Last night's episode of BET's "The Game" was right on time. Didn't you want to hug Jason Pitts (Coby Bell) through the TV when he quit his TV show to spend more quality time with his daughter, Brit Brat, who was spiraling out of control? What a powerful message of responsibility and maturity! Too bad it won't alter the mindset of certain single fathers in our community who really needed to grasp the message of the episode.

In last night's episode, Jason struggled to right the wrong that he'd done to his only daughter by placing his selfish needs above hers. In real life, Bell and his wife, Aviss, 42, don't have such problems. Jason and Aviss have 2 sets of twins -- 3 girls and a boy. “We were trying for a boy and ended up with a boy and a girl!,” Bell told Life & Style magazine in 2009.


Chanita Foster of TV's "Football Wives" tweeted this pic on her Twitter page moments after the LA Lakers defeated our Atlanta Hawks 101-87 at Philips Arena last night. But the highlight of the game was the sight of R&B Diva Monica, Chanita and her sexy friend, Kimsha Artest (wife of Ron Artest), sitting at courtside with all the other celebrities.

Kimsha's Twitter page is @Msmish37Laker, but her tweets are protected. If you want to follow her you will have to be very creative, or lucky. I requested to follow her but I struck out.

Monica tweeted this pic of her son, Lil Rocko, 5, and Desean Jackson, 24, of the Philadelphia Eagles. Isn't it uncanny how much Desean resembles Mo's husband, Lakers guard Shannon Jackson?

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It was the stuff nightmares are made of...

Christopher George Latore Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls and The Notorious BIG, lost his life in a hail of bullets fired by an unknown assailant just moments after leaving the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA, 14 years ago today. He was just 24.

If you were logged on to the social networking site,, late last night then you saw Biggie Smalls' only daughter, T'Yanna Wallace, tweet her touching shout out to her dad.

Others tweeted condolences, photos, videos and private memories of their precious time spent with Biggie before his untimely passing.

Writer dream hampton, one of Biggie's closest friends, did all of that and more:

March 9, 1997
Los Angeles

My phone rings. It is after midnight and I am sleeping. I think it might be Biggie. He always calls late. But it is not. It is someone telling me that Biggie was shot, that he might be dead. I hang up on the person. Someone else calls. They tell me Biggie is indeed dead. I hang up on them too. But I call Puff. His cell phone is turned off. It is never turned off.

I feel the first signs of panic. I call my best friend in L.A. and she makes it to my house in Silver Lake in a matter of minutes. We drive to Cedars Sinai, where she heard he has been taken. In front of the emergency room is the Suburban he’d rented. There is police tape around it and a tightly formed pattern of bullet holes in the passenger dor, where Big would have been sitting.

The panic is real now. I call his best friend Damien. A girl answers the phone, tells me it’s true. Damien is with Faith at her hotel and he’ll meet me at Big’s hotel room. He has to make all the hard phone calls. To Un and L and Kim in New York, to Big’s girl Tiffany in Philly. To Big’s mom.

‘This nigga, who ain’t never hurt nobody,” Damien keeps saying. “I could see if it was one of us.” Cease stares out the window, unable to speak or move. In a few hours he will put his arm through the window and stitches will be required to close the wound. “One fucking bullet.” That’s how it happened. There were no last words. “I been shot mad times—niggas get shot.” Damien sounds as if he were up pacing the room, but he’s sitting on the couch, his head in his hands, exhausted. On his right arm is the psalm that Big had tattooed in the same spot a week earlier.

The hotel room is covered with Big’s clothes. Custom-made Versace, The gator loafers he bought when he came to Detroit. Big’s mother is on her way to the airport in Queens. Un is driving her. T’Yanna’s mother Jan and Mann from the neighborhood are accompanying her on the flight. She hears on the early-morning radio what she would not allow herself to believe when Damien called. The sun is beginnig to rise in Big’s hotel room. Damien needs to sleep but promises he will not, nor will he shower, until “I get my man out this motherfucker.”

When Mrs. Wallace lands at LAX it is scorching. She thinks L.A. is the cruelest, most awful place on the planet. She vows never to return, “except to look my son’s murderer in the face. To ask him ‘Why?’”

“This nigga died from one ass bullet,” Damien keeps repeating as if trying to find logic in the details of the absurd. Cease stares at the rising sun. Damien tilts his head back on the couch, covers his eyes with one arm, and lets his tears flow. “One ass bullet.”

Click the link below to watch dream hampton's rare archival footage of Biggie and his entourage (including hampton) getting kicked out of a 4-star hotel.

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One of AJ Jewell's daughters is in critical condition in Grady hospital at this hour. Police say Asheley Jewell, 15, and other teens were riding in a car on Old National highway Saturday night when someone in another vehicle opened fire. Jewell (pictured above) was hit in the back of the head. She was transported to Grady hospital where she remains in a coma.

Police said road rage may be a possible motive in the case, according to Fox 5 News.

A.J. Jewell was once engaged to "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Kandi Burruss. He died after a fight in the parking lot of a strip club in 2009. He left behind six kids.

"My heart feels heavy 2day," Kandi Burruss tweeted on her Twitter page about Asheley. "I have my daughter & her friends so I'm trying to keep smiling but I'm worried about some1 else I care about."

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I'm laughing at Evelyn Lozada for suddenly finding her pride and self-respect after whoring herself out for fame and riches on a reality TV show. Evelyn has made a living all her life disrespecting herself for Louis bags. It is hard on a h* out there. She's still winning though.

Sources close to the reality star tell

... Evelyn feels producers violated her trust by allegedly divulging sensitive information about an illicit relationship she had in the past.

We're told Evelyn believes producers leaked the information to a female cast member in an effort to incite a violent confrontation between the two women on the show.

We're told Evelyn feels completely betrayed and even fired off an email to producers last night ... saying she wants to leave the show for good.

So far, no official comment from Evelyn.

A black man who beat a Hispanic woman into a coma during an argument over a parking space in Manhattan, now wishes he'd just let her hit him.

Oscar Fuller, a 35-year-old, 150-pound father of two, is claiming self-defense.

He says Lana Rosas hit him first before he landed a punch on her jaw, sending the 4ft 11in, 100 pound woman crumpling to the ground. The punch knocked 25-year-old Rosas out cold as she hit her head on the concrete. She has been in a coma at Bellevue Hospital ever since the February 25 incident.

The argument ensued when Fuller steered his Plymouth Voyager into a parking space in East Village only to find Rosas standing there holding the space for her boyfriend, Joseph Oliver, who was making a U-turn across the street. When Rosas refused to move and let Fuller have the space, he got out of his car to confront her.

Fuller's attorney told the court that Fuller acted out of instinct, not intent, when he sucker punched Rosas as her boyfriend came running.

Fuller was charged with felony assault and released on $100,000 bond during a court hearing yesterday. He's now saying all the right things to pacify a community that is outraged at his cowardly behavior.

The electrician from Queens, apologized to Rosas and her family today, saying "I wish I just let her hit me. It was out of reflex, just a reaction that went the wrong way."

Despite expressing regret and remorse, it was a different Fuller who attempted to get away after laying Rosas out on the concrete. Luckily, a citizen witnessed the incident and wrote down Fuller's license plate number.

Fuller said he attended a child's birthday party after the assault.

He has prior arrests for assault and drug possession. Fuller's next court date is on April 7.


Thanks to loyal reader Sweta Shah of 5W Public Relations for sending along these pics from the elegant dinner that took place at the Waldorf Astoria, hosted by legendary entertainer, Bill Cosby last night:

For the 37th year, the star-studded Gala paid tribute to those who embody the humanitarian ideals of Jackie Robinson and who helped raise money for the Foundation's premiere minority scholarship and mentoring program. This 2010-2011 academic year, JRF provided generous financial aid and program support to 220 Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars representing 31 states and the District of Columbia and enrolled in 92 different colleges and universities across the country.

This year's honorees included Sean "Diddy" Combs (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bad Boy Entertainment Group), Ingrid Saunders Jones (Senior Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company), and Joseph R. Perella (Founding Partner, Chairman and CEO of Perella Weinberg Partners) for their charitable and philanthropic contributions and innovation in the music, fashion and financial arenas, respectively.

Mayor Bloomberg made a speech and contributing to the unforgettable evening, Russell Simmons (Founder, Def Jam Records), Ray McGuire (Head of Global Investment Banking, Citi) and Reverend Dr. Calvin Butts III (Pastor, Abyssinian Baptist Church) introduced the nominees. Music artist Chrisette Michele wowed the crowd with a special performance as well.

Photos by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images North America

Musicians Kanye West and Katy Perry were among the well-heeled celebrities sitting front and center at the Jean-Charles Castelbajac Fall Winter 2011 2012 fashion show in Paris earlier today. I wish I was rich (and not afraid to fly) so I could jet around the world attending fashion shows at my leisure. It must be nice!

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As you know, I am not a big fan of Chris Brown's music. His high-pitched vocals are annoying, and the subject matter is usually pointless. But in this latest leak from his upcoming album, I find it interesting that Brown continues to pine away for Rihanna.

Brown wails that nobody compares to Rihanna. "When I'm with her, all I want is you/Now I realize that she ain't you," he sings plaintively.

He even mimics Rihanna's "Oh, na na na na" in the song's chorus. How pathetic is that?

This is bordering on stalkerish behavior. No wonder Rihanna employs two bodyguards, while Beyonce gets by with only one.

Anyway, Fresh posted pics of Brown with his latest victim girlfriend, Tran Karraueche, at a basketball game over the weekend. This is the same chick who responded "Wow" on her Twitter page after Brown leaked his graphic peen pics to WorldStar Hip Hop to boost his album sales.

This song -- coupled with Brown's bizarre attention-seeking behavior -- is further proof that Brown hasn't grown as a man since the unfortunate incident that nearly destroyed his career in 2009. Clearly, Karrueche has no common sense or she would leave that fool in a hurry.