Have you been experiencing headaches, dizziness, muscle cramps or unexplained hair loss lately? It could be the apple juice you're drinking, according to a nationally renowned TV doctor.

Television host Dr. Mehmet Oz has come under fire by the Food and Drug Administration for his claims that the apple juice we consume is dangerous for our health.

Dr. Oz announced on his TV show Wednesday that testing by a New Jersey lab found "troubling" levels of arsenic poison in many brands of the apple juice we drink.

The FDA loudly denied Dr. Oz's claims in press statements, which of course made headlines around the country. The resulting media coverage led some people to wonder if that glass of apple juice they drink every morning could really kill them.

"There is no evidence of any public health risk from drinking these juices. And the FDA has been testing them for years," the agency said in one press statement.

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According to gossip blog TMZ, T.I. was released from an Atlanta federal lock up back to the same halfway house where staffers snitched on him to the feds about his reality TV series.

As you know, the bureau of prisons sent T.I. back to prison on September 2nd for breaking their rules regarding contact with the public while in transit on a luxury bus from an Arkansas facility to the halfway house in Atlanta.

T.I.'s lawyer, Steve Sadow, tells TMZ, "We have good reason to believe that this favorable result was reached because of the proactive and assertive approach taken to protect T.I.'s rights by providing B.O.P. officials and the media with reliable and accurate information and that T.I. did not intend to violate his transfer furlough or any other B.O.P. rules en route from the prison facility in Arkansas to the halfway house in Atlanta."

Sadow adds, "T.I. will be released from custody on Sept. 29, and then will be supervised by the U.S. Probation Office for a period of 1 year."

Hopefully T.I. can put this sorry chapter of his life behind him and get back to doing what he does best.

Are these videos the definitive proof that rapper Drake prefers hard legs and hairy backs? It sure looks like it. We don't know why Drake won't just up and admit it instead of leaking personal videos of Serena Williams dropping it low so his boys can think he hit that?

Not that his closet status changes the way we feel about the dope MC. He is still the #1 rapper in hip hop until someone challenges his crown.

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It is hard to ignore all the crazy rumors about the sudden death of Cathy Koreana White at age 28 from a burst aneurysm in her brain.

According to Bossip.com, the industry publicist supposedly was the mistress of Jay Z. He allegedly gave her the same ring as the one he gave his wife Beyonce.

But our sources tell us that those rumors are ridiculous. They say Jay Z would never be that dumb -- he would have given her a different diamond ring.

Yet ever since the news of Cathy's death, loyal readers have been asking us to investigate her untimely passing and how it fits in with the surprise announcement of Beyonce's baby.

I'm a blogger, not an investigative reporter. It is not unusual for a young woman to die of a burst aneurysm. It happens every day. I personally know of 3 industry women who died in the past year of a brain aneurysm.

An aneurysm is a tiny blood vessel in the brain that weakens and bursts leaking blood into the brain.

Death is usually immediate, depending upon the location of the aneurysm. It would be difficult for, let's say, an assassin to cause an aneurysm to burst in someone's head without other signs of trauma being present about the head and face.

For instance, if Ms White had been shot in the head, the coroners report would have noted that her aneurysm was precipitated by a gunshot wound.

According to a loyal reader, who begged anonymity, one of Jay Z's closest friends, Emory Jones (pictured above right), is somehow tied into White's death. I don't know how she arrived at that conclusion.

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Alicia Keys had that "What? Me? Worry?" look on her face as she attended the Proenza Schouler Spring 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC yesterday. Alicia is aware of all the rumors of her husband Swizz Beatz's infidelities -- and she doesn't care. She knows that you groupies just want what she has. Alicia has lived her whole life in a state of blissful entitlement, which protects her fragile ego from the awful truth. Why should she change now? Bless her heart.
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images North America

Usher was spotted arriving at Le Bain Night Club in NYC after attending the Cinema Society, Dior Homme & GQ screening of "Restless" at Landmark Sunshine Theater in NYC. Men you should always keep your hand jewelry to a minimum. A nice watch, one ring and a tasteful bracelet are all that's necessary. Leave the pinky rings and the over-accessorizing to the pimps and the women.
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America

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Singer Melanie Brown is just like you. Melanie, aka Mel B, shopped for baby supplies with her daughter Angel Murphy-Brown just days after giving birth to her third daughter Madison in Los Angeles, California. Angel's daddy is comedian Eddie Murphy who didn't see this child until she was almost 2.

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade proudly tweeted this pic of his oldest son Zaire who won his first basketball game yesterday. Let's hope he doesn't put too much pressure on the kid to follow in daddy's footsteps.

Angela Simmons, the daughter of Rev. Run Simmons, attended the Rachel Roy Spring 2012 presentation during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on September 12.

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It's been 10 years since rapper Nas Ethered his rival Jay Z on wax by implying that the illest MC was gay and a narcissist. But last night the two men, who magnanimously settled their feud years ago, came together to celebrate Nas' 38th birthday at Catch in New York City.

La La and her husband Carmelo Anthony looked very classy and respectable last night. Ladies, pay attention: this is how you dress when you're with your man in mixed company. Exposing your cleavage when you're with your man around other men is never acceptable under any circumstance.

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From Theboombox.com:

The North Carolina MC has premiered a clip from the Clifton Bell-directed video for 'Can't Get Enough.' The song, which features Trey Songz on the chorus singing, "She said I heard you got a main chick, a mistress and some hoes/ You be up to no good and everybody knows," comes on the heels of his single 'Work Out.'

*Post updated with full video

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The Hip Hop community is being blamed for ruining yet another high-priced alcoholic beverage.

If you recall, the folks at Cristal said "no thanks" to rappers who used to spit lyrics about the expensive wine on rap records. Rap mogul Jay Z was so infuriated by the winemaker's diss that he threw the full weight of his swag behind Ace of Spades, thereby helping the cheap bubbly gain a strong foothold in Hip Hop circles.

But now Moscato is fast becoming the favored beverage among rappers who routinely drop the brand name in their songs.

"Moscato d’Asti used to be a fun, simple, adaptable dessert wine," writes Gil Kulers, Access Atlanta's Wine Curmudgeon. The wine taster objected to the idea of Hip Hop thugs consuming the Moscato "in the back of a limo or as refreshment on the dance floor and certainly not with nonsweet portions of the meal."

"Where in the name of André Tchelistcheff did kids in their 20s get the idea to raise the roof with a bottle of Moscato d’Asti!?" Kulers gripes.

Kulers goes on to list the lyrics of Trey Songz’ song “I Invented Sex” as an example of the ruination of Moscato:

    It’s a celebration
    Clap clap bravo.
    Lobster and shrimp and a glass of moscato ...
    finish the whole bottle.

What irritates Kulers most is the unforgivable misuse of the wine, which is considered blasphemy in wine circles.

"Moscato does not go with lobster and shrimp and ranks among his last choices for a celebratory drink," wrote Kulers, who added: "It’s not the Wine Curmudgeon’s job to point out that “moscato” and “bottle” don’t rhyme."

According to the NY Daily News, troubled rapper Gucci Mane was sentenced to 6 months in prison for pushing a female out of his slow moving Humvee earlier this year.

Authorities in suburban Atlanta say rapper Gucci Mane will serve six months in jail after pleading guilty to battery and other charges.

DeKalb County Solicitor-General Sherry Boston said Tuesday that Mane, whose real name is Radric Delantic Davis, pleaded guilty to two counts of battery, two counts of reckless conduct and one count of disorderly conduct.

A police report said Davis pushed 36-year-old Diana Graham out of his Hummer as it rolled down a suburban Atlanta street on Jan. 28.

State Court Judge Eleanor Ross sentenced the rapper to serve six months in custody followed by several months on probation.

The judge also ordered him to complete 12 weeks of anger management classes; pay $5,091 in restitution to the woman for her medical bills; and pay a $3,000 fine.

Hopefully Radric will get the mental health treatment that he needs while he's locked up.

Tweets are talking about music producer Swizz Beatz's extravagant birthday gift that be purchased -- not for himself, but for his wife, Alicia Keys.

The gift, an expensive Lotus automobile, is reminiscent of the sparkling 7 carat diamond ring valued at $4 mil that NBA superstar Kobe Bryant bought his wife Vanessa after allegations surfaced that he cheating on her with a hotel desk clerk.

By sheer coincidence, rumors are now swirling that Swizz cheated on his wife with at least 2 thirsty groupies. It would seem that men are not so complicated to figure out when it comes to matters of the heart.

Someone who is more intimately familiar with the ways of cheating men is Dallas socialite Zeralyn who has had her share of married ball players and rappers.

Zeralyn wrote on her blog: "Maybe it’s just me, but twice people have cheated on me and bought me a vehicle. So, im going to have to go with he admitted to her something."

Swizz looks guilty from where we're standing.