Being wealthy is not all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, you can buy everything your little heart desires, but you will also fall victim to greedy, unscrupulous people who are determined to separate you from your money.

People such as Vicki Lynne Jordan dba Jordan Victoria, owner of Event Couture LLC, who, according to my sources, overcharged rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris to plan their wedding in Florida last year.

Friends say Jordan, who had no previous experience planning weddings, went over the budget by $290,000 to plan the star-studded nuptials in a mansion on Star Island in Miami, Florida on July 31, 2010.

Problems began to arise almost immediately after Jordan was hired: Tiny wanted an outdoor wedding. But Jordan insisted on holding the wedding inside the beautiful, but cramped and sweltering mansion (see picture of the mansion below).

The invitations (which were described as “tacky”) were sent out to guests a week and a half prior to the wedding. There was no rehearsal dinner. When Jordan arrived in Florida, she subcontracted the wedding to another wedding planner in Florida, which means she was paid twice for the same service.

She was given $80,000 to cater the reception for less than 200 wedding guests. Instead of lobster and filet mignon on their plates, the guests dined on chicken and Caesar salad at the reception.

Tiny paid $20,000 for linen for the reception. But Jordan allegedly kept the linen after the reception, telling the couple that she was having the linen cleaned.

Since the wedding in July, Jordan has refused numerous requests to turn over the wedding photos, videos or the thousands of dollars worth of wedding gifts that the couple received, including a Hermes blanket from local radio host Ryan Cameron (V-103).

Friends say Jordan told T.I. and Tiny that she had no idea what happened to the gifts — despite the fact that Jordan and her assistants were seen pushing 3 large baggage carts loaded down with gifts after the wedding.

Some guests stuffed as much as $1,000 cash and checks into envelopes as wedding gifts. The cash and checks are also missing.

The only wedding gift the couple received was from actors Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who mailed their gift directly to the Grand Hustle offices in Atlanta.

The wedding photographer was Ray Santana of Ray Santana Photography, based in Florida. According to my source, a check for $8,000 was cut directly to Santana for his photography services (the source has the paid invoice to prove it). Yet Santana still refuses to hand over T.I. and Tiny’s wedding pictures and video.

The only photos the couple have seen from their wedding so far are the ones guests took on their camera phones, which angered T.I. According to friends, he paid thousands of dollars to Jordan for tight security to prevent pictures from leaking out. “She was supposed to take care of that and she didnt,” said my source.

According to my sources, Jordan told friends that T.I. and Tiny owe her less than $20,000, despite overcharging them $290,000 for her services. Sources say Jordan went on a shopping spree after returning to Atlanta. She allegedly bought a car, clothing and jewelry for herself.

According to my source, Tiny has hired an attorney and she plans to file a lawsuit later this year when her husband, T.I., who is serving 11 months in an Arkansas prison for a probation violation, is released in September.

“You don’t do that to somebody’s wedding. said my source. [Tiny] got one wedding gift and they’re holding her wedding pictures hostage. Who would do that? It’s a moral thing.”


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Photo of mansion by Ray Santana

Edited Feb. 19, 2011 @ 10:32 p.m.

  • eastpointvet

    wow thats shady

  • attorneymom

    @Sandra Perhaps you should have taken the pictures. You are a great photographer. I miss your pics. That is how I started following you six years ago.

  • peanutbuttercup

    In the real world, people have gotten their assses beat! Ain’t no way I could have sat still for someone stealing my wedding pictures. No way.

  • jUsTiAra **BANNED**

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    Do your research before planning an event like this….especially with a budget like that.

  • lola773

    That’s sad she ruined a beautiful day for the bride who waited a long time for her special day! Karma is a bish and she will get hers. Lesson learned stick with true professionals with credible references.

  • ohpretty1

    That’s wrong on so many levels, but I agree, do your research.

    I would’ve had a lawyer long before now, but with the events they had going on, this wasn’t top priority.

  • Ms. Everything

    Messed up situation but why are they waiting so long to file suit? If that was me I would have had a lawyer on it immediately… unless there`s more to the story like lack of evidence because they did it without contracts, paid cash under the table, etc because from the sound of it this could be criminal from the stolen gifts and civil. Not a lawyer but something doesn`t add up, who goes through a blog before court ESPECIALLY with money like that lost

  • ryand91

    This is a sad story, but sadly there are a lot of con artists out there that talk a good game and can even get through to people with the greatest of street smarts. And I hate that TI and Tiny’s day of happiness had to be tarnished by such a shady individual. But as far that all I’m going to say is that it pays to research the people you have working for you in any capacity.

  • TwinMom

    My sister and I could have pulled off the event of the year for 100k it would have included venue, food, and DJ…..and what the hell were they doing with the gifts? You put your best girls on the gift table because a wedding is a great time to get robbed. It is unfortunate that I know this to be true.

  • LaTechGrad02

    They never asked for references? I get references for anyone performing a service for me. Your wedding is an important event that you can’t just hire any and everyone to handle.

    This is a sad situation but why is she waiting until TI is released to file a lawsuit? Take care of that now while you can at least attempt to recover some of your money and your wedding photos.

  • Al-Ameera

    Wow, I am surprised they let this go this long

  • Libran Vulture

    I CANNOT wait for the day when Sandra,tiny,&ti fall out. Then we will see an end to this love story.

  • kingstonn

    that’s a cute picture of t.i & tiny.
    really cute.

  • eastpointvet

    im sure she had plenty of references and probably pulled off a number of nice weddings. this probably the biggest one she performed and got greedy. whats sad is this could have been the beginning of lucrative wedding planning because she could have used tip and tiny as a reference to the bigger money clients. but with this hanging over her head that messed up that money

  • Sandra Rose

    eastpointvet says:

    whats sad is this could have been the beginning of lucrative wedding planning because she could have used tip and tiny as a reference to the bigger money clients. but with this hanging over her head that messed up that money

    From what I was told, this was her first wedding.

  • Brownsugar1908

    I just checked out her wannabe website that only has one wedding on it (T.I and Tiny’s) I thought most celebs went with celebrity planners. I hope they get every dime back!

  • Brownsugar1908

    I just went back to her so-called website. She also planned Matt and Gloria’s wedding from basketball wives but it never happened.

  • Eb

    Thats a cute pic of Ti & Tiny

  • proberson07

    according to her website she has been doing this for 5 years. i wonder if somebody is just throwing shade because they were not invited?

  • Ace

    I See Auntie got her “Banned” stamp out

    SMDH People aint learned yet?? When Auntie post a Tiny & #595458-019 Post

    You Better just hold your tongue …what ever you got to say just aint worth it…


    Um if i’m paying $300,000+ for a wedding…I’ll be damned if i give it to someone who has never done it before…you better got YEARS in the game to get my money…

  • AbsurdVanity

    That’s trifling smh… I hope someone was just throwing shade but with the rescission I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.

  • dblaq

    I am just wondering how the hell she got the gig in the first place, they have an event planner working for them, why didn’t they have them do it.

    The gifts are not missing they just transferred ownership. And they ate Chicken and Caesar salad because she skimmed the money so she can eat Filter and Lobster for the rest of the year.

    Hire folks because of the work they have done, not because your friend is trying to put somebody on. If they have a solid work record than ok but 9x out of 10 its not the case.

  • dblaq

    In addition, she runs her company website on a free blogspot account. GTFOH!! you charge someone $300,000 for something but yet your sh!t is all set up on free sh!t? I bet you her business cards read on the back “Get Your Free Business Card, too at V**aPrint”

  • Sandra Rose

    no one is throwing shade. why would they lie about not receiving their gifts and wedding photos?

  • I Run New York

    Damn how do you hire a wedding planner who’s never planned a wedding before SMH. Also, very bad idea to wait to file the lawsuit.

  • Dawn

    Super sad, Im glad legal action is being taken. The planner doesn’t have the money but you can’t put a price on memories. She will learn a lesson about principles however.

  • robin

    This story is just wrong on so many levels, I really hope that T.I. and Tiny receive every gift and item that was intended for them.

  • talkingwithtami

    I know that ALL to well! Our wedding photographer was shady as hell and we paid him but guess what? He was on crack (we found out later on) and we never got our pictures. He ran off with the deposit and our pictures. I almost had a heart attack because you cant do a wedding over. Its been 14 years now we got over it. Thats how my family ended up on Deserving Design with Vern Yip on HGTV. It wasn’t the same but it was nice.

  • AprilRain

    This is so messed up. I dont know how Tiny can keep her cool and not knock this chic the F@#$ out! But like someone said, Karma is a bytch…and she will get hers. My advice to Tiny is… Do not procrastinate on this….. Take this dirty theif to court NOW… Dont wait for for Tip to get home. Ur a grown azz woman! Take this chic DOWN…….. I cant beieve she was buying cars and what not. Thats str8 theiving… This Victoria chic has no shame. And now she has a bad reputation. Smh….

  • 2bme

    I had to come out of retirement for this one, This sounds like a friend of a friend type deal..I feel sorry for TI and Tiny..this should have been a dream wedding..a major milestone with GODD memories not this crap..

  • ShoYaRight

    So many questions. Where do I begin???

    1. How are you engaged for 150 years and not obsess over every wedding detail? Something so simple as approving the wedding invites is like common sense.

    2. How do you hire some chick with no experience. It’s commendable that you wanted to hire an African American but if the bish ain’t qualified, she don’t get the job.

    3. How are you multimillionaires and haven’t sued this heifer into the poor house, or better yet had her locked up for theft? You have the resources and time to do it. Here we are creeping up on a whole year later and you still ain’t done shyt? I. CAN’T. ANYMORE!!!

  • Brownsugar1908

    2bme says:
    I had to come out of retirement for this one, This sounds like a friend of a friend type deal..I feel sorry for TI and Tiny..this should have been a dream wedding..a major milestone with GODD memories not this crap..

    On the so-called website, jordan has a youtube type video where she was on atlanta housewives a few years ago talking to kandi about her wedding. so, I am assuming tiny knew her as well if kandi knew her. If I was Jordin, I would take me boot-leg website down.

  • MissGauzzz

    That’s a messed up situation but I am really not understanding what would make TI & Tiny select someone that had no prior wedding planning experience? I don’t get that. Folks at their level of wealth and connections should have gotten a referral or something. :shrugs:

    I am also quite surprised that they actually received wedding gifts considering they are wealthy people. Most people with means do not accept wedding gifts, they ask their guests to donate to their favorite charity or something. And if they were going to receive gifts, why would they trust those gifts to a wedding planner?? So many questions… *sigh*

    Anyway.. hope they get resolution. :no:

  • Bird

    This woman was given the opportunity of a lifetime and she blew it! This was an easy no brainer. With that budget I could have given the wedding of century. Forget about wedding planning experience, did she have any event planning experience at all?

    Tiny must have been a pushover bride because you ain’t gonna force me to get married indoors if I want it outside. Even in the rain it could have been done with that kind of budget. And missing gifts?!?! For sure the ghetto would have been seeping out of my pores as I beat her within an inch of her life. I’m mad just thinking about it.

  • Sandra Rose

    Sources say she used to work for Magic Johnson as his assistant or something. I wonder what happened? Did she get fired?

  • dopedillema

    Do we really expect these two to have sound judgement..good decision making skills??? these two were ripe for the taking advantage of..

  • phreeurself

    smh…we gots to do betta

  • texaspaine

    Tiny should have been on top of this. When she stared going over budget tiny should have been checking invoices to see y shit was so much. Sounds like this could have been avoided if Tiny was paying attention to money.

  • 2012

    I agree with all who said they should have done their research. At least Tiny and her Mother and Sister should have, because T.I. stay busy with the businesses and what not.

    The Jordan lady is like a lot of these ATL wanna-bees, always trying to act like they got it like that but don’t.

    I never pay any attention to a ”fast” talker because nine times out of ten, they are trying to use you.

  • ShoYaRight

    dopedillema says:

    Do we really expect these two to have sound judgment..good decision making skills??? these two were ripe for the taking advantage of..

    Good point. We ARE TALKING about a man that is a convicted felon yet had an arsenal of weapons AT HIS HOUSE…who should have been locked up for a LOOOOOONG TIME. But thanks to his high powered-lawyers and his ‘celebritism’ was able to get the deal of a lifetime…to only fukk it up months later by doing drugs.


    All the while he got a ride-or-die chick right by his side, who abandoned her singing career because he asked, won’t go out if he says not to, travel hundreds of miles to see him locked up, allowed herself to be referred to as a “situation” for years and turned the other eye when T.I. had a fling with Hoopz.

    Yeah, these two don’t have the best decision making skills. This probably was too easy for Jordan.

  • 2012


    You right too!

    I’m pretty sure that T.I. has gotten got with some of the financial dealings he’s involved in, but he doesn’t know it tho.

    I’m pretty sure his lawyers, business partners, PR pple, and some of those very educated whites around him haven taken a whole lot of money out of T.I.’s pocket, but they make him feel as if he knows what he is doing.

    If he can’t even get their wedding in order, there is no way I can believe that he is financially savvy as they try to portray him in the media.

    Then again, I should already know this being that he wastes money on bags for Tiny.

    T.I. need to take a page or Two from Percy Miller.

  • 2012

    Who knows, Sandra might be getting a little extra out of T.I.’s pockets too. :coffee:

  • CorporateQueen

    Horrendous!!! A snake like this would probably eat her own young to get ahead.


  • KDub

    Okay….my brief two cents…okay maybe three cents….

    Tip was locked up for HOW long the first time….what did Tiny Tameka have to do for allllll that time…OTHER than plan a wedding? Sure she is a momma and has a job (OMG Girlz and the Nail Bar) but there are hundreds…if not THOUSANDS of women who plan their own day to their OWN likes and specifications who have jobs, kids, sick parents etc. Its NOT brain surg. people :shrug: And she has all of these friends and homegirls…so WHY not call on THEM to help if they are TRULY your friend to lend a hand? I have seen people plan destination weddings in OTHER COUNTRIES with a series of phone calls and emails. Hail the girl who sits next to me planned hers in Aruba…some of the planning on company time…and her shyt was fiyah!

    So who was REALLY the negligent party here? What the prollem ILL? :coffee:

  • StillASassyOne

    As usual! Kwall is right. I really hope they get their photos, gifts and a large heaping sum of their money back. Sometimes- it’s best not to do business with fam, friends, and “friends” of friends. :coffee:

  • yvonne79

    My heart goes out to Tip and Tiny. When Sandra first posted this story, mentioned how horrible this situation was. As someone else stated up top, I would not wait to sue the woman especially when you have the means to do it. Truth be told, the moment I didn’t receive not nah picture and/or gift, my grievances would’ve been filed.You don’t steal from people? And on their wedding day? How foul is that?

  • Queen_City Gem

    …sounds like that Tiny and TI’s dumb ass faults for not doing their research, for not shutting this down when Tiny couldn’t get what she wanted (ie: if I want an outside wedding, thas what is gone be…period) and just for not being on top of their game when it came to something as major as this… :nono:

  • Bird


    I love ya girl, but I got to disagree. The planning of this kind of event is a full time job. You have to meet with the bride to get her general vision and then make it happen. You have to meet with all the parts multiple times to get it right AND in budget. Florist, caterer, china, furniture, carpenters, bands/DJs, photographer, etc. It sounds like this young lady may have planned it like it was simple by leaving all those vendors to just “do what they do” and no doubt that is why she went over budget. You have to manage the project. A project without a hands on Project Manager will be a wreck. She wanted an easy payday, but planning a 5 star wedding or any event costing hundreds of thousands of dollars is not easy. Its real work.

  • free

    lord…. there is just too much here to comment on. too much. i really try to understand these two but i caint. i just caint.

  • YSoSerious

    Ghetto is as ghetto does. :coffee:

  • Danielle

    This is sad! I hope they get money back. Im sure the gifts are as good as gone. They should have researched her background or better yet hired a planner with experience and great references. I wish them the best outcome in this horrible situation.

  • KayCeiSoul

    She needs to be snatched bald.

  • BlackBoricua79

    Yea they should have checked her credentials before giving up the loot…oh well you live you learn I hope Tiny and T.I. take her to the bank with this one!

  • AllNYC

    I wouldn’t let a first timer handle my wedding. They should have tried her out for one the kids birthday parties first.