A depressed Rihanna was spotted leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant with no makeup on in Santa Monica, California yesterday. Rihanna was wearing a gold necklace with the word "C*NT" engraved on it. At least she knows what she likes.

"Single Ladies" executive producer Queen Latifah was seen entering The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California where she attended a sold out Janet Jackson concert last night. We wonder who her date was.

Ice-T and his wife Coco were photographed making their way through security at LAX with their bulldog Spartacus. I know they allow pets on planes but a bulldog? Aren't those breeds dangerous?

NBA star Ron Artest was given a sack lunch which included an apple at the rehearsals for "Dancing With The Stars" yesterday.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

  • momo

    Rihanna's weave looks like one of those discount wigs in the beauty supply store. Come the f&*^ on RiRi!

  • MzTisch

    I love J.T.!

    He is an ok actor, but I wish he would come on with a new album!

    I loved his first two................

  • lady_cn

    So you mention the fact that Ron has an apple, but not that he's not wearing shoes? :thinking:

    Rihanna's necklace is tacky but what do you expect from her? :shrugs:

  • Smonae80

    Now how we know Ri depressed,, people don't have 2 smile all the time





  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9d9FA3fCf4 FeFe

    'Rihanna was wearing a gold necklace with the word “C*NT” engraved on it. At least she knows what she likes.'


  • http://twitter.com/_Tainted_Love Tainted_Love

    I love Ice and Coco

  • Anna

    Queen needs to shed a few lbs, she's looking older than her age. Is it boot season already, or did she ride her Harley?
    Ron's dogs probably hurt.
    I :heart: Ice Tea & CoCo.

  • Anna

    Smonae80 says:

    Now how we know Ri depressed,, people don’t have 2 smile all the time

    Didn't she fire JZ and Rhythm Nation?
    Who wants cameras in their face 24/7? Can't even be mad in peace.

  • KDub

    NBA star Ron Artest
    All my basketball fanatics raise your hand if you think Ron Artest is an NBA starrah?

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Birdshu Bird

    Rihanna is so adorable in the face. Looks like a little angel. If she weren't famous you'd never guess she was hell on wheels to look at her.

  • mrsloveleigh

    I kinda believe CoCo's butt only because of the legs. her whole bottom half is heavy

  • mrsloveleigh

    Bird she does have a sweet looking face but you are right about the hell on wheels lol. My daughter reminds me of her. Same skin and eye color. hate her necklace though


    Hello SR Fam!

    Sandra, isn't self degradation a phase of deep depression? :shrug:


  • Daisy

    #teamRiRi :cheer:

  • http://twitter.com/eastpointvet eastpointvet

    they showed robyn in a preview of battleship yesterday she looked good firing them guns

  • Mamacita

    I wasnt a chain like Rihanna's. I wouldn't get cunt on it tho...

    CoCo looks like a midget.

    :offtopic: @SANDRA I've been dealing with a narcissist for the past 2+ and as much as I tried to deny it the truth came out this past weekend. Thatnks for your post on that disorder. They really helped.:hug: And like you told me to do I GOT THE HELL UP OUTTA THAT! :lol:

  • MzDimplez1123

    @ Anna...I heard she fired Jay and RocNation too. Some were speculating that she was talking about it for a while , since she discovered they were managing Bey but, put the wheels in motion after Bey's announcement Sunday.

  • Daisy

    Forgot to add that Queen looks nice I would have tuned in to see her on DWTS

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    @ Anna. No, she didn't fire Jay Z or Roc Nation. You should stop reading that BS website.

  • http://mobile.twitter.com/iamwonderchick2 LesBinLuv

    Even in skinny pants and some Vans...my RhiRhi can't be fawked wit!

  • MzDimplez1123

    Several sites are reporting she fired them. I guess time will tell. :shrug:

  • Anna

    Sandra Rose says:

    @ Anna. No, she didn’t fire Jay Z or Roc Nation. You should stop reading that BS website.

    :rofl: :lol: You made me feel like I cheated on you. I cheated twice, It was on 2 diff sites.

  • DragonLeo

    Something about Ron's smile is making me feel uncomfortable. Ewwwwww

  • flsun99

    I like Ice T & CoCo. I watched their show and they really seem to work well together. There is geniune love between the both of them.

  • flsun99


  • xamayca 2 di bone

    Rihanna hair looks like a wet poodle...I wonder how Janet concert was? I feel like she does the same tired dances and songs all the time, I know I am sick of them.

  • Daisy

    Rihanna tweeted ROCNATION for life

  • West Coast Chick

    I love that hair on Rihanna, and her skin is looking real taken care of :yes:

    werk Rih :thunmbsup:

  • West Coast Chick


  • West Coast Chick

    Daisy says:

    Rihanna tweeted ROCNATION for life


    I think it said ROCNATION until I die.. but who's really reading that stuff anyway :lol:

  • kingstonn

    bulldogs aren't dangerous. :no:

  • IsaiahsMom

    kingstonn says:

    bulldogs aren’t dangerous.

    CoCo looking like a bulldog is though... :no:

    She made up real funny. No feminine shape at all. Looks body-builderish to me. I do agree that her and Ice are in love though.

    I like Rhi's necklace.

    JT my nig too. Played Janet Jackson though so he lost a lot of cool points. Don't know why he stopped making music though...