*Loyal reader Shay Elise writes:

Greetings Sandra!

My name is Shay Elise and I read your blog faithfully everyday. I love how you express your mind no matter the outcome. I've always noticed the 'Morning Glory' post, and would love to be added. I'm 26 from Springfield, Massachusetts and I'm 6'1 without heels, lol! I've been modeling for about two years now, and I love it. I just want to make it without being seen solely as a sex object. Before I started modeling, I was an athlete. I'm an All-American in basketball who played throughout high school and community college before receiving a full scholarship to the D1AA school Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm a hard worker, poet, and currently learning how to work from BEHIND the lens!

I've been told I'm too tall, too skinny, too fat, too many tattoos, and the list goes on! Being beautiful is a full package, and it should NEVER go on looks alone. What about the personality, charisma, and loyalty? All traits that we look for in someone whom we may want to get to know or love. We can be runway, editorial, high fashion, commercial models, yet no one looks to models to be ROLE models? I'm starting to see too many vixens and not enough Imanis, Tyras, and Evas. The most editorial photos I've seen lately have come from singers, i.e. Kelly Rowland, Brandy, etc. Where are the models that have the edge but can still be fashionable? Where are the models that can still be naked, and it's actually called Art instead of eyecandy? By no means, shape or form am I saying that I'm top notch, I'm just a girl with a dream. But the view as "models" as black women have got to change...that's all I'm saying :)

Thanks for staying true to self no matter what!

Best Regards,
Shay Elise

P.s. I'm not big on Twitter but I have a facebook: www.facebook.com/ShayElise23

*Email edited for clarity and length

MORE photos of Shay Elise after the break!

  • SweetP1984

    Nice! Looking good girl.

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    ^^^ Yes, :yes: and she looks even better when she's all-natural, without the fake hair.

  • Hello Gorgeous

    She's very pretty & definitely has potential. I wish her the best of luck.

  • http://vimeo.com/23452886 LaTechGrad02

    Beautiful young lady. Good luck to her. Good job Sandra

  • Yardgirl

    Thanks Miss Sandra!! This girl is pretty and I too prefer the look without the wig. Very niiice.

  • http://atlNORTHonline.com DJ DCeezy

    no silicone injections? all them legs? cute? yah she could receive it

  • http://twitter.com/_Tainted_Love Tainted_Love

    Beautiful chick...hold it down for the tall chicks!

  • MsHRDiva

    very pretty! wish her much success!! :bow:

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    pretty I like the photos

  • Eb

    Why can't I view the emoticons list when I'm on the mobile site? I don't know the list by heart.

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh4mKjZL3Dt0j92g9F laykeya

    Pretty girl the looks without the wig are better more edgy, with the wig on looks too plain and common! Mass represent!

  • Daisy

    My Uncle is a Prof of the English at Morgan State

    Nice pics and interesting tatt good luck Shay

  • Daisy

    @Eb :rofl:

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    She should walk in shows she meets the height requirement

  • Daisy

    *Prof in the English dept that is

    I can't believe she was told she was to tall

  • LA_Finest

    Hey Shay! :waves:

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Eb says:

    Why can’t I view the emoticons list when I’m on the mobile site?

    The mobile site is a separate blog theme and it's a little more complex for me to code than a standard blog theme. But if you scroll down to the 'Pages' tab and click on it, you will see the SR Smilies page :)

  • Eb

    Thank you Aunty!!!!!!!

    my comment for this post is :lipssealed:

  • Anna

    I have to agree, I love the pics w/o the wig. I am not a fan of too many tatts, but they are nice. If someone really likes ones looks, a tatt can be covered up for print work. Angelia Jolie has books of tatts on her body, but they cover it up for her movies. Shay your sure are beautiful. I have a daughter and a sis who are both 6 feet tall, they both married short men. LOL.

  • KrayZKat

    Great pick, Sandra. Shay is a very pretty lady and the pictures are very nice and tasteful.

    I wish Shay much success in her endeavors.

  • Starr

    The shorter hair is much edgier....with the long weave, she looks like just another pretty girl.

    I like the pics.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLYbDg242EY&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1 His_Mommy623

    I like her look but LOVE her height...gawn bish! :yes:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLYbDg242EY&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1 His_Mommy623

    she reminds me of Nivea...before Nivea starting looking like she looks now..

  • Tt

    Someone in the aIrbrush dept is earning their keep, but despite that you can tell she's a pretty woman. The shorter hair pics are cute.

  • http://pearlswindow.com Carrington

    I guess I'm the only one willing to admit that the chick with the weave and the chick with the short hair don't even look like SISTERS, huh?

    She should be successful as hell if she can change her look like THAT because I promise, I thought Sandra posted the wrong pics.

    I'll bet her man doesn't cheat... he can have two different broads on two different days. lol

  • Anna

    Carrington says:

    I guess I’m the only one willing to admit that the chick with the weave and the chick with the short hair don’t even look like SISTERS, huh?

    She should be successful as hell if she can change her look like THAT because I promise, I thought Sandra posted the wrong pics.

    I’ll bet her man doesn’t cheat… he can have two different broads on two different days. lol

    LOL. I was waiting for a man to respond. She can change her look, that's what modeling is about.

  • GoldenGurl

    Are those her chil-ren on her chest? Me no likey dat tat.

  • roccitysfinest

    Very pretty girl. I love the pics with the shorter hair also...very edgy.

    Morgan State Represent!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg Fayla aka JuicyFruit

    go head Shay! i like her pix, i think she's gorg & seems classy. her pix r tastefully done & i love a bish that can look totally diff in pix. i think it's alluring & shows her talent as a model. hope she goes far!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg Fayla aka JuicyFruit

    i also luv that although she's slim, she still has curves. nice bod, legs for dayyyys :yes:

  • stellabella

    Pretty eyes and nice legs.

  • ELove

    But I DO Agree w/ @Anna when she said:
    She can change her look, that’s what modeling is about.

  • datsmdubya2u

    very pretty

  • http://www.facebook.com/binkii52 Binki

    Those legs!! :bow: This is a welcome change from the norm. I get insecure about my height at times and I'm only 5'9". I love her confidence. I liked her letter too because she's right. Sexy does not always have to mean slutty and nude can be art. I know I'm paraphrasing lol

  • masturbatehate

    Hi all!

    Shay you are beautiful and my first thoughts I read in other comments...

    Go natural - maybe add dye for edge...I think it would accentuate your bone structure and compliment your height!

    Continue to be positive!

    Liked the pics and loved the shoes in the first pics!


  • chase

    I have family in Springfield, and my cousins went to Morgan State... Small world!...
    Cute girl!!!

  • Anna

    ELove says:
    But I DO Agree w/ @Anna when she said:
    She can change her look, that’s what modeling is about.

    Your gravi makes me ill but I love my e male(you). Shay is with out a doubt beautiful. There is a diff between "pretty, cute and ok. She is not pretty, cute, nor ok. She is "IT".

  • H-Townmama

    I love her look w/o the weave minus the tat. She is pretty and I love her legs :yes:

    Off Topic: I've been up since yesterday and doubt I will be able to sleep anytime soon :sad: :yawn:

  • IsaiahsMom

    Cute gal!
    And seems like she has a good head on her shoulders *yes!*

    Poster--I like you better with short hair. Long hair washing out your features. You look super cute with it shorter.

  • http://yallaintchit.com/ Man, I just don’t care™

    They must have a chit load of photographers/magazines/niche products cause ANY old hoe satin they a model. This chick is insultingly ugly. Look goofy and ugly in the face.

    Sandra please tell some of these chicks sending in pics that because their friend takes a black and white photo of them, it don't make them a "model." Tell the ugly ones "no thanks."

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1335451522 therapist1911

    Keep at it......I've heard most models/supermodels state they heard a 1,000 no before hearing the 1 yes that catpulted their career.

    6'1 is relatively tall for modeling. I think the standard is 5'8 - 5'10 without heels

  • kingstonn

    she's pretty. :)

  • Richie Domino

    Very Glorious:) I Like:) Amazing how a change in hairstyle can drastically change a look.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xmi_qbUGCKo&feature=related Feline Feminine

    she's very pretty...she does have that face that can give versatile and multiple looks...6'1" barefoot is pretty tall, even for modeling, but she can definitely do high fashion runway modeling if she keeps on pushing. Folks are gonna keep saying "no", that's just the way the industry works...but there WILL be one person who says yes... :yes: I'm not feeling all those tats, but if they make her happy and she's comfortable with it then :shrugs:

  • brenden

    I don't like your chest tat. It's so big. Tats are 'cute' on women when they get them on their ankle, or somewhere that's obstructed from view, but..of course that's jmo. To be edgy I'd think you'd need more tats ala Kat Von D, but if that's not your market the chest tat may have to go. Unlike the others I prefer the pics with the hair or the un natural look since the other is considered natural.lol...I modeled once. Saw an ad on craigslist. I responded. It was some photographers house. My wardrobe consisted of a blonde wig and not much else. I don't know what happened with the pics and I didn't get paid. Looking back I think that guy was just out for a cheap thrill. It's ok because for that few moments I was in front of the camera I felt like Beyonce. Especially when he had me turn around and do her signature bounce...Aw the memories...Anyway goodluck to you...

  • Laci PYT since 1984

    :hahaha: @ brenden

    thats too funny

  • yvonne79

    Not to be negative or anything but there isn't anything spectular about this young lady. Looking at her picture, I don't see the "IT" factor. I've looked at a lot of pictures of models and "video vixens" and nothing stands out to me. She's just.....average! To me, she's just another face. I'll be the first to admit that I love her look better with the short hair. Anyway, what do I know I am not an expert. And my opinion of her really doesn't matter. In front or behind the lens, I wish her well. Continue to strive and do great things.....

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    this girl is cuute i like these pics :yes:

  • KDub

    This is a pretty girl...

    * A big ole go to hail to @Lolita though for bringing me here to peep a certain someone.

  • http://myspace.com/mullatos SnootyPooty1

    She is cute...

  • http://myspace.com/foxybrown411 LADYWOODS

    She is Gorgeous. Man I wish I had those legs. being 4'11 is tough lol

  • Shereezy

    She is very pretty and I like the short hair look!!

    Back to Lurking.... :coffee:

  • laterthannever

    My local urban paper does "Beauty Unlimited" this is officially reminding me of that + Jet magazine. Not a bad idea.

    She's pretty- the short hair really suits her (vs. the hair). And yay for an aspiring model that actually is close to modelesque proportions.

  • free

    she has great legs and a great figure.

  • mirsmommy

    I think she's a pretty girl, and I like the short hair better than the long hair.

  • AirForceGirl

    She's a breath of fresh air! :yes: Very pretty!