Pop singer Jason Derulo hosted and performed at Revel Pool Party at Hard Rock Beach Club in Vegas on Saturday. Jason stripped off his black wife beater to reveal his chiseled pecs and abs for the college crowd at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Jason's new single "It Girl" is on iTunes now!

If jason is not your cup of tea, just scroll on past this post. Try to remember that the Sandrarose.com readership is comprised of people from all walks of life.


  • Eb


  • Crickett

    He works hard for the money....

  • candibfly


  • laterthannever

    I'm telling you, Lebron and Chris Brown had a baby!

  • RoderickXYZ

    Damn, I think I got some of his sweat on me after viewing that pic. :hurl:

  • http://youtu.be/wHTo_QgKM5g chibytex

    "Harpo who dis man???" :shrug:

  • Krissy

    :blinks: ......... Really?

  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco aka Hippie

    Ummmm :blink: :shrugs: #Scratches Head

  • Kitrina

    aint nobody checkin for him. Sandra being funny

  • anti-PC


  • Ty

    "water glistening all over yo body" :rofl:

  • Mamacita


    No ma'am!

  • http://youtu.be/wHTo_QgKM5g chibytex

    laterthannever says:

    I’m telling you, Lebron and Chris Brown had a baby!
    :lol: I thought it was LeBum too at first glance....I was like WTF is LaBum doing dancing with a mic in his hand and where is Savannah????

  • CookieMonsterZ

    I've noticed an increase in post disclaimers lately. Where is Sandra, and what have you done with her??!

  • http://Twitter.com/Ms_TiaCouture MsPretTiTi

    :shrugs: Neva heard of him, Cant think of any songs of his...

  • GAGIRL87

    This nucca's sweeter than a tootsie roll pop :coffee:

  • http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/aug/8/mayor-talks-tough-to-black-teens-after-flash-mobs/ LaTechGrad02

    The t-shirt behind him in the second pic is priceless.

  • ohpretty1

    :offtopic: Taylor from RHW of Beverly Hills, her husband committed suicide. I don't know if their divorce was final yet so I'll just refer to him as her husband. That's so sad, especially with the young child.

  • Krissy

    :blink: ..... There we go! Lol

  • laterthannever

    Reality TV is the debul!

  • http://www.twitter.com/cocoabana Cocoabana

    Sandra, you could've kept this with them tight ass jeans. Not to mention, he can't sing a lick.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 SnootyPooty

    hmmmm who is this?

  • Mamacita

    lol I will say he has a nice body but he isn't cute to me.

    I never liked his songs though.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg Fayla aka JuicyFruit

    :hailnaw: No Suh! :nono:

  • http://youtu.be/wHTo_QgKM5g chibytex

    White bishess dont give a fukk I see...they'll take dark meat by any means necessary, if its by a z-list singer....

  • NaijaGal

    He actually looks kind of manly in the first pic. After that things go left. I can't take a dude seriously who's got a better pout that me

  • candibfly

    or maybe they just enjoy his music? or are just happy to be partying? i don't know what genre he sings bc i've never a song from him.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 SnootyPooty

    He has a nice body however I still don't know who he is...

  • caligirl

    @ohpretty1: It is very sad.

    There should be a clause when you sign up for reality TV if you are married.

    Do to the pending notoriety and stardom that you are not accustomed to; more than likely you will suffer marital problems that will eventfully lead to divorce. Please sign here as it also substitute as divorce paper work as well.


    Somebody please tell me this is a joke! :ha:

  • pointhimout

    when all else fails, take off your shirt, as the wayward crowd, despite liquor throwbacks and taking it to the head, just stands there looking. who are these random artists? every month there's a new one and you can't tell one performance from the next because they all do the same thing, sweat, sing about some girl they want, and the proverbial shirt removal. who knew stage presence could finally be bottled up and resold.

  • renegadesince1985


  • TruGemini

    He look stankin....

    His sweat aint sexy at all :no:

  • Bigbadwolf

    :no: Not my cup of tea. What does he do?

  • ShoYaRight

    His girlfriend, actress Tika Sumpter from Gossip Girl and Girlfriends (and ex-Lealya from One Life To Live) is gorgeous!!!!

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    This dude get bread on the POP side of town. Why you think all these other negros been gettin on that techno bandwagon? There is money to made from the "white" audience. Yall better tune into mtv and vh1 in the mornin when they actually show videos. He aint broke just cuz yall aint heard of him. ijs

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    he does look like he smells like an old gym sock though

  • Aprilbaby

    Off topic. But I hate when mean bite their nails. Nasty habit.

  • Aprilbaby

    Oh and he's ghey....lol!

  • Taboo01

    Is this the guy that was Chris Brown's flunkies verbally attacked?!

  • xoxoV76

    RED shoes OFF! Everyone else cleared up ALL his misconceptions. lol

  • trenee

    I didn't know he looked like that..