Comedian Kevin Hart covers the July issue of JET magazine. Hart will host the BET Awards this weekend which means he's finally famous after years of telling jokes on

From JET magazine:

CHICAGO ­ June 24, 2011 ­ Comedian Kevin Hart's star is Finally rising in Hollywood. The Host of This Weekend's BET Awards Tells Jet about The price He's Paid To touch the Sky, including a very public, not-so-Funny break-up with his wife. But He's Still Hustling, selling out stand-up shows across the country, producing films and making it happen for himself. "I was raised to succeed," He tells Jet, "nothing is guaranteed so you need to set yourself up for longevity. That¹s what I¹m doing."

Check Out The Brother Behind pop star Juggernaut Lady Gaga. Music Producer Vince Herbert, also singer Toni Braxton's manager, Talks about how he found Gaga. Meanwhile, Herbert's wife, Tamar Braxton, Toni's Sister and Chief Drama queen on the Hit Reality Show Braxton Family Values, wants her starmaker hubby to put her on the music map! Get the "" about the couple's next move.

Think There's No Real Love In showbiz? Well, Meet The Browns! Music, film and TV stars David and Tamela Mann ? Married 23 years ? tell how to work and play happily together.

Is Atlanta The New Black Hollywood? Check out why so many Movies, Shows and Celebrities Feel more at home in the ATL.

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Michael Jackson was 50 when he died of a drug overdose on June 25, 2009. He would have turned 53 on August 29 of this year. Jackson's oldest son, Prince, 14, apparently got a haircut on the eve of the 2nd anniversary of Jackson's death. His personal physician Conrad Murray is currently on trial for causing the singer's death. Prince was spotted with his siblings, Paris, 13, and Prince Michael II, 8, on their was to a movie in Los Angeles today.

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This email was supposedly written by P!nk's father, Jim Moore. In it he accuses me of accusing his daughter of racism (!). Clearly he has his bloggers mixed up. Maybe he meant to send this email to another blogger whose name shall not be mentioned? We love P!nk here at! I have no idea what he's talking about. If someone knows what he's referring to, please clue me in.

I just read this little, key work little, swipe at P!NK. If you really knew anything at all about her you would know that she is the least prejudice person on the planet. Just ask any of the dozens and dozens of black men and women who she now works with and has worked with over the past fifteen years in the music business and out of same. It is sadly obvious that you are the one looking for anything to make the claim that P!NK is about racism. Let me tell you, she is the last person I would ever think was prejudice or conscious about race. Just because you have a bone to pick with society don't use other people to prop up your sad position. How do I know that P!NK does not have a prejudice bone in her or that she is the last person on earth anyone could claim was about race, well, I am her father and I know her pretty much better than anyone on this planet. When you have to manufacture things to say about people I suggest you know something about the person first. You really blew this one. Jim Moore

Rapper Lil Wayne and Lauren London have succeeded in keeping their 2-year-old son Cam'ron off the blogs. That is until MTV goofed up and caught a pic of the lad with his mommy on the set on Weezy's video recently. The image quality is blurry but you can see that he's got his mommy's good looks. Lucky for him! Lauren has been photographed with other tykes in the past. But she always had an explanation (it was her cousin's kid, her niece, etc.)

Click the link to see the pic.

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Style icon Kanye West posed with NBA superstar Dwyane Wade backstage at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2012 show as part of Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France yesterday. Kanye sat next to singer Michael Stipe (of the band R.E.M.) at the show. Yeezy was a guest of Marc Jacobs who runs LV. Yes, I also thought Kanye and Louis Vuitton had a falling out, but I guess not. Singer Monica landed in Paris, France early this morning. Hopefully we'll see Mo attending some of the Paris fashion week events.


Socialite Amber Rose got a chance to make her own milkshake called "Amber's Blondie Shake" at Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood yesterday. Here she is sipping a milkshake with her mom who was also on hand to help her daughter make milkshakes. The action was taped for Amber's reality tv show, which hasn't been picked up by a network as of yet. Amber took to her Twitter page to beg her followers to come to the yard, but only 10 of them showed up.

One of them was actor/comedian Jamie Foxx who came out to Millions of Milkshakes yesterday to support Amber and maybe get a taste of her milkshake. Check out Jamie's $600 Louis Vuitton sneakers.

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In Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe set out to prove once and for all that Kim does not have butt implants. The astute among you will probably note that neither sister mentions the possibility that she had butt injections.

"First of all who the hail, of a normal person, gets butt implants?" Kim asks whimsically as the sisters read the blogs together. "I mean, if you want to prove them wrong get an x-ray... of your ass to show there's no silicone in there!," suggests Khloe. "I think that's an amazing idea," says Kim.

The video clip doesn't actually show Kim getting an x-ray of her butt, but she does pose next to what she purports to be an x-ray of her butt, which appears to my trained eye to be one solid mass. We're supposed to be seeing bone on an x-ray-- not a solid mass. Maybe she hopes her viewers don't notice?

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Dondria, D. Woods, Demetria McKinney, Ebony Steele, and more speak to teens at 2011 SHOW ME Karma Teen Summit

From press release by AW Media Group:

Show Me the Way Foundation in partnership with Project Karma, Inc, and C.H.O.I.C.E Foundation produced the first 2011 SHOW ME Karma Teen Summit. Held at the state-of-the art facility, Porter Sanford Performance Arts Theatre in Decatur, GA, teens between the ages of 10 - 18 attended the entertaining action-packed one day event that featured informative workshops about financial planning, fitness, sex education, peer pressure, bullying, and more. Attendees enjoyed performances by local acts such as the Radiance Girlz, Hi-Riz, and 3 Girls and A Mic. The attendees also had the opportunity to participate in a group discussion with the 2011 Power Panel about karma and the importance of sowing your seed today to shape your future tomorrow. The 2011 Power Panel included a diverse group of special guests speakers who've made major accomplishments in various industries including entertainment, politics, and entrepreneurship.

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Finally, there's a song Lil Wayne sings that he himself doesn't like.

In his cover story for XXL magazine, Weezy said he didn't like his remix of Eminem's ode to stalkers "Stan", titled "Dear Anne". "I had been listening to it and didn’t like it," he told XXL. "I don’t like it ‘cause the song, all the verses are old. And me being a perfectionist, I hate going with old verses.”

At least he's honest. But I have news for you Lil Wayne: ALL of your music sounds like garbage! It's good that you finally noticed.

It makes you wonder if he goes into the recording booth with cotton wadding stuffed into his ears.

Wayne’s right hand man Mack Maine and manager Cortez Bryant have expressed different sentiments. “Mack and Tez and them, they love it,” he said. “They be like ‘Man, you trippin, you killed it.’ I be like, ‘Did you hear what I just said? I don’t wanna do that anymore.’ But I heard that the ‘Anne’ song has been getting buzzed up and everybody’s buzzin’ about it so it might end up one of those you might have to put on the album, you know what I mean. But I ain’t trippin’ on it like that; I don’t like the song. I love the beat; I love the idea. I don’t like my execution. I don’t like what I did, I don’t like how I delivered on it. The idea that I had for it, I didn’t accomplish that, what I thought I was gonna do. ‘Cause I was tryna make it a situation song. And I just don’t like it.”

Former professional beard Amber Rose says her reality TV show was not dropped by VH1 -- and to prove it, she called the paparazzi so they could shoot her while she was being filmed for her reality show. Whether the show will wind up on VH1's Winter 2011 schedule depends on a few factors -- such as public interest.

My spies tell me that Amber's reality show is "still in the production stage" -- meaning that Amber suckered some fool persuaded an investor to put up a boatload of cash to pay the cameramen their strict union wages. And, I'm told that neither VH1 hasn't shut the door completely on Amber's aspirations to remain relevant. VH1 just doesn't think anyone cares about watching a reality show with Amber in it.

But in meetings with VH1 on the west coast last month, Amber pointed out that her half million followers on Twitter adore her (which means nothing). She also took to her Twitter page to convince her followers to come out and see her when she mixes milkshakes at at Millions of Milkshakes today. She hopes that her fans will convince VH1 to pick up her show.

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