Ciara, 26, was spotted toting her beloved pooches Tyson and Georgia in a Louis Vuitton carrier while shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday. Friends were worried about Ci Ci after pictures surfaced online showing her leaving a doctor's office looking pale and sickly. Ciara tweeted that she had lost her voice and couldn't speak.

But she looked fine yesterday as she shopped with her best friend, Yolonda Frederick. Ciara's smile turned upside down when she found a parking ticket on the windshield of her black jeep. But she didn't let a ticket get her down. Ciara took to her Twitter page and tweeted this message that only her gay fans would understand.

To those of you who don't know: "family" is a code word for gay and "in the life," which is used to describe the gay lifestyle.

But my loyal readers already knew that Ciara was bisexual, so this isn't news to you.

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  • renegadesince1985

    Why is this even a post? :shrugs:

    Where is the pics you were boasting about from the uber-exclusive Rihanna party? :waiting:

    Guess I'll get back to work....nothing to see here

  • renegadesince1985

    ....Oh and I just went on her page and saw that tweet. Why didn't you post the pic she tweeted? She obviously means that people keep saying her friend and her look like they could be family--as in related--as in they look alike.

    :no: You ain't right Sandy #shady

  • Secret


    Hello Everyone :waves:

  • Mr.BluPhi

    damn Cici can't get a break...

  • Tink Tink

    To those of you who don’t know: “family” is a code word for gay and “in the life,” which is used to describe the gay lifestyle.


  • Alex

    :yawn: I'm so excited about this post!! :rolleyes:

  • Brownsugar1908

    could be. my gay male best friend always calls his guy friends he will never date his "sisters."

  • Brownsugar1908

    I thought Kim, Lala and Kelly were her best friends.

  • cocoa49

    I don't know, i guess it doesn't pay to have a best friend when you are a celeb., because you are automatically classed as gay lovers. lol. For example, Rhi Rhi and her best friend, Oprah and Gayle. But in all seriousness, it was out that Ciara was bi. a while back. 50 even put it in one of his raps.

  • Thetruth32

    u got nothing :coffee:

  • kingstonn


  • amatrex

    I with renegade. I don't think CiCi used the word "family" in the way that Sandra interepreted it, lol.

  • candibfly

    omg breaking news! :yawn:

  • candibfly

    oh i thought that was her mother :shrugs:

    anyway, she has the cutest dogs! :love:

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • chocolate divalicious


  • KDub

    Maybe in addition to not being able to use her THROAK...maybe CiCi was seeing a urologist to get that pesky incontinence problem fixed that Shad spoke of way back when.

    Nothing cute about being pissy. And now that she is teaching dance over at the LA College of Culinary Arts...she wants to be sure she not leaking when she do the matrix :coffee:

  • momo

    Ciara tries so hard...Its pathetic.

  • yallcrazy

    Matrix leaks would not be what's happening! :rofl:

    @Ms.Fabulous, How's the baby?

    :waves: @ Twin,Alex, Blu (if yall are still here to see it:)

  • candibfly

    :danban: to my bday twin

  • pinksghetti

    I thought she meant sisters because they do have similar hair. Their outfits look cute though.

  • winenroses

    You gotta break it all the way down for these gossip blogs.
    I think the Tweet meant that the two of them resemble in appearance, not that they're bisexual. And they do look a lot alike.

  • ChaCha

    Hey friend is about 56 that bishes throat is hella old :rofl: if she meant family as in sisters...HAIL NO

  • Patrick

    This "Everybody is Gay, Everybody is Bisexual" Is so lame

  • Fated4Greatness

    I thought that was her mom :shrug:

  • Moe

    I really thought that was the mom walking with her. Cici is beautiful I have actually gotten to see her in person and she is very humble. Any man or woman (me included) would be lucky to have her by their side.

  • RoderickXYZ

    Sandra has some serious hate for Ciara because everytime something remotely bad happens to her Sandra brings it to our attention.

    Sandy, did you try to run up on Ciara and she told you thanks but no thanks?

  • dopedillema

    yep definitely trying to hard. all that shopping in the middle of the day with bags in Beverly hills. get a cause ...a charity. Make life relevant beyond shopping and flossing for paps...

  • Naturally_Sexy

    I thought that lady was her Momma. She needs to QUIT with the lace front. I HATE them!!!!

  • Taten1

    They are both wearing some ugly a.$.$ shoes. Ugh!

    That is all.