Thanks to celebrity blogger Karen Civil for sending along this video of rapper Lil Wayne clearing up the Cougar rumor.

As you may recall, posted the Exclusive pics of Lil Wayne hugged up with his stylist, Marisa Flores, at Compound nightclub earlier this week.

"This is my stylist Marisa..." Wayne says in an interview with DJ Scoob Doo. "This is the reason why I'm flyer than all you ni**as... y'all owe my girl an apology, man."

Weezy then shouts out Notre Dame point guard Skylar Diggins. Apparently, he's trying hard to make Skylar his baby mama #5. But how disturbing is it that a grown man is stalking a 18-year-old college student?

Despite all the denials about Wayne and his stylist getting it in, the pictures tell a different story.

But in this case, maybe the old adage: "Believe nothing you see, and only half of what you hear," is appropriate.

Photos by Prince Williams/

  • Mamacita

    I thought it was believe half of what you see and nothing you hear :shrug:

    Anywho, I doubt they're sleeping together because if they were his SUPER SPERM would've gotten her pregnant by now...

    And he's not fly so she's not much of a stylist. He wear t-shirts and jeans. How hard can that be????

  • RatchetFree

    Fly? :rofl: He might look like a fly, but dress fly.....not so much. :no:

    Run Skylar run!!!! Don't get caught up!! :no:

  • daprinceofradio

    something i saw on twitter last night. " Lil wayne needs to be more particular about where he leaves his sperm. Well...never mind.

    *Coughs* TOYA

  • Anna

    Mamacita says:

    Anywho, I doubt they’re sleeping together because if they were his SUPER SPERM would’ve gotten her pregnant by now…
    She's too old. :lol:

  • eastpointvet

    guess that for aunty

  • renegadesince1985

    He's really trying to get with that Skylar girl huh?

    DON'T DO IT GIRL!!!!!!!!!! :nono:

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    I don't think Skylar like dyck but that hoe is BAD. :yes:

  • kahmmillion

    Wow, that's how stylists are looking these days? No wonder Wayne looks a hot dam stinky mess all the time.

  • LilMissRed

    OH. OK. I doubt anyone REALLY cares one way or another tho-SERIOUSLY. :shrugs:

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    She's 20 and he's 28. That's not really a big deal. I just hope she has some dignity and ignores him. He doesn't want her to be his boo. He's doing all the public groveling just to get in the panties and keep it moving. But then again Man could be right....

  • Celebish Like

    My daughter goes to Notre Dame and she and Skylar are friends. They both are ONLY 20 YEARS OLD..BORN IN 1990!! What is wrong with Weezy?? Maybe he's just a fan. *shrugs*

  • Terri B


    Now I don't know Sklyar's sexual preference because I have seen her off the court and she can look very girly. But every girl that knows how to push the rock is not gay.