Karaoke singer Beyoncé covers the UK version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Unlike her gazillion other magazine covers this year, Beyoncé silences her critics who say she can't do a fashion shoot without stripping half naked. Bey tones it all the way down for her magazine shoot, and she actually does it with class.

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Rapper 50 Cent burst onto the rap scene in a blaze of glory in 2003, with the Blessings of Eminem and Dr. Dre. It's amazing how money, and a huge unchecked ego, can destroy a man's creativity. This latest garbage off his upcoming album was actually leaked -- probably by Fiddy himself. When no one seemed to notice the leak, 50 made a lot of noise about leaking Dr. Dre’s Detox track “Psycho”, which got everyone's attention.

On this pathetic track, 50 brags about his money, jewelry and million dollar cars backed up by an annoying Garage Band beat. "I'm On It" is a classic example of what happens when artists lose their hunger for their craft.


Loyal reader Aisha Nicole writes:

Hey Sandra,

My name is Aisha Nicole. First off let me say I love your blog and read it every morning and at lunch time while at work :) We chat sometimes on twitter. I would love to be featured on the Morning Glory post! I work full time in Corporate America at a Brokerage Firm however my passion is modeling. I am a print model from Chicago looking to take over the game one photo at a time. Im considered to be curvy in the modeling world even though Im only a size 8, its hard to get signed if you're not a size 0 or size 12..... I feel I represent the everyday woman. Also it is extremely hard not to be typecast as a Video vixen or Glamour model if you are a little thick.

Im working on creating a better image for women of color who are curvy. We are more than our hips and thighs. I plan to use my "Face" to get ahead and not my ass.....even though that's great too. I have dreams of gracing the covers of top beauty mags like Vogue or Harper's Bazaar. What ever happened to showcasing garments, hair and beauty products ? Thank you for your consideration.

Twitter: @AishaTheModel
For bookings email: AishaTheModel@gmail.com

Peace & Blessings ~

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The Golden State Warriors' star guard Stephen "Steph" Curry is off the market. Well, he's been off the market for years now, but he finally made it official when he married his childhood sweetheart, Ayesha Alexander, this past Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to Jill, the star crossed couple met in a church youth group when they were teenagers (he was 15 and she, 14).

Ayesha, who carefully documented their decade long relationship on Twitter.com so the groupies would know he's taken -- couldn't contain her excitement as the big day approached.

You know it's true love because the Dopamine rush wore off years ago. Congrats to the happy couple!

Photos: Kristin Vining (engagement pics) and Twitter

This post was originally published on Aug 7, 2009.

Hey, Sandra,

I'm a LOYAL reader of your blog, you have me cracking up with your comments. When I'm down I can ALWAYS count on reading your blog to lift me up.

I can't register with your site because registration is closed but oh well. So I can never comment on some of your posts, but any who.

Just wanted to submit some morning wood for you. This is a friend of mine named David Oliver he's a 2008 Olympic bronze medalist for track and field.

He's such a sweetie too. Very humble and you would think as fine as he is he would be stuck on himself. Not at all. All around great guy.

Love ya Sandra,


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All of a sudden Beyonce and Kelly Rowland are the best of friends -- especially now that Kelly's album sold only 75K in the first week. It's obvious that the insecure Bey no longer sees Kels as a threat, so it's all good.

It's hard to imagine Bey smiling all in KellyRo's face if Kel's album, Here I Am, had outsold hers. Beyonce and Kelly Rowland were photographed on the video set of Beyonce's new song "Party" featuring Andre 3000 (not pictured) and Kanye West (not pictured) which was shot in New York City last night.
Photo by: REN/INFphoto.com


Uber stars Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith gave Architectural Digest an exclusive look inside their 25,000 square foot Adobe-styled home. The Smith’s luxury crib was designed by architect Stephen Samuelson, with interiors by Judith Lance. The custom furniture added an additional $250,000 to the cost of the unique private residence.

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The Internet is buzzing about the major shakeup of the much-hyped Jay Z/Kanye West 'The Throne' Tour. Amid rumors of infighting between the 2 prima donna stars comes word that some 20 dates have been slashed from the original tour schedule -- this, according to Ace Showbiz.com.

One sign that the original 24-city tour might have been a bit too ambitious came this morning when it was announced that 20 dates were removed from the tour schedule. Yesterday, the NY Post claimed the 2 delicate personalities weren't getting along too tight.

We reached out to our Def Jam contact who assured us that the rumors were false. But we remember what happened when Jay Z toured with drama queen R.Kelly, so it isn't too far fetched to believe the rumors.

'The Throne' tour, which was scheduled to start in Detroit on September 22, will now kick off right here in Atlanta on October 29. We're elated because we have been promised tickets to that show!

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Loyal reader Briana Shani writes:

Hello Sandra,

I am a college student at Columbia College Chicago majoring in Fashion Business with a minor in Journalism. I am an avid reader and blogger as well. My blog www.BrianaShani.com is a lifestyle blog that tackles real life situations and meant to provoke thought. With my quirky lingo and sexuality I like to think of myself as the real life Carrie Bradshaw. I would love to be featured on the Morning Glory section of your site because I think I have a great blend of intelligence and sexiness for any type of woman to respect. I have dreams of being a columnist for a women's magazine, and eventually starting my own column. I believe its important not to keep yourself in a box, and use all your resources to be successful, and I will! I also am secretary of Black Student Union at my college. A would love to show my fellow young women how important it is to be in tune with all parts of who you are. I love myself as a women, African American, business women, student, etc. Thank you for your consideration!

Twitter: @BrianaShani @BShaniDotCom