Thank you so much to all of my caring readers who shared their stories of empathy and compassion for those of us who are less fortunate. I received over 100 submissions for my Louis Vuitton handbag giveaway! I wish I could award a LV bag to everyone who entered, but there can only be one winner.

Despite the fact that only one of you will win the bag, just know that you are ALL WINNERS in the hearts of the people and loved ones that you have touched with your kindness and generosity!

The submissions for the Louis Vuitton handbag giveaway were the most enlightening and heartwarming I've ever received. Some of the emails broke my heart.

It was difficult to choose just one winner from the many great entries, but I decided to give the handbag to Keysha Willis!

Keysha's heartwarming story of unselfish compassion for her adopted sons touched my heart, and I hope it touches yours as well! I have included her letter after the break.

Keysha will have 24 hours to claim her prize by emailing sandra @! If we don't hear from Keysha, a new winner will be announced tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and may you continue to enrich others through the joy of giving! There will be another giveaway in the coming months, so please check back!

Special thanks to Tavius Elder at Louis Vuitton!

Update: We we were contacted by our winner yesterday. Here's an excerpt of what she wrote:

It was great reading all of the well wishes from your readers! One of them even sent me a facebook message to tell me I'd won and to hurry up and contact you! LOL!!

Keysha Willis

Hello Sandra,

My name is Keysha Willis. I’m writing to tell you about my incredible blended family. Two years ago, I became the guardian of two young men who were ages 16 and 14 at the time. They had been in foster care for 7 years. I met them during my previous employment with DFCS where I served as their case manager for 2 years.

The boys have 4 siblings - 1 brother and 3 sisters. The children had all been in foster care for several years and were in need of a stable home. Eventually the girls moved in with a relative while the boys remained in care for years.

A chance encounter with the eldest brother brought me back in contact with the family after I left employment with DFCS. While assisting him with obtaining admission to college, he mentioned that he and his brothers were living in marginal conditions even while being under the care of DFCS. So I made a decision that would tremendously change my life; I decided to become the guardian to the two younger boys, Prience and Charles.

This was huge adjustment for me. I was 31 years old and single with no children. I moved from my one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment to accommodate them. They've been living with me for almost 2 years now and have transitioned well. They’re on honor roll and play on their school’s basketball team.

At the time of my decision I didn’t realize the financial, logistical and physical challenges that becoming a single parent with no support system would bring to my life. However, they are awesome young men and have really added value to my life. Sometimes I think they’ve taught me more about life than I could ever teach them.

Last September I allowed another young man, Torrence, to move into our home. He’s a foster brother of Prience and Charles’ who was no longer in foster care but didn’t have a stable place to live due to his mom’s drug use. Now my family of 3 has become a family of 4! His addition has brought challenges as he brings another element into our home! When Torrence moved in he was on the verge of dropping out of high school due to the instability in his life. However, I’m proud to say he graduated this past May and will begin college this Fall! Thank you Jesus.

I feel the seeds I’ve planted in these young men’s lives will change generations to come. They will accomplish many firsts in their families: first to graduate from high school and/or college, own a home or a car, and raise a family drug free! I’m so glad God has blessed me to facilitate these changes in their lives! Along with caring for the boys I work for the TRiO program at Clark Atlanta University. I serve first generation, low income children in the Atlanta Public School System; I teach students different skills necessary to help them matriculate through high school and lead to college.

I wanted to share what I believe to be an enlightening story. In the midst of all the negative things happening in the world, it’s good to sometimes hear a story that is uplifting and positive!
Warm Regards,

Keysha Willis

A special thank you to the following readers for all that you have done for the least of us:

Valencia King (Founder of MissFancyPants)
Tameika Williams
Nichelle Walker
Dawn Burns
Nicole McCray
Desiree Burton
Rocsheen Holston
Simone Yancy
Akilah Dunn
Monique McGee
Shetera Benton
Carole Frye
Alecia Coleman
Tanisha Taylor
Brittany King
Aniyah Tounsley
Shaniqua Johnson
Debby Gonzales
Chavon Smith (A Jeweled Life)
Keyana Ray
Denise Freeman
Nikki Brown
Cherrea Butler
Michelle Kargbo
K Boynton
Jenelle Wilson
Joretta Heard

*If you don't see your name here, I read your letter, and thank you for your submission!


    OHHH! Congrats Keisha! :cheer:

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    Congrats to the winner!! That's such a heartwarming story :)


    LaTechGrad02 says:

    Congrats to the winner!! That’s such a heartwarming story
    It truly is. What a very unselfish act to go from being single with no kids to Boom, a mother of three, three young adult. God knew what those kids needed and supplied. I would love to get a follow up year down about them! Good job Keisha! :thumbsup:

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    Congrats Keisha! May god bless you for your selflessness. Sometimes these kids come out of a bad situation into an even worse one.


    CONGRATS KEYSHA!!!!!! :danban:

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    Congrats Keysha, God will surely bless you :yes:

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    Good morning ALL! Congrats Keisha! What an inspirational story, you are a true hero. Thanks Sandra for choosing this woman to share her story. Keisha wear your Loius V with pride you deserve it, you betta werk it girl!!!

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    beautiful story, congrats!
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    Such a great story, Congratulations to Keisha! She is doing a great thing for those young men.

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    Congratulations Keysha! You are doing a wonderful job with your family, God bless you and keep you and yours! Give and it shall be given unto you. :yahoo:

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    Ms. Willis deserves much more than a LV bag. Congrats for showing us that a family is not DNA. She looks like Loretta Devine. Nice looking young men. GOD sure does put us where we are suppose to be.

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    Congrats to Keyshia :cheer: Many blessings to you and your family.

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    Hello All. Congrats to Keyshia, we need more like her. And good job Sandra for such a meaningful contest. U have a good heart plus you're the best blogger with the best family on the internet highway which I'm proud to be part of, if only in the shadows! Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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    Congrats to Keysha. :clap: She truly deserves it and so much more. I have 3 boys at home so I know they have been a handful. My stepson, who's lived with me since he was 3 is about to be 14 and my goes off to her because don't really know what your getting yourself into.


    My pint sized G!

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    Beautiful story. It's reminds me of my situation but she has gone above and beyond anything I have done thus far.

    Congrats Keysha! :cheer:

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    Congrats Keisha :clap: May God continue to bless you and your family

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    Beautiful story. It’s reminds me of my situation but she has gone above and beyond anything I have done thus far.

    Congrats Keysha!
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    Congratulations Keysha :applause: May God bless you and thank you for renewing my faith that there are good people in this world.

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    Beautiful story. Keysha may God continue to bless you so that you may continue to have a positive impact on the young generation of today. Your love and teachings will help future generations.

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    Awesome story, seems like Keisha is doing a stand up thing......Congrats Lady and May God continue to bless you as you bless others....

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    :cheer: GO KEYSHA :cheer:

    :pray: May GOD continue to shower you with blessings! Keep up the great work. The difference that you've made in your boys lives is astronomical to say the least.

    *sending you some smiles & hugs*

    In closing, YOU GO GIRL :2dance:

  • Divinebrown

    I'm hormonal and that almost made me cry...That's an awesome story!

    But dont you get $$$$$ for foster kids? You might want to follow up on that! Like 500-600 dollars per kid per month, right?

    Congrat Keysha!

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    congrats to the winner very nice story.

    when you are a foster parent and the kids placed with u you get money but from the sounds of it its like she adopted them and even if they were your foster kids when you adopt them the money stops. but being somewhat familiar with how it works i dont think she is getting any money.

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    OOOHHHHHHH!!!!! They are her kids now!!! Bless that woman!!!! Great story!!!!!

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    Awesome story, another great example of the good in the world! :)

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    :crying: That is so deserving of a LV bag and more!
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