They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in rapper Drake's case it's got to be annoying. Drake's late night, drunken phone call to a past love (who has found a love of her own) stirred something deep inside other artists, who found it necessary to record their own versions of "Marvin's Room", even though no one asked them to.

The only version I listened to -- or I should say, tolerated -- was white soul singer JoJo's. Unfortunately, her fake emotion wasn't very convincing. With Drake, you can feel his pain. He knows it's his loss when he tells her, "The woman that I would try/ is happy with a good guy/ but I've been drinking so much/ that I'ma call her anyway and say/ f*ck that nigga that you love so bad..."

You have to know that kind of pain to make others feel it. No one makes you feel heartache like Drake. All other artists need to fall in line behind him because they'll never be first as long as he's breathing. As Neo would say, he's The One!

Chris Brown's "Marvin's Room" remix is on the other side

  • kahmmillion

    Can't stand his old looking self. Looking like my 60 yro grandfather. Ugh!

  • renegadesince1985


  • kahmmillion

    I'm so sick and tired of Old Money/Young Money/Hot Boyz...whatever the hell they want to call themselves. I am so sick and tired of hearing Wayne's screechy arse voice on every single song that it played on the radio. I have to keep my radio on the old school station. If i hear Wayne's voice one more time for the day I am gonna punch myself in the eye.

  • Tatted Diva

    IS IT JUST ME OR is Drake beginning to look like a dirty old man??? I hated the way his hair and gear were looking @ the BET Awards....Now this fool wants to rock this ish on a permanent???!!! UGH! It's kinda reminding me how Jay-Z was looking when he called himself growing out his hair! TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS, not everyone need to let their hair grow out. Half the time, it won't grow, the other half, it looks like a cheap ass carpet has been transplanted onto their head!


  • ValerieB1

    I rock with YMCMB, they grinding. To my understanding Drake hair is for his role in an upcoming movie.

  • xamaycan

    I agree Sandy I hate that other artists want to cover this song and do a video (side eye teYAWNa taylor) before he gets a chance too. Disrespectful if you ask me!

  • SamYell JacksEm is AWESOME

    He looks like the guy that plays Borat.

  • mrsloveleigh

    I'm realizing more and more that i'm a Drake fan

  • PurrtySmile

    SamYell JacksEm is AWESOME says:

    He looks like the guy that plays Borat.



  • Fayla

    all Drake's songs sound alike to me, his flow doesn't change :shrug:

  • laci

    @ SamYell

    LOL too funny

  • laci

    I think drake is okay looking, but I prefer a more clean cut, suit fitted man.

  • SunRiseBlossom


  • Fayla

    :rofl: @Awesome!!! he does tho!

  • SamYell JacksEm is AWESOME

    Fayla says:

    all Drake’s songs sound alike to me, his flow doesn’t change
    1. :cosign: I was beginning to think I was the only one that noticed that.
    2. Is that you in the gravi?

  • eastpointvet

    christopher brown made the best version besides the original

  • Fayla

    @Awesome yep that's me..

  • Fayla

    @Awesome, I mean he's talented no doubt but if u've heard one Drake song, u've heard 'em all..IMO

  • TruGemini

    xamaycan says:

    I agree Sandy I hate that other artists want to cover this song and do a video

    Who did the song first? And why all the hype about it? :shrug: I've been hearing / reading alot about it but still haven't taken the time to listen to it. And YES Drake looks a mess as usual...BUT he has always looked akward to me...

  • PrytiBrownIs

    Morning Folks. i agree its disrespectful for them to do video's before he has a chance to

  • SamYell JacksEm is AWESOME

    I don't dislike him but I'm not a fan either. You can switch a verse out of every song he's done with a verse from another song he's done and no one would be able to tell the difference. He showed Weezy that you don't have to be ABLE to sing, just WILLING to sing and the girls will come. Voila! How to Love was created.....

  • Ms. Everything

    I like Drake's scruffy look, it's kinda sexy to me, I just wish he would fire whatever stylist he has working for him. Although I will say his EBT look was better than some of his other styles :shrugs:

    As far as the other versions of this song, I think it's disrespectful to take another artist's hard work and release it as your own period. Whether you put your own spin on it or not that sh!t is just wrong and tacky to me. ESPECIALLY when it's already established artists doing it. I wish somebody would take my ish and "remix" it :cuss: . Put your own songs out and if you can't get decent material than find better writers or pick a different career path. That's just laziness

  • spongebobfan

    i :heart: drake

  • Ms. Everything

    oh yeah and :cosign: East.. Chris's version is the best out of all the remixes imo

  • Daisy

    I HATE Drakes version of this song but I LOVE JoJos and Teyana Taylors. I thought CBs version was just ok.

  • BlackBeauti

    Is it me or does the girl on the phone sounds like Rihanna? Kahmillion you stole my avatar.... hmmmmmmmmm

  • EssenceofU

    OAN: I miss T.I.! I'm ready for the Kang to come on back and take his throne!

  • Daisy

    @xyz I :heart: Teyana she is very talented to me she killed her remix

    @east u back to calling him Christopher I see :lol:

  • Daisy

    @essence I miss the Kang too I stans for my baby boo TI :hump: I hope he comes back hard!! :dance:

  • missknowitall

    am I the only one who doesn't give a flying flip about Drake or his music :rolleyes:

  • Fieryearthchild

    You are not the only one... I find it mind boggling why everyone wants to jump on this track. :hater:

  • howmanylicks_07

    Why this nig look like that dude Borat in these pics. Like his music though

  • howmanylicks_07

    Didnt see the earlier comment about his Borat looking a$$

  • TronBrezzy

    Me don't like this song, the over use of the N word is def not needed. Plus all his songs sound like every other song on his last album!