serious side effects include a persistent sore throat and swelling of the tongue and throat.

Osteomyelitis can result in great loss of bone, but is treatable if caught early. The injury has caused Serena to miss the US Open, and she has plummeted from #1 to #13 in the world.

I would wish Serena a speedy recovery, but it seems as though she is beyond that now.

In other unrealistic news: talk show host Sherri Shepherd is telling everyone she wants to fit into a size 2 dress for her upcoming nuptials. The 43-year-old co-host of TV's 'The View' says she hasn't started shopping for her wedding dress yet because she wants to drop enough pounds to fit into a "single-digit" wedding dress.

Sherri recently announced her engagement to TV writer Lamar Sally, who, reportedly, fully accepts her 5-year-old son from a previous marriage.

There is nothing wrong with losing a few pounds to please your man, but drastic weight loss is never advised. The trouble begins when you radically change your look despite the fact that your man doesn't ask you to change anything for him.

Obviously, Sally is happy with Sherri at the weight that she is, or he wouldn't be marrying her. And if he isn't happy with her weight, then why is she marrying him?

It seems as though Sherri is self-obsessed with her body image, and as I wrote yesterday in my Medical Minute post on Body Image Disturbance -- that is always a bad sign.

Troubled singer chris brown, 21, was spotted out & about at The Grove in LA last night accompanied by a couple of LSLH chicks. brown wore his favored accessory of the moment: his TI$A cognac MCM backpack.

The late Michael Jackson's oldest brother Jackie Jackson, 59, accompanied Michael's adopted son Prince Michael, who turns 14 in February, to watch the LA Lakers play the Utah Jazz at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles yesterday. The Lakers defeated the Utah Jazz by the final score of 120-91. I guess Prince is at that awkward stage that we discussing in my Medical Minute post on Body Image Disturbance?

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Did you watch President Obama's State of the Union Address last night? Were you dissatisfied with Obama's economic plan for the future of America? Don't worry; you weren't alone.

From Yahoo News:

The ledger did not appear to be adding up Tuesday night when President Barack Obama urged more spending on one hand and a spending freeze on the other.

Obama spoke ambitiously of putting money into roads, research, education, efficient cars, high-speed rail and other initiatives in his State of the Union speech. He pointed to the transportation and construction projects of the last two years and proposed "we redouble these efforts." He coupled this with a call to "freeze annual domestic spending for the next five years."

But Obama offered far more examples of where he would spend than where he would cut, and some of the areas he identified for savings are not certain to yield much if anything.

For example, he said he wants to eliminate "billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies." Yet he made a similar proposal last year that went nowhere. He sought $36.5 billion in tax increases on oil and gas companies over the next decade, but Congress largely ignored the request, even though Democrats were then in charge of both houses of Congress.