The 2011 BET Awards are in the can. And while most of is buzzing about BET’s shameful attempt at a stunt gone horribly wrong, everyone else is talking about comedian Kevin Hart’s off-the-cuff “Househusbands of Hollywood” skit, starring Hart, aka Little Trick; Bobby Brown (aka Da King), Nelly (aka The Juice Man), Anthony Anderson, Nick Cannon and Tami Roman as Little Trick’s wife. I still don’t think Kevin Hart is funny at all.

Parts 2 and 3 after the break!

  • missmiami

    Tammi looks good. Like she has had some work done, lost weight and has a few $$$ to spare. Totally different than the first season of BBALL WIVES.

  • spongebobfan

    Kevin is FUNNY, if you dont think he funny..who DO you like?? this skit was highlight of the night…i could watch a real show on this

  • spongebobfan

    (did evayln get royalties off that shirt or something tho?)

  • Dawn Sheen

    spongebobfan says:

    Kevin is FUNNY, if you dont think he funny..who DO you like??

    Kevin Hart is funny… funny looking but not funny haha nor funny Miguel…

    I never bought into him or Kat Williams… I pretty much clocked out after Kings of Comedy.

  • French KI$$E$

    Bobby knocked out Scott Baio (spellcheck) in 94??? :lol:

    Ehhh i liked the idea, they could have come come with better skits
    i liked the 3rd one :coffee: tami always makes her presence know

    Anybody gonna tune in to Ravin’s new show “Georgia” ????

  • Avanti

    Lol that was a good laugh. Poor Kev just kept getting the water thrown at him! They made me crave more comedy… seems like tv is filled w/ just reality shows & 24 hr political news these days.

  • lexdiamonz

    that dude is not FUNNY AT ALL not hating just stating he has that chris rock steez not a good look…. and tami looks good them BBW checks been rolling in i see……

  • kingstonn


    umm for all of you who are saying Kevin is not funny, please get a free trial to Netflix, or purchase a subscription for $8 a month, and watch Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny. because if you have seen that and still say dude is not funny, something is wrong. for real.

    anyways, he did a great job and Tami looks really good here.

  • Anna

    The Skit was funny. Kevin is funny because he is close to the ground (short). Team Tammy.

  • PurrtySmile

    Kevin Hart is so freaking hilarious! He was mainly the reason why I watched the award show last night…represent philly! He could actually have a show and i would watch it. Oh and BTW :newbie:

  • PurrtySmile

    And what in theee heck was Bobby Brown talking about?? Soooo funny…

  • TheRealAshland

    Damn Nelly’s body… OMG

  • HoneyInCharge

    @ Kingston DITTO…Kevin is def a funny lil mofo! These skits were funny to me! :rofl:

  • TheRealAshland

    ok sandra, that was funny…. i lol ..ok off to the gym…

  • bnatural

    I love it. It was creative and very funny. Nick Cannon looks soooooo gooooood!

    Nelly “He looked like he was thirsty.” :rofl:

  • MsOnederful

    @Kingston Kevin is seriously not funny! You may wanna get ready to reimburse a whole bunch of folks who will waste $8 dollars on that 1.5 hour stand-up act that was NOT funny. Morning everybody! One last thing Kevin tried. I will say this, he was not BAD, as far as his hosting gig was concerned.

  • MsOnederful

    Hi Purty :)

  • kingstonn

    @ msonederful
    :shrug: that’s your opinion boo.

  • yvonne79

    :yawn: …the first two skits weren’t funny at all but I was feeling the last one. Tammy looks really good!!

  • allwrightyden


    I totally agree and don’t need netflix to know that Kevin is definitely funny. He was refreshing to the BET Awards lame azz show. Kelly Rowland and Kevin was the highlight of the night. They really should consider making a reality show out of the househusbands, it was hilarious! #imjustsayin

  • Queen_City Gem

    OMG… what da fukk eva …Kevin Hart is hilarious

    “Ok Bobby…I’on know what the fukk you tombout…I’on even know why you said that….” :rofl: :rofl:

  • Queen_City Gem

    They really should consider making a reality show out of the househusbands.

    There was a ‘Househusbands of Hollywood’ that had Daryl Bell (Tempest Bledsoe’s b/f) and some other dudes on it. Forgot what station and of course it wasn’t as entertaining as the BET version…

  • steph L

    Auntie, it was entertaining…I don’t think Kevin is funny, either, but he pulled it off. :yes:

  • GAGIRL87

    Kevin Hart isn’t “dat” funny to me I don’t see what’s the big deal about him :shrugs:. Honestly he can get a bit annoying at times :coffee: I love my ole skool comicview comedians… Where ya’ll @ The skits were okay… Team Tammy :)

  • kahmmillion

    This here was the funniest crap ever. My goodness. Can’t pick between this and Kelly Roland. Only two things that happened in the show worth talking about.

  • SexxxyDimeDiva

    I’m sorry, but i have to agree w/Sandra on this one! KH is not funny all the time, yes he do have his moments! However when he is compared to the likes of Richard Pryor, Bernie Mack, & Chris Rock who are funny all the time, Kevin is still in the league w/the ameatures!! JMO

  • KK76

    The highlight of the show for me personally :coffee:

  • YSoSerious

    I laughed. :shrugs:

  • EssenceofU

    Loved the skits! Hollywood Husbands was hilarious! I had tears in my eyes!

    BTW, the reason there are SO many successful comics……..people have different tastes. Just ’cause Kevin isn’t funny to some, doesn’t mean he isn’t hilarious to others. Variety IS the spice of life people. Just my 2 cents!

  • eastpointvet

    i think kevin hart killed it his opening was funny and the skits were funny so thats a home run in my book. and seriously funny was seriously funny. i just hope they get somebody else for the bet hiphop awards because mike epps is terrible i actually laughed more at nick cannon last standup more than mike epps last comedy special. but different people find different types of comedy funny and i guess kevin hart is one of my types.

  • EssenceofU

    @Eastpoint, Ditto! Also, Kevin seemed sincerely honored to be host! Former hosts have acted as tho’ BET should be honored that they accepted as host.

  • Danielle

    I think Kevin Hart is hilarious! Tami is looking fierce too…

  • Danielle

    @ East

    Yes!! I think Mike Epps is hilarious in movies but his standup is weak.


    :rofl: the chit was funny!

  • DMisses

    I think the skit was hilarious, the best part of the show imo because the performances all sucked except for Kelly rockin the sombrero lol

  • PurrtySmile

    Good Morning MsOnederful….

  • alexander

    that skit was the funniest part of the show and when tammi came in it just took the cake…i can’t wait to watch her tonight on BBall Wives.

  • KishaMinyonn

    I thought the skits were the highlight of the show. I flipped channels during a lot of the performances.

  • caligirl

    @kingstonn says:

    Kevin Hart is funny! I’ve only seen his DVD’s because each time I try gettings tix’s they are SOLD OUT!

  • caligirl

    @spongebobfan says:

    (did evayln get royalties off that shirt or something tho?)

    NO, because the shirts and what he said was different.

  • Ms.Fashion

    Man the skits were hilarious!!! I kept saying through the show…Show another damn skit!!!! beats me seeing some of those performances.

    Did anybody catch him tell Will,” I am warning you after the break, I am going in on Jada’s pants!! I was weak!!!!!!!

  • Quin

    Hilarious. I’ve always loved Kevin Hart!! (With his lil self) LOL!!