Loyal reader Shyandthecity writes:

Hello Miss Sandra,

I'm a huge fan of your blog and I just wanted to send you a screen cap of Foxy Brown's disgusting homophobic Rant on Twitter. I am offended by this disgusting person that used to be a rapper in the 90's. How she tweet something so disgusting and hateful? Doesn't she know that she needs every fan she can get? ugh! smh

Thank God for artists like Marsha [Ambrosius] from Floetry for spreading love, not such hate.

*email edited for clarity

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Give me a break. Some folks are way too sensitive about bullcrap. Next. :blink:

  • jazi65

    Nobody's checkin on this bipolar hasbeen

  • xcal86

    She and Li'l Wayne have the same Twitter writer.

    "Friends, Romans, countrymen... lend me your ears!!! It wasnt me, someone jacked my twitter." Shakespeare 2011 version, updated.

    about 1 second ago via sandra rose blog.. just sayin.

  • Dr.GiGi

    I personally think this whole social network concept has gotten way out of hand. We know 2 much about 2 many 2 fast. I kind of miss the time when we used to have to wait til we got home call someone when we had something to say... and don't let that line be busy lmao!

  • http://twitter.com/Jerrica_Lewis Jerrica

    I hate when people do that. They know she's talking about one person and trying to turn this into a gay bashing thing. Shut up.

  • http://chachellasplayground.blogspot.com/?zx=979f097e05f327d8 ChaCha

    I have a honest question :think: Do people really still take a offense to the word Faggot. I call people faggots all the time I dont care who it is and especially when somebody cuts me off in traffic. So the WHOLE GAY COMMUNITY takes offense to this old azz word... honestly I didnt know gay people still referred to themselves with that word :shrug: LET me APOLOGIZE for my ignorance in advance.

  • His_Mommy623

    Cha Cha :hug: I missed ju bew!

    and rly...is faggot STILL considered a gay slander only? cus I called my bew one earlier and we had just finished smushing (as Snookie would say) :rofl: whatever...some mufuggas worry about the wrong chit :coffee:

  • Royale

    the word faggot is used like a regular cuss word these days... homophobic my round island booty! NEXT!!!





  • starstatus

    Yes I was saying the same thing. Some gays are way too sensative. They go in an uproar over everything. I even hear gays call eachother fags.

  • Femme Fatale

    This broad is tragic.

  • tashabgood

    I would say thats gonna ruin her career but she aint got one. So oh well!!

  • pointhimout

    nah, i dont think gays are offended by that. it would be the tone of your message that would offend me, then want the gay community to support your project. no. but if you're smart like true iconic artists, you never find yourself using any type slur, just in case there is that one person who it might offend.

    old saying, nuttin nice to say, say nothing, especially if you're a public persona.

  • http://twitter.com/jaysreallife Jay Bee

    I agree with attornetmom too sensitive..but ummm my people please dont lose focus..Homosexuality is not the only shortComing in the world...Take a look around! stay focus

    No sin outWeighs the other...#checkmate

  • StillASassyOne

    This is about to be sooo insensitive....but I am sooo tired of hearing somebody scream "homophobia" everytime somebody uses the word "faggot", "queen" or uses extreme emphasis to say that they are NOT homosexual, etc., etc., etc.

    It's turning into a modern day witch-hunt with who said something against the gays. Shut up! Being gay is not the biggest problem nor affliction in the world! And gays who do that don't realize just how much they're taking away from the TRUE instances where someone is displaying real live homophobia, by calling everybody who utters a slur against even just ONE person homophobic. It's turning into "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" with the homophobia claims now and I stopped listening to his cries back at the Chris Brown incident. you lost one, sorry. :shrug:

  • KK76

    Yes people use the F word many different ways, like people use the N word all kind of ways.

    Do Gays hate it even more when nongays use the word? I would imagine so.

    We use the N word, but don't we get pissed when someone outside of our community does it?

  • http://vimeo.com/17630990 LaTechGrad02

    I'm not excusing her use of the word because it does hold some strong emotional weight and it has caused deep pain to members of the gay community, but come on now. I think we've become a nation of sensitive, easily offended human beings. We have to tip toe around certain words and phrases for fear of being labeled racist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc. Isaiah Washington's career was destroyed over the same word. When does it end? You can't even speak to your coworkers without wondering if you've offended someone in some form or fashion. Sheesh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1335451522 therapist1911

    this comment seems to be direct to one person. NOt a group of people.

    As KK76 stated it's offensive when people outside the community use the word in a negative way.

    I do agree people have becoem way to sensitive. Clear examples Foxy's comment and Lil Wayne's comment. Sometimes PEOPLE JUST NOT TALKING ABOUT U....

  • Kat

    Foxxy needs to sat down.... #thatisall

  • Lady_L

    starstatus says:

    Yes I was saying the same thing. Some gays are way too sensative. They go in an uproar over everything. I even hear gays call eachother fags.

    This is true my best friend is gay, and he is always saying this with his "boys"..it's like they be jokoing around and playing...

  • West Coast Chick

    But, wait a minute! Isnt her brother gay? Shouldnt HE be the one offended by her homophobic rants?? :shrugs: