U.S. President Barack Obama said he would resign if he were in NY Congressman Anthony Weiner's shoes.

Obama said Monday that Weiner's behavior -- sending vulgar photos of himself to at least six women on the Internet -- was "highly inappropriate" and that Weiner had embarrassed himself, his wife and his family.

Obama stopped short of calling for Weiner's resignation, and he doesn't have the power to fire Weiner. But Obama said Weiner "should probably step back" if he couldn't perform his job duties effectively.

Obama made the statements during an interview for NBC's "Today Show" on Monday.

A White House spokesman called the media frenzy surrounding Weiner "a distraction from the important business that this President needs to conduct and Congress needs to conduct."

Weiner has stubbornly refused to step down despite calls from fellow Democrats to resign. About 20 of Weiner's constituents rallied in front of his office calling for his resignation on Monday.

The embattled congressman took a leave of absence on Friday to seek unspecified treatment for an unspecified problem. Weiner most likely suffers from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is very difficult to cure.

  • blackdiamondthemodel

    :cosign: This dude got way to many Eddie Long type pictures floating around!

  • http://twitter.com/_imOther_ Mamacita

    :yawn: Yeah, I agree. I think he should resign but this story is draging out waaaaay too long! I'm sick of hearing about it!

  • Mother Jefferson

    Obama know Michelle be breaking out the wips and chains, thats how them politicians get down :coffee:

  • LuvMySailor

    If the majority of his constiuients want him to stay, he should stay.

  • LuvMySailor

    Democrats need a scapegoat because they got slaughtered during mid-term elections and are fearful of the upcoming Presidental election. As if the GOPers don't have scandels of their own....least he was sendig photos to women

  • Tee

    He ain't going anywhere! #carryon :waves:

  • SunRiseBlossom


    With Obama on this one!!!

  • mexidorean

    Will someone please leak naked pictures so we can keep it moving?

  • AllNYC

    Weiner needs to resign already. His district is on the chopping block anyway so his resignation will get the ball rolling.
    Pelosi has already stated that he will NOT get committee assignments and that's where the real policymaking goes down. All debates will be shut down with a derisive "Shut up! I've seen your weewee!"