In a shocking confession during a live press conference today, Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted that he tweeted a graphic image of himself to a college co-ed!

After nearly two weeks of lying to the media, Weiner, a classic narcissist, faked tears as he confessed that he lied about not sending the vulgar tweet. He also said that he wouldn't resign as a NY congressman.

Congressman Anthony Weiner today sensationally admitted he had exchanged a series of photos and messages of an explicit nature with at least six women.

In a shocking confession, the shamed politician was close to tears as he broke down and told reporters he had lied about sending explicit pictures in a bid to protect his wife and family.

But despite the humiliating apology, the Congressman repeatedly refused to resign. In an extraordinary press conference in Manhattan this afternoon, Mr Weiner said: 'I have made terrible mistakes that have hurt some of the people I care about most.

'I apologise to my wife and our family. I am deeply ashamed of my judgement and terrible actions.
Then he told a stunned audience: 'I have exchanged photos and messages of an explicit nature with at least six women over the last few years.'

  • LaTechGrad02

    When Twitter goes horribly wrong...

  • Ms. YaYa


  • Dawn Sheen

    Why is it such a prob wen men get caught up being slores? Women text, upload, download, photo shop they asses to anybody w/ a rush card all the time.

  • Daisy

    :nono: to nekid pics/videos

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  • mexidorean

    And he's done :kona:

  • kristlelicious1

    I knew it was his Weinus all Knew he was lying when he said he couldn't confirm with any "Certitude" that it was his Weinus..

    boy bye :rolleyes:

  • JayYellaLover

    The photos still don't determine if he's a good leader or not. People take things overboard... Besides that's his private life.

  • talkingwithtami

    This fool is a hot mess! Power must really go to a lot of peoples brain! #fail Lets see if his wife stays with him, prolly so until the well runs dry! Smh!

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    I wouldn't expect him to resign over this, but his wife might want to rethink things a bit.

  • TwinMom

    When you are in leadership you should have some integrity. I am so over foolishness in the news, in the White House, in my family, with my friends ....NEXT!!!

  • Tatted Diva

    JayYellaLover says:

    The photos still don’t determine if he’s a good leader or not. People take things overboard… Besides that’s his private life.
    I think this has long past being his "private life!" These are the same men who want to tell society that children should not watch certain movies, listen to certain music & these are the same men who want to direct other people's lives such as disciplining their own children and the like! Now all of a phukking sudden it's his private life! It's past the point of private when you're sending your nude, lewd photos across the internet or phone waves! Their private once if you take them and leave them in your collection. As soon as he transmitted that "wire", they became the property of the people that he sent them too! (now in my sarcastic voice)......PLUS, IF YOUR MEAT IS SMALL, DON'T SEND THAT ISH OUT! AT LEAST HE WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO HOLD HIS HEAD UP IF HE WAS SLANGIN'! ALL THESE LIL' DYCK MEN LOVE TO SHOW THEIR LIABILITIES (NEVER AN ASSET)! :haha:

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    :ha: :jack:

  • Tatted Diva

    @ lakes...... :shocked: (which leads to) :nana: (then ends w/) :rofl:

  • ohpretty1

    He's really living up to his name. SMH I have to go and fact check b/c I heard his marriage is recent. He did state his marriage was not over.

    @ tatted - I MUST use that: Stop tweeting pics of your liability! :rofl:

  • Jay Bee

    sooooooooo wat not the first or last bye bye we have no time to entertain this mess

  • Tatted Diva

    @ ohpretty.......:rofl:
    That's cause to sue a NICCA! Quit whippin' out lil' as penis'! As Flippa's wife said off of Jungle Fever "There will be no penis between us!"

  • SunRiseBlossom

    I knew his nasty azz was lying!!! Lol... :yes:

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    Stuff happens