According to RapRadar, Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee appeared in New York Criminal Court this morning and pled guilty to public lewdness and exposure. If you recall, back on March 30th, the famed music producer, whose real name is Calvin Lebrun, 42, was arrested for engaging in a lewd sexual act in his car with male prostitute Lawrence Campbell, 20.

In the police report, the arresting officer wrote that he observed defendant Campbell manipulating defendant Lebrun’s “exposed, naked, and erect penis” in a public place where he might “readily be observed.” And that Campbell’s mouth and lips were firmly attached to Lebrun’s penis “in an up-and-down motion consistent with oral sex.”

When the news first broke, Mister Cee created a Twitter account to vigorously defend his questionable manhood. Other deejays, who have had their manhoods questioned in the past -- such as Funkmaster Flex -- joined rap artists in support of the married father of four.

In the end, the evidence was just too overwhelming.


Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex admitted he was wrong on his blog today:

When the rumors orginally started to circulate, I was led to believe they weren’t true so I said what I did in support of our friend and colleague. But here at IFWT we do report the news so…
Regardless of Mister Cee pleading guilty, he is a friend and family member of ours.

Originally posted on June 1, 2011 @ 4:16 p.m.

Funeral services are set for the model who plunged to her death from a W hotel window early Saturday. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the funeral for LaShawna Threatt, 30, will be held at 1 p.m. Friday at World Changers Church in College Park.

A fundraiser has been set for Wednesday from 7 p.m to 10 p.m. at the Aurum Lounge, 915 Peachtree Street, to help defray costs of the service.

Threatt's best friend, Cierra Williams, 25, who also fell when the two women were play fighting in a hotel room on the 10th floor, is in critical but stable condition in the ICU at Grady hospital.

Williams suffered multiple broken bones and reportedly underwent surgery to have her face reconstructed.

The women crashed through the glass and plunged 5 floors onto an elevated slanted glass platform 5 floors above the hotel's front doors. Threatt died on the steel platform, while Williams landed on the thick, high impact plexiglass and rolled down the glass before free falling another 20 feet (2 stories) to the ground.

Threatt's longtime boyfriend, Ray Hamilton, 40, had booked the luxury hotel room for her 30th birthday celebration.

The well-known party promoter and club owner also organized a dinner party for Threatt and her friends at a restaurant in Atlantic Station earlier in the evening. The party eventually moved to the roof of the W Hotel and then to the room on the 10th floor.

Friends who attended the party said there was something wrong with the window that is designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

But according to CNN, Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said their investigation would not include looking into the safety of the hotel windows. Instead, they are investigating whether there was any criminal activity involved in this incident.

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R&B singer Rihanna's constant companion, Melissa Forde, is urging her bestie to tear down the walls she's erected around her fragile heart. There are very few people that the rebellious Rihanna will listen to. Melissa is one of them.

It's clear that the "S&M" singer is an emotional wreck after the severe beating she suffered at the hands of former boyfriend Chris Brown. But in the aftermath of her disastrous past relationships, Melissa is the one she turns to keep her emotionally balanced.

Rihanna desperately wants to be in love. But due to her personality disorder, she has difficulty choosing the proper mate. The problem is, Rihanna craves the attention that only a troubled, emotionally unavailable man can give her.

Still, Melissa only wants what's best for her friend -- even if that means dating the wrong men until Mr. Right comes along.

Melissa is also encouraging the sensitive singer to stop showing her immaturity by reacting to insults from fans on social networking sites. Mel understands that Rihanna thrives on negativity, but she knows it's not healthy for her.

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Socialite Amber Rose and her weed head, rapper boyfriend, Wiz Khalifa, raided each other's closets for something to wear to Katsuya restaurant in West Hollywood last night. Amber found one of Wiz's beaded necklaces which she wore as a Cleopatra style headpiece. And Khalifa wore one of Amber's skirts as a head scarf.

Actress and voiceover artist Regina King attended The Paley Center for Media's Evening with "Southland" at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills yesterday. Regina King is a rarity in Hollywood: a beautiful brown skinned woman who has it all. She currently enjoys a long term relationship with Cosby kid Malcolm Jamal Warner, and she's the voice of Riley on the animated TV series 'The Boondocks.'

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Superstar Kelly Rowland is enjoying worldwide success as one of the most beautiful and gracious singers in the biz. Kelly was recently named one of the judges of British show 'X Factor'. She replaces Cheryl Cole who was fired last week. Kelly made her first official public appearance as a 'X Factor' judge at the Birmingham, England auditions for the wildly popular show yesterday. I was the only blogger who predicted that Kelly would one day be bigger than Beyonce. I want my props.

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What fake, engaged celebrity couple can't stand the sight of each other?

According to a well placed source within their camp, the couple has put off their "wedding" indefinitely due to the fact that they rarely see each other anymore anyway. My confidential source says the couple are still friends -- "in the way that Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill are still friends."

My source tells me that the bride-to-be, who stars in a popular reality TV series, is basically "phoning in" her relationship with the professional athlete whose athletic skills are quickly fading. "She can't stand the sight of him and he thinks she's a drama queen," said my source, who provided me with angry emails from the fed up reality star to a third party, who shall not be named, but who is complicit in their fake made-for-tv arrangement.

The reality star is upset that he won't stop openly cheating on her even though they are not a real couple anyway. "Even though she knows their relationship isn't real, she's still angry that he won't get with the program and he's making her look bad in public," said my source.

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Here's a new track off Beyonce's hotly anticipated '4' album. The uptempo "Best Thing I Never Had" is a low quality follow up to her power ballad "1+1" that dropped last week. This song is typical Bey: over-singing accompanied by beautiful noise. What a disappointment this must be for her fans?

Her last line on the track is "It sucks to be you right now." I bet Kelly Rowland is somewhere nodding in agreement.