Judging by these pics, 10-year-old singer Willow Smith doesn't have much hair to whip. The pre-teen sensation took down her long braid extensions to allow her real hair to breathe. Judging from her ends, it looks like she could use a good cut and some leave-in conditioner. She's such a stylish kid. LOVE her Chanel shoes! I had no idea those shoes came in kiddie sizes. Willow was seen shopping with her nanny and several burly bodyguards at Hamleys Toy Store in London, England last night. She's in Europe on tour with her pal Justin Bieber and her brother, Jaden.

Justin Bieber, 16, was seen molesting his wax figure at Madame Tussaud's wax museum yesterday in London. There is no doubt that Justin is in love with himself. In some healthy individuals, that level of self-love is cathartic. But in Justin Bieber, it shows up as extreme arrogance. Hopefully he's working on his famous attitude.

R&B singer Jarvis was among the local celebs who came out to support troubled singer Chris Brown at his V-103 sponsored listening party in Atlanta yesterday. Early reviews of his fourth studio album, F.A.M.E., are lukewarm at best. The 21-year-old ex-con has tried everything to promote the CD, from leaking nude pics of himself to dying his hair canary blonde. He'd better hope he doesn't do Soulja Boy numbers.

Photos: Splash News Online

  • Phrozen1der

    :rofl: @Sandra #ThouShallNotComethfortheKiddies

    Ummm Bieber #NoComment Practice much?!

  • MissHarlem

    Type A shady but everyone has seen her real hair before their was a song.

  • Lady_L

    I actually like the songs that I have heard so far from CB's album.

  • MissHarlem


  • Lady_L

    sidenote** i'm listening to Jennifer Hudson's CD online.. she has some good songs so far, but damn she screams ALOT!!!!!

  • Tatted Diva

    Sandraaaaaaaa - PAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAAA - :rofl: You are c-a-razy! "Judging by these pics, 10-year-old singer Willow Smith doesn’t have much hair to whip." - You are slaying me today! :clap:

  • FoxE


    I was thinking the same thing :rofl:

  • Lady_L

    Sandra I'm having trouble uploading a new gravatar..do you know what's going on?

  • FoxE

    Lady_L says:

    sidenote** i’m listening to Jennifer Hudson’s CD online.. she has some good songs so far, but damn she screams ALOT!!!!!

    So she decided to take the Fantasia route?? Interesting :coffee:

  • Luvmybabygirl samarra

    Aunty, you are the Queen of following a diss with a compliment.. Willow's hair looking kinda crunchy with a shout out to her stylish shoes.. :rofl:

    Ummm Beiber looks more like a woman in the face then Serena Williams :rolleyes:

  • yvonne79

    For some reason, I think Chris' album will do pretty well. All of the singles that are played on the radio are bangers. I've never purchased a Chris Brown album however I'm thinking about adding this one to my collection. "Look at Me Now" is the jam... :bandan:

  • Luvmybabygirl samarra

    Hi Yvonne, I agree with you. Thats my ish right there. I love the video


    Im praying for Justin Biebers hair..I feel it needs its own intervention :yes:

    SUP YA'll :wave:

  • MissHarlem

    YVONNE you as well as your fam is in my prayers :hug:

  • Phrozen1der

    :warning: Do NOT talk about Jennifer Hudson :coffee:

  • Luvmybabygirl samarra

    What up Cha Cha,, Speaking of intervention.. that one of my fav shows lol..

  • lovezoe

    I think Breezy will do at least 100K. I will be in one of those numbers. Justin is Usher's protegee, of course is arrogant.

  • Phrozen1der

    @Yvonne his last album "Graffiti" IS a banger!!! :yes:

  • scorpio

    Why does Justin Bieber look like Hilary Swank in that roll she won the Oscar for some years ago, where she passed herself off as a boy. Boys Don't Cry is the movie.

  • Phrozen1der

    @ChaCha :hug:

  • Luvmybabygirl samarra

    Phro, you dont think her face looks kinda weird when she smiles since she lost all the weight???

  • http://MSN Martinigal

    Willow has a bodyguard now? Damn I need to step my game up lol! I don't care much for justin...I just don't get the hype.

  • Phrozen1der


  • Phrozen1der

    @Luv No I do not, I think anyone choosing to take their health seriously and keep their body in order WITHOUT surgery should be commended... :coffee:

  • Lady_L


    I guess she did.. cause she is screaming on all these songs. You already know she has a forceful voice anyway...

  • I Run New York

    SMH at Chris Brown acting like Kim Kardashian. It's not about talent and letting your music speak for yourself. Why must some artists resort to foolishness in order to move units.

  • Luvmybabygirl samarra

    Phrozen1der says:
    @Luv No I do not, I think anyone choosing to take their health seriously and keep their body in order WITHOUT surgery should be commended…
    I agree with you. I had lost 30 lbs with WW as well.. but her mouth just looks extra big to me now since she slimmed down. Ms Hunny looks good. Relax sheesh :lol:

  • MissHarlem

    Next week Tuesday I shall get that album

    CHA CHAAAAAAAAAA :hug: hey love

  • Phrozen1der

    @Luv O'ok, and Congrats as well.... :coffee:

  • yvonne79

    Thanks Miss Harlem! :hug:

    @Phrozen: Which songs were on "Graffiti"?

  • http://MSN Martinigal

    Sandra wrote:

    He’d better hope he doesn’t do Soulja Boy numbers.


    Ms. Sandra, dont wash bad mouth on CB now. If Chris pulls in Soulja Boy numbers it's a wrap!

  • Luvmybabygirl samarra

    Thanks Phro

  • Phrozen1der

    @Yvonne "Crawl", "Transform Ya"..etc

  • yvonne79

    With all due respect Phrozen, Jennifer looks like a bobble head. I am trying to fight the urge to sit her on the dash in the ride. For real! Think bacl to how Star Jones' head looked when she first lost all that weight. You can't tell me Jennifer's head doesn't look like that. I think once her head catches up with the rest of her buddy, she'll look her absolute best!!

  • Peachpussycat

    :waves: @ Phro **goes to give you hug but steps on the bottom of my dress and it rips off exposing my Hello Kitty bra and panties** Ooooops! :ashamed:

  • yvonne79

    But on another note, I will take a listen to that album. :D

  • Trendsetter

    Every other post is something pertaining to Chris Brown...would you please get off his nut sack!

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    It looks like Willow has plenty of hair to whip to me. I'm still confused about the Bieber relationship though. He's too old to be hanging with either of the Smith kids. Any why are they stalking him around the world?

    I kinda have the sneaking suspicion that Chris' CD is going to do ok. We'll see in a couple of weeks.

  • Peachpussycat

    But ummm... why is Joseph Beiber grabbing that wax figure like that?

  • Phrozen1der

    @Peach :lol: Nice!!

    @Yvonne Nah Jen's weight loss to me looks more natural, and even..Star (Much resepct tho) looked/looks like a saggy sack of potatoes NOT NATURAL...

  • Phrozen1der

    @Yvonne It's a really good album, CB is a gifted artist on the real. He just needs to get his personal life on track by making better choices.

  • Peachpussycat

    @Trendsetter I think the only nuts Sandra likes are honey roasted. But I understand, she stays talking about CB! Getting a little old.

  • Queen_City Gem

    Personally, i like the CB jabs cuz I'm a :hater: too (I can admit my flaws)

    Glad it was cleared up that Jarvis was a local ATL celeb cuz I was bout to say 'who this fukk ass dude..." but a little less vulgar

  • BigCityGirl


    The ex-con ???(Chris Brown)...come on Sandra..give him a break....you know he isn't an ex-con....LOL

  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco aka Hippie

    I will be purchasing FAME - y is dude gazing at Chris like that!


  • Trendsetter

    I must admit Willow hair does look horrible

  • ALBoy

    Trendsetter is tha tyou in your gravi? :coffee:

  • jazi65

    Willow - still cute despite damaged hair

    Bieber :yawn:

    cb - i will :rofl: if he does soulja's numbers after all these weeks of publicity stunts.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erLiSlxSS9c YSoSerious

    Sandra gone get enough of talking slick about people's kids. SMH

    Whatever to the rest of this post... :yawn:

  • MsSoloDiva

    @Sandra...I see that clever PhotoShop Of JB...not that I am concerned anyway... LOL

    P.S. Leave Willow Alone!!!

  • mamibutterfli

    When will the Chris Brown bashing end, Sandra??? I mean REALLY??? That is over and done with. Too, didn't Rihanna come @ you about that.... LEAVE CB alone!!!! I hope his album does GREAT just to shut YOU and the rest of the HATERS up!!!!

  • Daisy

    CB has gotten great cd reviews from Billboard and others #whomad