Despite Atlanta’s forecast which called for heavy thunderstorms, the rain didn’t put a damper on the LudaDay Weekend festivities. The biggest draw of the LudaDay Weekend, which ends today, was the celebrity basketball game held Sunday at Morehouse’s Forbes Arena. Pop star Justin Bieber, 17, and his blue team took on the red team of the Ludacris Foundation All-Stars, featuring NBA mega stars Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, John Wall, and singer Teyana Taylor, among others.

Even with all that star power on the court — Bieber and his team of unknowns still managed to eke out a victory in front of the capacity crowd at Morehouse. The final score was a close 134-132. All proceeds from the game will benefit the Ludacris Foundation which helps disadvantaged youth in the metro area. Luda later tweeted that the game raised $10,000!

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Multimedia personality La La Anthony was at courtside to cheer on her man, Carmelo Anthony. She held it down with Luda’s fiancee, Fab (right) and her cousin, Dice (white tee on left).

Singer/actor Tyrese Gibson would have played for Luda’s team but he injured his hand punching a wall. That’s a guy thing that we ladies don’t understand.

After the game, actor Lance Gross (2nd from left) tipped off with his current girlfriend Angela Simmons (in black tee). Oh, you didn’t know they were dating? We didn’t either.

Kiyan Anthony, the water boy for the Ludacris Foundation All-Stars, listens intently to the team captain, Carmelo Anthony (of the NY Knicks), who also happens to be his dad.

NBA superstar Kevin Durant (center with local radio personality Keny Burns, right) also played for Luda’s team.

Atlanta Hawks star Josh Powell doesn’t have any more room on his bod for ink. All the players got free Air Jordans for donating their time to charity.

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  • chocolate divalicious

    Wow Justin Beaver actually looks like a boy and not a baby Ellen. :claps:

  • Eb

    I thought Teyana was a gorilla mascot chasing Justin Bieber :rofl:

    Lala looks like a raccoon.

  • chocolate divalicious

    Why are the other players looking at Justin and Teyanna like those niccas doing too much this is a charity game. :rofl:

  • Daisy

    Teyanna looks cute love her hair

  • Sandra Rose

    @ chocolate divalicious:

    they were looking at Teyana because she was doing way too much trying to get in every picture with Justin. The wire photo services didn’t even know who she was 😆

  • Daisy

    I love LaLas t shirt

  • Tainted_Love

    I love to see celebs giving back :)

  • tammyrozay

    wow angela sure gets around

  • Ty

    tammyrozay says:

    wow angela sure gets around
    I was thinking the same thing…she has turned into a lil slut muffin. Fab is really pretty love her style also. Her look is classy and sexy.

  • RoderickXYZ

    When is Justin going to go through puberty?

    Is he being giving hormones to delay it so his voice won’t change?

  • RoderickXYZ

    given not giving

  • lnp03

    Kiyan is too cute! LaLa has a beautiful family!

  • ValerieB1

    Love Lala outfit…her smile is some kind of jokerish!!!

    A. Simmons has been dating him for a minute. She doesnt get around hey if he aint treating you right or he aint the one….NEXT

  • ValerieB1

    Oh but something does look a bit off in A. Simmons photo,BOTOX :shrugs:

  • Dymond

    Happy Labor Day folks!
    lmao @ Teyana’s intensity…why do I get “she’s annoying” vibes from her? byroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnn
    hate Luda’s sideburns and his chick always looks unhappy, like she keeps an attitude..LaLa looks cute…Lisa Wu is trying to find her a baaaaaalllllerrrrrr go head on gurl lmao
    Buckey? Tyrese? Lance? Angela? Shawty Lo? :coffee:

  • TruGemini

    Angela Simmons? Lance Gross? :confused:
    They are both SO boring to me…doubt it’ll last; that is IF they’re really together.

  • IsaiahsMom

    Bieber looks like a beautiful lesbian woman. He/she would convert me too. :lick:
    Can I make a Lance Gross/Tyrese double chocolate sandwich? Auntie—THIS is Morning Wood! Not no square jaw Dwayne Wade. :no:

  • Rightclaw

    Wow, is that Buckeey/Shay Johnson from Flavor of Love? She looks cute these days. I see she’s still trying to land herself a baller boyfriend.

  • ELove

    Justin Beaver STILL LQQKS like a GIRL… NOT a BOY (At Least Not a Str8 ONE Anyway)

    LaLa LQQKS so F-ing Plastic it’s RIDICULOUS :hurl:

    Is that Simmons girl really dating That Dude ?!!? Rev Run ain’t teaching her damn Common Sense If That’s True becuz He’s A FLAME

    And that Female in the Red-Top & Shorts standing next to TT can Soooo GET IT !!! :yes:

  • Crickett

    My kids went and had a great time, it was organized, fun and cheap $10 a ticket to see the Bieber. Thanks Luda!!!

  • Ms. Everything

    Umm punching a wall isn’t just a guy thing Sandra… if you’re that mad you need to hit something it’s better to punch or kick a wall than it is to punch and kick the person you’re mad at :shrugs:

    Justin looks just like his wax figure in that pic with Luda

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    THIS IS SWEET :yes:

  • bnatural

    I don’t get how Angela is a slut :shrug: Why can’t she just be dating? I guess every woman who dates a man these days is automatically sleeping with them :rolleyes: I like Angela Simmons….

  • KDub

    John Wall, and singer Teyana Taylor
    John Wall…Raleigh, NC standup! :yahoo:

    I see Tyran Taylor….

  • Tatted Diva AKA The Makeup Maven

    Good morning FAM! Missed you all. Back from vacay! :hug:

  • GAGIRL87

    I love Angela Simmons she is so cute and her style game is always on POINT :coffee:

    I love Lala’s look especially the shirt…

    Fab is gorgeous Luda better put a ring on it…

    :waves: @ Tatted

  • MzDimplez1123

    In that pic of Luda and Eudoxie, he looks irritated and she’s looking like, what I do? :shrug: