Singer Aretha Franklin, 68, threw up the Roc sign (or some may say the illuminati sign) while sitting courtside with the Rev. Jesse Jackson during the Miami Heat vs Detroit Pistons game in Auburn Hills, Michigan on Friday (Feb. 11). Franklin is still recuperating from a mysterious surgical procedure that was performed late last year.

Ms. Franklin wore a $530 pair of satin patent toe Lanvin sneakers to match her animal print blouse.

Judging from this photo snapped February 5 at her Bloomfield Hills, Michigan home for JET magazine, it looks like the Queen’s rumored gastric bypass surgery was a success!

Rumors swirled in early December that Ms. Franklin underwent gastric bypass, aka weight loss surgery. But then a report surfaced that Franklin was suffering from pancreatic cancer and had less than a year to live. Ms. Franklin vigorously denied that rumor in subsequent interviews.

“I know my fans are concerned. Let them know I am feeling great and coming along,” she told JET magazine. At any rate, she looks great! If she did have gastric bypass surgery, it appears to be successful.

Photo: Getty Images, JET magazine and AP

  • kingstonn

    She has lost A LOT of weight… but cancer will do that to you…

  • Dawn

    I vote that she had surgery. She has the same WB Frog look Star Jones had after her surgery. Either way I hope she’s around for a long time… I love me some Aretha!!

  • eastpointvet

    damn did you just call the queen a wb frog lol

  • MrUnapologetic

    Someone should light a match to that horrendous wig she wore to the game… EPIC Fail, Aunt Re-Re.

  • stunnaz

    She has lost a lot of weight!

  • Bird

    She must be losing weight rapidly becaus that white dress is too big for her. I would assume it fit perfectly when she was measured for it.

  • Libran Vulture

    Have some RESPECT! She is showing the sign for delta sigma theta!

    Not gay-z and his devil buddies

  • lovezoe

    That is not the sign for Illuminati nor Roc. It is the sign for THEE most illustrious sorority in the land. DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INNNNCORPORATED!! OO-OOOP

  • DoNotDeleteMe

    You all are kidding yourself if you think this woman has gastric bypass. She clearly is very ill. Cancer don’t play.

  • ATLk


    I am really surprised that you would think Aretha Franklin would be throwing up a ROC nation sign. lol Why on earth would she be throwing a ROC nation sign??

    Aretha Franklin is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority. Research, research.

  • Dhoward1913

    Sandra… know you are wrong for that one. ANYWAY……Keep representing DST, Soror Franklin. We love IT!!!!! Ooo-oop!!!!

  • vetta

    She looks ill and she must have recorded that speech she made for the Grammy’s tribute to her the same day(Feb.5) as well, because that is what she was wearing and it is also the same background.

  • made it on


  • made it on


  • lourie

    I’m just glad her boobs are looking better in the pink dress. In the leopard top she needs a bra as usual!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don’t understand WHY her people can’t help with her sagging boobs issue!!