The gay media has a new poster child to generate sympathy for their cause and to further their agenda of promoting gay acceptance.

His name Kirk Murphy, and he was a successful accountant until he hanged himself in 2003 at age 38.

Normally when a person commits suicide, it is usually due to depression and despair that has been undiagnosed or untreated for years.

But nowadays when a gay person commits suicide, the media latches on to the story and repackages it to push their gay social acceptance agenda, as if depression had nothing to do with it. Just this week, a former Duke University and Chicago Bulls basketball star leaped from the roof of the NY athletic club and plunged to his death.

His name was Tom Emma, 49, and he was not gay that we know of. So the media handled his death differently. A few paragraphs into an article reporting his death comes the words: “Sources told the Daily News that Emma had been depressed.”

Nowhere in the reports on Kirk Murphy’s suicide do you see the words “depressed” or “depression.” Why? Because it doesn’t fit the gay media agenda.

Even though he died in 2003, Mr. Murphy’s family knew that all they had to do was mention the words “anti-gay” and “suicide” in the same sentence and his story would make headlines all over the country.

Kirk Murphy was an effeminate boy who preferred playing with girls toys and dressing in girls clothing. So, when he was 5, his mother took him to a government-funded program at UCLA to try to cure his effeminate behavior. Dr George Rekers, who founded the program, was an anti-gay activist who was outed by a Miami newspaper last year when he was spotted at the Miami airport with a gay male escort whom he had hired to travel with him.

Mr. Murphy’s siblings blames Dr. Rekers and the UCLA program for their brother’s suicide, even though he took his life 33 years after the therapy.

According to London tabloid the Daily Mail, “Kirk’s family believe the therapy directly contributed to his death, and say he was never the same again after the sessions to get rid of his ‘sissy’ characteristics, which included instructing his father to beat him for feminine traits.”

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Rihanna brought out Canadian native Drake to perform during her Toronto concert last night. What a surprise that must have been to see their beloved son Drake and Rihanna on the same stage! Drake performed his hits “Over” and “I’m On One” before performing a duet of “What’s My Name” with Rihanna.

Rihanna’s Loud Tour stops in Atlanta at the Chastain Amphitheater on July 12.

Source: MI via ATF

And you guys thought bloggers were bad? Yesterday, the major news networks worked themselves into a frenzy after a Texas sheriff reported that 30 “dismembered bodies of children” had been unearthed in a mass grave in Texas.

Not wanting to miss out on the possible scoop of the century, the major news organizations ordered all of their reporters to drop what they were doing and get into the air, by plane or helicopter, to descend upon the sleepy Texas town of Hardin.

In the end, it all turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by a nutcase “psychic,” who called in the original tip about a mass grave.

This story should never have grown to the proportions that it did. But thanks to social media — and spurred on by bloodthirsty news organizations — the hoax grew legs and led all news broadcasts last night.

The word “psychic” should have raised a flurry of red flags, if not with the gullible media, then at least with the FBI who should have known better.

For more info on this story, read: How one psychic conned the Texas police, the FBI, the media and the world

According to online reports:

Police have found the bodies of up to 30 children buried in a mass grave at a home in Texas, it has been reported. Officers from Liberty County, in Texas, were tipped off about the alleged mass grave, located in a rural county east of Houston. Up to 30 dismembered bodies are thought to have been discovered at the home by authorities, with the majority thought to be the corpses of children.

The FBI are investigating and about 15 police cars and sniffer dogs are on the scene, at an intersection of two roads between Hardin and Daisetta. A 16-year-old girl who lives next door the home where the bodies were found neighbour said the occupant of the property moved out a week ago. The woman is thought to have lived at the home with her fiancée and her her parents, who are long-haul truck drivers.


Update I, 7:18 p.m.:

According to

The FBI is at the scene of a potential mass grave along with state and local law enforcement who are awaiting the arrival of a search warrant to begin digging at a home in Liberty County, Texas.

Local police received a telephone tip “from a psychic” of a mass grave containing thirty dismembered bodies, including children. When police arrived at the location they found nothing.

The psychic then advised police that they went to the wrong house.

“They go back out and go to the house and see something dark that could have been blood, and do a persumpting test that it was human blood.”

Liberty County sheriff’s spokesman Rex Evans said officers had not exhumed any bodies.

“At this time we have not recovered any bodies,” he said. “We only received information of a possible crime scene here at this location. Upon our arrival we determined that there was a need for a search warrant. Once that warrant arrives at the scene we will further our investigation.”

The FBI are investigating and about 15 police cars and sniffer dogs are on the scene.

According to E! Online, troubled musician Kanye West gave the media the silent treatment as he walked the red carpet at the CDFA Fashion Awards yesterday. He told reporters multiple times that he wasn’t answering any questions and he barely made eye contact with the press.

In addition to not speaking to the media since after his album dropped (and flopped), Kanye hasn’t updated his Twitter account in months.

This silent treatment behavior by a narcissist is known as ‘mental murder’ because, in a sense, you are dead to them.

The silent treatment is one of the tools in the narcissist’s sinister arsenal. It is the ultimate rejection. In the narcissist’s arsenal, the silent treatment is a form of mental abuse.

When someone you love deeply gives you the silent treatment, the pain can be especially intense. The narcissist can ignore you for days, weeks, or even years. The narcissist usually ignores you until you apologize to them — even though they were the cause of the conflict in the first place!

This is why the behavior is so abusive because the narcissist knows that no healthy person would apologize for something they didn’t do. In this way they prey on your weakness and break down your defenses.

If you find yourself in a relationship with anyone who gives you the silent treatment for longer than 8 hours, please RUN!

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Beyonce’s new music “1+1” and “Best Thing I Never Had” held so much promise for her comeback. But her latest leaked track, “Party” featuring rapper Andre 3000, is another major disappointment from Bey’s much-anticipated ‘4’ album. “Party” was produced by Kanye West and Consequence, and samples Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh’s classic, “La Di Da Di,” according to Another track off the album, “Countdown”, also leaked this morning and it is equally as disappointing as this one.

Image source: TF

Deion Sanders’s wife, the lovely Pilar Sanders, had the best line on last night’s episode of VH1’s ‘Single Ladies’. Pilar plays the long suffering wife of the serial cheater Atlanta mayor, played by rapper Common. After confronting her husband’s mistress, April (Charity Shea), in a clothing boutique, she said, “Please forgive me. I don’t know the exact protocol for when I run into one of my husband’s WHORES!” She then went on to undress April verbally. She ended the verbal beat down by saying, “You should have kept your legs closed like you’re keeping your mouth closed now!” If you missed last night’s episode, click here.

Rumor has it that Pilar and April’s scene was so realistic because Pilar was drawing from real life experiences after catching her husband, Deion, cheating with a LSLH mistress. I’m told that his mistress doesn’t look as good as Pilar does. Ouch, that’s got to hurt.

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Loyal reader Tiff Stewart writes:


Yesterday, The actress Meagan Good and her best friend actress Lil B stopped in the Micheal Kors store at the Beverly Center here in LA. Both ladies were very sweet and took the time to take pictures with all of the staff and customers.

Meagan loves bags and bought 2 bags priced at about $1500 one of them being the skoprios ring toteas well as a dress. Lil B bought a clutch at 800. Both ladies are very beautiful in person . Hope you have a great day.