Rihanna was spotted outside her New York hotel wearing denim cutoffs and a plaid button down shirt. It's amazing how you can see all of a woman's flaws when you no longer like her. Rihanna's legs look like meat hooks. Not sexy at all. :no:

Nicki Minaj was spotted in Miami on her way to open up for Britney Spears in concert on Friday (July 22). Nicki makes sure she is no longer photographed with her loser boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, the one who bashed her in the mouth with her suitcase 2 weeks ago. He still travels with her though. But he carries his weed and drug paraphernalia in his own suitcase. Yes, that's a Louis Vuitton bag she's carrying. The shoes are hawt!

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

  • vero

    I like Taraji's shoes ! that's all !

  • Daisy

    Akeys looks cute

    RiRi Legs look fine she has great legs

    Tarajis shoes are cute

  • chocalatecity29

    Traji looks hawt!

    LALA...I love me some lala...I need that hair!...her swag is stupid!

    Nikki: No Comment....she looks horrible!...when does this girl 15 minutes of fame ends!!...I said no comment but heyyyyyy

  • https://twitter.com/Mizz_Dallas mizzdallas

    Robyn legs look fine! Something about Akeys look off maybe its her chemical peel.. :smh: Anyways, :blah: to this whole post..

  • http://mylifeinthesun782.blogspot.com Ms. Everything

    Sandra you can't be serious about Nicki's shoes...

    Other than that everyone looks good

  • http://mylifeinthesun782.blogspot.com Ms. Everything

    Vero Taraji's shoes are nice.. actually I like everybody's shoes except those hot orange and orange polka dot ribboned eyesores on Nicki's feet smh. Slap a big enough price tag on anything and people will buy it thinking it's hawt :coffee:

  • vero

    lol Ms everything. I don't like Rihanna and Nicki's shoes.
    the ones lala is wearing are played out !

  • kingstonn

    nicki minaj just looks.... *sigh* i can't.
    :lol: @ Auntie saying rihanna's legs look like meat hooks. hahaha.

  • http://mylifeinthesun782.blogspot.com Ms. Everything

    I like Rihanna's although not with that outfit but ever since I stopped being able to wear heels I started eyeing flats lol and Lala's are played (one of my friends was wearing similar yesterday lol) but they're still cute to me

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    I love Taraji's shoes

  • Daisy

    I want LaLa's rosary tatt

  • lakiesha76

    Ok where was I when it was announced sandra don't like riri?

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Birdshu Bird

    Rihanna's legs are my perfect. Soft like a lady's should be instead of having bulging muscles. They just aren't looking all sexyfied because she is wearing those shoes the Rastas used to wear when I was growing up. I like seeing her dressed like that.

    Nikki's shoes and whole outfit, including the wig, is hot alright. A hot mess.

    Scared of Miss Alicia coming out sans makeup except for lipstick. I ain't mad. She's beautiful as is.

    Lala is adorable as ususal.

    That is the best pic I've seen of Taraji in a long while. She looks MUCH BETTER without a ton of makeup.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Birdshu Bird


    You must have missed the Twitter beef. Miss Sandra came for her for dropping the restraining order against Chris and Rihanna unleashed on her. Sandra fell out of love with her at that point.

  • datsmdubya2u

    It’s amazing how you can see all of a woman’s flaws when you no longer like her.


    ummm ok Auntie.

  • Dawn Sheen

    Are meat hooks related to meat curtains?

  • ValerieB1

    I like Alicia Keys but her right eye is cocked :yes:

    I like La-La all the time...her style is crazy

    Cant stand Rhi-Rhi

  • omina-homina

    Are those men's shoes Rihanna is wearing?

  • supa

    Nicki can't dress worth a damn! She would have chosen way better stylists if she had any kind of style. On top of that, she looks annoyed, unpleasant, and obnoxious in most of her pics. Even if she could spit for real-for real, who wants to support that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1335451522 therapist1911

    Nicki makes sure she is no longer photographed with her loser boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, the one who bashed her in the mouth with her suitcase 2 weeks ago. He still travels with her though. But he carries his weed and drug paraphernalia in his own suitcase


    Iswear people will not let you move on or forget a situation. Lol

  • YSoSerious

    I actually think Nicki looks nice here compared to how she usually looks. :shrugs:

  • C. Maria

    Sandra has me :dead: at her RiRi comment.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Daliah1976 Invictus

    I actually like Rihanna's shoes.

    P.S. How do you change your pic again?

  • Eb

    What's the temperature in Miami? Why does Nicki have all those clothes on?

  • Laci PYT since 1984

    @ Invictus

    click on the gravatar link below and follow the directions.

  • ELove

    Taraji is the ONLY ONE that actually LQQKS Good (To ME...)

    Everybody else look EITHER Off-Centered, Mismatched or Just PLAIN TACKY :coffee:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLYbDg242EY&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1 His_Mommy623

    *sigh* Ok...why I'm even on here this late is a mystery but b4 I crawl into bed lemme just say that...
    -AKeys needs to figure out what happened to her toe nail polish...
    -Nicki needs someone to hit her with a suitcase full of decent clothing in hopes that some will land on her body because that WHOLE head to toe look is just...I can't :nono: and SR knows damn good and well she dnt like those shoes..
    -Taraji (my bish!) looks adorable and she better hope I dnt catch her ass in a dark alley while shes wearing those shoes :shank: :lol:
    -where in the hell is LaLa coming from or going? cus if shes in NYC dressed like that, she should be dead and she can't be in Vegas because its even worse there...someone explain this to me..
    -What in the butch lesbun Birkenstock and flannel hell is going on with Rihanna lately? I can't even remember the last time I said that btch looked cute in ANYTHING...A MESS :crying: <--her whole looks hurts me!

  • GAGIRL87

    I :heart: A keys shoes she's been looking a lil tired lately though around the eyes :shrugs:

    I love Taraji's look I'm not too crazy about the shoes though

    Lala's whole outfit gets a :thumbsup:

    I :heart: Nikki's bag, and that green eyeshadow is cute :yes:

    RiRi looks a hot azz mess why the fu*ck she got that hat "sitting on top" of that wig :hailnaw:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg Fayla aka JuicyFruit

    Taraji looks HAWT! :bow: AKeys..meh..Nicki actually looks kinda normal sans those horrific shoes, is Rih coming out the closet? :shocked: HATE those shoes she's got on!! LaLa lookin aiight (i love her foot tats :love: )

  • LadeeA

    @ His- EXACTLY! A-Keys got chipped nail polish all on her toes. LOL I'm surprised you missed that Sandra!!

    Nicki looks like she has a disease. Not venereal. Maybe genetic. Her legs look longer than her torso in that second pic. :SHRUGS: IDK Maybe Sandra photoshopped her body. Yall know she be playing with us.

    Lala please go away... please?

    Sandra needs to do another medical minute on Rhi. THE END.

  • Tatted Diva AKA The Makeup Maven

    GM Fay Fay (my REAL bay bay) :kiss:
    GM FAM!

    Alicia Keys look alright to me! Her toenail polish on one of her big toes is missing and maybe she didn't have time to have it freshened up because of the baby! Someone indicated she looked a little tired around the eyes lately. I think fresh motherhood will do that to you!

    Nacki Minnows - Only thing I will say is that the bag is FIERCE & her eye makeup is cool!

    Taraji Henson - I LOVE those shoes & bag & hair!

    Rihanna - That bish get a pass because she be on her style game any other time!

    Lala - NOTHING TO SAY!

  • ValerieB1

    If ou notice on the majority of A. Keys pics her right eye is very lazy :yes:

  • ohpretty1

    This is one of Taraji's best looks! This makeup artist should be on her permanent payroll. I also like Nicki with the toned down makeup.

  • mirsmommy

    Ain't nuthin wrong with RiRi's legs. :lol:

    AKeys is lookin a lil tired.

    I like toned down Nicki, so I think she looks cute here.

    LaLa, where are you to be dressed like it's the first day of Spring????

    Taraji looks cute, too.

    I want Taraji's shoes, and Nicki's bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mirsmommy

    Good morning. :waves:

  • Bigbadwolf

    Good morning all :hi:

    A keys looked cool, make up a shade too light
    Ri Ri every time I've seen her lateley shes looks like a skater chick
    La La looks cool also
    Nikki I want to see her in a wig other than that one in every shade
    Taraji looks so cute love the shoes!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvOeA7rqxnM DMisses

    omina-homina says:

    Are those men’s shoes Rihanna is wearing?


    Girl I think so, I'm not sure what look she was going for but it's not very cute...and Nicki's shoes don't even match.