Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, 41, sat down with CNN chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, for an in-depth interview last night.

T-Boz discussed her sickle cell anemia and brain tumor. “Doctors, they didn’t give me a happy ending,” said T-Boz, who added that doctors told her she wouldn’t live past 30 or have kids because of her sickle cell. “I believe words are powerful. Every thing — every single thing in life happens for a reason,” she said.

T-Boz is currently in the studio working on her solo album. In her spare time, she works with children with blood disorders and encourages people to donate bone marrow.

The Sanjay Gupta MD program featuring T-Boz airs Saturday & Sunday @ 7:30am on CNN.

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Trina was spotted on the set of her latest single “Red Bottoms” in South Florida recently. According to a source close to Ttina’s camp, she is ballin’ and making sure that her entire team is stuntin’. I asked “with what money,” since she hasn’t had a hit since the late 1970s. My source also assured me that Trina is 100% natural with no by products or fillers such as silicone or industrial strength caulk.

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Remember the shocking video of a black man harshly disciplining his son for acting up in school? His name is Devery Michael Broox, 25, and he was locked up on Sept. 26 after Orange County, Florida child services viewed the video online and notified the local authorities.

In the video originally posted on Worldstarhiphop.com, Broox lists the 3 steps he takes to teach the boy discipline to keep him out of prisons.

First Broox shaved the young man’s head bald. Then he whipped him with a belt before forcing the youngster to run laps and perform push ups outside in the courtyard. As a final humiliation, Broox sent the video to Q at WSHH to publicly embarrass the kid.

Well, now Broox is in jail and his son is in the custody of the state — the last place that Broox wanted him to be.

According to the Associated Press, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has died. He was 56.

In 2004, Jobs announced that he had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his pancreas — one of the deadliest forms of cancer. Jobs resigned from Apple on August 24. In his resignation letter he said, the day had finally come when he could no longer perform his duties.

Singer Alicia Keys and her husband, musician Swizz Beatz, were spotted walking through the streets of Soho, New York City yesterday. According to fashion blog Upscalehype.com, Swizz wore a D&G graphic t-shirt, cargo pants sagging off his butt like a 3-year-old, and a pair of yellow YSL Malibu suede and patent high-top sneakers, which retail for $575. These sneakers aren’t available on the YSL website yet. You know celebrities get everything first before you do.

Photos: Missaliciakeys.com

No two siblings are closer than twins who share more than just the same DNA. It is said that twins share an emotional and spiritual bond that is difficult to explain.

Even so, Tamera Mowry-Housley was disgusted by her sister Tia Mowry-Hardrict’s request to taste her breast milk in a recent episode of their reality show.

Tia had hoped that Tamera sipping her breast milk would be a cathartic experience for her. But Tamera was afraid she would lose the contents of her stomach.

She was actually surprised that Tia’s breast milk was so delicious.

“It’s actually pretty good,” Tamera told Tia. “It tastes like a chai tea latte without the chai. Whoa this is amazing!”

Would you drink your sister’s breast milk if she asked you to?

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3 girlfriends of Michael Jackson’s former physician, Conrad Murray, took the stand yesterday in the disgraced doctor’s manslaughter trial.

Nicole Alvarez (pictured above), a former stripper who lives with Murray, gave a memorable performance on the stand. The mother of one of Murray’s 7 children described her body as her “instrument” and said she was “speechless” when she met Michael Jackson in 2008.

“As a professional actress, my daily duties consists of maintaining my instrument,” said Alvarez on the witness stand. When asked by the prosecutor what she was referring to as her instrument, Alvarez said “myself.”

She testified that Murray called her from the ambulance while Jackson was being rushed to the hospital.

“I remember him telling me that he was on the way to the hospital with Mr. Jackson, and for me not to be alarmed,” she said.

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A 7-year-old boy from India who was born with eight limbs has a new body thanks to the kindness of surgeons.

Deepak Kumar Paswaan of Bahir, India was born with the arms and legs of his underdeveloped twin brother sticking out of his chest. Twins occur when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus and splits into two embryos.

In Deepak’s case, his twin never separated completely from him in the womb. Deepak suffered taunts and bullying from other children who called him a “devil” and a freak.

According to British tabloid The Daily Mail, Hindu pilgrims visited Deepak’s home to worship him as an incarnation of the god Vishnu, who is often depicted with more than four limbs.

Deepak’s life was changed forever when leading surgeons from Bangalore’s Fortis Hospital agreed to operate for free.

The pioneering surgery, which was carried out last year, would normally cost around £50,000 [$72,000 USD], a sum his impoverished family could never have dreamed of affording.

Happily the gruelling four-hour operation was a complete success.

Now fully-healed and looking like a healthy, normal seven-year-old, cricket-mad Deepak has been given a new lease of life.
He said: “I can run faster than my two elder brothers – before I could never keep up. I really like my new body. It’s much more fun. I am very happy.”