Former "America's Top Model" contestant Eva Marcille was spotted at The Cotton Club in Los Angeles for R&B Live. According to Allen over at Upscale Hype fashion blog, she was wearing Brian Lichtenberg Black Angular Patchwork Sliver Glitter leggings ($218), which are a combination of glitter, sheer hosiery and fishnet pieces. She was also rocking pair of Gucci “Kills” Peep Toe Platform Booties ($990). Notice the white couple in the background? That is a rare sight in Atlanta's urban nightclubs. For a Metropolis with a population of 6 million that passes itself off as a "City of courageous firsts" -- Atlanta's nightclubs are still segregated. Whites and blacks do not party together in Atlanta where racist attitudes remain stuck in the 50's.

Rev. Run's daughter Angela Simmons attended the Knicks game in New York City on Friday (Mar 25). Angela, who made millions off of her Pastry shoe line, wore a modern day version of the 1920s fringe flapper dress. She accessorized the dress with a black cropped leather jacket, Christian Louboutin pumps and a Chanel tote.

"Celebrity Apprentice" cast member Star Jones and Kim Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner, both have the same gaudy taste in faux Chinchilla fur. Miss Jones was spotted leaving the Helmsley Park Lane hotel after celebrating Aretha Franklin's 69th birthday in New York City on Saturday (Mar 26).

Photos: Splash News Online

  • stunnaz

    That outfit on Eva :blink: ..It looks a bit uhmm risky. Love Angela, hate that's a bit too big. Love her leather jacket.
    I don't like those fur coats on the two ladies at all. Who is star jones? What does she do?

  • Eb

    Angela looks JUST like her daddy

  • Daisy

    Angela WHAT in the Anna Mae HELL :nono: I do think she is a cute girl even though she favors her daddy.

    I saw Eva's tight last wk on another blog but it wasnt a full shot still on the fence if I like her tights they are different/edgy for sure

  • SexyToothpic

    Did Angela sit court-side in that outfit?
    Is it that she didn't know where she was heading when she decided to wear that?
    Those players, as well as photogs on the other side of the court must have had a field day....

    Nice outfit, but for a different occasion....

  • ohpretty1

    Angela is doing too much.

  • jazi65

    Eva :nono: that outfit is fugly!

    Angela :nono: to you too

    Star & Kris need to get refunds from their plastic surgeons :hurl:

  • Torae

    Angela always seems like she's "DOING TOO MUCH" she tries to hard.....

    Can Amber get a new hairstyle already?

  • Aprilbaby

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that about Atlanta clubs. It might be getting better though. shrugs

  • bnatural

    Eva looks terrible. Something is up with her face :think:

    :shrug: I actually like Angela's look. I see her highlights were darkened. Good!

  • Tatted Diva

    Eva looks as if she has had some work done in her face. She keeps making that same dumb ass look on her face in every picture lately. She use to be extra hawt now, it seems as if she is doing waaaay too much after her & Lance broke up! :shrugs:

  • lovezoe

    IMO, Eva seems to be losing IT. She don't have that flare like she did on ANTM.

  • Anna

    Why can I see Angela's butt cheek? Star and Krys wearing faux fur, say it aint so.

  • kingstonn

    I like Eva's outfit.. :shrug:

  • Anna

    kingstonn says:

    I like Eva’s outfit..
    Where is it approiate to wear it to??? PTA meeting, Strip Club, Bedroom, Gas Station, Post Office, Grocery Store? I know ,"The School Of Julliard" F.A.M.E. LOL.

  • Bird

    For a Metropolis with a population of 6 million that passes itself off as a “City of courageous firsts” — Atlanta’s nightclubs are still segregated. Whites and blacks do not party together in Atlanta...

    I'm sure that is not true. There are mixed clubs everywhere. Why don't you try going to a club you consider "white" that plays pop music. You will see plenty of minorities.

    Eva looks weird in that pic. Like she might have had a taste of that heron.

    All Angela has to do is call me and I will lay hands on the person doing her hair lately. It has beena hot mess for a month or so.

  • Bird

    stunnaz says:

    Who is star jones? What does she do?


  • LadyLew

    I like Eva's stockings but she does look high. I hope she's not on that shyt
    Angela try again sweetie

  • Anna

    LadyLew says:

    I like Eva’s stockings but she does look high. I hope she’s not on that shyt

    Eva like Taraji always look high.

  • Queen_City Gem

    Oooh, Lord, Star look a mess

    I do like Eva's "I'm higher than a muthafugga but still fierce as hell" look :thumbsup:

    Angela, :no: to that fit and that hair

  • pinksghetti

    Eva paid $218 for those pants and over half of it is missing?:blink:

    Angela's outfit isn't cool but her hair looks nice.

  • prynsexxx

    I LOVE Eva's leggings! High, she very well may be, but those tights are FIYAH!

  • RoderickXYZ

    Eva is looking so good that I am thinking about switching teams.

  • Choco aka Hippie

    Eve looks stupid as well as Angela :coffee: