Pop singer Jason Derulo hosted and performed at Revel Pool Party at Hard Rock Beach Club in Vegas on Saturday. Jason stripped off his black wife beater to reveal his chiseled pecs and abs for the college crowd at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Jason's new single "It Girl" is on iTunes now!

If jason is not your cup of tea, just scroll on past this post. Try to remember that the Sandrarose.com readership is comprised of people from all walks of life.

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Yesterday, R&B crooner Tyrese released his new music video for his track titled "I Gotta Chick" featuring rapper Tyga and troubled singer R.Kelly.

Speaking of troubled, it's obvious from reading Tyrese's tweets that he has emotional problems and issues with women. We don't follow Tyrese on Twitter.com because insecure men with feminine characteristics are a complete turn off.

But while perusing blogland the other day, we couldn't help but notice this post on Rhymeswithsnitch:

Last night Tyrese tweeted a link to the making of his new video 'I Gotta Chick' and was shocked when his predominately Black female Twitter followers began to complain that there were no Black females in the video....

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Florida Megachurch Pastor Zachery Tims, Jr. was found dead in his upscale hotel room in New York City on Thursday, according to published reports.

Tims, 43, the pastor of an 8,000-member megachurch in Orlando, Fla., was found dead on the floor of a suite in the Times Square W Hotel, according to WSJ.

A maintenance worker entered the room and found Tims lying on his back between the living room and bedroom of the $400-a-night suite. He was unresponsive.

According to WSJ, police found an envelope in one of his pockets containing a powdery white substance. The substance is being tested for cocaine.

There were no signs of robbery or trauma to his body.

Tims' death is a sad end to his inspirational rise from a drug addicted teenage criminal on the streets of Maryland. Tims loved to recount the story of how he was "miraculously saved" and aspired to be a man of God, leading his flock to prosperity and riches.

According to his memoir published in 2006, Tims put down the guns and drugs in favor of Christianity. He earned degrees in accounting and theology and worked at a ministry in Baltimore. In 1996, he and his wife Riva moved to Orlando, where they founded the New Destiny Christian Center.

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According to Rolling Stone magazine, Eminem -- not Jay Z or Kanye West -- is the undisputed King of Hop Hop.

And why not? Black rappers have destroyed what once was a cerebral art form with their materialistic bragging, self hate and absentee father issues.

The ignorance that substitutes for Hip Hop today has caused true fans to turn away from the genre in droves.

While others are watching the throne, Rolling Stone was watching the numbers. Editors of the iconic music magazine used album sales and chart figures dating back 2 years in deciding who should take the crown.

"Thanks to his two latest chart-topping albums, 2009’s Relapse and 2010’s Recovery, the man otherwise known as Slim Shady sold more than two and a half times the number of albums as the second-ranked Lil Wayne during our survey period," wrote Rolling Stone.

It doesn't matter to Rolling Stone that Eminem, real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is bordering on 39 years old. Mathers embodies Hip Hop's credo of "keeping it real" without having to tear up a $300K Maybach to do it.

As you know, Jay Z held his 'Watch The Throne' listening party at Club Liv in Miami last night. Freshalina of Crunk & Disorderly was one of the urban blogs invited to wtiness Jay Z's pretentious debauchery firsthand.

Presented with limited commentary here is an exclusive look inside Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne Party at LIV aka My Super Sweet Illuminati Initiation Ceremony on Sunday night. For all my pro-fat girl in the club shit talking I am feeling it this morning, ergh, afternoon so I am going to keep things Bobby Valentino — short and sweet. Hit up my Twitter timeline for a live recap of the evening presented as only yours truly can. And that’s shade.

And before y'all start in: Sandrarose.com was the only urban blog invited to Kanye and Jay Z's star studded, ultra private listening party in New York City. But we politely declined the invitation.

The leading GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry gave a unique reason why he was running for president in 2012.

Speaking to an audience in Waterloo, Iowa last night, Perry said he answered God's call to run for the nation's highest office because our military flat out doesn't respect President Obama.

"One of the reasons that I’m running for president is I want to make sure that every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of the United States respects highly the president of the United States," he said.

Presidential candidates usually come out of the gate swinging for the fences. But what Perry said was a particularly low blow even for a narcissist with a God complex.

Salon.com points out that Ben Smith, who reported the quote from Iowa, wrote that the military is pretty much required to respect the president, "so in some sense Perry's line is insulting to soldiers."

Meanwhile, despite his dreadful approval rating (below 40%), all is not lost for President Obama in the 2012 elections. He might be able to overcome insurmountable odds in 2012 IF he can whip the economy back into shape, says the Washington Post.

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"4AM" is the new single off of Melanie Fiona's sophomore album, "The MF
Life" due out October 25th. This is Melanie's answer to Drake's moody "Marvin's Room", his unofficial single that has spurred numerous tiresome R&B remakes.

In what must be every wife's nightly routine, Melanie drunkenly ruminates about waiting for her lover to come home from the strip club.

    It's 4 am and my lover won't answer
    He's probably somewhere with a dancer
    Sipping champagne while I'm in his bed

    It's 4 am and I think I might lose it
    This muhfugger thinking I'm stupid
    He must have bumped his head
    I only know it's 4am

Source: Soundcloud

Sexy 'Deal Or No Deal' hostess Hayley Marie Norman was arrested Friday in Los Angeles for sending vulgar text messages to her ex-fiancee's new girlfriend.

Norman, 22, is best known as briefcase girl #25 on TV's 'Deal Or No Deal'. But she also had acting roles in Will Smith's Hancock movie, and numerous television shows.

According to TMZ, Norman turned herself into the LAPD on Friday after her ex-fiance's new girlfriend complained that Norman sent her a text message that read, "You're a f*cking c*nt."

The new girlfriend also complained that Norman was stalking her and vandalized the outside of her apartment by writing various messages, including "This girl sucks d*cks for free" and "This girl is a f*cking c*nt."

Police charged Norman with making obscene or threatening phone calls -- yes, a text message is considered a phone call.

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Actress Halle Berry enjoys the best of both worlds. When her actor boyfriend Olivier Martinez is out of the country, she slips between the sheets with her personal assistant/lover whom we first introduced you to here.

Halle celebrated her 45th birthday by frolicking in the surf with her girlfriend as they lapped up the gorgeous California sunshine on a beach outing yesterday in Malibu.

Halle, who looked stunning in a peach bikini and colourful sarong, stood no chance as her mischievous chum leapt on her back and dunked her in the cool Malibu sea.

The Monster's Ball star saw the funny side of things, though, and was seen roaring with laughter as her pal - who was fully dressed in jeans and a vest top - engaged her in a rough and tumble.

Also joining them was Halle's little daughter Nahla, who gave her mummy and affectionate birthday hug as they whiled away the afternoon on the beach. Source

Photos: Splash via Daily Mail

While speaking with a well-connected industry source over the weekend we were surprised to hear that a certain singer is single again after being dumped by her NBA player boyfriend.

According to my very credible source (who knows the singer personally), the baller broke it off with the singer and went back to his baby mother recently.

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