Vertically challenged comedian Kevin Hart, 31, recently filed for divorce from his wife, Torrei, who is also a stand-up comedian.

Torrei, who described herself as an "angry black woman" went in on her ex during her stand-up comedy routine. "I want some new penis!" she joked. There is no doubt Hart will strike back. But I'm sure Torrei has the better material, because, I mean, look at Kevin and his jump off. The jokes write themselves.

While the Harts trade insults in public, the people this will hurt the most are their children, daughter Heaven Lee, 5, and son Hendrix, 3.

  • attorneymom

    I'm first. :LOL:

  • jUsTiAra

    i watched her stand up routine on another blog and it's not funny. its unfortunate there breaking up tho....

  • Zephyr1979

    Those children are too adorable :)

  • mrsloveleighwilliams

    Cute kids. I read on another blog that this is old footage...but it seems pretty up to date to me

  • YSoSerious

    Those are some beautiful babies. That's all I got for this post. :shrugs:

  • chocolate divalicious

    Vertically challenged?---Sandra what is your beef with Kevin Hart. That nicca is hella funny

  • attorneymom

    As a wife, mother and disciple of Christ, I don't think Mrs. Hart is funny at all. :no:

  • jazzyiest

    Morning fam!!! :hi:


    :waves: Hey family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The children are adorable.

  • KDub

    Torrei married the shortest man in comedy (other than Lil Duval) and you did NOT think she had a shyt load of jokes? She prolly started writing jokes after "Soul Plane"....If I was married to a leprechaun I WOULD...for events like this. Maybe her jokes will get funnier with time. I know his bank account will....


  • TheRealAshland

    Kevin Hart is corny, nor is funny, but he was also in one of the worst black movies ever Soul Plane. I don't like him, he's short, and he makes bad movies, that make black folk look bad.

    But in other news, he's kids are adorable.

  • KDub

    Cute kids. Still wanna know if they got that name like @Dimpz said out of a VC Andrews book (Casteel series...)

  • yvonne79

    Beautiful family! That is all..... :coffee:

  • lovezoe

    It maybe old. I thought they were married eight years, in the video she said six. If my husband is bold enough to allow his ho to get my number, and she bold enough to call, I would not be laughing or saying I am still giving him brain. Why do women take anything simply because he can buy you an LV bag? Gracious. Girl, tell your lawyer to get you that spousal and child support and move on to something new.

  • misstea77

    This clip is old. In the video, she mentions being married for 6 years, however the recent divorce announcement mentioned them being married for 8 years.
    Ironically, it still seems to fit the present situation though lol

  • yvonne79

    Not th VC Andrews books! I think I damn near read every last one of them in the 90s.... :rofl:


    Where's the pics of his jumpoff?

  • coco21

    mrsloveleighwilliams says:

    Cute kids. I read on another blog that this is old footage…but it seems pretty up to date to me

    I read this too, can't see the video bcuz I'm at work but I guess I'm not missing much :shrugs:

    oh yeah and cute kiddies his son got a tank like my 2yr old son :lol:

  • Bird

    I could have sworn the video was old. She said in the routine that she was married for 6 years. Haven't then been married longer than that? I think 9 years. Anywho, I think her routine was based on facts if not totally factual. It helps me understand why they broke up. At first I was sad and hoping they could reconcile.

  • FoxE

    Umm... if you are unknown wouldn't it make it easier to cheat??

    Maybe I didn't find any humor because it looks like it was hosted in someone's living room/basement with her homegirls?? :shrug:

  • stellabella

    The sympathy laughs were hilarious!

  • Ace

    I'm pretty sue this divorce wont be as ugly as some may I'm sure there are both laughing there asses off having fun with it...(which in my mind may make it easier on the children).

  • jazi65

    Ehhh it was ok. But now that she opened that door Kevin has a whole new area of material...Lawd help her.


    New material for Kelvin:
    All Day by myself!!
    No Wife!
    No Kids!
    No House
    Broke as hell!
    Just a cot!
    She took half da money
    I'm finna go night night nicca!!

  • jUsTiAra

    Maybe I didn’t find any humor because it looks like it was hosted in someone’s living room/basement with her homegirls??


    :cosign: lol it looked low budget as hale!

  • Jerrica

    This footage is old. She has short hair now and she's not doing stand-up anymore.

  • ohpretty1

    Man those are some cute kids but that little girl..... #imasucker

  • Bird

    BTW, those babies are ridiculously adorable.

  • ELove

    CUTE Kids, PRETTY Wife/Mother and regarding DUDE...
    SEE @K-Dub (Comment #10) ---> My Sediments EXACTLY :yes:

  • Libran Vulture

    The midget bish made some BEAUTIFUL kids

  • therapist1911

    Ummmmmmm why is this a post? Why do we care about her? I have no sympathy......many families face divorced. Get over it and move on

  • tintin1979

    i knew she was a comedian but i've never seen her material. clearly kevin let fame get to this head and wanted new pumpum. hey maybe his wife really did want new d**k too. hopefully this doesn't get ugly.

    Boy those kids are too cute.

  • Danielle

    Torrei (SkipperHart)wrote on twitter that the stand up was 2 years ago and it was said out of hurt and anger. She even asked the website to take it down.

  • Daisy

    Uber cute kids

  • MrsAsoro

    Unfortunately, his wife seems bitter to me. I got the chance to see Kevin's Laugh at My Pain stand up show last Saturday in San Diego and the only reference he made toward his relationship with his wife was that he has been separated for about a year and he was ready to end it because he was tired of fighting. Oh well! Cute kids!

  • ImSoChi

    :nono: no boo boo that was not funny however :yes: u do have sum cute kids

  • Danielle

    Those kids are adorable! I wish them all the best outcome.

  • renegadesince1985

    Pay her the alimony Kevin!!! She's gonna need it...cause comedy ain't her thing... :nono:

  • LiveLaughLove

    Those kids are beautiful. Two comedians going in on each other?? I would love to see them on stage battling in jokes...

  • Supa_sexy

    WOW!!!! I don’t know what to think about this one. I mean you can tell she’s pissed and I don’t think she really was cool with other women F**King her man, I think she just saying that sh** to cover up the pain, the hurt, and the disappointment that her marriage has failed. I don’t care how big of an a**hole your man is and if you are tired of him, you ain’t gone want or allow any other woman to come in and take him out. All I gotta say is this sh** right here should have stayed between them and behind closed doors. Follow and twit me at NaturalbeautyEP

  • MzDimplez1123

    Good Morning! LOL @ KDub...I thought I was the only person here that reads VC Andrews. I've read all her books. *chick was twisted*

  • JadeAli

    Her voice made me laugh.

    Maybe it's just me but when ppl share too much of their business on FB I get uncomfortable...I WOULD NEVER put my business out like that for the whole world to watch.

  • mirsmommy

    Damn, another one bites the dust. The kids are beautiful.

    Heyyyy Yall :waves:

  • 75north

    when you say "I Do", you need to really mean it. families are fallen apart left and right in america. no one's perfect. that's why the vows state for better or for worse. but it seems that when one sees the other's worse, they are ready to leave. coward! marriage takes a lifetime to get right. we are living in a time where right is wrong and wrong is right. i suggest that you don't get married if divorce is an option because that's the easiest way out.

  • MzDimplez1123

    I wonder if that's the face the baby makes that he's always making fun of. It's cute though.

  • bigtyme

    i think they have been seperated for a minute though. i saw him in 2008 and they were still married, but when i saw him in july 2010, he said they were no longer together. dude is hella funny, but he always talked about having other women in his shows which always made me wonder what his wife thought about the jokes.

  • Nesia Shanesia

    Is that the little boy that does ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh *waving* up n down on seriously funny?

    @Sandrarose stop coming for my bookie like that!

  • Dr.GiGi

    Oooooh that little chocolate princess! What a beautiful family. SMH at this mess. They would have you believe that black folks are incapable of loving each other! *can't stop shakin my damn head* Everybody bow your heads...