It appears that troubled producer Kanye West is still unofficially blacklisted in the music industry.

According to Hollywood Life, Even though Kanye and Justin chilled together in a studio back in February, the world's most recognizable teen won't have anything to do with Kanye's new collaboration album with Jay Z.

Kanye, 34, reached out to Justin, 17, in order to have him work on Kanye’s upcoming collaboration album with Jay-Z, Watch The Throne. Even though the duo already has some high-profile guests lined up, including Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, they may not be able to land the teen sensation, a source tells exclusively.

“Justin likes Kanye’s music, but he’s worried he’s done too many controversial things and it would hurt his image,” a source close to Justin’s management says. “Between the sex scandals, political gaffes and interrupting Taylor Swift, Kanye is known as a genius but a big risk to associate with!”

Justin and Kanye sort of collaborated in the past when Kanye remixed Justin's hit song, “Runaway Love” with old school rapper Raekwon. But apparently Justin declined to work with the "Monster" rapper, or Jay Z, on any current project.

  • SexxxyDimeDiva

    Wow! A 16 yr old narcissist had the audacity to recline to work with a much older one! :claps: :shrugs:

  • ALBoy

    Good thinking Justin cause Bron and kanye was gone run that Am Trac on you boy :coffee:

  • speakinmymind

    slow news day? :zzz:

  • prynsexxx

    Nobody's checking for Justin anyway.

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    justin who?? lawd these artist now a days kanye is a fukn genious in music so watec justin :coffee:


    Al can we not talk negative about Leebrun

  • Eb

    But Justin works with Chris Brown...............

  • xamaycan

    This is news?

  • xamaycan

    I mean, what artist isnt hesitant about working with Kanye

  • ALBoy

    @ Eb Chris will only fight him not rape him side eyeing Drake :coffee:

  • Tainted_Love

    Justin doesn't deserve to work with Kanye.
    Say what you want about ye, but he is a genius!

  • jazi65

    Eb says:

    But Justin works with Chris Brown……………

    :cosign: and :blink:

  • Tainted_Love


  • StillASassyOne

    LOL! I thyink Kanye will probably be around much longer than Justin. That "teen-candy, hearthrob" gig runs out rather quickly and as soon as most of these artists start having wet dreams. So Justin better get put on while he can.

  • BandanaMac

    But he has no problem working with Chris Brown? I smell doo doo butter of the bull variety.

    If he did jump on it I probably wouldn't buy it, I'm hoping that this album is more Kanye's last album than a pop record.

  • Sandra Rose

    StillASassyOne says:

    I thyink Kanye will probably be around much longer than Justin.


  • Hard Hitter

    JB's people (folks managing his career) better tread lightly. Yeezy's production and star appeal can't be denied and JB will not be a teeny bopper forever (ask NSync, Bow Weezy, ...). JB will need some "grown man music" one day. You never know who you will have to call on a favor from.

  • sammy

    I believe that album will do well without him anyway. I thought he wanted to colab with Jay maybe since Selena and Taylor are frenz he doesnt want to ruin his relationship with Taylor I definately think its his loss who knows maybe that is his only chance of colaborating with Jay. Kanye is the bomb I like that new joint he produced for Beyonce & andre 3000

  • qtipthecat

    I think Justin is too young to make those decisions for himself. His manager or his mom probably decided this for him.